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  3. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    Been a few years ,,,,, , Looking into FAE, total online ordering now, put in a information request this evening with them at the bottom of their page od inquiry. I priced it out all polished and edges cleaned up and dismount/mount kit included $650.00 Will be going on newly aquired 2018 Supreme S238 -L96
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  5. On the ATX under seat storage, they’re able to make it so deep because the space isn’t filled with sub-floor ballast like the Supremes. Agreed on some of the features offered on other boats. I will say however, the drivers seat serves as a good seat back for the seat directly behind the driver on the ZS. The fit/finish, quantity, upholstery, etc. are better in Supremes than any other “value class” boat for sure. And you’re right to make the power plant a priority. I absolutely love the PCM power plant in my ZS. We have also been very happy with the Champ audio package. I’m not a huge stereo-head, but can say that the Wetsounds systems in these boats are really nice. The one thing I’d like to add to the stereo is zone control. My dealer said the big difference between the S line and the ZS line is that the S will have less freeboard and of course less ballast than the ZS.
  6. Where’s all that depth coming from? I called my local dealer for a price on an atx 24, was basically on par or slightly higher then the zs232, that right there was enough to completely rule out the atx and tige. Also, electrical issues seem to be a bit of a thing with tige/atx from what I’ve heard (also I currently own an older tige and have had several electrical issues even from new), but the interiors on tige are pretty sweet! If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t been through them all besides the boat show 2 years ago. From walk through videos, I think some of the other boats have better features such as removable seat backs on the sliding center seat, seat back behind drivers chair, walk through transom, flip up seating on the sunpad to name a few. There’s a everal things that have sold me on the supreme, one being the looks, I think it’s a far better looking boat inside and out, tower included then the other similarly priced boats. The engine, the PCM gm engines alone probably account for 50% of my reasoning, I’ve had way to many bad experiences with ford engines of all size and setups in work vehicles, no thanks. The stereo, the champ and hero package seems far superior to other budget boats. Finally the ballast, supreme packs a lot of weight into their boats without needing anything extra added on. If that Z3 is similarly equipped for that close of a price, I’d probably have a pretty hard look at it and might be able to get over some of my above concerns. EricO, if you demo the Z3 let us know how it compares to the supreme. Im waiting to hear back on some comparisons between the ZS and S, but as of now am set on the ZS.
  7. It looks like the new hull is similar to the ATX 22 and 24. We crawled all through a 24 and it had very deep storage under the seats. The new Z3 looks like a cool boat.
  8. About $3k less for the S220
  9. I’d like to know how the prices are similar, up here in Canada I’m seeing new Z3’s listed for about $25k more then a zs232. The Z3 has some crazy deep storage looking at walk though videos.
  10. I should have added… I would imagine that the new Z3 will be more user friendly out of the box than the older model, but will likely still need an extra 500-1000 lbs of lead to really get the full potential out of the boat. This seems to be the trend with most if not all non-Centurion/Supremes these days.
  11. Ok. I did see the ‘22 Z3 is all new and appears to have more freeboard in line with other newer surf boats. I was a little confused about the 20-21 Z3 in the original post because the last I had seen of that boat (in 2019 when I was looking for a new boat) was that it was the older hull and called an R3 (didn’t look to see it the R3 carried into 20-21). Assuming the S220 EZ-V hull behaves like the opti-V and Tapered-V, here is a good starting point for the S220 and 2020 ZS232 wave. This is how I set up my ZS232 and the wave is incredible. Fill all of the ballast and then drain 10% off of the non-surf side main subfloor tank, PnP locker bag and rear corner tank (RCT only in 19-21 ZS). Start with the surf tabs at 70 and increase to clean up any wash as necessary the more people (weight) you have in the boat. Stinger plate at 80-100 for skim style riding. This will make the wave more mellow. Stinger plate at 40-60 for surf style riding. This will make the wave a little more rampy. best of luck. Let us know how the water tests go.
  12. Thanks for the info Troy. I am water testing the 2022 Tige Z3 and a 2020 Supreme ZS232 next week. I am told the Z3 for 2022 is a new hull. I will be very interested to see what kind of a wave it produces with stock ballast. The Supreme S220 has 700lbs more ballast than the Z3 so I suspect the wave will be larger. The screen in the Z3 is much nicer than the Supreme. Can you provide some advice on how easy the Supreme surf system is to use? This will be our first boat and I don't want to be having to mess around tuning things to get a basic wave. Any thoughts?
