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Found 9 results

  1. I have been shopping for a surf boat for my Florida Lake house. I plan to keep the boat for a very long time. I have been shopping 2020 Axis t23s but then I saw this and it looks awesome, but I am concerned about the reliability of the RamFill, and Touch screen. I can deal with replacing a touch screen every 10 years or so but more than that would be an issue. The screens seem to cost about about $3500. How much maintnance and repair costs should I expect with the ramfill? one advantage to Axis is it has analog controlls and ballast tank pumps are $30 if they go bad. https://www.ncwakeboats.com/Pre-owned-Inventory-2015-Centurion-Boat-Enzo-FS44-13488406?ref=list
  2. 2015 FS44 With Only 25 Hrs On Engine


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Don't miss this like-new 2015 Centurion wake surf boat. This Centurion FS44 is loaded with all the right features: New PCM ZR450 6.0L engine with only 25 hours on it (200 on the boat - engine replaced at Freedom Powersports in Lewisville, TX). Centurion Downfire full cockpit and surf audio package with Roswell speakers LED exterior/interior upgrade (blue LEDs) Subwoofer Downfire speakers on tower with LED lighting Full bimini top with board slots on top Roswell Amplifier and driver-controlled volume and speaker fader Maximus Tower Ram Fill ballast WWSC edition P-N-P Ramfill ballasts system CATS system Board racks Tandem axle trailer Boat cover One tiny scratch (approx. 2.5 in. long on the tower) (See pics) This one is too good to pass up. Contact us with questions or for additional information.


  3. 2014 Enzo FX44


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hey guys looking to sell our 14 fx44. Has every option except for a bow fill cushion and heater. Has the new upgraded Valtera valves. 165 hours. this won’t let me upload photos so here’s my Craigslist ad with all photos. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/boa/d/2014-centurion-enzo-fs44-surf/6488010335.html


  4. Could you guys please share your RPM's you guys are running at surf speeds, boat, year, model, ballast. Trying to get a feel of what is good. Currently on my 2015 FS44, listed, PnP rear full, PNP front 70%, RAM 100%x20%, surf 11mph up river and 12 down, I'll run 3300 to 3800 depending on how many peeps even weighted with mission delta WS, rear PnP full, front PNP 70%, both RAM 40% to 65% depending on peeps, RPM's 4100 to 4300.. on both boat will stuggle to keep speed after 8 to 9 peeps. What you are guys at, and what's your thoughts on mine. This may not matter much soon since looking at getting a 2018 Fi or Ri ? this year but I'd like to know what normal is.
  5. ok so buddy brought down his 2013 axis a22 to the river this weekend , I demoed a a24 a few years ago with surfgate and was not impressed at all so I wasn't expecting much, figured we would be mostly on my boat.. he happened to have a mission delta suckgate with him, well to my surprise his goofy wave was great, not to the level of my boat but it was a wave I believe most guys would be more than happy with. in fact it did much better weighted evenly than it did listed. so after seeing how amazing of a job it did on his boat I asked if we could give it a shot on my boat 2015 FS44/RAM/PnP/CATS, no quicksurf..so we filled the bow and PnP 100% and 60% both sides of the RAM, keep in mind we have only ever surfed listed and have the best wave on the river down here, all I can say is I was blown away buy how great of a job this little thing did, now im not claiming it matched my normal wave but id have to say it was pretty darn close, super long, great push, huge, and really clean on both sides of the boat, the only thing I really noticed was the top edge of the wake was not quite as clean and crisp but I believe we could have played with the position a little to clean it up. so if anybody has been considering one of these id say its a great product, I would have never believed it had I not tried it myself, I'm ordering me one this week for the simple fact it produces a amazing wake and its super fast to switch sides 20 seconds opposed to two minutes and wasting fuel, not to say I wont still list my boat, but when you have a full boat of people who surf both sides and will not notice subtle differences you wont have to reballast every time you switch riders....
  6. What do you think is a better boat? Looks better on the water? More flashy? Better surf wake? More room? Thanks!
  7. Comparing

    I currently own a 2007 240 Enzo. It's a great family boat and we love the amount of floor space for the kids to cruise around and on. I just took a ride on the Ri237, it's a great boat but It doesn't have the floor space. What do you think, should I get a Ri237 or the FS44? I love the hammerhead bow on the FS44. What to do for a good wake surf and family boat! Thanks!
  8. New touch screen was installed and PNP not showing up as active? Any ideas?
  9. With 20x hours on my FS44 the touch screen functions are not working: GPS/USER/speed control/Ballast control. The bottom 1/3 of touchscreen is not working. How do I reset screen?Firmware update? Suggestions?

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