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  • Recent Status Updates

    • harlobra

      Heading to Lake Ouachita Arkansas in the morning for a week of houseboating and surfing.
      · 0 replies
    • Nick213

      Ordered a  sewlong cover...... hope it's as good as everyone says since there almost double the cost of others.
      · 3 replies
    • luluzer

      Winterization tomorrow for this homie. Seemed like the season flew by - let's hope winter does the same. 
      · 0 replies
    • Guest

      Guest  »  dittrimd

      Just read your message regarding restoring your Barefoot Falcon.  I have a 1991 Barefoot Falcon with exact same floor issues.  I also had to replaced the stringers and am in the process of replacing the floor.  My question is regarding the need to replace the foam.  Like you I have several hundred pounds of saturated foam removed and I am not certain to replace it or leave it without foam.  Do you are anyone know if the foam is necessary for any structural support, or is it just for sound and flotation?
      · 0 replies
    • Nick213

      My 08 Avy is for sale
      · 2 replies
    • chenige

      Actually it has me thinking of adding something between the seat and fiberglass riser. It may even allow it to rotate?  Hmmmm
      · 0 replies
  • Posts

    • If there isn't an "autolaunch" tab at your quicksurf screen, then the auto tab you are pointing at should control all 3. I dont have the factory Quick Surf on my boat tho, I added aftermarket surf tabs that are controlled with manual buttons not tied to the screen since QuickSurf didnt come out till 2015 and mine is a 14. I would try 2 things this weekend. Add people to bow to see if that helps....and also try changing over to rpm mode rather than mph. Above the speed (at top left) you can see the rpm tab, if you press that they it will set it up for the rpm rather than mph. May not make a difference but worth a shot IMO.
    • Infinity, I am back at the lake. Here is my home screen. I’ve got a AUTO button above the Tab setting but Indint see anything about it controlling the Quicksurf tabs. Pic of my software version attached too. 
    • They are out of business.... I was fortunate enough that when my tower broke on my bowrider elite they were still in business and they made me a new upper portion. Unfortunately your only option at this point is to  A: find a tower that mounts to the existing points (find the same tower) D: glass in the old holes and get a new tower that fits.
    • Just picked up a 01 air warrior that was a repo,and missing the tower,from what I can tell by my google fu a proflight tower but cant seem to find a source to purchase and don't want to have to fab up attachment feet that matches the holes nor do I want to drill more holes. any info is appreciated thanks  DC
    • Hi gang, new to us 91 ski centurion tru trac 3. Sorting it out mechanically and getting a porposing developing when accelerating at approx 3/4 throttle. Can I drive through or out of it? Gassing it doesn’t break the porposing, only slowing then accelerating slowly.  Any advice appreciated. Boat is near full fuel, not loaded abnormally. Thanks 
    • I recently purchased a plug and play ballast upgrade  for my 2014 fx22 from an authorized centurion dealer. Something that they had hanging around the shop since 2014 . The idea of having the system that would work from my touch  screen was grate. kit comes with 2 fly high rear locker bags . 2 ballast puppy pumps all the hoses and connections. New pdm with wiring  harness . Would anybody know where can i find instructions on how to install it. Specifically pdm and wiring install. Thanks .    
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