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  3. Removing Side Swipe

    for those that have removed sideswipe, were you able to get the old exhaust ports on either side off? they don't budge when i take the screws out and try to hammer them out with a board between the exhaust port and hammer. i'm guessing they're 4200/5200'd in...do i need to take a heat gun to them first?
  4. Rule of thumb question and answer, can I benefit from more ballast? Yes always yes.
  5. Yesterday
  6. All the times I have messed with actuators, you run the wires inside the transom and then splice into another set of wires that send the power to your switch (mine only had about 6ft tails on them so that was the only option, if your wires are long enough to go all the way then I would do that since that is one less connection that can get corrosion or come loose). My guess is that you already have a connection zip tied to the bottom top half of the boat, or its integrated into the main wiring harness and there is an area you either splice into or it will have connectors of some sort (since you are replacing existing actuators). Deutch connectors are the cats meow. Anytime you are messing with electrical, its best to have your battery disconnected so if you cross something on accident you don't complicate the issue and end up with gremlins or a blow relay if there is no in-line fuse. Theoretically there should be a fuse somewhere that would pop if something was crossed. Once you complete the wiring I would also test the function before you close it all back up. The actuators are pretty simple and only thing you can cross is the polarity so it would go backwards instead of forwards. I installed an Infinity Wave Surf System this past Spring and made sure I had an in-line fuse, that way if I ever have an issue with them not working I know where to check 1st. I didnt have any Deutch connectors on-hand when I wired mine up so I used butt-end connections and then covered them with heat shrink to help keep any corrosion from happening
  7. They make great covers! The hangtyte system works better than poles IMO, I added 2 of the Hangtyte's to the factory cover in my cabin area since that area is quite large on my SV244 (1 between windshield and tower and 1 just behind the tower...similar to where the factory poles would be). I get zero water pooling now and previously with the poles I would get some pooling in the area before the sundeck since the poles did not get the cover tight enough to not create a little sag with water weight. The only area that still gives potential for some pooling if rain is heavy is the bow since there is nothing there now. Some people have used an inflatable or a large pool ball to keep cover slightly tented up there. Since I keep mine garaged and really only use the cover if I take the boat out of town or on trips I have not worried about it but if i kept it outside something would be needed. The other thing that makes a difference is treating the cover with the 303 Waterproofing or the Starbright. You clean cover well, let it dry and then treat it (I would spray it on and then use small foam roller to back-roll it into the cover so it would lightly saturate, just spraying it on is not nearly as effective). Makes water roll off the fabric like a freshly waxed car and has kept it looking new. Also treated my bimini and the bimini cover at same time and you basically need a gallon to properly treat everything. I think if I ever purchased another cover it would be an "over the tower" cover.
  8. Thanks for the reply’s. I contacted the dealer I bought it off and they ordered me one from commercial sewing. Was disappointed I could only get it in light grey and not black. They said they didn’t do black because of staining of the seats. Haven’t put it on yet but it looks nice. It comes with the pull tight system. Hope it works better than the poles.
  9. Looks good. I did a very similar job a few years back for my Cabelas 2 bank charger/maintainer. My batteries and maintainer are under my observers seat.
  10. 1999 Centurion Elite V