  13. I’m not sure how similar the hull is on a 20-21 Z3 versus a 2015, but I have surfed behind my brother in law’s 2015 Z3. I know the Z3 is capable of throwing a really good wave because I’ve seen it, but I think it takes a fair bit of tweaking and extra weight. To be honest, I had a Centurion Avalanche at the time and the Avy wave was far better than what we were able to produce in the 2 days we were messing with the Z3 (stock ballast only). It’s going to be tough to get firsthand experience on the S220 because it is so new. A few things to consider are, the new EZ-hull on the S220 is a variation of the opti-V hull that Centurions run and also very similar to the tapered-V hull that the ZS’s run. These hulls are proven to throw incredible surf waves. Also, you are not likely to need extra weight (lead or other) in the S220. My ZS wave is fantastic out of the box with stock ballast and I would expect the same from the new S line. This is something that is of particular interest to me because I hate the idea of hauling around hundreds of lbs. of lead at all times whether you’re trailering, cruising, or surfing. Last thought on a potential S220 advantage… Again, if the 20-21 Z3 is the same hull as the older models, you’ll have more freeboard on the S220. The older Z3 did not have near the freeboard of the newer boats. I went from a ‘07 Avalanche to my ZS232 and the freeboard is such a huge difference. It’s much more comfortable not having to sink the boat to the rubrail to produce an optimal wave. On the other hand, the Z3 is a foot longer which is a plus. I just don’t know what that equates to in extra cabin space. The Z3 also likely has better tech in terms of display etc. I hope this helps! Keep us posted.
  14. Thanks for the info guys. I have the boat home now so I can investigate further. It would sure be nice if they were a little more specific for each model of engine instead of generic and let you figure it out. My old avalanche I used to just run antifreeze thru the whole system and that was it but this one is a little more complicated. I have a hose connection on the transom, I presume that is a engine flush , I guess I could run antifreeze through there then drain and I would have everything covered. Thanks again for the info.
  15. Hi Everyone- New to the site. We are looking to buy our first surf boat and I have narrowed down my search to the 2022 Supreme S220 and Tige Z3. The price is almost the same for both. Can anyone share feedback on how the waves from these 2 boats will be with stock ballast? My research tells me the S220 with 700lbs more ballast is going to make a difference but I would welcome any feedback from people who have been in the 2020-21 Z3 and S211 or S238. Thanks
  16. So what was the end result with this throttle? Low and behold my 2014 is doing the same. Sounds like a chattering contactor or relay. The chattering only happens while in gear and does not happen in fast idle. I ran the boat for several hours with no issues except for that annoying sound.
  17. I chickened out, went to the parts store to get marine antifreeze and there was a boat mechanic there, It was meant to be I took it to him. He told me he will get it up to temp using water and make sure that the thermostat is open and then pipe in 5 gallons antifreeze. Then he will pull all plugs and leave them out. Pull spark plugs and spray in some seafoam or something, turn it over a few times reinstall spark plugs and she will be ready to hibernate.
  18. Mine is a 2019 450, not a ZR409, but the same 6.0L block. Mine takes 5 quarts. It wouldn't be a terrible idea to fill with 4.5 quarts and take the extra 1/2 quart out with you next time you take the boat out. On the water is the most accurate reading...
  19. I would think you have the quick drain system. See page 10 of the link below. https://pcmengines.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/2021-PCM-DI-Technical-Information.pdf
  20. I have never used antifreeze, but then again I lived in CA and now live in AZ. If I were in NW Montana, I would use antifreeze just for peace of mind. Look into something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Camco-Winterizer-Winterize-Preparation-65501/dp/B0000AXQU2
  21. What is the oil capacity on a 2015 PCM ZR409? It is hard to good a good reading on my dipstick.I use DEXOS GEN 2 5W-30 (Mobile 1) since that is what is recommended in this 2019 PCM Service Advisory https://pcmengines.com/wp-content/up...e-Oil2.pd_.pdf
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  23. Looking for some advice on winterization. Manual says to pull all plugs and let drain. I've read that people then put the plugs back in a d push marine antifreeze through. Is this necessary? New to the surf boat world but can't see paying to have this done. I live in NW Montana and the boat will be inside but cold storage, any advice would be awesome.
  24. Looking for some advice on winterization. Manual says to pull all plugs and let drain. I've read that people then put the plugs back in a d push marine antifreeze through. Is this necessary? New to the surf boat world but can't see paying to have this done. I live in NW Montana and the boat will be inside but cold storage, any advice would be awesome.
  25. 2013 centurion enzo sv230. The lower 1/4 of my touchscreen no longer responds to touch input. I can't empty my pro port ballasts or turn on cruise control as a result. I was hoping there was some recalibration I could do, but I can't figure out how to get into dealer settings. I know the code is "91" but I can't figure out where to provide the code. How do I get to a screen where I can provide the code to enter dealer settings? I tried turning on the ignition while holding one of the 4 buttons next to the touchscreen, but it just says "Booting..." forever and never boots.
  26. Wondering if anyone has Tan vinyl in their Fi or Ri? We said we’d never go white on an interior again due to stains and dirt etc. We originally planned on going all brown/black or mocha when we order but the wife likes the tan/mocha/black scheme. I know the vinyl is far superior on these new boats compared to our 15 year old ride, but just don’t want to regret going with tan and seeing the same problems we wanted to avoid. Thanks
  27. Try the 2020 Manuel's https://www.centurionboats.com/manuals
  28. Have a new 2021 FI23 with 450hp closed cooling system. Can,t find a lot of info on winterizing this model. If anyone has any links or info it would be muchly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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