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WELCOME to CenturionCrew.Com

CenturionCrew.Com was launched in 2008 and is the only forum on the web dedicated to Centurion Boat owners. The community is built around the fun of boating that brings family and friends together on the water. Whether a member is looking for advice on how to create the best surf wake or need help changing an impeller CenturionCrew.Com is here for them. Although all boat owners are welcome, this community is for Centurion Owners to discuss everything about Centurion Boats and their passion for being on water ways around the world.

WELCOME to SupremeCrew.Com

Fineline Industries Inc., then producers of Centurion Boats, announced the acquisition of Ski Supreme Boats in December of 2012. Soon Supreme Boat owners began to join the community. Since then SupremeCrew.Com was added along with a dedicated part of the forum. We are looking at more ways of bringing everyone in the community closer together and look forward to seeing more Supreme Boat Owners participating in the future.

All New Centurion Fi23

The Fi23 comes with Centurion-quality wakes, waves, ride and more – at a premium-entry level price. With its aggressive lines, extra wide bow and taper towards transom, the Fi23 makes a distinctive impression even from the dock. On the water, it’s the kind of ride that will ruin your tolerance for lesser boats. See what everyone is saying.
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Centurion Ri Series

Learn more about the rigorously innovated Centurion Ri series of boats. This water sports boat model is the next level in World Championship Towboat performance, design and craftsmanship. This new model is optimized from the running surface up to exceed Centurion’s dominant water sports performance. The Ri237 furthers this storied performance with a newly designed Deep-v Hull pushed by GM Gen 5 direct injection power from PCM with C-Force.
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Purchasing a CENTURION or SUPREME Crew Supporting Membership package supports the community and comes with benefits and upgrades.
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