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    I have been told you are the expert in setting up the S238 for a great wave. We have a 2106 s238 with the surf package, our dealer told us to fill up the boat and then use the tabs, but we have figured out the more tab we put in it the less push the wave has.

    How do we best set it up for the best wave with push? We surf regular, our friend surfs goofy and her side seems to always be great, but the regular side not so much.

    Would love to have your set up and any tips you could give. Thanks so much

  4. Time Left: 29 days and 11 hours

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    15% off on steel shot bags 50lbs free shipping USA only use coupon code: centurion-crew at checkout


  5. Time Left: 29 days and 6 hours

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    300 HOURS Centurions signature wakeboarding model the SV211, brings the time tested Deep-V of their roots of wake surfing and remarkable race car handling with its size. At just 21 feet most lake length and weight requirements are met, yet capable of handling the roughest of conditions. As luxurious as its fellow Enzos, the SV211 brings the pleasure and performance of the SV244 in a smaller package. THE CENTURION SHIELD - THE INDUSTRY'S BEST WARRANTY The 5 Essential Elements that are the foundation of the Centurion Shield 5 Year Warranty are: The Best Materials. Centurion Boats are built with the highest quality marine products and materials for your boat. The Best Dealer Network. Factory trained and certified with a focus on you and your family's boat and keeping you on the water. The Industry's Best Customer Service. Industry leading support and service of your new boat and your boating experience. The Best Boats. Nearly four decades of innovation from the company that developed the first V-Drive wake boat, first on-board ballast and more. The Best Customer. Each boat is designed with you in mind. Your boat for your family, your watersport, and your experience. The Centurion Shield 5 Year Warranty is in addition to the lifetime warranty on the deck and hull bringing you 5 years of superior marine coverage on your new Centurion Boat. The best coverage and support in the industry, exclusively from Centurion Boats. All new Centurion Boat owners enjoy 5 Years of peace of mind including workmanship, parts, hardware and materials including gelcoat, upholstery, flooring, instrumentation, audio and electronic systems. Centurion Enzo SV 211 Specs Length: 20’8″ Beam: 102″ People: 10 Load capacity: 1,410 lb. Fuel: 46 gal Gasoline Dry weight: 4,300 lb. Max ballast: 3,730 lb. Standard engine: PCM EX343 5.7L Catanium PowerPlus V-Drive Max horsepower: 550 Color Combo: Deck: White frost Main Hull: Onyx black Deck Stripe: Onyx black Tower: Black Graphics: White frost Upholstery and Edge Trim: White/Light Gray Seat Edge Trim Upholstery Perf & Dash Trim: Red Perf Trailer: Onyx Black Standard Features: PCM EX343 57 MPI Catanium Powerplus V-Drive 343HP, Clarion CMD-7 (Package 2), Clarion MW-3 Indash Remote, Centurion Enzo “Quick Fill” Ballast system, Gladiator Tower, Centurion Touch Vision Dash System with Zero off Speed Control, 4 Pull Up Cleats, EZ View Seat( w/Flip Up Bolster), Lenco Trim Tab, Padded Vinyl Dash, Stainless Steel Rub Rail Black, X-Lg Fiberglass Swim Step, Aluminum Velocity Wheels, Launching Lights & LED Light Package, Tandem Axle Trailer w/ Disk Brakes both Axles/ Prop Guard Rollers. Accessories/ Options: Deck Strip Option (2 Tone) Reverse Gel Hull (Bottom Running Surface w/ Graphic Pattern) Boat Cover w/Vent Poles Gladiator Tower Bimini 2 Tower Speakers Wet Sounds Rev-8-C-B (Requires Custom Stereo Upgrade) 2nd Battery Package with Control Center Heater w/ (1) Hot Tube & 2 Outlets Pivoting Mirror Mount with Extension Riptide Stainless Steel Bling Bling Package Includes: Bow Walkthrough Step Plates, Gunwale Step Plates, Horn Cover, Interior Logo Plates, Steering Wheel Center Cap, Ventilation Covers Boat Features & Upgrades Audio & Visual Features Custom Stereo System Upgrade (Package 1) Includes: Wet Sounds SYN4 AMP and Wets Sounds HT-AS-10 500W Subwoofer in Fiberglass Enclosure, Requires 2nd Battery Package Watersports Features Wake Surf Team Package: Includes Computer Graphics Package, High Altitude Prop, Pro Ballast Package, P-N-P Ballast System, Switch Swivel Centurion X2 Double Surf Racks Quiet Tip Silencer Carbon Fiber Vent Covers Trim Tab Wing Plate Exchange Other Features and Upgrades Aluminum Velocity Wheels, Launching Lights & LED Light Package, Tandem Axle Trailer w/ Disk Brakes both Axles/ Prop Guard Rollers. Will also throw in various ropes, Wakesurf/wakeboard/ dock lines etc. Also have extra surf boards I will let go with the sale.


