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Found 53 results

  1. We saw an error on our boat today when out in the water. Red engine light. Anyone encounter this error before?
  2. So I am looking at purchasing my first boat to wakesurf on. Used to wake board off the back of an older Mariah Shabbah 212. I found a 2005 centurion lightning, looks like it’s a c4 from the seating I believe ? From what I read. Anyone familiar with this boat ? Pros and cons ? Any one had any luck wake surfing off the back? https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2005-ski-centurion-lightning-8864323/ look forward to hearing some feed back!
  3. Im looking to upgrade my ballast. I have read other posts on here about a custom avy sac. I have a 2010 centurion avalanche C4 and wanted to know if anyone had the measurements for this sac or who to contact that might have this info. I couldnt find it on any forum. Was just going to do the port side for now. I called wakemakers and they did not have the measurements. I took my own measurements but I wanted to compare with someone who has this sac before spending the $700. They said the enzo sac would not fit. Thank you
  4. I own a 2010 Centurion Enzo Sv240 with upgraded ballast bags in read mid and bow. Also have 500 pounds of lead ballast, I surf port side and have sideswipe with a switchblade. Im getting a splash that hits you right in the face when surfing port side. Anyone had anything like this happen to them? Would love to hear everyone’s setup on the enzo sv 240s because I love surfing and it’s aggravating not getting the wave perfect lol. Any help appreciated thank you!
  5. I own a 2010 Centurion Enzo Sv240 with upgraded ballast bags in read mid and bow. Also have 500 pounds of lead ballast, I surf port side and have sideswipe with a switchblade. Im getting a splash that hits you right in the face when surfing port side. Anyone had anything like this happen to them? Would love to hear everyone’s setup on the enzo sv 240s because I love surfing and it’s aggravating not getting the wave perfect lol. Any help appreciated thank you!
  6. New member here but longtime lurker. Bought a 2015 Enzo fs33 about 3 years ago it's been a great boat for our family and I love it. A few questions from you experts: 1. Per the image attached I don't have a water exhaust pipe... I've been reading about FAE's etc. Really I think I want to get something here cause it looks cool but more importantly the health of the people on the back of the boat and the rider from emmisions. I don't need the best but I want the "best practice" and best bang for buck to solve the issue. 2. The port side surf has always been far superior to the starboard side... I've tried it all, settings, weight, water etc. The port side can get huge and a beautiful curl the starboard side has less push and height and minimal curl. Could the FAE or exhaust system potentially help this? Any other suggestions to try? 3. A few if my toggle switches have busted in the dash. Any recommendations on where to buy new ones (dealer said they don't carry them for older boats and even if they did they would probably cost a fortune)..? Thanks everybody I'll be attentive to your comments or questions! Jason
  7. Hello all - Hope your watersports seasons were good. Upstate Ny here so we typically have a few weeks left, however I blew my transmission last week on my 2010 Centurion Avalanche. Sucks, but good timing as it will spend the winter in the shop now. Question that I have, the boat has the PCM 343 with a PCM transmission Right Hand Rotation Prop. The dealer tells me that I can order the new transmission in left hand, and obviously change the prop. I am running the ACME 1234 which is absolutely great with hole shot, good top speed, and incredible on fuel efficiency, so I would switch to the 1235(LH version). My question is this - We mostly wake surf and are mostly all surfing normal side (not goofy) - would this be a good switch for me and does anyone foresee any issues? From all of my research it appears to me that the LH rotation will perform better and clean up my wake lip. Rest of set up - 780 pound bags in both rear lockers, 250 port and starboard under seats and 250 center under floor. Decent crew typically (4-6 minumum). Also I use mission wakeshaper.
  8. Hi All! i'm buying a 2021 centurion and the boat builder on the website isn't the best for visualizing colors. Would anyone with Canadian Blue MF be willing to share some real life pics? I've attached some of my old FI21...these are Brilliant Sky Blue MF.
  9. After 10 years of saying I want a boat and 2 years of saying I am buying a boat I finally pulled the trigger so I'm a newb but a quick learner. There are 3 switches in a line from bow to stern on the boat that say Ballast. I suspect this to be stock ballast because it's all located inside the hull and they all spew out to a stock 3 hole spout on the starboard side of the boat. If it isn't stock then of course I will have to figure it out myself. If it is stock can anyone explain to me how the 3 ballast system works? The first switch (switch closest to the bow) works and fills 1 ballast up but I am unsure of which ballast and where it fills up. The other two switches do not seem to work. I assume that the pumps are broken and will need to fix. If they are stock can someone explain to me where the three ballasts are located and which switch works with which? Any other details would be fantastic if you got it. Also, if anyone knows of any youtube vidoes that would assist that would be fantastic! Thanks!
  10. Can anyone tell me where I can find a wiring diagram for a 2006 Centurion Elite C4? I am having some issues with my speedometer and tach bouncing around and sticking at the max. mechanic suspects some kind of wiring problem but would like a diagram if possible. Just trying to track one down. thanks in advance.
  11. I have a 2009 Centurion Avalanche and recently made a post and need some more help - This season when we put the boat in the water we are having a problem with the throttle idling the boat up. When we push the stick forward it will go into gear for maybe 2 seconds at the longest during these 2 seconds the boat idles up and and act like its going to take off. However, after that initial time the throttle cuts out and the boat goes into almost a limp mode. I have noticed that the red V-drive light never goes off. What makes this weirder is if I set the zero-off to a speed (lets say 15 MPH) That if I give the boat full throttle the zero off will catch and hold the boat at that speed. But with out using the zero off the boat will not stay idled up and have the transmission engaged. Anyone have any thoughts?
  12. 2015 FS44 With Only 25 Hrs On Engine