    Congrats, and enjoy! Nice looking boat. My 2002 Elite V C4 looks similar in hull design. The C4 was just a seating configuration that wrapped around - I think many, if not most, came with it. The 00-02 models could also have the Air Warrior pkg - still not sure beyond the graphics and paint what the difference actually was... Recommend replacing the bilge setup from the older style to the newer low profile Whale style That mounts lowering the transom bilge. Keep the water impeller replaced every 2 years and you should have a nice boat with those low hours. I attached a few pics of my boat for comparison. - Rob
  11. Got around to installing our ‘02 Elite V’s battery charger/maintainer that it got for Xmas this weekend. I really didn’t have a great spot in our boat, so I built a mounting rack I thought someone else might be able to use. I installed in the left rear locker close to the batteries. The charger I got was a Cabela’s 2-bank 12a model - Pro Series Onboard 12. Cabela’s unit appears to have everything in a high-end charger without the Minn-Kota price, including all the steps for charming to maintaining, and able to charge 12a to a single battery if needed. It will handle flooded lead-acid & AGM batteries. They run $149-169 in the catalog, but we found all the Cabels units on sale in a store in Waco, TX, and this one was for $109. https://www.cabelas.com/product/CABELAS-PRO-SERIES-ON-BOARD-CHARGER/2416312.uts Required items: - Battery Maintainer 2-bank - Treated 2x10 cut to 28” length - Bunk Felt (Academy) - Spay paint/cheap - (2) 3” x 3/8”-18 SS Bolts, lock washers, nuts and oversized washers Tools: Saw, drill/bits, staple gun, scissors, hammer, tape measure Install: Measure location for board height in locker location Cut wood and take off extra 1/4” (for felt overlap when you wrap board) Paint board to help seal wood Fit wood into position - assist w/hammer Drill 1/4” pilot holes through fiberglass and wood - repeat w/ 3/8” bit Remove board and wrap in felt - fold felt like wrapping a package - staple Reinstall board - assist w/ hammer - make sure you have tight friction fit Install hardware Run wiring to batteries and install connections Mount Battery Maintainer to board Plug in -
  12. Last week
  13. First post and I am proud to say I am a week away from becoming the new owner of a 2019 Ri237. Very excited that this community is active and can't wait to join you guys. However, I am having a dilemma selecting my boat. There are two almost identically optioned boats and I can't seem to make my mind up on how important the differing options are. Boat 1 has the H6 engine upgrade and all the bags (WCCS edition bags which I'm told doesn't matter) Boat 2 has the H0 6.0liter 450hp engine and all the bags except for the bow bag. I am going to be an absolute freak about wave tuning and will be using lead (surfing mostly with some wakeboarding) and I was told that they normally don't order front bags in the Ri237's due to them not liking weight in the front in that specific boat. What is your opinion on this? How expensive is it to buy an aftermarket bag for the front if I decide I need it? Engine time.... The H6 is their newer direct injection engine but it makes almost the same power figures as the 450hp 6.0 liter. They say its more fuel efficient but I'm guessing that's marginal, is there anything else I'm missing? Seems like saving the 5k and taking the 450hp 6.0 is the move over the H6. Thanks for all the help!
  14. What's it like to ski behind a Centurion Ri257? Let's find out...
  15. Hi everyone! This is my first forum ever so still figuring it out but we just picked up a 1986 tru trac as our first boat! We have five kiddos so I’m excited to get them out on the water like my parents did for my siblings and I. It’s in good shape but I’m in the process of re finishing the wood and I’m going to redo the wiring because it looks as if someone gave a 10Th grader some speaker wire and electrical tape and stuffed them under the dash for a week. I’d like to install a new blade fuse block to get rid of the tube fuses as well ( I found a small socket in place of a tube fuse [face palm])
  16. I got a new replacement set of rams for my Gen 2 Switchblade. Do you just splice the wires just inside the transom or do you run the wires all the way up to the dash? No instructions of course..
  17. Hull blisters

    Issue has been resolved
  18. Hull blisters

    We bought a brand new boat and it was covered in blisters in 6 months. Clearly defective hull and fineline does NOT stand behind the defect.
  19. @kylesullens replying to an old thread, but hoping you remember where/what you were able to buy for this cooler latch. I too have a 99 Elite with a missing cooler latch (just a round hole in the floor). Were you able to source this through fineline?
  20. Onean Electric Surfboard

    Ohh wow its too good no doubt, well can you tell me about price? I am also thinking to buy it for my hubby and give him on this valentine, I saw some more on Valentine's Day Coupons, but I want some more options.
  21. Air Compressor Recommendations?

    Bought or not?
  22. How to fix a leaky boat

    Have you fixed your issue?
  23. Halloween fun!

    It seems to be a great fun.
  24. Earlier
  25. I have an SV244 and the measurements are a little different than yours.... but you can measure the width and length of floor as well as the height since on most bags those dimensions are given. On my boat, I had custom 750lb bags made to fit the space so I could full utilize the locker space, but when full they press tightly on sides and I can just barely close my sunpad lockers. I re-inforced my engine dividers but also ended up having to install cotter pins holding the dividers down in the track since as the bag filled, it would "press up" on the dividers and pop them out when bag was around 75% full. Your bag size will also depend on if you have Ramfill or not....I do believe that in 2015 they all had Ramfill and if that is the case, you can fit 550lb bags without it pressing up on the lockers when full. Wakemakers should stock the size bags you need.
  26. I had this on a boat and loved it!
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