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  7. Time Left: 25 days and 18 hours

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    I've loved my Avy for 8 seasons. Stock ballast removed, Custom port Avy sac and upgraded tube sac in the walk through transom. Re-plumbed vents to opposite side with check valves all around. Manual tab replaced with Bennett X-10 with extended rams. Added Seablaze underwater transom light, in-boat Wetsounds with JL sub, hydroturf skid accents, updated interior and carpet, sony head unit w/ Bluetooth, heater, PP stargazer, dual batteries, docking lights, transom hot/cold shower. She runs great even with 1043 hours, has always been maintained. Never thought I'd get rid of her, we are downsizing home and wife agreed to let me upgrade.


  8. I looked them up on Supreme web site, it says they are 550lbs. I am looking for 750lbs. Thanks
  9. Time Left: 24 days and 10 hours

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    I love this boat! I ordered it new in April 2013. Took delivery in June 2013. It has spent its entire life making people happy on Chautauqua Lake in Western NY. I keep it on a covered lift for our short summer seasons, and in my heated garage in the 8 1/2 months of winter we get here. It has never spent a night in the water - and it has never been exposed to cold temperatures (I still winterize it just in case of furnace failure, but that's never happened). 260 hours of run time on the motor. I ordered the boat the the following: PCM409 engine WakeSurf Team Package- high altitude prop, computer graphic package, pro ballast package (large ballast system under cockpit benches), P-N-P ballast system (large ballast system in aft lockers), quick fill (under-floor quick fill hard tanks), bow ballast system, Centurion Switch double surf swivel racks IceBreaker Package - heater with blower system, heated driver seat, cockpit wind dam Jazz It Up Package - stainless bling bling package, Daytona windshield, underwater led lights, docking lights Amphitheater III Sound System - includes WetSound SYN4 amp, WetSound SYN2 Amp, WetSound Rev8-C tower speakers, WetSounds AS10 500 watt sub with enclosure plus WetSounds speakers in the bow and cockpit of the boat. Upgraded Trailer Package with swing away tongue and spare tire Custom Deckadence Flooring - This has Centurion Enzo SV-244 logo (apparently this is no longer available). I also have the original snap in carpet. I ordered the Deckadence immediately after delivery - it still looks brand new, and the original carpet is pretty much new. Gladiator Tower with bimini top Why did you pick this boat: I liked a lot of the competitors boats, but the Enzo seemed to work best on Chautauqua Lake. We get decent chop here, and it seems to cut through better than Mastercraft, Nautiques and Malibu. And I really liked the dealer. How do you use the boat: Wakeboarding / surfing weekday evenings and weekend days. It makes an incredible cocktail cruiser for weekend nights. Amphiteater III sound system along with LED lighting seems to get the party started at night. Any issues with the boat: We had a couple of minor warranty issues when we first got it. The adjustable trim insert in the rudder fell out. The company replaced the rudder, and it has been great since. Boat tracks straight. We replaced the ignition switch. I have three very small spots on the upholstery (each about a quarter inch) that should be fixed with a vinyl repair kit. The Lenco trim tab actuator will be replaced. The actuator is stuck in the fully-up position (which is convenient, because we almost never put it down). I will have that taken care of before anyone takes delivery. I will also have the trailer checked out to make sure its ready for someone to drive it home. Why are you selling the boat: I recently purchased a home on the intercoastal waterway in Florida. I plan to buy a 28-32' center console set up for offshore use. This boat has been babied, and I can't bear the thought of bringing it to Florida where it would get beaten up by salt and sun. I'm hoping someone will love it as much as I have.


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  11. Shaka, Do you still have the Infinity 6100 Speakers?


  12. Just purchased my "supporting member" upgrade. Now, somebody find me a bow filler cushion for my 2005 Elite C4!!!

    Ha, jk, well kinda! I am still looking but thank you to the admin for your hard work, dedication and selfless time. We all appreciate it!

  13. Do you still have your fats sacs for sale? If so, did you ever find out the weight/capacity? If you fill them with air what is the dimensions of the sacs?
  14. For anyone that isn't a supporting member and visits frequently, please help and become a supporting member! It's cheap help when you might need it ask me how I know!

