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    • harlobra

      Heading to Lake Ouachita Arkansas in the morning for a week of houseboating and surfing.
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    • Nick213

      Ordered a  sewlong cover...... hope it's as good as everyone says since there almost double the cost of others.
      · 3 replies
    • luluzer

      Winterization tomorrow for this homie. Seemed like the season flew by - let's hope winter does the same. 
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    • Guest

      Guest  »  dittrimd

      Just read your message regarding restoring your Barefoot Falcon.  I have a 1991 Barefoot Falcon with exact same floor issues.  I also had to replaced the stringers and am in the process of replacing the floor.  My question is regarding the need to replace the foam.  Like you I have several hundred pounds of saturated foam removed and I am not certain to replace it or leave it without foam.  Do you are anyone know if the foam is necessary for any structural support, or is it just for sound and flotation?
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  • Posts

    • I had this on a boat and loved it!  
    • Want to know what boat has the best wakesurf wave in the world? We tackled this topic in this video and our most recent blog post.   What makes a wakesurf wave "best?"
      Does best mean biggest?
      Does it mean longest?
      Is "best" an ideal shape?   Check it out and let us know what else you think we should cover.   Check out this video and our blog post below to get in the know. See out our blog post on this topic here:
      http://www.mmwatersports.com/uncategorized/what-boat-has-the-best-wakesurf-wave-in-the-world/ View the full lineup of Centurion and Supreme boats at BoardCo here:
      http://www.mmwatersports.com/ Take a look at our new and used inventory:
      http://www.mmwatersports.com/boat-inventory/   Enjoy!
    • Luckily mine was covered under warranty.  They told me it would be 3k if not under warranty.  It was well worth the cost to transfer the warranty for sure!
    • I’m in Dallas/Fort Worth area, but my lake place is on Lake Texoma near Cedar Mills Marina.  Only had it out once before I put it in a giant indoor storage hanger for the winter.  Did you get yours out at all yet?
    • how much loss in speed from a tsunami 1200 will i see if i go from the 1" drain outlet down to the stock 3/4" hose for draining the ballast?  i'm upgrading the broken yellow stock ballast pumps and it's pretty difficult to get at the original 3/4" thru-hull used for emptying, so i may just run new 1" hose from the tsunami drain port to the very end near the thru-hull drain and convert it from 1" to 3/4" at that point.  will that kill my drain speed?
    • You got a good deal at 3000$ For the screen. Cost me 3600$ This summer to replace mine. 
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