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  2. Supreme Font?

    Anyone get the font? kevinwurst@gmail.com
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  4. My shaft seal is leaking. Does anyone know the shaft tube outer diameter? The prop shaft is 1.125 and I assume the outer tube is 2" but it's a mean woman to measure accurately. I'm running the ACME 1235 prop. I plan on going with the PYI PSS shaft seal type A part 02-114-200 as I want to do this once. Thanks in advance.
  5. i found a friend who will make me replacement light covers on a 3D printer, so i'm all set there. does anyone have a use for the stock muffler and sideswipe valves that came on these? i pulled all that off yesterday in preparation to do my own version of FAE.
  6. Upholstery

    Good luck with that. I had to do a complete re-upholstery job for 1993 Falcon too, and while I tried to see if I could preserve the Ski Centurion logos on two of the seat backs, it was more trouble than it was worth. There's no "factory" type replacements available so you'll just have to have custom work done by a local person. I had quotes on the job everywhere from $1000 - $7,000 for the work.
  7. New boat advice

    I get people say the 21 foot boat hurts resale. You said you weren't concerned since you keep boats for a long time, I also have an older SV211 that's a 21 footer and I agree I love the size of it. Its small enough I can turn into tight dock spaces and maneuver around, picking up fallen riders is super fast, the 343 motor in mine runs at 2800 RPMS surfing, sips fuel, plus It throws a hell of a wave for its size. Overall I wouldn't mind an FI21 as I also don't go out with 10 people on board, our usual crew is 5 max! I see some of these boats with 17 people capacity and I am like I cant even fill 10 never mind another 7!
  8. 2019 S211 vs 2019 ZS232?

    Absolutely go ZS232. The S211 throws a pretty good wave, but really needs some PNP upgrades right out of the box to make it shine, especially with a light crew. Even then, I don't think it could hold a candle to something a 23' boat will put down wave wise. My only real BIG complaint on the S211 is that they put way to much space in the bow so the cockpit feels pretty tight even when you have 6 people in the boat. I could see that being an issue as your daughter gets older and wants to bring friends out that aren't so small anymore. I do like the looks of the S211 better however, inside and out. If I was in your situation I would absolutely go for the ZS232 without question, especially if you keep your boats a long time. I stayed with the 21' mainly because I could fit it in my garage without a problem and I could afford it, but I would love a few more feet.
  9. New boat advice

    Yep, demoed the ZS and it is a great boat, but the Fi21 was nicer, quieter, better wave and wave set up...plus the 21 works better for us. The 409 engine moved the Fi21 around like a dream...if I would have went Fi23, I might have went to the 450.
  10. New boat advice

    nice! congrats that was fast! yes the silent stinger is a nice option. Did you get a chance to demo the ZS? Which engine did you get in your FI?
  11. New boat advice

    Glad you made this choice... The Supremes are nice but I’m a sucker for the bells and whistles. The FI/RI really are just a cut above the others
  12. 2019 S211 vs 2019 ZS232?

    I doubt you can go wrong with either. I owned a 2016 s211 and it was great. Puts out a very nice surf wave and was a neat boat for my family and I. That being said if it’s only 15k more I’d go with the new hull and new design. That zs232 is a great value and I’d see no need to ever upgrade on that one. It probably has a slightly better fit and finish to it as well.
  13. New boat advice

    Thanks for the response. Pulled the trigger on a 2020 Fi21. Easy to dial in the wave and quieter than the Supreme.
  14. 2019 S211 vs 2019 ZS232?

    I also posted on your other thread.... I would take that ZS232 deal home in a hot second. I absolutely love my ZS232. I would get out and demo it just to make sure its a perfect fit for you but I am pretty confident you will love it. I do bring anywhere from 200 to 500lbs of lead out depending on my crew. Its NOT necessary but i like the wave with it. If you end up with a ZS, definitely check back for some setup help.
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  16. New boat advice

    Definitely get out and Demo a ZS212 so you can have a direct comparison. I have had a ZS232 since the end of March and I absolutely love it. I too passed up on all the bells and whistles. The surf setup on a ZS does take a little time to learn how to adjust and dial it up perfectly BUT its the same system as the Centurion. The only difference is the 2019 ZS doesn't have one touch setup like a centurion BUT the 2020 does. If your into surfing, definitely narrow it down to a ZS or a centurion but definitely get out and demo both. The ability to adjust and create any type of wake is really what sets these boats apart from the competition.
  17. I am new to the forum. I am looking at buying a 2004 Supreme V208. Only issue I need to verify is the height of the boat on the trailer with the tower folded down. My garage opening has a height of 6'9". I would simply measure the boat I am looking at, however it is about 2 hours away and stored in dry doc. If anyone has this boat on trailer; I would appreciate if you could measure the height. I don't want to make a 5 hour round trip to look at a boat that doesn't' fit in my garage. Thanks!
  18. 2019 S211 vs 2019 ZS232?