    Ken and Andrea are awesome and selfless people, I've had the fortunate pleasure of meeting them. They spend a ton of there personal time keeping this sight up with no gain so please help keep this sight available and spend the $30.00!!!

  15. We have seen a lot of new members in 2017, which is great! For the members that might not know, only two of us run and manage the community. We both have demanding full time jobs. We spend countless hours of our limited free time maintaining the site server, software, support, upgrades in general managing the community and that is just a part of what else goes on in the background. This year was a real under taking with the site upgrade that moved us to a completely new software version. While it may look relatively the same when using the site just about everything changed in the background and we were not expecting the learning curve. While figuring things out we still have a few more major things to do when time permits and we appreciate everyone patience. Not here to complain we do it because, we enjoy it, we get to meet new people that turn into lifelong friends and we always have something in common with everyone, our passion for spending time with family and friends on the water in our boats. We built the CenturionCrew.Com community which was launched over nine years ago. Life and priorities change over 9 years and sometimes managing the site can be a burden. Like the site going down while on a long needed vacation and trying to get it back online with cell phone with limited signal or spending an entire weekend instead of a few hours upgrading the site software because, of some unforeseen issues with incompatible software versions, server upgrades, etc. In nine years the community has grown to over 8,000 members currently, with new members joining on a daily basis. Out of the 8,000 plus members, only 70 of them are currently Supporting Members. Supporting memberships are what support the site/community. Considering the amount of time/hours we spend running and maintaining the site compared to the rate of return, most would wonder why we do it. Since the beginning we have said, as long as the financial burden does not fall solely on us we will continue to run, maintain and grow the community. This year there has been talk about hosting images, bandwidth, file size among other issues. At the end of the day becoming a Supporting Member solves all of the issues. It is $30 a year, $2.50 a month, $.08 a day to have unlimited bandwidth with the only restriction being the size of the image. The images just need to be resized and we believe we have automated the process with the most recent upgrade. The ironic thing is, so many members of this site talk about how much they get from it. Yet it seems they feel it is somehow not their responsibility to help support the very thing that brings them the advice they are looking for, friends from far and near they would have never met otherwise, the sense of pride from ownership of their Centurion/Supreme Boat and the spirit of sharing it with fellow boat owners within the community. Those that have been in the community for a while know we very seldom say anything about memberships or supporting the site. This is a community, we built it, launched it, maintain it, we never wanted to have to ask for members to support it, we just assumed that it would happen. Considering the fact we still put our person funds into the site, plus our free time, it is frustrating having to actually ask members of the community to support it. We need more members supporting the community they enjoy visiting on a reqular basis. Please consider purchasing one of the memberships outlined below. Centurion Boats Supporting Membership - $30.00 Annually - Upgraded to Centurion Forum Group - UpgradedCenturion Supporting Member Icon - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Supreme Boats Supporting Membership - $30.00 Annually - Upgraded to Supreme Forum Group - Upgraded Supreme Supporting Member Icon - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Centurion Dealer Supporting Membership - $100.00 Annually - Upgraded to Centurion Dealer Forum Group - Upgraded Centurion Dealer Supporting Member Icon - About the Dealer page in the Dealer Classifieds - Unlimited Centurion boat advertising in the Dealer Classifieds - Access to post Centurion Dealer events in News From Centurion Boat and Dealers Sub-Forum - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Overall, thanks for all of the support from everyone on the Crew over the past nine years, we truly appreciate everyone of you and are thankful for it. For those members that continue to support the community yearly we could not have done it without you. Thanks for helping to make the community what it is today! Be sure to share your thoughts on supporting the community and how the CenturionCrew.Com and SupremeCrew.Com community has help you through the years. Regards, Ken and Andrea
  16. DECKadence 2017 Crew Deal is official. With the site upgrade and a few issues behind the scenes let's start over. If you are interested in receiving a DECKadence Flooring quote or placing an order, please read the information below and start a new Personal Conversation, provide the required information and we will provide pricing as quickly as possible. DECKadence Marine Flooring is the finest alternative to traditional snap in carpet available.What is DECKadence Marine Flooring? Specifically designed for the marine industry, this durable product is extremely comfortable to walk on and the anti-microbial ingredient within the product prevents mildew and associated odours. The half inch thick coated fibres will repel most liquids from engine oil and fish guts to red wine and coffee so staining is a thing of the past. This “flow-through” material has a patented non-slip backing which allows it fit snug from one side of the boat to the other with no need to snap in. To clean; simply hose or power wash. For tracked in oily kinds of residue, you may need to spray some degreaser and rub with your deck brush first. Clean right in place on your boat! If you stand at the helm for long periods, you will definitely appreciate the anti-fatigue, cushioning effect of this product. It absorbs shock and is very good for your SOLE! DECKadence Marine Flooring is manufactured to a standard 14mm thickness providing comfort along with an anti-fatigue feel beneath your feet and is available in a variety of colours to compliment your boats’ colour scheme. Brand your marine flooring with your boat name, business name or family name or logo. Our printing studio will customize your choice of colour with a message that greets your guests as they come on board. Add borders around the perimeter of the material to compliment the colour scheme you have chosen for your boat. DMF is truly a product that can be dressed up for the occasion and image you are trying to portray. All boats will benefit from DECKadence on the floor. Safety and comfort are important, so you (and your dogs and kids) will appreciate