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  2. Need a new cover

  3. IMO, this is a good way to post something like this, calmly and without potentially burning bridges with a bunch of ranting. All brands have issues like this occasionally and since I frequent the forums and keep up on things, from what I have seen Centurion is certainly not the worst BUT there are always things like this that can happen with hand built boat since you have the human error factor. Seems like you are one of the unlucky ones that got a few things that should not have happened. I wont put names out there, but 1 of the "top brands" who sells the most boats, seems to have stuff come up pretty frequently. I will say that in my experience, Fineline has been very easy to work with on all warranty issues and always stepped up to the plate. I am sure you are talking to them about your options and hope they handle it properly. As far as your question...there is no doubt that stuff like that would cause doubt for anyone. Seems you got the 1 out of 1000 boat. The chances of it happening on next boat are pretty slim, but it CAN happen and can happen no matter what brand you choose. I have had great experiences with mine, hard to say what I would feel if I had been thru what you had, I would like to think that I would be open to another Centurion since its not something that happens often (as far as I know) and this is a "one off". Hopefully they will be taking these issues into consideration when making a deal on a new boat and making you a deal that takes all things into account. Good luck with a resolution
  4. I left my 2007 Enzo out and left town for a week and it rained. It rained enough to rip my cover into the boat. My beautiful boat got pretty messed up. Does anyone know where I can get another cover. ? I have all the snaps all the way around boat. The cover was awesome and kept everything from being affected by weather and sun. Just not rain obviously 🤷🏼‍♂️
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  6. I have had several Centurions my Current one is 2012 Enzo SV 211 This summer I had my first problem. My trim tab actuator went bad & one of my quick fill gate stopped working. I replaced the actuator my self and got the gate working with the manual key and some lube.( not sure if it will keep working or will need to be replaced)
  7. I wanted to get some opinions and possibly experience of others concerning my past year with an Ri257 (purchased June 2017 new from dealer). In general, I've really liked the layout and design of the boat. It wasn't hard to see, after only a short time, that the fit & finish wasn't quite up there with a couple other 'top brands'. However, in general, like the look, layout, driveability, wave, and other obvious traits of the Ri257. That said, this has been my experience. I'll just list the issues I've had here and keep it short and not offer my opinion at this point. It would really be great to hear what others on here would think and do at this point and what your experiences have been with YOUR Ri 237/257.. - Stereo - System not properly designed to handle the speaker output (too many speakers / ohm load issues). System would cut out until dealer paid for stereo shop to redesign amp connections - Pully wheel failure on serpentine belt-- belt came off while on the water. (Eventually heard it was a "common issue with pully bearings"). - Wouldn't start intermittently-- this eventually caused us to be stranded on the lake a far distance from marina. After months of troubleshooting (and me as the trial & error), found that main umbilical not crimped properly causing "arc'ing" and inability to start engine. [This one caused nearly an entire summer with low-confidence to go on the water and $ spent for nothing] - Sensor beeping constantly for (5+) boating sessions; dealer unable to figure it out-- even after replacing the sensor itself... -- Turned out to be exhaust temperature sensor alerting us for a reason! Exhaust manifold missing bolts from the factory. One year later, exhaust manifold came apart enough to burn through the manifold gasket and shutting the engine down (stranded on the lake again). And...The Last / Current Situation (August 2018)... - After spending another couple grand on AirBnB, fuel, food, and time off of work, after a few hours on the lake after repairing exhaust manifold gasket, started smelling strong fuel smell which only got stronger until it was obvious the entire bilge was filled with fuel. Long story short, fuel tank brackets had NO bolts in them from the factory(?) so the fuel tank (all 92 gallons of weight) slid back-- eventually making contact with the top of the drive shaft which drilled a hole through the tank = fuel pouring into the bottom of the boat. We made it back to the dock with the boat sputtering (most likely due to loss of fuel line pressure). We didn't realize how lucky we were. I'm sure the chances would be slim, but we were traveling on a bomb for 20 minutes or more to get to the dock. These have been the main issues (of course, coupled with several quality issues such as screws sticking-out, wires not properly tucked and in their proper channels along the trim, etc. The question I'm asking is, does anyone have an opinion on whether this would taint or skew your opinion and confidence in another Centurion boat? Has anyone else had these quality issues or is this just a "Friday Afternoon Build"? (I'll leave the result of my situation with the dealer out of this discussion for now in order to create an open response from others. Although, I will say that I feel I have been extremely patient, kind, and understanding throughout the entire adventure -- which I'm not sure I should have?) Thanks in advance for any (respectful / pragmatic) responses..
  8. The speedometer on my 2009 Enzo sv240 won’t register. It’s a gps based speedometer and it doesn’t have a paddle wheel. The gps screen shows my current location but won’t show speed. Any ideas what could be wrong? Is there a specific fuse for the speedometer? It worked fine 2 days ago then all of a sudden it stopped working.
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  10. Falcon Propeller shaft

