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  1. Yesterday
  2. I am unable to get the V drive 1/2 inch square drain plug loose any ideas how I can get this plug to greak loose
  3. Thanks man. Out of money now. Lol
  4. I might have one for you. A buddy just took off a mangled prop and I think it was that one
  5. Fi 25 on the way

    Boat builds in December. Ill take delivery early February then need to do the stereo instal
  6. My buddy Joe (dark colored shorts) is 6’5” and rode that out on a board too small for him, plenty of push. I have on the multi colored shorts, still trying to get air. And then my wave, it was rough out when I took that picture but I think it still shows the wave fairly well.
  7. Since this has the step like Gravity12 posted it must be an Avy. The picture angles just make it look really narrow to me. The Avy will produce an awesome wave. The best wave? No but it will be awesome. I only list my boat, so I can only comment on that wave. Some people weight it evenly and use a suck gate but I think that uses more fuel and is harder on the engine. I run about 2k worth of ballast and will post up a picture from my phone. I have a custom sac. Factory center. about 100lbs in the front. if we have a small crew then i have another 250 sac for the seat also. All the weight on the surf side except the bow which is centered.
  8. Fi 25 on the way

    Cant wait to see it! So going to be a cold first ride or are you waiting till it warms up to put her on the water?
  9. Last week
  10. Well we listed or fi 23 for sale at the end of September thinking we would get to use it for a while before it went to a new home. Well to our surprise it sold in five days. Went to our dealer yesterday and placed our order for the fi25. We went to the wake 9 polar bear last weekend and surfed one and allI can say is WOW. The fi 25 is on a different level. Super excited for this boat.
  11. In search of Surf Boat

    Elite v doesnt have a step at the cooler.
  12. In search of Surf Boat

    The guy is advertising it as a 22’ boat. How can I figure that out for certain? Where to look on boat? Definitely looking for 22-23’ boat? Looking for best surf wave in the centurion line up...is this a good one?
  13. Evolution tower removed

    What tower did you go with? My tower is cracking and I would like to upgrade to a one piece as well.
  14. I have a Centurion license plate frame that I have had on my truck for many years. I did notice that there are none availbable on the Centurion boats website, which is where I purchased it. Maybe they will bring them back one day? Make me an offer
  15. This looks to be an Elite V. 21' 93" beam. The interior looks too narrow for an Avy. That tower is the Tribal and it is an awesome tower with tons of head room.
  16. Typhoon is the larger Avalanche. Typhoon = 23' 100" beam Avalanche = 22' 100" beam Elite V = 21' 93" beam
  17. Air warrior is the trim package. It’s hard to read the black writing on the back side, but I think it says it is a Typhoon. I believe that is a shorter version of an Avalanche - 22ft vs 23ft. I’m not as familiar with those models, I know many surf the Avalanche. The walkthrough is in reference to the rear lockers. Some of the Avalanches have a walkthrough in the rear. This is less desirable for the goofy footed surfers, because you can’t fit larger ballast in it versus a locker. This boat does not have that issue... It looks like a clean boat!
  18. In search of Surf Boat

    I've found this 2011 Air Warrior south of Atlanta for 39k. Does this look like a good deal? Couple of questions - owner says it the air warrior model, but I haven't seen much reference to this model before. I notice its a walk thru bow which I have seen many people say is not preferable because you can't put the sacs under the bow seats? Any advice or suggestions for things to look at before I go take a look? https://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/boa/d/ft-centurion-wakeboard-boat/6711399069.html
  19. I am in the market for a good, lower hour surf boat. My budget is $30k to $50k. Preferably 2009 or newer. Do you guys know of any good Centurions out there for sale?
  20. 2008 Centurion Falcon V

    Time Left: 25 days and 18 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Last week I was preparing my boat with the intent of putting away in winter storage. In the meantime, my son purchased a boat so I don't need mine anymore. With the season rapidly changing, I only want to keep the boat in my driveway for another week. So, if there is any interest in purchasing in the next week, I'm selling the boat for a great price lower than if I wait until next spring. I know enough about pricing to know there isn't another wide v drive in this condition and this good for surfing anywhere near this price. I'm the original owner and it is in great shape.


  21. Good point. Worth a try. Will look into that!
  22. Sub Help: Who’s Cut Their Hump?

    That makes sense to me. Probably best to go with the open way first and then close it up if that doesn't work out. Thank you!
  23. Sub Help: Who’s Cut Their Hump?

    I see no reason why you could not close the hole up in a permanent fashion. There is nothing in that void of the bilge that is serviceable. On the flip side, once the enclosure and facade are in place, you will never no it one way or the other. So nothing wrong with leaving the cut out as is.
  24. Centurion license plate

    Sorry to bring up an old thread...just wondering if you ever found a front license plate with either the Centurion logo...or Centurion name? Thinking I would like to add this to my truck as well on front bumper since front license plate is not required in my State.
  25. Pss shaft seal install

    You have to pull the coupler to replace the shaft seal but you can move the shaft by pulling on it after the coupler bolts are removed. If the coupler is towards the front like the one you can see in Davetres pictures above, do like the guys say and use a puller. If the coupler is under and behind the Vdrive undo the 4 bolts, pull on the shaft, from under the boat if you have to, it helps to twist it a little while you pull. Make enough room you can get a socket wrench in there and remove the nut, there is also a set screw on the side of the coupler. once the nut is removed and the set screw loose pull the couplers together enough you can get a socket on top of the shaft...you will be using this as a puller basically. Now you need 4 nuts and bolts that are long enough you can pull the two coupler halves together with the socket between them and the socket will push the shaft out. After the shaft pops loose from the coupler you can either replace the seal or slide the shaft all the way out and do cutlass bearings as well. Some boats the shaft will slide by the rudder once the prop is removed, some you have to remove the rudder. To replace just the seal you should be able to do it without completely pulling the shaft make sure to use something over the shaft threads when you install the seal, most kits come with a protector. Dont forget to check alignment when you put the whole thing back together.
  26. Sub Help: Who’s Cut Their Hump?

    not my field of expertise. My project was with input from other crew and box/subwoofer support worked flawlessly. Good luck!
  27. Sub Help: Who’s Cut Their Hump?

    Thanks! Anything that would preclude one from just filling the void with foam, trimming it flush, and then re-glassing with several layers of mat?
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