the non-slip aspect on both the decks and swim platforms. Quality boat builders such as Mastercraft, Malibu, Tige, Campion and Centurian to name a few have included DECKadence as part of their offering for new boats. They understand the customer demand for a suitable and practical solution to the problems often associated with marine carpet. We are so confident in our DMF product that we confidently provide it with a 5 year warranty. In all likelihood it will perform well for 20 years. As a boat lover, we ask you to create a check list for all the difficulties you experience with marine carpet and compare it to DECKadence Marine Flooring – the choice of boat owners. Finally………a solution! What wrong with old fashion boat carpet? Carpet is fine in the cabin but is not the best outside in the weather. It mildews, wears out quickly, retains water so is always soggy in inclement weather, stains and smells! All of which DECKadence does not do. Since DECKadence will last as long as you own your boat, although it is a premium product and more costly than carpet, you will never need to replace it or spend money on cleaning it so ultimately is it much less costly than carpet! At 1/2"/14mm thick it is double the thickness of carpet so it is extremely comfortable. How is it installed? Installation is not TECHNICALLY the right word. Since it is more than three times heavier per sq ft than traditional carpet it lays flat. The patented backing prevents movement on your gel coat and since it is flow-through (vs solid backed), it cannot catch wind under it and blow away. We also do not require snaps other than on stairs and swim platforms for safety reasons. The DECKadence mat is sized/cut differently than snap in carpet which requires all pieces to be snapped in place so the carpet won’t move or blow away. Also with snap in carpet there is usually a gap between the edge of the carpet and the walls generally provided which traps and holds dirt in most cases. On carpet the gaps are for air to circulate and water to drain away in the hopes that the carpet will dry sooner and not mildew too much. Neither of these requirements are required with DECKadence and is the reason the existing snap-in carpet cannot be used as template. The DECKadence mat would not fit as nicely as it could fit and would not come all the way to the seat base as shown below. DECKadence does not bind the edges of mats, the material will NOT unravel so binding is not required. The outer edges are cut at an angle so that “installation” is nice and clean looking like wall to wall carpet which also further prevents movement. Hatches and ski lockers are also handled differently. Rather than having many little pieces of carpet to trap and hold dirt in the gaps. Instead DECKadence is sliced around the profile of the hatch except the side of the hinges so when it is “flopped” back down the seam becomes virtually invisible. FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: Does water flow through it? ANSWER: Water flows through, drains away and the mat dries super fast. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: My boat deck is slick will this help? ANSWER: The upper surface prevents slipping and the under surface sticks to deck. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: Will it make a difference when standing for long periods? ANSWER: Anti-fatigue design absorbs vibration and diminishes inboard engine noise. The extra plush thickness and texture feels great on bare feet and is more ergonomic than standard carpet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: What is anti-microbial? ANSWER: It prevents growth of microorganisms, fungus and mold. Eliminates rot and odor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: How do the pads hold up in the sun? ANSWER: Since all pads are UV-resistant you can choose from an array of colors that last, even in direct sunlight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: Is the pad hard to clean? ANSWER: The pads resists stains from dirt, fish, and even red wine. Sand and dirt pass through so the top surface remains clean. Soap and bleach friendly making it easy to clean. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: How hard is it to install? ANSWER: or snaps required, the pad is cut to fit your boat, simply lay the pad on the floor and you are done. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: How does it look compared to carpet? ANSWER: DECKadence enhances the look of any deck surface on a boat, giving it a sharp, stylish and sleek look. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The CREW DEAL! We have negotiated a special Crew Deal directly with DECKadence Marine Flooring for CenturionCrew/SupremeCrew Members. Please read all information below and PM the CrewAdmin with the required information for a quote. Crew Deal covers all Centurion and Supreme Boat Models. Mat Options: Mats can be ordered with several options as follows and the main/cockpit pad as well as the cooler and bow foot well pad when applicable: ^^^One solid mat color^^^ (image coming) ^^^One solid mat color with CENTURION in second color^^^ (image coming) ^^^One solid mat color with custom artwork in second color^^^ NOTE: Due to trademark rights the manufacture is no longer able to offer the mat with the Centurion Brand Helmet logo. If someone is interested in the helmet for the CenturionCrew.Com logo or SupremeCrew.Com logo any part of these logos can be used. PM CrewAdmin is you have any questions. Mats can be ordered in the following colors: LUNA SILVER DECK GREY GRAPHITE KHAKI Requesting Quote/Ordering: To receive a Quote for pricing or to place an Order for a DECKadence Mat members must provide the follow information in a PM to the CrewAdmin. Shipping must be calculated on an individual basis per member quote, we will respond as quickly as possible, please be patient. Name: Current Email Address: Address for Shipping: Phone Number: Boat: Year: Model: Mat Colors: Mat Option: (include one of the following) Solid Color Solid Color with Logo Solid Color with Custom Logo Mat Color: (include one of the following) Luna Silver Deck Grey Graphite Khaki Mat Secondary/Design Color: (include one of the following) Luna Silver Deck Grey Graphite Khaki EXAMPLE: Name: John Smith Current Email Address: Address for Shipping: 1234 Jones Road Rockwell, NC 32432 Phone Number: 111.222.3333 Boat: Centurion Year: 2007 Model: Enzo Mat Option: Solid Color with Logo Mat Color: Luna Silver Mat Secondary/Design Color: Black Note: Pricing will NOT be sent without the required information outlined above. Shipping: Depending on location shipping rates should be $50 to $100, the actual shipping cost will be included in the quote. Post any questions and we will do our best to answer them on the same day. The 2017 Crew Deal is LIVE! Please read the entire post and follow directions before requesting quote. We are still working out pricing for some options but, most pricing is available and we expect all pricing to be available by end of next week.
  17. Time Left: 9 days and 22 hours

