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  2. Thank you for the information BigCat. That is pretty closed to my measurements. Yours is slightly bigger than what I had but it should fit just fine. I would like to hear your measurements for the starboard side Troy or Bigcat. Thanks again
  3. Big Cat and Troy, Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the first hand knowledge on the ZS line Troy. I agree about the differences not being too significant. I also agree about lead. I’m not a big fan either. Really, for all of the reasons you mentioned. I had a Moomba before (direct drive) and it was a great boat while we had it. Which is why I was looking into them. Main thing that got me on the Centurion/Supreme brands were that from what I had read they didn’t require lead or weight inside the boat. I’m okay with upgrading a plug and play but I know there are times when the boat needs more and a bag is in the seating area. I definitely did not want this. I know the Mojo’s I sent did have upgraded bags. I guess right now I’m trying to decide if we want to take out a loan (likely small, around or less than $30k), or pay cash and have the boat free and clear. I think it’s more likely we pay cash. Simply because I hate having payments on things. But it is fun to look at more expensive stuff. Although I know this can also be a trap as well. I showed my wife (who is not too familiar with boats) a 2021 Ri265 the other day without her seeing the price. She was like that is way nice, lets get it. I told her the price and that changed for a bit. Then she came back later and asked what payments would be. I said we will not be getting a $215k boat or anything close to that price range. But I appreciate her even thinking about it. It just reminds me that she just wants something that is going to be best for our family. Anyway, thanks again guys.
  4. Its the engine compartment blower 4" flexible black pipe on the starboard side and on the port side its the same type of pipe that is just open into the engine bay. Not really sure where it even comes from. I will have to look when I get home. I think it goes to the battery compartment. I could probably just move it or shorten it up to get out of the way.
  5. The sideswipe is a deal breaker for me. WAY too loud! And the pipes run right through the side locker taking up valuable ballast space. If you want to do the mod and convert to FAE then it would not matter. Its only money. LOL Good luck!
  6. That FS44 was a pretty decent price for the options and hours...... but that black top rail would be a no go for me. Way too hot to step on or rest your forearm on. But it sold anyway. All of those ZS look great. Troy will be a better source for info on those. Best of luck in your search. Keep looking til you find what you want.....its out there.
  7. Troy great first hand info on the ZS! Sounds like a great boat! You mentioned the CATS for cleaning up the goofy wave on the 244. It is a game changer combined with the asymmetrical trim tab. Without those the goofy wave would be terrible. With it the wave is really good. Not quite as good as the port side....but still very good.
  8. Exhaust tube? Like sideswipe exhaust? Do you have sideswipe? If so....I am sorry.....sideswipe is too loud and robs you of valuable ballast space. You will have to measure and custom design your sac.
  9. This is the dimensions of my Avy sac for the port side for my 03 Avy. Main 22H X 24W X 52L Arm 10H X 24W X 62L You will want to place your fill, empty, vent holes according to your pump set up. Main… LXWXH = 27456 = 118.857 gallons = 992.46 pounds Arm.. LXWXH = 14880 = 64.416 gallons = 537.87 pounds Total cubic inches = 42336 = 183.272 gallons = 1530 pounds *Water 8.35 pounds per gallon
  10. That Enzo was actually a FS44, not a SV244. He had it advertised wrong. My ZS is a 2019. The big difference between the '19 and '21 ZS are the tower, the display, and cooling system. The '19 has the back swept Octo tower and the '21 has the forward swept F-Series tower. The '21 has a larger display that included some cool features like rider presets and a "fill all/drain all" function for the ballast. Nothing ground breaking, but cool nonetheless. The '21 has a closet cooling system that runs antifreeze through the engine and has heat exchanger that cools the antifreeze with raw water (lake water). The '19 runs raw water through the engine block for cooling. The closed cooling system seems nice and is a little easier to winterize, but I personally would not look at it as a deal breaker. The '19-'21 ZS232 comes factory with 4600 lbs of ballast and it's all you need. The wave is big, adjustable, and powerful. I don't know a ton about the Moombas you posted. It's my understanding that the Mojo got a running surface overhaul a few years back for improved surf wave I don't know what year that was though (could have been '15 for all I know). When I was in the market, the Momba dealer I talked to here in Mesa, AZ said that the Max throws a pretty good surf wave. He said, probably the best in their lineup. However, when pressed he did say that all of the Moombas like a little more weight than factory. He said they typically recommend 500-1000 lbs of lead. I'm not a fan of carrying a bunch of lead around in my boat. Main reason, it's always there. Trailering, loading/launching, cruising, etc. you always have that extra weight onboard.
