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  2. Awesome....mine turned out great, fits like a glove (cover is black...pic makes it look gray cause of position of sun). You can trailer with it too, several others with evolution swim covers have said they had no issues trailering with it installed, which I plan to do to protect it
  3. There is no filter for trans or v-drive You don't screw it in when checking level, it does specify that. Good idea to measure what you remove to put new fluid back in. Even a tiny funnel will be tough to not spill in that space...but I have a really long funnel with very small end that may end up working for this. Thanks for direction
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  5. And is this the accessory power block? OK to take the black cover off?
  6. Sorry to belabor the point but I know literally nothing about wiring. Took another look under the dash tonight. Below the common ground bus block previously pictured I found this under a red rubber cap (circled in green.) is this also for a ground?
  7. Ha. I bought the same color combo h2O king. Just picked mine up Friday.
  8. 15 s226 goofy

    When I listed I had pretty much all the port side tanks mostly empty. We were listed good but probably not enough weight to get the boat keel in the water enough. 🤔
  9. Yes, insert fluid extractor tube down dipstick whole and remove. Small funnel is much needed when refilling. I can't remember seeing any boat threads ever talking about filters.
  10. 15 s226 goofy

    My 226 likes a ton of weight/list to get the goofy wave cleaned up. I shove 400 lbs of lead in the locker with a 1000lb sumo.... 200lbs under the side seat and all factory tanks full.......slowly draining off counter weight to clean up wave.......my boat really likes when one of my fat friends lays on the sundeck surfside.......it pushes up a nice wave! Also I run my stinger at about 75%. Speed 10.8 to 11.2
  11. Thanks for posting this! I found out the hard way tonight that my new RI237 is about 2 feet longer than my old LSV. Therefore my hoist canopy is short. This cover will allow me to cover everything but the swim platform, but be able to protect that too? Complete new canopy and cover is about 4K. I like this much better with zero loss in protection. Thanks again!!!
  12. Greetings! I’ve only had my 15 s226 out a few times this year and feel I have all different ways to get a great regular wave somewhat down. Seems I relearn each time but I’m getting there. But this time I had a goofy rider (nobody’s perfect) with us. I really struggled getting a wave for him, it was always really washy no push. I think after a bit I was getting switch happy and was all over the place. I thought I had good starting setting from reading other posts but apparently I’m missing something. So there was total of 4 adults and 2 kids. My 15 has the upgraded bags from NWBS and the 16 stinger plate (no wings) and quick-surf, I had a decent lean on then tried to quick surf it clean. But I failed a lot. Thoughts after getting home is maybe I was going too slow. I’m used to my old elite V and my friends malibus were we usually run 10-10.5 max. Maybe I should have messed with speed more. I wanna get your guys thoughts. Thanks!
  13. On the transmission fluid do you just suck out the old and replace it with new? Is there a filter to change?
  14. April....picture thread

