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    • volzalum

      Sad this forum is not as busy as it used to be since so many jumped to the Facebook groups .. the FB groups are not nearly as easy to search, and the threads do not get organized well ...
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    • harlobra

      Heading to Lake Ouachita Arkansas in the morning for a week of houseboating and surfing.
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    • Nick213

      Ordered a  sewlong cover...... hope it's as good as everyone says since there almost double the cost of others.
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    • luluzer

      Winterization tomorrow for this homie. Seemed like the season flew by - let's hope winter does the same. 
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  • Posts

    • So you added some aftermarket transom lights, plugged them into the boat harness back in the transom and then activated the on/off switch in the dealer settings? If you did all that and they are not working, think first thing I would do is unplug them and use a voltmeter to be sure you are getting 12 volt power to the deutch connectors back there. Mine where back there just like I was told and it was a simple plug and play. Soon as I activated the lighting in the dealer settings, they worked fine. Volz is likely right that they are tied to a relay but since they are pre-wired into the factory harness you should not have to do anything for them to already have power unless the relay is bad and/or they blew a fuse. You would have to have the power on for the boat for them to work since they are not wired direct to battery, assume you would know that tho. Also, some transom lights are not designed to be 12 volt plug/play you have to install something to step up the power. i think for instance the Liquid Lumens run off 24 volt (I may be wrong on that brand) and you have to buy a special transformer that is placed in-line in order for them to work. Which brand did you buy? 
    • replace them with the valterra style not drainmaster.  the drainmasters are garbage. search the forum for valterra.
    • I'm not sure this will work but thanks for your response!
    • You can try servicing it with this: https://www.bakesonline.com/paddle-wheel-repair-service-kit.html or replacing it with: https://www.bakesonline.com/paddle-wheel-speedometer-with-lake-temperature-sensor.html
    • I have a 2007 Centurion SD216(rare, it is not an SV216) I need to replace the paddle wheel but am confused as to what part number to order. It is a triducer Any help?
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