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    Pair of factory ballast bags from the rear lockers of a new Supreme S238. Used only a few times. I am not sure the exact weight/capacity, but I am sure someone on the SupremeCrew forum does! $100 for both +shipping


  18. Time Left: 9 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    New Westland boat cover for 2003 Ski Centurion Eclipse/Cyclone V-Drive with Proflight Swoop Tower I bought this cover from Great Lakes Skipper on Ebay for $400, thinking it would fit an Elite-V, but it was a few inches short. $200 +shipping


  19. Hi all. I have a 2014 sv226 and have noticed that my center ballast fills automatically (even if I don't fill it). Any ideas on what is wrong?  I assume a one way valve is broken. Would appreciate advice.

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    2. 2ndtimearound


      I installed Vented Loop Anti-Siphon Valves from Wakemakers.  stops the unwanted filling AND draining. 


    3. bryceh



      really appreciate the help. i had a look and a can't actually find how to access the forward ballast or where the pump for it is. There are two pumps right in front of the engine , just behind the gas tank but they are not running when the centre ballast is pumping out. It must be more forward  but do I need to remove the big plastic covering that is part of the floor directly above the gas tank? Sorry for my inexperience. Thanks again. 


    4. 2ndtimearound


      Are you doing check valves or anti siphon loops? Fit either one in engine compartment area.o

  20. Looking to purchase new Centurion Boat Trailer Guide Pads! I live in Canada, anybody have any suggestions as to where i could purchase 2 new pads??

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    2. DrNate


      just noticed they were sold out of the longer ones


      I know Centurion sells them also.  Try


    3. DjOM21


      I have the 36" Centurion Crew guide pole covers. Shipping was fairly quick to Canada and of course the exchange sucks. I think they are great.




    4. bluesman280


      Where you at in Canada. Absolute water sports in Calgary will have them, Wizard Lake in Leduc, or Barry Jay's in Edmonton. Recreational power sports might have them as well in Edmonton.