    another resource you can reach out to is Marine Hardware. marine hardware  
  11. Falcon Propeller shaft

    Do you have it out of the boat and are you sure that i's 51" L? That seems long to me. I think mine was 42" This one looks like it should fit. 1" drive shaft.  
  12. Falcon Propeller shaft

    It's definitely a 1" shaft. I had to replace mine too...1993 Falcon open bow. I ended up finding one off eBay. I think the one I got came out of a ski supreme. 1 inch shafts were the norm back then. You can switch to a 1"1/8 but you'll need a new transmission coupler, new shaft log, may need a new strut, need new strut bearings, and a new prop to fit the larger diameter.
  13. Falcon Propeller shaft

    I'm 99% sure it is a 1" od shaft . If you call skidim I'm sure they can tell you for sure and get you one ordered .
  14. I Just picked up a 1991 Centurion Falcon open bow I bent the prop shaft and can't find any information on the correct size shaft I need there are a ton of falcon shafts out there but none of them match what I measured which is 51"L X 1" o.d I have never heard of a 1" o.d shaft every falcon shaft online ebay etc. are all 1" 1/8 so any help out there as to the size I need or locating a new or used shaft would greatly be appreciated!
  15. July pic video thread

    I want that Sh*t Show hat
  16. July pic video thread

    yeah I noticed that too after watching the video. I will def get more neutral next time out
  17. New S238 owner! HELP

    Thanks for the input guys. *how do you really know If the rear hard tanks are filling 🤔 Here’s a pic of the goofy side yesterday.. Factory Tanks all full rear bags full bow bag half full trim 70% surf tab 30-40% one driver - one surfer gunna try adding a couple fat sacs on the seats today.
  18. New S238 owner! HELP

    I saw you asking about surf speed. Vary between 11.0 to 11.6 mph in most cases. Adjust the speed for length , height and head winds. We are usually 11.2 to 11.4 mph. RPM sits between 3200 to 3600.
  19. New S238 owner! HELP

    Not sure off hand as we run sumo 1000s. Judging by the size of bag in the locker, and that it isn't quite full, they could be Fly High 1100.
  20. New S238 owner! HELP

    Yes, it is operated by the open/Close switch. Should it fail, you can manually open the valve.
  21. Love me a ps8 (had one in my last few stereo builds and well worth it) my next step in my stereo is a ps8, XXX15, sdx2500 and revo6’s. Spolk I’ve watched your purchase/mods here and WW since you’ve got your boat. Very nice man and wish I had your bank account lol!
  22. Yes big vent aiming Driver’s feet area. But open door in a cove does let it breathe. As Trey said it’s like a gorilla trying to get out of a cage.
  23. Wow, I bet that sounds incredible. Looks like some great install work as well. Did they vent that 15" under the port observer area?
  24. 3 = SDX6 1 = SDX2500 1 = PS8
  25. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    WakeDoc, got it! Great explanation. So apparently the impeller runs lake water, and a different pump for the closed cooling. The impeller would then be dry on trailer startup. I won't be doing that again!!

    Wow. Looks awesome. How many total watts are pushing all that?
  27. S238 add on sacks

    What speed you running in those pics?
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