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  1. CREW DEAL: SeaDek Swim Platform Pads

    We went with SeaDeck this year. They even adjusted the template a bit,to make sure it was right. They were great.
  2. FS33?? Mine's a Falcon lol All this does bode well for the used boat market though.
  3. CREW DEAL: 2015 DECKadence Marine Flooring

    When will you send out the invoices?
  4. Dura epic video! Got me right out of the I-can't-believe-it's-winter-blues. He should get bonus points for the GoPro being waved in his face while he's trying to concentrate lol. Hope you don't take that the wrong way I'm just jealous cause no one in my family ever wants to hold it, they make me mount it on something. The camera angles are sweet.
  5. Centuron Crew Flag

    Duct tape it is I'm good with that lol
  6. Centuron Crew Flag

    I ordered mine but was wondering how others plan on mounting it to the Gladiator Tower?
  7. 2012 maiden voyage tomorrow - fired up

  8. Join the Wet Sounds REVOLUTION

    The WTF look on your wife's face in your first video is hilarious. My wife and I watched it several times.
  9. Does anyone know where the floor meet the hull in the locker behind the observer's seat? I want to mount a sub on the floor but don't want the screws to go through the bottom of the boat!

    1. harlobra


      I have a 2010 Falcon Air V Warrior...

    2. CrewAdmin


      Please post this in the Marine Audio section of the Forum.


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