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  2. '19 ZS232

    Agreed. That's what I used on my last boat. Easy. Sure wish this "freeze" would hurry up and start/finish. I want to get her out!!!
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  4. '19 ZS232

    My 2 cents, the “plunger” requires no modification and works just fine.
  5. '19 ZS232

    I suppose I could do either really. I guess if I did the "t" I'd have to run the hose into the motor compartment over the cushions so I'd probably just do the plunger.
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  7. '19 ZS232

    Ok. Gotcha. I wasn’t sure if you were referring to this type of device, or adding a tee with a hose bib on the inlet line.
  8. '19 ZS232

    Dude that looks almost exactly like the one I built. I borrowed a buddies "real" fake a lake and after using it, I thought I'd just build one.
  9. '19 ZS232

    @Schnboo on the drain plugs, there were a few options on the tech info link. Mine had the blue plastic plugs which made it a little easier. Mine even has hoses coming off of the exhaust manifolds similar to the block, which made them easier to access once I found them. I use something similar to this for running out of water: Inboard Engine Motor Flusher Fake a Lake Ski Boat Mastercraft Malibu Nautique https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00H93R2IO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_Ya4dGbYJHQS31 I did time out my ballast, but I need to do it again. I was distracted and didn’t get them quite right. When draining, I like to drive slow enough to not plane out pushing all of the water to the rear of the tanks. That way you can get all of the water out.
  10. '19 ZS232

    @Troy. RI emailed the salesman that sold me the boat and he's asked that question to the tech but I haven't heard anything back. I will make a new fake a lake and run it in the driveway just to make sure everything is hooked up. Like you said, the plugs should all be installed as I wasn't given a bag of plugs when I took delivery so I think I'm good there. I'll look thru the manuals you sent me for locations and do a qwik spot check for all of them. We get a short freeze period in Late Jan early Feb. Once that is done I'm gonna run it and learn the systems. I want to make sure the fill and drain timers are set appropriately and then figure out where to put the 500 in lead. and tune the tabs. I'm thinking surf season for me is about to start! Thanks again for your insight!
  11. '19 ZS232

    You’re right. As long as all of the plugs are in, hoses are connected, and impeller is installed (I’ve heard of people removing the impeller for the winter, but I never have) the only other thing to look for is, there’s also a shutoff valve near the raw water inlet on the starboard side. Double check and make sure it is open. For extra piece of mind, you could run it on the trailer using a fake-a-lake before heading out. On the plugs/hoses, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be in. I always reinstall mine as soon as all of the water drains out of each location. It might be worth a call to NWBS to find out exactly what they do when winterizing and what they recommend for de-winterizing.
  12. '19 ZS232

    @Troy. R I still have had very little time to get into the boat with the weather, work and family stuff. I'm wondering if all it would take to dewinterize would be as simple as making sure the motor/v drive fluids are topped off and making sure all the plugs are in. The only time I was able to get into the boat was when I swapped out the damp rid bags and installed the dual bank charger. I did play with the controls a little but that was about it. Until my shop/garage is built this summer the boat is covered with the factory cover and then I have this massive harbor freight tarp over the whole thing with paracord tied every whisch way I could tie....
  13. Hi, looking to purchase a 2015 s21 for surf and ski. Looks like great surf boat but does anyone have any experience with boat as a ski boat? Not looking for a competition ski wake. Thanks Mike
  14. Ski or Wake Boat?

    Here's a link to the boat buyer's guide from that year: WaterSki Boat Buyer's Guide from 2005. You can compare the Tornado with the T5. Looks like not the same hull.
  15. Ok, first, thank you for the replies and help. I am going to try and nail down a boat over the weekend and have it narrowed down to the... 2014 SV233 with 125 hours and the Tige 2017 Z3 150 hours which is about 12k more money. Any last thoughts are welcome to help get me over the hump. both boats are close to 4500 lbs and can safely be towed. I really didnt hear any thoughts on going with a heavier boat pushing my 7000 lbs tow capabilities to the max.
  16. Winter here in Northern Idaho, starting to look back into swapping out the rear ballast to get ready for the lake. Wake was not quite big enough for me but I think I may have a pump issue also. Need to dive into it to resolve. The platform brackets are installed and worked great and the platform is rock solid, in my opinion a solid upgrade.
  17. Doomswell nubstep/neo

    Thanks for the input!
  18. Piking up ne fi23 next week.  What is the best way to learn how to set up the boat for best wave


  19. Doomswell nubstep/neo

    I have not ridden the neo. However, I spoke w the guys at Doomswell and the nub and neo are pretty much the same except for the blunt/pointed nose. My guess is they would ride pretty similar.
  20. Doomswell nubstep/neo

    Thanks for the input @Jmoore15. It's good to hear from someone with first hand experience on both. On the IS website I was a little confused by the description on the 142 G-Ride and it made me a little nervous. It says that it's 4'6", but 142cm is 4'8". 4'6" would be too small for me at 6'2" 220lbs. I just tried to go back and double check and their website seems to be having issues. Have you ever ridden a Neo? if so, how does it compare? It seems to be very similar to the Nubstep, but with a blunt nose, but it's hard to tell until you get it under your feet.
  21. Doomswell nubstep/neo

    I have the nub step and original flyboy. In my opinion there is no comparison between the two w the flyboy out performing on both speed and carving. Under my feet (and my crew) the nub is very slow but definitely more stable Han the flyboy.
  22. This is my Z w 7 peeps, about 5k, at 11.
  23. I currently have a Z3. If set up correctly I personally think they put out one of the best surf waves u will find. They love weight and the factory ballast is very lack luster. The 2017 has the Taps 3 and not the new GSA setup for the surf tabs which is one drawback.
  24. I got a chance to play with a 2017 Z3 with taps 3 for a weekend a few years back when my brother-in-law first got one. They’re nice boats, but we couldn’t figure out how to dial the wave. To be honest, the Avalanche I had at the time had a much better wave. Like you, I’ve seen the videos so I know it can be done. After doing some research he ended up getting like 800+ lbs of lead and from what I understand it helped quite a bit, but I never went out on it with the extra weight. I’m sure you can find good wave setup advice on the Tige forum if you end up going that route. The Z3 is the lightest because of the hull design. It’s a modified-v which means it flattens in the back. The Centurions are deep-v hulls which means they carry their v shape all the way back. The deep-v requires more fiberglass which of course means more weight. The deep-v is also easier to lean which is why the Centurions tend to throw great waves easier. Final note on the deep-v... they handle rough water much better than modified-v’s, but tend to be more weight sensitive side to side. I wouldn’t count out the S238 either. They have a similar hull design as the Enzo and will be a little bigger in terms of interior room and I believe freeboard than the 233 and Z3 (also newer). From what I’ve read, they do require a little more weight than what comes stock. I believe most replace the stock 750 PnP sacs with 1100s and piggyback sacs under the port/starboard seats. That said, I’ve never ridden behind one. Hope this all helps! Let us know what you decide.
  25. Wow! thank you Dreamer... that means the 244 is probably out. I have to throw something else out there. I am talking with a private seller about a 2017 Tige Z3 taps 3 that the wife absolutely loves the looks and styling of. I know that Tige might be off topic but can anyone chime in on this one... Its somehow is the lightest boat of all choices at 4500lbs and would be right in my tow range. and the wife is saying yes to a more expensive boat. yay. Ive read and seen videos of the wake and it looks incredible.
  26. I put our SV244 on the scales with 2/3rds of a tank of gas plus a tool kit but no gear and it totalled 7200#’s.
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