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Don't miss this like-new 2015 Centurion wake surf boat. This Centurion FS44 is loaded with all the right features: New PCM ZR450 6.0L engine with only 25 hours on it (200 on the boat - engine replaced at Freedom Powersports in Lewisville, TX). Centurion Downfire full cockpit and surf audio package with Roswell speakers LED exterior/interior upgrade (blue LEDs) Subwoofer Downfire speakers on tower with LED lighting Full bimini top with board slots on top Roswell Amplifier and driver-controlled volume and speaker fader Maximus Tower Ram Fill ballast WWSC edition P-N-P Ramfill ballasts system CATS system Board racks Tandem axle trailer Boat cover One tiny scratch (approx. 2.5 in. long on the tower) (See pics) This one is too good to pass up. Contact us with questions or for additional information.


  13. Guys, Does anyone know the location of the fuse panel in a 2004 enzo sv230? Thanks
  14. My wife and I just purchased a 1996 Centurion Elite Bowrider that is in AMAZING condition. It did come with a 500# ballast bag with pump as well as a surf/suck gate thing Ive read mixed reviews regarding the “surfability” of the direct drive boats and wanted to reach out to some Centurion owners. I’m mainly a wakeboarder but ever since I went wake surfing a couple years ago I’ve been hooked! I also enjoy slalom skiing. Whats going to be the best way to make a decent surf wave behind my boat?? I appreciate your guidance!
  15. So, just bought this boat. Want to get it set up for surfing on regular side. It currently has the three built in tanks.. v fat sacks in the front, and 2 rear fat sacks. None of the sacks are plumbed in, and right now I am not sure how much weight they all hold. I have looked at some threads here and it seems like this is what people are doing... 1100 in port locker 580 under port seat 260 under port side bow seat Wavemakers is suggesting a TankBuster Upgrade which looks like 750lbs in the port locker. https://www.wakemakers.com/centurion-tankbuster-750-ballst-system-upgrade.html Here is the boat... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1418252423 Thanks for the help so far!!
  16. 2007 Centurion Enzo SV230 - Low Hours


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Original owner, meticulously maintained and operated since I purchased her in August of 2008. Puts out a large, clean surf wave.-330 hp Mercury Black Scorpion with 320 hours. Just changed the oil, filter, both fuel filters and the impeller. Always stored inside or under cover. Excellent interior, vinyl and carpet are in great shape. Cosmetically sound exterior, one 2” scratch in the black gel coat, a few hairline cracks by some of the chrome trim pieces.-Custom 1500 lb Enzo fat sac with Tsunami pump, also has two 200 lb stock hard tanks.-Custom Fresh Air exhaust, makes it safe from CO fumes. Also makes the boat a bit quieter.-Brand new tires, less than 1k, and a spare.-Samson speakers and sub/amp, extra battery with shutoff switch.-Cover still works well, but it has one 2” tear in the center that I’ve patched with gorilla tape, it’s been holding for 4 years now.-Bimini top is in excellent condition.-Lots of extras included with a full price offer: life vests, wetsuits, ropes, fenders, surfboards, 4 person towable tube, quick-release anchor with sand spike. If you’re looking for a nice boat with a great surf wave then you’ve found it.Thanks for looking!


