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  5. Restoring Ski Centurion in the Netherlands Does anyone know what the shaft length should be for the the Ski Centurion we are restoring? See pictures attached. Boat is from 1991 it seems. Are these decals "Midnight Blue" a factory option perhaps? Is this really a Falcon?
  6. Dial in my wave 04 SV230

    ...and you're going too fast.
  7. Dial in my wave 04 SV230

    ...don't counter-sink it from the other side... you might need to get more weight forward (you don't wanna be poppin a wheelie down the lake), but keep it all on one side, until you are pushing +2k pounds. Good rule of thumb is get one side of the swim platform 12" under the water, and the other end is 12" out. At this point you'll notice to only turn back to your rider on the "sunk" side. You shouldn't have to screw around with a "wake shaper" ... that might be icing once you got this cake baked.
  8. Congrats on the new Avy! Check out the Noco battery chargers. They hardwire to your batteries and then you just plug them in to charge. https://no.co/products/charging/gen
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  10. Engine compartment dividers

    If you look at the PDF attachment in the first post of the thread link below, there is a picture of the divider reinforcements that I had on my old Avy.
  11. Engine compartment dividers

    Through-bolt aluminum U-channel to the dividers for reinforcement. Otherwise, the ballast bags in the lockers can push/bend the dividers and dislodge them.
  12. Engine compartment dividers

    What is u-channel aluminum? You mean a sheet of aluminum glued to the plastic? Or are you talking about aluminum u-channels? The u-channels are still there
  13. Engine compartment dividers

    There are actually 4 of them in your boat. 2 large and 2 smaller forward. You can try calling centurion. They might be able to point you to a vendor. Otherwise, you’ll have to make them. I’d use plastic as thick as the U-channel on the floor will hold. I’d also reinforce them with U-channel aluminum on the engine side. 209-384-0255
  14. Not sure if I’m using the proper terminology here. I’m looking for the dividers in the engine compartment that separate the engine section from the side lockers. I just got a boat and they are missing. Not sure why they were removed. There are two aftermarket ballast bags in the ski lockers, and I imagine that it would be good to have that divider to separate the hot engine manifolds from the rubber bags. Anyone know what these are called and where I can get some replacements? I have a 2011 Avalanche. Or should I just make some out of plywood and cover them with fiberglass and epoxy? Pictures for reference My boat: https://ibb.co/vws3jcJ What I’m looking for: https://ibb.co/Q90rRZ5
  15. Hi everyone, I just got a 2011 Avalanche. I’m looking to upgrade the speaker system a bit. Looking to add 4 Rev 10’s (300 wats RMS at 4 ohms) with 2 HTX-6 amps. It currently have 4 Kicker BKM60 speaker (50 RMS at 4 ohms) and, a 12” kicker sub (not sure on the parameters) and a Wetsounds HTX-6 amp. This is all powered by 2 interstate batteries (24M-XHD, 1000 cranking amps, reserve capacity 135). 1. My question is if there’s enough juice in those two batteries, or will I need to add more batteries? 2. If more batteries are needed any idea on how to link them? All tied together in a sting, or have a common connection point? 3. is there any pug-in charging system that someone could recommend for charging all these batteries at the same time. Something that I could build into the boat with a plug on the outside that I could just plug a cable into. 4. Is there a need to upgrade the alternator or is the stock one good enough? here’s some pictures of what I have https://ibb.co/RHCpTMX https://ibb.co/zVb44QN https://ibb.co/w4nSCJK https://ibb.co/bs9JrLz Anyone know how to upload photos here? The limit is like 200kb. My images are like 7mb each
  16. Thank you Mr. Troy! Just what I needed.
  17. I'll do that. Thank you!
  18. I’ve had good luck getting PCM parts from these guys: https://skidim.com/
  19. I’d try calling Centurion directly.
  20. When I remove the bolts that hold the impeller pump back plate and bearing housing together, there is some kind of brown goopy stuff that holds the two metal pieces together until I pry them apart and expose the impeller. What is this stuff? Some kind of sealant? How do I clean it off and do I need to re-apply it before I replace the impeller and seal up the unit?
  21. Hello all, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have a 2015 FS44. We were surfing and my buddy came around to pick me up and hit the wave. When he did the port side carbon fiber piece on the bow ripped off the screws from the force of the wave pushing up on it. Two of the holes are completely ripped. I want to replace or repair it but my local centurion dealer states that Centurion no longer offers the part. Does anyone know where i can pick one up or where i can have it repaired? Thank you!
  22. @Bigshow thank you for documenting this process so well! I've looked all over Google and YouTube and couldn't find anything helpful until I finally found your article!
  23. I was able to find a super helpful post all about the impeller - thank you @Bigshow!!!! For anyone else looking:
  24. I'm a new owner coming off my first season with this boat and it's been so much fun but I'd like to maintain it as much as possible. I know there are many threads about winterization and I swear I've gone through them but haven't found anything that shows where the impeller is or details how to get to it and replace it? I THINK it's behind the fuel filter somewhere but I'm not sure what the process is to get at it? Can anyone link me to a good article that describes it - hopefully with pictures? Also, I removed 3 drain plugs from the starboard side of the engine and 5 from port (8 total). Did I get them all? One video I watched seemed to suggest that there is a plug on the stern-side of the engine that you can only access by feel. I couldn't find that one? I was able to drain my heater core and ballast system but I also read that I need to drain the V-drive? Thank you for the help!
  25. Can anyone advise on current model replacement plugs for my 2015 Enzo, FS 33 with ZR 409 engine? The manual calls for plug part # R030011. I want to stick with an AC Delco since it’s a GM 6.0 block.
  26. Dial in my wave 04 SV230

    I haven’t heard much in terms using a wake shaper on an Enzo. My opinion is that you probably don’t need it. That Enzo hull likes to lean. Start by filling your Enzo sac on the port side, keeping the starboard empty, and running at 10.5 mph. You’ll probably end up needing more weight, but that will give you a good baseline to start from. Adding weight to the rear/under the port side seats will make the wave bigger. You can play with the speed too (I wouldn’t recommend over about 11), but if I recall correctly, 10.5 is what most of us were running with Avys/Enzos back in the day.
  27. Need helping dialing in my surf wave on my 04 Enzo 230. Doesn’t have much push at all. I need to verify speed with GPS next time I am out to ensure my gauges are accurate. Running 1450lb Enzo bag port side and 650lb bag starboard side running partially in rear locker and under observer seat behind driver. Also running a delta wakeshaper.
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