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    • HennyRi257  »  chowder2016

      Hey @chowder2016 looking at a used Ri257 at Mello's.. Any feedback you can provide before i commit ? :-)
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    • volzalum

      Sad this forum is not as busy as it used to be since so many jumped to the Facebook groups .. the FB groups are not nearly as easy to search, and the threads do not get organized well ...
      · 2 replies
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    • harlobra

      Heading to Lake Ouachita Arkansas in the morning for a week of houseboating and surfing.
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    • Nick213

      Ordered a  sewlong cover...... hope it's as good as everyone says since there almost double the cost of others.
      · 3 replies
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    • Been a few years ,,,,,  ,   Looking into FAE, total online ordering now, put in a information request this evening with them at the bottom of their page od inquiry.  I priced it out all polished and edges cleaned up and dismount/mount kit included $650.00 Will be going on newly aquired 2018 Supreme S238 -L96  
    • On the ATX under seat storage, they’re able to make it so deep because the space isn’t filled with sub-floor ballast like the Supremes. Agreed on some of the features offered on other boats. I will say however, the drivers seat serves as a good seat back for the seat directly behind the driver on the ZS. The fit/finish, quantity, upholstery, etc. are better in Supremes than any other “value class” boat for sure. And you’re right to make the power plant a priority. I absolutely love the PCM power plant in my ZS. We have also been very happy with the Champ audio package. I’m not a huge stereo-head, but can say that the Wetsounds systems in these boats are really nice. The one thing I’d like to add to the stereo is zone control.  My dealer said the big difference between the S line and the ZS line is that the S will have less freeboard and of course less ballast than the ZS. 
    • Where’s all that depth coming from?
      I called my local dealer for a price on an atx 24, was basically on par or slightly higher then the zs232, that right there was enough to completely rule out the atx and tige. Also, electrical issues seem to be a bit of a thing with tige/atx from what I’ve heard (also I currently own an older tige and have had several electrical issues even from new), but the interiors on tige are pretty sweet!
      If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t been through them all besides the boat show 2 years ago. From walk through videos, I think some of the other boats have better features such as removable seat backs on the sliding center seat, seat back behind drivers chair, walk through transom, flip up seating on the sunpad to name a few.
      There’s a everal things that have sold me on the supreme, one being the looks, I think it’s a far better looking boat inside and out, tower included then the other similarly priced boats. The engine, the PCM gm engines alone probably account for 50% of my reasoning, I’ve had way to many bad experiences with ford engines of all size and setups in work vehicles, no thanks. The stereo, the champ and hero package seems far superior to other budget boats. Finally the ballast, supreme packs a lot of weight into their boats without needing anything extra added on. If that Z3 is similarly equipped for that close of a price, I’d probably have a pretty hard look at it and might be able to get over some of my above concerns. EricO, if you demo the Z3 let us know how it compares to the supreme. Im waiting to hear back on some comparisons between the ZS and S, but as of now am set on the ZS.
    • It looks like the new hull is similar to the ATX 22 and 24. We crawled all through a 24 and it had very deep storage under the seats. The new Z3 looks like a cool boat.
    • I’d like to know how the prices are similar, up here in Canada I’m seeing new Z3’s listed for about $25k more then a zs232. The Z3 has some crazy deep storage looking at walk though videos.
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