  11. What was the final weight of the sac when filled completely?
  12. Yeah I would like them measurements. How did you handle that exhaust tube that runs across the top of the locker?
  13. Depends how far you want to go up under the seat, my custom starboard sac would work. You can add more to the finger if you want to go farther up under the seat.
  14. Im looking to upgrade my ballast. I have read other posts on here about a custom avy sac. I have a 2010 centurion avalanche C4 and wanted to know if anyone had the measurements for this sac or who to contact that might have this info. I couldnt find it on any forum. Was just going to do the port side for now. I called wakemakers and they did not have the measurements. I took my own measurements but I wanted to compare with someone who has this sac before spending the $700. They said the enzo sac would not fit. Thank you
  15. Got a reply back on the 244. It sold. No worries though. I appreciate the advice. Still curious what your thoughts are on the boats I sent. Let me know.
  16. So after looking at the pictures again. Based on the photos I saw, it does look like the 244 has plug and play ballasts and CATS. Although I'm still waiting to hear back from the seller. Sent a message yesterday. It does not have quick surf. I like the idea of a bigger main cabin area. The older kids may sit in the bow but the younger ones are generally in the main area. So that's good to know. Let me know what you guys think. I'm in Colorado right now but we head back home to Texas next week and I'll be looking to pull the trigger on something soon. I'm definitely not getting something without seeing it first but most of what I'm looking at is a days drive. So I'm trying to be wise about what I go see and the time/money it takes to do so. Just trying to pick the brains of people with more knowledge than me to make the best decision. Thanks again
  17. Troy and BigCat, Thanks for the info. Troy what year is your ZS? Just curious. Below are links to the boats I've been checking out. The top two are the SV and ZS I'm most interested in. Just wondering your thoughts. This will be my first true surf boat so I just want to make sure I get it right. While trying to keep budget in mind too. My wife is good with whatever and honestly I'm typically the one over analyzing. I'm also the guy who goes to several places comparing prices to try and get the best deal. Which I've done with multiple vehicles. It can drive my wife crazy. Understandably so. So getting a good deal can matter too. But because this is my first surf boat I'm a little confused as to what a good deal could be. I just don't want to look back and feel like I should have done something else. Also being able to sell later may matter too. Especially if I'm getting an older boat. Although I recognize the SV would likely be a solid option. What are your thoughts on resale if we decide to upgrade a few years down the line? Anyway, I've rambled enough. What do you guys think? https://www.onlyinboards.com/2015-Centurion-Enzo-244-for-sale-Plantersville-Mississippi-138730.aspx https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2021-supreme-zs232-8356556/ https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2019-supreme-zs232-8381001/ https://www.onlyinboards.com/2021-Supreme-ZS232-for-sale-ROHNERT-PARK-California-136159.aspx https://www.onlyinboards.com/2015-Moomba-Mojo-for-sale-Hot-Springs-Arkansas-138345.aspx https://www.onlyinboards.com/2018-Moomba-Max-440-Raptor-for-sale-Colorado-Springs-Colorado-138921.aspx
  18. Like Bigcat said, the SV244 has a very big main cabin area. It will also throw one of the best surf waves out there. I didn’t play with CATS and how it impacts the goofy wave in the time I spent on the 244, but in general, the Enzos were tough to clean up the goofy wave. It can be done, and I believe CATS helps, I just don’t have any direct experience I can share. Having surfed behind SV244s and now owning a ZS232, the 244 was the best wave I ever surfed until I got my ZS. The ZS has a very similar running surface to the newer Centurion opti-v. Like Bigcat said, the ZS uses quick surf (tabs on the back), so you fill all of the ballast and use the tabs to creat the wave. With this setup, you can switch sides in like 2 seconds, which is obviously very convenient. The ZS also has much more freeboard, so you’re sitting up higher in the water and not slammed with the rubrail in the water. Like I said, they both throw top notch waves, I think the variability of wave and push is just a touch better on the ZS.
