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  2. Hey Crew...looking at a 2014 SV244 pending a few factors, including determine the dimensions on trailer. I have a big garage, but can't find the stats on the boat anywhere and I don't trust the limp tape measure measurement I've taken myself at the dealer. Anyone happen to have the original info that might include the length on trailer with platform removed and tower folded?
  3. Ri237 Rides leaning to drivers side

    Hey everyone. I think i figured it out. My ri237 was leaning heavily to starboard side and no matter what I'd did with CATS or on boarding water to the opposite side it didn't help. After reading some threads here I got it fixed. There are valves with silver handles on them. You have to access them from the engine compartment not the little one under the sliding seat. There are silver handles that get engaged in and out with a plastic arm that pushes out and in wheb you acticitate the ballasts. Theres a little blackplastic clip that fell off the silver bar and would leave it permanently open. Push the arm bar back in as far as possible and flush with where the clip is and then reattach the clip onto the silver arm. Worked like a champ and fixed the problem. Fill the side it was leaning on with water and then drain. Should fix it immediately. Email if you wany a pic at matthewkober@gmail.com. it won't let me upload.
  4. 2012 V226 shaft tube outer diameter

    Did you get your leak stoped with that seal part number, honey badger
  5. Thanks Wylei_Tunes. What do I connect the multi-meter to. I was in the compartment with the amp the other day and couldn't tell what was coming from the subwoofer vs the radio. This is just new to me so I need to learn it. Perhaps I could upload a few pics this weekend and that might help.
  6. You can use a multi meter and measure the woofer's coil and circuit at the amp. If you know which model woofer it is, you can look the specs up to see what its impedance is. Other wise, id bet its either a 4 ohm or 2 ohm woofer. So the complete circuit would be close to that by a couple tenths of an ohm. Say 3.8 to 4.2 would be normal for a 4 ohm and 1.8 to 2.2 for a 2 ohm. What you are looking for is the meter to be wildly off or showing OL.
  7. It varies by boat and sub, but you probably have to remove the speaker grill and then pull the screws out then the speaker will come out.
  8. 2016 fx44

    You may need to replace the filter inside the canister too if it hasn’t been done recently. I change mine yearly. Loosen the clamp, pop it down, then you can get the filter out.
  9. Movin up

    I expect that will make it run well. Your alarms will probably still trouble you though until they are cleared.
  10. 2016 fx44

    Sucked 70 gallons of gas today tomorrow I’m putting in 30 gallons of premium non ethanol replacing inline fuel filter draining fuel canister with the bottom plug then give it a run any tricks with draining fuel canister? looks tight Utube video shows him replace the filter which seems a little tricky er thanks again for the help
  11. Thanks for the reply. How do I get behind the sub to see which wires are which?
  12. Movin up

    2016 fs44 Used but new to me Just sucked out 60 gallons of gas tomorrow I’m going to drain Fuel canister and replace inline fuel water filter and 30 gallons of premium non ethanol then give it a run and c what happens
  13. Last week
  14. I expect the audio guys will chime in, but you want to start either at the front or back of the channels and trace until you find the problem. If it were me, I would start at the radio: 1) Make sure the RCA cables are connected from the radio to the amp 2) Swap RCA from the sub amp to another amp and verify the other speakers are still working (see if amp is bad) 3) Plug another speaker into the wires that connect to the sub and test for output (see if sub is bad)
  15. Congrats on the new purchase. I have an 05 SV230 with an Enzo sack on the port side and a hard tank under the starboard passenger seat with a fat sack in the starboard rear locker. My son was able to surf the port side with no ballast until he got over 125lbs. Adding ballast made the wave too big for him and other smaller beginners. The beauty of the sack is that once deflated I can store multiple wakeboards in there.
  16. Hi All, My stereo works well as do all the speakers except for the subwoofer. It appears the amp is on and nothing coming from the subwoofer. Does anyone have any idea what I should check? Assuming it could be wiring but I dont even know how to get at the back of the subwoofer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Fi23 vs GS22?

    Viking, Though not ideal, I bet you could buy a different prop for your S226 that would do good slalom. You would need to switch the prop to switch sports, and you would also want to remove any lead from the rear of the boat while slaloming, but I bet you could get a pretty smooth wake at 32 mph with the tabs down and the right prop.
  18. Fi23 vs GS22?

    So how would the Fi23 and Vi22 Compare? I was potentially considering the GS22 as I miss the slalom wake of my old direct drive and want a boat that will do both Slalom and Surf "decently". My S226 is a surfing beast but slalom is less than desireable. I know that the 2 sports are on opposite ends of the spectrum but don't want to get back into a ski only boat with terrible surf wave. There has to be a decent compromise out there. Will be travelling at some point to demo once I narrow down the short list because any dealers are a long way away from where I live Thanks
  19. Need to start with a look at all fluids including engine oil, vdrive and transmission fluid. Could you have developed a leak or did water contaminate the lubricants. The vdrive fluid does not typically require changing. Some vdrive are known to "chatter" in idle but I'm not aware of the PCM doing this. The sound will make your eyes open quickly however the sound resolves with increasing just past idle. Fuel is required in both forward and reverse and I dont understand why this would cause "clunking" sounds. The fault code was tripped by the exhaust manifold getting hot. Check your impeller which can unfortunately break at any time. Did your engine temp get hot? How about when the engine is running with water sports?
  20. Thanks for the tip. I will have to become familiar with what I have and upgrade as I go. I am picking up the reg. numbers today and they look good. Match pretty close to the boat font.
  21. Hey Guys, Literally just bought our boat and super stocked on it 2013 Sv244, we put15 hours on it and she is broken down. Pretty upset with the dealer right now (transition watersports) feel like theyre definitely skirting the issue on us. We had one error code come up around hour 12 (spn 442 fmi 15) when we were tubing three people at high RPM. Let it cool down and the code went away. Next day we had it out 3 hours more on the boat and we were towing a wakeboarder they went down turned around went to throttle up and we had zero forward thrust. Reverse works, engine idles fine, when in forward drive RPMs lower and sounds like clunks from the gearing. My worst fear is transmission. I talked to the dealer and he said "clogged transmission cooler causing the fuel to boil on fuel rail" we cleaned out the cooler and there was basically nothing in there. Our local dealer thinks its fuel related.. waiting on a fake a lake to come in... Any insight?
  22. Prop suggestions

    definitely use nettles for your prop repair, they are the best! i'd stick with the 911.
  23. Luckily for the routing, the steel prop wash plate does not have the same curvature/recess as the fiberglass, so I will not have to remove much (just a little along the edges), and then put an epoxy barrier over the fiberglass and then the steel prop wash plate back where the edges are all flush with the fiberglass. Of course the shape of the recess in the prop wash plate is why the prop size was reduced so much when Centurion put it on. The plate in the picture above is the one for the prop strut to keep the bearings aligned to the through hull prop log.
  24. Interesting, good luck with the routing.
  25. Here is the wedge shim I had made for my boat. It’s out of 304 Stainless Steel.
  26. Your issue actually sounds extremely simple and a $30 useable/wearable part as the likely cause/issue/ and solution in both cases. I replace my impeller every year whether I need it or not. Not that these boats don't have issues across all brands but these forums can be your friend as there is a wealth of information on them and doing some of your own maintenance can be a godsend if you don't have a great dealer in your area.
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