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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Smcclellan  »  InfinitySurf

      Good morning. I saw you talked about replacing the ram fill valves. I have a 2021 ri237 with a broken valve   It’s under warranty but dealer is going to be very slow to fix it.  Which wiring harness do I need to make sure I have  when I order off of Amazon.  Thank you scott 
      · 0 replies
    • Benji  »  Dreamer

      Roswell Bimini for sale. New condition. It’s off of a new ri245. Great low price! Please reply to chat!
      · 1 reply
    • CameronMacBride  »  super1990

      I see you have the Go Surf assist installed on your 2008 Enzo SV230. I am about to do the same thing on my 2007 Enzo SV240. Do you happen to have some photos of the install taken from the transom? And how did you notch out the spacers for the bump out in the swim platform bracket?
      · 0 replies
    • HennyRi257  »  chowder2016

      Hey @chowder2016 looking at a used Ri257 at Mello's.. Any feedback you can provide before i commit ? :-)
      · 0 replies
    • harlobra

      Heading to Lake Ouachita Arkansas in the morning for a week of houseboating and surfing.
      · 0 replies
    • Nick213

      Ordered a  sewlong cover...... hope it's as good as everyone says since there almost double the cost of others.
      · 3 replies
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    • Restoring Ski Centurion in the Netherlands Does anyone know what the shaft length should be for the the Ski Centurion we are restoring? See pictures attached. Boat is from 1991 it seems. Are these decals "Midnight Blue" a factory option perhaps? Is this really a Falcon?
    • ...and you're going too fast.  
    • ...don't counter-sink it from the other side... you might need to get more weight forward (you don't wanna be poppin a wheelie down the lake), but keep it all on one side, until you are pushing +2k pounds.   Good rule of thumb is get one side of the swim platform 12" under the water, and the other end is 12" out.   At this point you'll notice to only turn back to your rider on the "sunk" side. You shouldn't have to screw around with a "wake shaper" ... that might be icing once you got this cake baked.  
    • Congrats on the new Avy! Check out the Noco battery chargers. They hardwire to your batteries and then you just plug them in to charge. https://no.co/products/charging/gen
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