  19. Last week
  20. Both would be great boats. I have a 15 Sv244 so I can give you info about this boat. I have never been on the Supreme ZS232 so I can't tell you anything about that one. The 244 has a HUGE seating area in the main part of the boat. It is bigger than any other 24 foot boat because in this model the windshield has been pushed forward to make more cockpit seating room. However the bow will be smaller than a normal 24 foot boat. If you have more full sized bodies you will like this configuration. If you have more kid sized bodies they seem to really like the bow area and it is definitely smaller than standard on the SV244. Does this 244 have CATS? If so, this is a big deal compared to other boats in this age range! The CATS system makes the wave super easy to tune on both sides. What about Ramfill? Super fast to fill! Does it have the plug and play sacs as well? You will need them. Does it have a Quicksurf (flappers on the back)? They started putting them on this boat in 2015 but only some of them got it. Basically this system did not work well on this boat hull. It is pretty much worthless. I assume the Supreme has some sort of surf system being that new. It will do the same thing as CATS as far as being able to customize the wave on both sides and makes it easy to change sides easier. You have already considered a lot of important things. Budget, age, hours on motor, condition, warrantee, etc. Best thing to do now is look them both over really good. You will see what I mean about the size difference. Then go test drive them both. It should become much more clear what direction you are leaning after that.
  21. Looking for some help on a boat decision. I'm currently debating between a 2015 Enzo 244 with about 350 hours listed at $85k and a 2021 Supreme ZS232 with about 90 hours listed at $110k. My biggest priority will be surfing. I had a back injury so jumping on a wakeboard is pretty much out. I'm still new to surfing but I want to be able to progress as well. I previously had a 2005 Moomba Outback (direct drive) that I sold after getting hurt. So I know any boat I get is going to throw a much better wave. I've leaned more towards Centurion and Supreme just feeling like I'm going to get more out of the box without having to add a bunch of extra ballast or lead weight. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are between these two boats. The Enzo is more within budget and I could pay cash around that price. Which is obviously advantageous. We'd have to take a partial loan out for something in the ZS price range. But I like the idea of a newer model boat with a warranty. I'm also curious on resale value maybe about 5 years down the line if I decide to upgrade. Some info on who is going to be using it... We are a family of 5 (kids 9, 6, 3) and will generally take out another family of 5 (kids likely similar age). So storage will be a priority as well. We'll mainly use it for surfing but the kids obviously like to tube as well and will likely wakeboard and ski some later down the line. My wife will be driving the boat when I'm surfing. She is not as familiar with boats so ease of use could come into play. Although she's totally willing to learn. I think that's it. Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm also open to other suggestions as well.
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  23. Going to pull it and bring to mechanic today. Such a bummer. Hoping it’s nothing major

    Can you send me a pic? I need to do this too and it would be very helpful.
  25. Sounds like it was over heating, mine is always 175-180temp even when surfing…
  26. A little bit of list or quite a lot to the Stbd side when you engage the throttle? What about while on plane? Can you confirm that your ballast tanks are empty on that side? No idea what your hard tank ballasts hold as far as weight. Most of the hard tanks are about 240 to 250 lbs. In order to get a good surf wave you are going to want about 1000 lbs in the surf side rear locker and about 350 to 500 lbs under the side seat on surf side. This will list the boat to the surf side and create a great wave. You want the surf side rub rail touching or almost touching the water at rest. If you want bigger wave put a couple hundred lbs of lead weight in the rear of the surf side locker. You will have to pay attention to waves and rollers on that side as they will roll over that corner into the boat. If you want to weight the boat evenly you will need to use some sort of shaper on the side of the boat or flappers on the rear of the boat. Many use them successfully. I could always get a bigger cleaner more powerful wave on my Avy leaning it and this way uses less gas. You probably have a right hand rotation prop which will naturally give you a better wave on the Stbd side. The port side will be a little harder to clean up but can be done. Adding an adjustable asymmetrical (A plate) trim plate on the rear will help significantly cleaning up the port side wave. You can confirm if yours is a right hand rotation by looking at the prop. It will either have a LH or RH stamped on it as well as the prop number and diameter and pitch. If you can get 1500# of weight on the surf side and none on the non surf side your eyes will pop out at how good the wave will be. The Avy throws an incredible wave. Oh.. and no bow ballast while surfing. The Avy doesn't need it unless you just can't get up to surf speed without it. GPS speed 10.7 to 11.0 is the sweet spot. Good luck.
  27. Hello, Recently acquired a 2011 C4 Avalanche and after driving for a few days(about 7 hrs total) a few observations that i hope someone can help clarify: 1. Noticed the boat lists to Starboard when i engage the throttle. Is this from the prop torque? If so how do i compensate? 2. I seem to have all the ballasts (rear port is full hard tank, rear stbd is half hard tank, plus mid of both and single fwd ballast for total of 5). finding wake is quite messy on port(reg) side and much cleaner on the goofy side. Do i just have to play with the weight/ballast and fine tune it to get to the happy place? for this past weekend surfed with all tanks 100% full. New to surfing so hoping to get some people that have a similar boat and can help! 3. What is the minimum safe depth to operate this boat(or lake gets quite shallow at end of summer) Thanks to anyone that can help!
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