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  2. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    Love that all white with the Chromex letting!!! These boats are very capable. Here's the goofy wave with two people in the boat and 500 in lead on the surf side. We're still learning cause we to old to wakeboard. https://www.facebook.com/559721169/videos/pcb.10159193483196170/10159193484076170
  3. Got sick of the low water levels and crowded boat ramps back in "15" so i sold the Malibu (25 LSV) and rolled into North River 2700 OS (offshore fishing boat). Having a great time everyone loves the fish. Started surfin in "06" what a killer hobby, "Don't what you got till it's gone". So last June pulled the trigger on a Fi21. Having problems wrapping my head around the wave set up, in the old days: 10.8 MPH, fat sacks all over the place, pile everyone in the corner you want the wave. In the Centurion gonna run full ballast bigger is better, where is the sweet spot for speed and surf plates.
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  5. Not familiar with your boat, but I know on mine the large dash speedo can be adjusted with the mysterious silver knob located on the lower right part of the dash. Can verify with a gps speed app, and adjust accordingly.
  6. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    Yes, I filled the hard tanks and was able to set up a decent wave with no training. I am waiting for warmer weather for my dealer to take me out, so I am just pressing buttons right now. The ZS232 is a very capable surf boat. Looking forward to scheduling my formal dealer instruction and perfecting the wave.
  7. Hi, I just bought a 2001 Eclipse and I'm loving it. There are a couple things I need to fix and wanted to get any feedback I could from the community. Firstly, the speedo is seeming to have trouble. My boat has two speedometers and only one works, the one that works is significantly off. Where do you recommend starting on troubleshooting the paddlewheel? The second thing, is there are some gauges that are loose. Is that an easy repair from the under side of the dash? And where is a good place to buy replacements?

    Thanks Troy, I'll give it another try. Debated back and forth between an Acme 1619 and Acme 1631, had to make a decision so ultimately ordered a 1619 this morning.

    @Chris O nice boat! We used to have an ‘07 Avy and loved it. My oil extractor has a flexible but rigid about 3’ section at the end. I could get it into the pan on my old Avy by twisting and working with it, but as I recall it was kind of a pain.
  10. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    @Riverguy Congrats! Did you fill ballast and tinker with the wave at all?
  11. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    So NICE .. congrats!

    And a couple more.

    Hey guys, first post, but I've already gotten a ton of info off this forum. Pretty much the reason I searched specifically for a Avalanche. Got this 2006 a couple months ago from a dealer in Canada. Was a bit of a risk, had to purchase before ever seeing it in person because the border is closed. Overall have found a few small surprises, but nothing to big. Its a well taken care of boat. I searched for about 4-5 months and think it was the best choice with what is on the market. Its the same boat as page 13 of this thread. An Infinity surf system is sitting in the garage waiting to be installed. A FAE system is sitting in the garage waiting to be installed to eliminate the sideswipe. Will be placing a Gatorstep order soon. Will be ordering a new prop, it currently has the 817 Acme on it. Got the following maintenance completed and took it for its first drive Saturday to learn the boat. Its our first inboard, so a bit of a learning curve coming from I/O. Changed V Drive fluid Changed Transmission fluid, couldn't get it all out, so just added back in what I took out. Replaced both fuel filters Put in new impeller Greased V Drive shaft Greased rudder All new blue plugs I was unable to change the oil. The tube I have for the extractor pump is super small but wont get all the way down the dip stick, it hangs up on something, even the dipstick itself doesn't go in easily. The top of the dipstick has some sort of fitting on it. Please see picture. What do I need to accomplish this? Heres a few pics
  14. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    Made it out on the water for the first time on the '21 ZS232 and it did not disappoint. Put five hours on the engine following the break-in procedure. No problems and the boat is everything I expected it to be. The low end torque is amazing, throttle is smooth and the touchscreen worked flawlessly. Waiting for warmer weather before jumping in the water with the surf board...
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  16. I did a new shaft and bushings last year and found my shaft/gearbox off a little. Instead of dropping the rudder i chose to pull the v-drive gear box off, its a easy job a couple connectors and water lines, either 4 or 6 nuts hold it onto the transmission shaft and pulls off, mine had a seal leaking between the 2 so i needed to replace it anyhow. There are plenty of vids or write-ups explaining how to do the alignment, a shop is not going to be as critical on this as you will be (in my opinion), i got mine down to 2 thousands when i started it was 18thousands but didn't have to bad of a viberation.
  17. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    Old post - but wanted to update. I’m using 16x13 prop, have 200 hours on the boat now. And getting 5gph average. Seems that between the break in hours and bigger prop- I’ve seen gains in efficiency
  18. I have found the engine data to be vague and confusing in the same way. My options list from the dealer says "Engine Upgrade to HO 6.0L 450". From the engine specific technical information documents available on PCM's website, and the location of the water drains, it would appear to a ZR4 6.0L HO. Go to the PCM site Support>>Owners>>2020>>ZR4/ZR7/XR7/XS7 Technical Information and that should cover your engine.
  19. The Supreme/PCM web sites are vague when it comes to engine details. PCM provides info on Centurion & Nautique engines, but not Supreme. My Pleasure Craft Marine engine tag shows Model C 15 04D041FW 21 A. The engine vanity cover says 450hp. Are these engine models unique to Supreme or re-badged Centurion engines? Build sheet lists 'Supreme Power by GM Marine'. The engine branding strategy is confusing...
  20. 2021 Supreme S211

