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  2. Choices!?!?

    Between those 2 it would be hard for me to decide. The 2007 240 has the 6.2 is nice and $8k cheaper and a longer boat. Build it how you want. The 2012 233 has the fwd helm design and better vinyl. If both are in the same condition and the color you like then I would pick the 240. If one has a better color and/or condition I would lean that way. For surfing, the wave will be one of the best on the lake with less weight and less fuel usage.
  3. Choices!?!?

    Both boats are solid, just depends on if you want to do the upgrades yourself or buy a boat that is ready to Surf with full stereo, etc. The SV hulls can be a little picky on Wakeboard weight but for the money their Surf waves are unparalleled. This hull is tried and true and handles chop very well for an older boat
  4. It’s the same top that fourwinns used on their H200/210 reverse arch boats (2012/13).
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  6. Choices!?!?

    So the Mrs and I just closed on our house, I got a promotion, and my work, oilfield, has decided to give me back some of the 40k/year they stripped me of in the downturn. The boss lady has given the thumbs up to start shopping for a boat for the upcoming season and so far I’ve found a couple that I’m considering so far. The first is a 2007 SV240 with the 6.2L motor and 67 hours, this part kind of scares me but not a definite turnoff. A 2 owner boat where the origins owner passed away and left it to his son that was not into boating so it was dry stored. it has no speakers on the tower and only has 2 hard tanks with zero additional ballast so it’s kind of a clean slate. Asking price is 36k. The next option is a 2012 SV233 with the 5.7L and 206 hours. This one appears to have a pretty nice exile system already, 6 tower speakers, but am unsure on the details but have requested additional information on this as well as any upgrades to the ballast system. This boat is being offered at 48k. I am located in Northeastern Oklahoma up on Grand Lake but have no qualms driving a long distance to get the right vessel for us. In the past we have predominantly knee/wakeboarded but we will be doing a lot of surfing starting this coming up summer and figure the split would be probably 50/50. We are wanting to stay under 50k and don’t mind doing upgrades ourselves but definitely wouldn’t turn down something that was ready for warmer days. Any insight is greatly appreciated as well as any leads on other boats as well.
  7. @Nick213 You have the REV-8's right now correct? You have any issues with them and part of your decision to upgrade, or just wanted to go bigger? I noticed over the last month or so of summer that 1 of my REV-8's was making a funny noise when I turned it up to around #30+ on the volume. Not sure what the issue is, its a rattle sound of some kind and I plan to take it to MLA sometime over this winter. I am afraid something inside the speaker may be blown. For me, the REV-8's are plenty, but if 1 is blown and I will have to replace anyway, maybe I will get a set of the 10's.
  8. Are you guys running the Acme 1617 prop?
  9. I have a 2017 238 and I'm running the wake makers set up with 750s in the rear lockers and 250s I believe under the bench seats. I added 700lbs of lead last year in the rear lockers and have since acquired 600 more lbs of ballast for this upcoming year.
  10. Does it work offline? What ECM do you have? Smart craft or no? Trying to figure out if it will work on my '04.
  11. Last week
  12. Wow, that thing is gonna rattle the whole lake!
  13. Came from the same boat as Wheels to a 18 Ri237. Same result, I couldn’t be happier with the decision! Good luck finding a new boat.
  14. Looking for replacement canvas only and a boot, any leads for a reasonable company? Sorry no pics having issues with my attachment quota, it's a 2012 v226 with the cast tower. Also it has the tower lowering t handle shafts with a notch/pin on it, haven't been able to find those o line either. Tower looks like this one https://www.onlyinboards.com/2013-V226-for-sale-Santa-Rosa-California-88137.aspx
  15. Warranty and service vary from dealer to dealer, but generally most Centurion dealers are top notch from my experience. There are exceptions for sure, but generally speaking they do a superior job to what you get from your average Malibu dealership. As far as QC goes, nobody is on par with Toyota in the marine industry and honestly, they can't be. The technology and engineering that Toyota can afford, along with production capacity will draw out patterns for issues that can be addressed more easily. It's the benefit of building hundreds of thousands of vehicles vs. hundreds of boats. With that said, the QC that goes into Centurion, Supreme and Nautique is the best in the business. There is a reason a Centurion boat has a 8-10 day build time and a Malibu is 4-5. There are multiple steps in the process that Correct Craft does that are either minimalized by other manufacturers or omitted entirely. This accounts for a lot of issues that customers are seeing with boats that are being built by companies that are more accountable to their shareholders than their customers.
  16. https://www.wetsounds.com/Sinister-SDX2500
  17. We gonna see a 257 on the lake next year? That’s gonna have a few guys jealous.
  18. What amp? That thing is gonna be obnoxious
  19. What dealer are you getting Centurion through? I'm in spokane also.
  20. Fi 25 on the way

    We flip every year but do our own stereo. For example the factory system is 8k and we just bought our wetsounds systems from one of the members for $4400 and shadow caster LEDs for $700. It costs me less,sounds better and adds at least the same value as stock but helps set our boat apart come time to sell.
  21. No cda here. I have family that would love for me to move their, but that's not gonna happen for awhile. Sounds like I need to find a different user name. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for all the input, keep it coming. I know there are more converts out there. How willing are dealers to do warranty work when the need arrives? I had to pull teeth and hair prior. Something about the low reimbursement and it was a price point boat, but I'm sure they knew that getting into the game. Have heard Nautique's reimbursement is excellent and they bend over backwards to fix every little issue. How's centurion's? Just a little background Info that has brought me to this point: My Axis spent a combined 270 days at the dealer in just the first two years. It was completely unacceptable. The more they worked on it the worse it got. I just don't want to repeat the experience. Coming from the automotive industry QC was a complete joke. Is their a boat company that is on par with Toyota's QC?
  22. I have a Supreme S238 on CDA at black rock marina and upgrading to Fi23 this winter. We have a friend with black and white Ri257 on CDA that is unreal to surf behind.
  23. Fi 25 on the way

    Looking forward to seeing your build! We decided to keep the stereo stock and just try to flip it every year...
  24. They come with 16x15 and 16x13. I am curious to see how my 257 will do with the H6 ...
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  26. Wakejunky. You are in cda correct? Have seen the new Centurions due to no dealers around but was not impressed at all with axis i have seen and the malibus have really lost the high end fit and finish i remember. I love my 2006 centurion amd if i could i would not hesitate to buy one of the new ones.
  27. I came from a 15 Malibu lsv and now have a 17 ri237. I could not be happier with the ri. I have found the ri to check every box for my needs and leaves nothing to be desired. Either the ri or fi I believe will blow you away.
  28. We're looking at an RI237 possibly and Fi23. Leaning towards 237.
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