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  2. Buying a Malibu over a 257??? Come on, let’s not make any bad decisions here.
  3. yea like H2O said, the official Centurion & Supreme Owners facebook page is VERY active
  4. Dont settle go check out the group. Ri257 and the fi25 put out the best wake in the industry as well as having the best rough water ride.
  5. Everyone has moved to the Official centurion and supreme owners group on Facebook. Tons of activity and members
  6. I joined this forum a couple months ago hoping to learn more about the RI 257.I intended to purchase one this winter but am now leaning toward Malibu just because there's a community that helps each other out there. I have posted a couple times with none of the original thread starters replying. I also joined the Facebook group. Does anyone know why these 2 forums for the most part are totally dead? Barely any one answers any questions on either platform. Where does one go to get first hand information about these new boats? Thank in advance
  7. I recently bought a 1987 Warrior Barefoot Comp with a 200 HP Yamaha. I need to get a bimini top since I'm in hot Az and I was hoping to get an exact fit Sunbrella cover. I can find bimini tops and a cover listed for 1988 up with the outboard and the rope guard. Does anybody know if the 87 is the same? I found old Water-ski boat tests and my 87 looks just like the 88 to 91 models. Same basic dimensions. The company selling the cover does not know and Fineline did not respond to my email asking for info. They did reply about gel coat color. No records back that far. I know can just measure for the bimini top but, I'd like to get a proper fitting cover without having a custom one made. The 88 up with outboard and rope guard is readily available. Anybody know for sure if it will fit my 87?
  8. Last week
  9. I have the same boat. Software update didn't help. Got a new screen under warranty. The new one is worse. Now having the screen wiring harness replaced as I'm not sure it's the screen as sometimes it will work perfectly. This is a common problem with this screen, the good news (I guess) is that by restarting the boat the screen issues usually go away. Also check your batteries and all the connections
  10. Winterization Checklist for 2004 Centurion Enzo SV230 Prior to this boat, I had a direct drive. I winterized each year on my own. Could anyone share their winterization checklists for a V-Drive? Also any information for draining/winterizing ballast. I have been reading some posts about draining the heater as well, but I wasn't sure if my 2004 model had that. Any information would great! Thanks
  11. Shock Absorbers

    Check out Fox Truck Shocks. I have them installed on my 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LT Crew Cab.
  12. 2006 centurion avalanche c4

    re: "99% used for surfing" me too. I feel I've maxed out my Elite's capabilities with 750#'s in the rear lockers (plus 250# mid) and a suck-gate. Any more weight than that and I feel the boat becomes unsafe. It produces a really good wave on the regular side but I ride goofy. The goofy wave has a short pocket and a dirty face. I have a friend with an Avi with a Switchblade on it, and it produces a very big wave on both sides. I don't wanna go the Switchblade route b/c its a gas suck and it really affects the handling of the boat... all the time... no matter what you're doing. I'd rather add ballast weight and surf tabs. Hoping to get a good sized wave with a clean face (even on the goofy side). Although there are many factors, the bottom line is the bigger the boat, the bigger/better the wave.
  13. Would someone with a proflight tower (preferably on an Avalanche) be willing to take a couple measurements for me? I'm looking for the distance between feet on either the starboard or port side (center to center) and the distance from the center of the rub rail to each of the feet (vertically). Thanks a ton!
  14. Would someone with a proflight tower (preferably on an Avalanche) be willing to take a couple measurements for me? I'm looking for the distance between feet on either the starboard or port side (center to center) and the distance from the center of the rub rail to each of the feet (center). Thanks a ton!
  15. Halloween fun!

    It just a few weeks it will already Halloween 2019! Where did time go?
  16. Best Surf Boards

    Recently bought a Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board. It's perfect for beginners.
  17. Best Surf Boards

    Hi guys. Just bought a Ri257 and new to boating. I can wakesurf ok but haven't done it much since I never had a boat. I do efoil, surf, skateboard, paddle etc so it's really me just getting used to the motions etc. Would the Neo work as a board for me but also for people learning like my wife? I can buy a beginner board if needed. Thx
  18. They still look brand new....since doing the wetsand and other work on the CF vents, UV no longer fades them after a day on the water. My guess is that this will last another full summer and then it will be time to refinish them again tho it shouldnt be as extensive since mine where in pretty bad shape last time around. The clear coating was the key to making the carbon fiber pop and protect it from fading. Just make sure to do multiple light coats of the clear coat and let it cure a good 48hrs before you handle them, even after 24hrs if I handled them I was leaving fingerprints in the clear coat....tho I may have been putting the clear coats on a little too thick. Feel free to contact me if any questions once you get started on this
  19. Towing

    I use Curt to tow.
  20. Thanks, thinking of getting one for my boat.
  21. Im still trying with my 03 typhoon, last trip out I was only guy going goofy and the wave was almost un-rideable even with rope. I had 750 in each side on back, 2 guys port side seat, 2 girls up front, 250 mid, step was under water about 2" sitting still. Nuaticurl shaper. Wave was mushed out and not even fun.
  22. Thanks Infinity!! Gonna do my carbon fibers this winter according to your instructions. You still happy with the results?
  23. Earlier
  24. An Avy is 2 inches wider and a foot longer.
  25. Infinity surf tabs are da bomb. You may need an A-plate to clean up the goofy side (Infinity can build/sell you an A-plate or double wing plate)...but also having some list helps clean up the wave face whether you are running suckgate or surf tabs. Not talking a full on list, just couple hundred difference which can be done using people sitting on surf side, lead biased to that side, etc. On my Enzo, I use my Ramfill to list approx 250lbs on reg side and more like 400lbs on goofy side due to prop rotation.
  26. Tanks are glassed into the boat...definitely not metal, think they are plastic? You don't need to winterize, just lube gates and cycle them a few times and then leave them in open position after making sure you tilted bow up to drain any residual water.
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