  21. Time Left: 7 days and 13 hours

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    brand new with fins $399 obo this board sold in stores for $859


  22. Think I rode one or maybe both of these when we were at the gathering last September. Cannot remember for sure. Liked whatever I rode. I want to work on spins, so I want something that is "spinny." I am 5'5" and about 175 lbs if that helps.
  23. Time Left: 4 days and 14 hours

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    500 hours. Has all of the goodies.


  24. Time Left: 4 days and 11 hours

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    Only used 3 times (the board is too big for me at 185lbs) One of four ever made sporting the "James Walker Wakesurfing" brand, this board is a custom hand made board built by The Walker project. Built for riders up to 260lbs, this board has a wide range of riders and is capable of performing maneuvers from smooth carving to even the most advanced tricks. Call for more info. $1000 Obo.


  25. Double the price and ill take it How much factory ballast does it have?
  26. Time Left: 2 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED Click on the Ad above for the rest of the pictures $104,999 for a forum member. I own it outright and its ready to go like new! DOMINATING THE WAKESURF INDUSTRY -- OWN THE BEST SURF BOAT AVAILABLE.Gently used -- Factory Warranty*PCM H6 *NON SKID FLOORING*DOWNFIRE CULL COCKPIT AND SURF AUDIO PACKAGE*TOWER SPEAKER LIGHTING*COCKPIT SPEAKER LIGHTING*STEREO STERN REMOTE*BOW BALLAST PNP*STERN PNP *RAMFILL* CATS*UNDERWATER LIGHTS* QUICKSURF* BOAT COVER* DUAL BATTERIES* CENTURION TOUCH SCREEN DASH * TANDEM TRAILER WITH FRONT BOARDING LADDERA rigorously innovated 23-foot 7-inch water sports boat, the new 2016 Ri237 is the next level in World Championship Towboat performance, design and craftsmanship. This new model is optimized from the running surface up to exceed Centurion’s dominant water sports performance. The Ri237 furthers this storied performance with a newly designed Deep-v Hull pushed by GM Gen 5 direct injection power from PCM with C-Force.AMBITIOUSLY DESIGNEDThe Ri237’s form follows its function with an ambitiously designed exotic sports car exterior featuring a one-of-kind modified v-bow, uniquely shaped body lines and a stylized transom that is as handsome as it is hangout-ready. Luxury interior accommodation like a 3-position Slide Seat and patent pending Side by Side High Definition (SxS HD) Touch Vision technology make days on the water in this Centurion last even longer. Inspirational is the only way to describe the level of craftsmanship applied to the Ri237. From the resiliently soft Comfort Strong vinyl to the GORE® TENARA® Thread made by GORE-TEX® holding it in place to the artistically applied gel coat to the quiet unibody construction is all built on, the Centurion Ri237 is a new generation of World Championship Towboat.WAVES & WAKESDominant performance continues with the seamless integration of Centurion’s signature wake/wave enhancement technology. The Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) and the Stinger Wake Plate fine-tune the shape of your wakes and waves with a touch. RAMFILL Ballast fills in 45 seconds to create huge walls of water, while QuickSurf Pro can move your surf wave from side to side in as little as 2 seconds behind a level boat. To decrease your time to plane and completely eliminate bow rise, touch “QUICKLAUNCH” on the SxS HD Touch Vision screen. This will send both available QuickSurf Pro blades and the Stinger to 100% engaged on take off or instantaneous starts even when weighted.


  27. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking to sell my 4'9" Walker Prjoject Signature board. PM me for more info. $400 or best offer! The Walker has a ding repair on the bottom center and has been a bit yellowed by the Sun but rides like it did when it was new. I paid $1000 for this board when it was new. Only reason I am selling is that I no longer ride it. This board is good for any size rider up to about 230 pounds depending on wave size. It's a pretty advanced board but not super slippery for beginners either.


  28. Time Left: 26 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED 2014 FX44 Enzo Previous owner was NASCAR star Joey Logano and deemed the boat "The Hulk". When we took ownership we never really had time to use it much with travel and such which is the reason for sale. Rear ballast locker bags were added, fresh detail, 70 hours on the clock, and in like new shape with all regular maintenance performed. New ballast valves installed. Negotiable, and will work with you on price to move it. I have equipment available at an extra expense to the owner if interested from surf boards to wake boards for the monster wave this boat makes! If you are interested please text me at 4192396361, located on Lake Norman, NC.


  29. What are the best aftermarket ballast bags for the s238 rear lockers?

    1. h20king


      Go with the wakemakers kit.  I have the NW Boat Sport's fly high kit that is the same thing just a little larger sacks but not sure they offer it anymore 

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