    From all the good things I heard about the wave behind the ZS232....I imagine that boat would be hard to beat at that price. No personal experience with either tho, can you demo?
  19. Narrowed down between these two smoking deals: 2019 ZS232 for 83k 2019 S211 for 68k Both are equally equipped, both have the 409HP engine, both have PNP ballast Most of the time it is me, the wife, and the 12 yr old daughter 80% surf, 10% tube, 10% cruise We have a platform dock that is 20ft long, so the ZS232 is a a bit big, but it will fit, I've measured everything Mostly, I'm concerned about the wave with our typical light crew, want the wave to be easy to get without throwing tons of lead in it Towing is a non issue, have a Cummins 2500 It is not a money issue either I know the 23 has a bigger and better wave potential, I know everyone wants a 23, but we keep our boats a while so I'm not really worried about re-sale too much...just an easy to achieve wave with the 3 of us Opinions?
  20. New boat advice

    Good analogy...Lexus vs Toyota...we just went through that exactly with my wife's new car...drove the Lexus and then bought the Toyota Highlander...same cars for the most part, not as much bling as the Lexus, but still a really nice car with a great ride.
  21. Upholstery

    from everything i've seen, they don't reproduce skins for anything more than a few years old. a competent upholstery shop should be able to make it look close to original though.
  22. New boat advice

    Test drove a Lexus (VI/FI) and want to buy a Toyota (S211/S212)? I have spent a ton of time on Tiges, the RZXs can throw a nice wave if you dial them in, but personally they are just not my cup of tea. I don't care for the interior etc. Still I think the FI/VI is the best option of this bunch. To me it honestly comes down to your financials, if I can afford al you listed and am not worried I would go with the FI all day every day. Moomba? Come on, they have come a long long long way over the years and I actually like them, but they're not even in this conversation for me when were talking Centurion.
  23. We are looking to buy a new boat. Surfed the Centurion Fi21 and the Vi22 yesterday (70 and sunny, so with a wetsuit we were good, Lake Lanier near Atlanta), both are amazing boats and both had an identically awesome wave with just the stock ballast and PNP bags. We don't really care about the bells and whistles that much, so the dealer suggested the S211 or ZS212. Have found a couple of reviews, but wanted to see if I could get more input. Dealer said the wave is or can be as good as the Centurion, but it takes more work to get it dialed in. Trying to figure out if it is really worth the extra coin for the Centurion. We are coming from a Volvo Forward drive Starcraft that we had maxed out with ballast, obviously just about every surf boat we've tried is better. Moomba Max and Helix...big waves, struggled with push even with all the PNP and 600 lbs of lead, cheap finish Tige R21 or R22...awesome push and steep wave with just stock ballast. Loved the wave but playing around with the TAPS3, couldn't really change it a whole lot. Better finish than the Moomba Tige RZX2...bigger version of above, better layout, nicer finish...still more of a one dimensional wave, but a really good one. Centurion Vi22 and Fi21...huge wave with great push...stock ballast and all PNP bags. Easy to steepen up for surf style guys like me, easy to flatten out for skim style guys like my friends, easy to mellow out and elongate for my wife and kids. Didn't have as firm and pushy of a wave as Tige, but it was bigger, longer, started further back and gave you more room to play. High quality interior. One of the biggest things for us was how quiet the PCM engine is compared to the Raptor. So, we've done a lot of research and riding and Centurion or Supreme is where it is at for us. Crawled in the Supreme S211, but ran out of time to surf it. Gone be too cold for our Southerners to surf anymore this year I think, so looking for some wave feedback and boat feedback on the Supremes. Thanks.
  24. Upholstery

    I have a 1993 Ski Centurion Falcon 20' that is in need to new upholstery. Is there anywhere that I can get the original upholstery with the Centurion name on it?
  25. Upholstery

    I have a 1993 Ski Centurion Falcon 20' that is in need to new upholstery. Is there anywhere that I can get the original upholstery with the Centurion name on it?
  26. Upholstery

    I have a 1993 Ski Centurion Falcon 20' that is in need to new upholstery. Is there anywhere that I can get the original upholstery with the Centurion name on it?
  27. you can always turn the key on and then tap the gauge to see if it comes alive then.
  28. i can do that...in the spring it was showing between 12-13 at the dash the two times i had it out this fall, but now just registers nothing at all. that's why i figured there might be an easy wire to check in the off-season.
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