    Had the opportunity to surf with some good friends out in Texas this week. Sadly our lakes back home are still frozen! Nothing special here, but man did it feel good to get back on the water.
  15. Pretty much everything you mentioned is correct but I believe there are 2 fill caps for the vdrive (one on each side). You might get 1.2 quarts out of the transmission to put back in when you replace. I believe it holds 2 quarts when 1st filled. I think your always best to measure how much you suck out in order to know how much needs to go back in. Check fluid levels when the boat is afloat so the position on the trailer doesn't give a false reading. I dont remember if the dipstick is inserted all the way in or until the base of dipstick touches the housing.
  16. Yesterday
  17. (2014 ZR409 CES) This had me confused since I only saw the dipstick for the v-drive and no separate transmission fill/dipstick. I see that Trans is listed as Dexron III in my manual....but in my manual the pics were confusing me at first and made me think the v-drive oil and transmission were the same (cause its called "PCM trans" & PCM v-drive trans"). I see now that it has pics of the system split apart and they are joined together. I looked more carefully at my actual engine a few mins ago and I would love to verify what I need to do here from someone with the knowledge since I don't have it yet. I took some pictures and attached 1st pic....is view of both trans and v-drive. 2nd pic....Must be the Mobiltrans SCH 50, Just behind and too the right of where shaft spins....there is a small square fill cap (just behind the wire cover that is black with blue stripe on it). This must be the power plus transmission that does not require changing unless contaminated and with that small hole, it would be very difficult to not make a huge mess anyways, I do see where they say to remove both caps to help vent it if you do replace the fluid since its so thick. This is where the tag is that says 1:48. Does this take roughly 1.5 quarts if I do end up changing it down the road? I had not even check this fluid before, so I am gonna do that. Boat has never had a bunch of water in bilge that I am aware of, but this is my 2nd year with boat so anything could have happened beforehand. I am gonna open it up and check it to be sure its not milky or anything. 3rd pic...Then where the yellow dipstick is, the manual says for, PCM 80 Series 1:1 trans....(there is that green tag that says 1:1), to use the Dexron III. (Manual says to change once a year). It looks great, but dont know if its ever been done so I am gonna change it for sure. Says 2 quarts. BTW, Thank you for the response cause this made me realize that I was wrong and I went back to look. Appreciate that! While I am asking....anyone know where to get the right thermostat for this boat? Its the FWC-160 degrees. I was gonna order thermostat (just too stay ahead of the game) and a new horn cause mine sounded like crap (found a match for hidden horn on Amazon for $21)....but I ended up removing my horn last night, re-built/re-sealed/cleaned it and now it sounds great. Besides compressed air.....what do you guys clean the flame arrestor with? I want this boat to be flawless for the summer and going over it with fine tooth comb.
  18. Yes exactly where mine are going. I have to shrink the gap between the numbers and leters to get mine to fit
  19. Got out this weekend on a buddies new Supra SE. He had it set up pretty good, water still in low 60's cause water is deep where we were at. Nice wave setup. Got my boat ready to go, just need to re-install all my bags and gear, was gonna take it out this past weekend but realized that vinyl guys had installed the panels and left my vent lines behind them, so had to take it all apart to run the vent lines out so didnt have time to do that, just jumped on with these guys. It was a full boat. I did get a chance to lake test my boat tho for an hour cruise and took my daughter...like a dumba**, I had my Ramfill gates open when I dropped boat tho and didnt realize what I had done till I pulled the boat back out on trailer and put them in trailer mode....and boat dumped a crapload of water, lol.
  20. This is where I placed my numbers. As H2O said, this is about the only flat space for numbers.
  21. Your correct about not needing changing the fluid in the vdrive portion of the "transmission". I have not heard or read of alot of problems by following their recommendation so I suspect it is not selling gimmick. As you read, check on the level and appearance to make sure no water has entered the unit. Always check for water entry if water surprisingly enters the bilge area and stays very elevated. If it sits in or under water, the water is more likely to slip past the seals/gaskets. You probably realize however that the transmission fluid does need changing. Just not the v-drive portion. Don't have a clear answer for your question Unfortunately.
  22. Sounds like we have the same 240. Still undecided on the setup I'll put in but all info helps. Now I probably need to stop overthinking it.
  23. Dealer can do the flash, they get the most recent update from Fineline. Its downloaded to a USB key and plugged in under helm, you access the dealer options to perform the update tho if screen wont come on, it may not be possible to do. (I had mine flashed last summer). I would make sure batteries fully charged/tested, unhook battery cables for 10mins to fully reset the system (I unhook 1 post at a time, zip tie together and label so I cant screw up how they go back together) and then hook back up and see what happens. If it still doesn't work then guess dealer would have a way to test screen to know if its bad or not. You should call Murphy and see what they say once you reset and test batteries cause I am sure that is the first thing they will ask you. They may be able to give you a way to test it to verify....Good luck man, that sucks for sure.
  24. I have a 2009 SV 240 with the 409 and have found the Enzo sacks work really great. Fully agree to get rid of the sprinkler valves and manifold. I wake board and surf. To be honest...most of the really good boarders who ride behind my boat can't believe how nice the wake is without any ballast in at all. I put a little ballast in one side or the other to even out the wakes and that's it.
  25. Awesome!! Much appreciated! Now the GPS makes sense...
  26. The gps is to insure that you don’t forget to retract the tabs when you decide to go faster than 17mph....it will auto retract them. If you use the app.....it will display your speed via gps. It is mainly for the launch option which deploys the tabs to help you get up on plane......
  27. Silicon the crap out of the wires going through the hull! I even hit the inside as well. You are right with the plugs.....left to left..right to right and remaining plug goes to the controller you mounted under the throttle.
  28. There should be a common ground block which looks like you found in this pic. There should be a common key switch block under there somewhere as well where you can steal power from. If you have a open accessory switch you can use it for power as too. That is what I wanted to do but I am using mine for other accessories. I am just using the key switch at this point.
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