  17. Hey everyone, have not had my boat out yet, but got a question on props. It has an acme 1235 on it, as well as an extra 1235. Is this a good prop for my boat? I have seen others suggest a 1579 for 2007 Centurion AV C4. For what it's worth we will mostly surf with it. Thanks!!
  18. I bought a 2000 centurion ecplise last year and used to boat pretty often for a few weeks with no issues. I then had the boat in the water and had the belt lock up on me. After starting and shutting the boat off a few times, the belt was moving freely. I thought the alternator was starting to go so I replaced it with a new one. Boat ran fine for a few more months then it happened again! Haven’t done anything with it since. I did the same thing to free the belt up again but does this lead me to think it was possibly the water pump starting to go? Or am I missing something. Any help is appreciated as the boating season is coming in a few months!
  19. I just bought a 2014 Fx44 with 110 hours. I started shopping for value boats but couldn’t make myself settle. After talking with Monty, a dealer buddy in Canyon Lake, and seeing the waves Centurions put out, not to mention they are amazing eye candy, I couldn’t be swayed from the Centurion. I heard some cool stories about how they really support their product which was a huge plus! I found an FX44 and traveled up to it and bought it. Most everything about the boat checked out and was very nice. We hooked up and began to tow the boat home keeping an eye on everything. My dad was with me and he is super meticulous and cautious, the kind of guy anyone wants when making a big purchase and handling something sensitive. It was going great and all of a sudden one of the carbon fiber air scoops began to blow around like it was coming lose, but before we could pull off the road to fix it it blew off taking the lights with it in heavy traffic. We stopped to check it out. Looks like it had been replaced before because there are two screws in one hole and signs of a repair. We checked the other carbon fiber nose piece and it looked fine. We got back on the road and then had to stop for gas. I was pretty upset that this happened so naturally I go and inspect it all over again and now the other carbon fiber piece has a crack in it. The dealer I bought it from had given me a roll of white shrink wrap tape “just in case” which I thought was odd but also didn’t turn down because who knows... thankful to have the tape now so I put it over the remaining cracked carbon fiber nose piece to keep air from entering the scoop which got me home. When I called Centurion yesterday the guy in the warranty department said he never heard of this issue. I find that hard to believe since there were two screws in one hole plus other signs of repair AND seeing my second scoop crack a few minutes later. Granted it was very windy while towing but a person still should be able to town their boat down the highway. The guy at centurion isn’t offering to send me anything or discuss the matter until I get the warranty transferred which sounds like a little hassle and I’m willing to do, but I wish they would just make this easy... I also want to use my boat during my kids’ spring break without it looking all damaged. Has anyone else had problems with this while towing their FX44s? The added some “louvered ridges” on the FS44 scoops for a reason and I’m thinking this is why... no matter what the guy at centurion said. A company doesn’t make that kind of change on a part for no reason. I would love to hear from y’all. I think this should be a warranty or recall issue if it’s common enough.
  20. Just want to say hello and ask what I'm sure will end up being, a TON of questions. I just bought a 2011 Avalanche C4! (taking delivery in a week or 2). I'm excited to say the least. This is my family's first boat and we can't wait to get on the water. Thanks in advance for any and all help. 2 questions to start... 1. The edges of the swim platform cover are peeling up. Do you guys recommend a factory style pad or sea dek/ gator step style? I'm a handy guy, so making one from scratch to save $$ is a plus. 2. The boat does not have the bow filler cushion. It's not a major priority, but I thought I would start early in my search. The interior is Light Grey/Too Blue Thanks again for the add and I look forward to getting to know you all, Richie
  21. Any recommendations on installing perfect pass to my 2004 elite? how hard is it? does it work well? Mainly wakeboard, boat doesn't surf great. Also, my Speedometer isn't working any more, will that effect it? it has a Faria gauge that is digital and works for MPH so I'm really not to worried about it. I'm thinking it has to be a wired connection issue with the speedo considering my paddle wheel seems to be perfectly fine. Thanks
  22. Hello. We re working with a client who recommended this sign to us. We're wondering if you would have any good recommendations as where we can find graphics for the boat design including a good resolution image of the centurion logo or perhaps a vector. He's wanting a sort of dark and stormy aesthetic with a centurion man casting a lightning bolt (since he has a Lightning C4). We're looking for assets on our end, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  23. ACME 525 Propeller


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Acme 525 Prop. I switched to a 911, had this one reconditioned and kept it as a spare. Sold the boat so don't need it anymore. Prop is like brand new, has never been used since reconditioning, Came off my Centurion Avalanche. Buyers responsibility to determine if this propeller fit's your application. Located in Chandler, Arizona 85225 Can ship UPS, buyer pays freight. Centurion, Malibu, Mastercraft, Axis, Supreme, Natique, Supra, Tige


  24. I live on American Lake- WA, I've promised my wife and kids a boat for the last 3 years. I grew up wake boarding. I'd love to get them into wake boarding and wake surfing. I've quickly realized that times have changed and boat prices are crazy high for something w/ great technology and its a zoo out there w/ too many options. I'm looking to get used- rather let someone else take the initial hit. Considering that I'm having to spend around $60-$70k for a boat that is not super old and has great wake technology, I'd love to at least snag a great deal (not just an ok deal). I'm to new at this to know whether an Axis w/ a surf gate is the way to go, or a Centurion w/ the Ram fill. I've found this boat in OR, I could go drive down tomorrow and pick it up. Centurion ENZO SV233- the dealer makes it sound like he's selling it at a smoking deal- but I don't know enough about boats to know whether this is a GREAT deal, or just an ok deal! Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated! https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/bod/d/2016-centurion-enzo-sv-233/6512393827.html

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