    Given your requirements in size/tow weight you would not be making a mistake with a S211. That said, there is some good info on ballast setup and potential ballast upgrades from S211 owners in the thread below that’re worth a look. Bear in mind, short of the ZS212, I am not aware of a boat in this segment that will not require some ballast tweaking to get the optimal wave:
  21. 2021 Supreme S211

    There are so many surf boats out there - I want to know that by buying this version of the Supreme I am not making a mistake.
  22. I purchased a 2020 Fi23 coming from a Tige Z3. We put about 100 hours on the boat last season so I had a decent amount of time in and around it cleaning and detailing. For me, the big attraction was the ballast fill times. We are on a busy public lake and 15 minutes to fill could easily mean you become the 5th or 6th boat in line following each other down the side of the lake. Being able to get in the water and up on the board and having to wait a minute or so for a great wave to form under your feet is pretty sweet. I’ll never go back to Tige due to their lack of build quality. It was a 2013 so things may have improved, but everything was held together with marine grade plastics and incorrect size or style of fasteners. Lots of screws that came too close to the end of the plastic and eventually split and quit holding. The ballast design was terrible and I constantly chased issues. There are little to no rattles on my FI in rough water. The gelcoat and lines of the FI are very dramatic and I haven’t found any areas where they masked off wrong in the build process and goofed lines up. The routing of pumps, hoses, electrical is more simple and clean than my Tige was. Lots of components inside of a boat, but it seems well thought out. It is a bit easier to work on than my Tige, I’ve change the raw water and winterized it myself so far. The flooring is a bit of a pain as the main area is removable and has a channel the entire way around the removable section. Having kids on the boat and allowing snacks, pieces fall into the channel and are a pain to get out. I don’t come across any screws or random bolts that seem out of place, installed poorly or dangerously. The interior vinyl looks to be a better install than the factory Tige stuff was. With attention to stress and wear areas addressed, I have more confidence it will hold up. I chased a stereo interference noise for a bit, and a wiring harness popped off the engine and threw a code. Both quick warranty fixes and to be expected on a hand made boat, regardless of who made it or what you paid. Todays boat prices are insane, no doubt about it. But I think the Fi is a lot of boat for the money. In my opinion, the wave has more adjustability, length and push than a G23. It is more comfortable and less like riding in a deep coffin vs the Ri series. The styling is new and the stereo is extremely loud and clear. My only wish would be that the engine would be quieter when surfing fully loaded down. I have the OG 6.0 and am in Colorado, it has no problem getting up to speed full of ballast and people. I’d trade in a bit more time to plane out for less rpm/noise at surf speed. I could consider a different prop but.. As far as the sticky valves, they have a manual operation to get you out of a jam, and it’s something I’m sure the correct type of spray lube could correct. Never had that issue on mine. And for the touch screen, I got ride of my Tige fearing it would fail on me while I owned it. It lasted 7 years and was of the very early era screens in wakeboats. I figure this one should be able to last at least that long, maybe more.
  23. 2021 Supreme S211

    This is True. The ZS is a beast!
  24. 2021 Supreme S211

    It is too heavy for my 4 runner!!!
  25. 2021 Supreme S211

    I don’t have direct experience with either of these boats, but there is a fair amount to info on the S211 wave/wave setup on this site. They can throw out a really impressive wave with a little tweaking, extra ballast. Supremes are made in the Central Valley of CA. That’s probably why they are not very popular in NY, but they are a legit boat brand made on the same factory line as Centurions (until the new Supreme plant in GA opens). If surfing is your top priority, I would suggest a ZS212? The ZS is the new flagship line of Supreme. I own the larger version, the ZS232, and I would put the ZS surf wave up against any other boat in the market segment.
  26. Deciding between a Mastercraft NTX 22 and a Supreme S211. We are new to wakesurfing. Any thoughts/input would be so helpful!! We need to get a smaller boat (23 is too big), Supremes are not very popular in NY, my understanding is that the wave on the Supreme is a lot better....
  27. Deciding between a Mastercraft NTX 211 and a Supreme S211. We are new to wakesurfing. Any thoughts/input would be so helpful!! We need to get a smaller boat (23 is too big), Supremes are not very popular in NY, my understanding is that the wave on the Supreme is a lot better....
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