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  1. become a Supporting Member

  2. Boat Lines & Dock Ties is here with all American-made products you can’t find anywhere else. You can trust the premium quality of their boat supplies and accessories. Use their built-to-last boat lines, dock tie downs, and nylon ropes to safely secure your boat, personal watercraft, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, etc. When faced with incoming waves and changing tides, their bungee dock ties are the best option on the market to protect your boat at a permanent or temporary dock. No matter your needs, they will help keep your watercraft exactly where it needs to be. We have been using their gear for years and can say first hand these lines are built to last. They pride themselves on Fast, Friendly Customer Service & High Quality USA Products. They can help you solve unique custom projects, locate hard to find parts, accessories & more. Call them for a quote today. They offer bulk pricing, on stock & custom made cords and hooks. Boat Lines & Dock Ties is offering our members 20% off site wide with discount code: CREW20 Need help or just don’t like placing orders online? They love to talk! Call Them. 541- 728-3991 Thank you for looking.
  3. Help identify boat

    This Ski Centurion by Fineline outboard ski and wakeboard has a fiberglass hull, is 20.33 feet long and 82 inches wide at the widest point. The boat weighs approximately 1150 pounds with an empty fuel tank and without any gear or passengers. The maximum horsepower we have listed for this outboard boat is 150 hp . If repowering you will want to verify the max horsepower for safety and to make sure your insurance company will insure your boat. New engines are expensive so having the manual for your engine is a great investment. Despite the fiberglass hull on this ski and wakeboard, we recommend that the boat be kept dry and covered in order to preserve the value of the boat. Proper care and regular maintenance can help your craft stay nice and increase resale value. We have included some outboard engine information since a boat isn't much good without a good, reliable source of power. Engine Information: Boat Max HP : 150 hp
  4. What app is everyone using??????

    WE used Tapatalk in the past, when we last updated the site software we had an issue. Tapatalk is all but, impossible to get support from. We are currently trying again.
  5. We will continue with this design for 2018.
  6. CREW DEAL: 2018 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    Only if we can get a minimum of 12 ordered.
  7. Photo of the first two shirts to be printed.
  8. We are excited to tell everyone about the latest in Crew gear. All members now have the opportunity to create a one of a kind custom t-shirt. Front of the t-shirt will have the CenturionCrew.Com or SupremeCrew.Com logo over the shirt pocket location. The rear of the t-shirt will have an image of your choice printed within the interior of the CenturionCrew.Com or SupremeCrew.Com logo. Crew members will select a T-Shirt size, color and attach a high resolution image to be printed. The team will create a proof for approval, once approved the T-Shirt will be printed and shipped. Up to four T-Shirts can be shipped for the same price. T-Shirts must be added to the cart separately due to the need to attach image and any instructions. Only four T-Shirts can be purchased per transaction (limitation of store), more than four t-shirts added to a single transaction will cause an error. Do not let this stop you from ordering as many t-shirts as you want. Standard and Ladies Cut t-shirts will be available in the following colors. You can add any image you want to the back of any of the available t-shirts. More details in the store, click HERE to order your t-shirts now! Standard CenturionCrew.Com and SupremeCrew.Com T-Shirts Please post or PM the CrewAdmin with and questions.
  9. CenturionCrew Spare tire cover?

    This thread is now CLOSED. Please see the CREW DEAL: 2018 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover thread for details.
  10. Posting pictures?

    Do not need to use a resizer, try browsing or drag and drop to load a picture, they will be resized automatically. Unfortunately @gravity12 only has 10% of the attachment quota left on his profile but, should be able to post a few more images.
  11. Posting pictures?

    Then it seems we are at an impasse. Correct, every profile/member has an allotted amount of storage space to be used for posting media/pictures once that runs out we would consider that member a regular and think they would want to support the community they participate in enough to have run out of space. Wheels you are a great example, you have been around since the beginning of the community, have been a Supporting Member at different times which is likely why you still have 44% of your attachment quota remaining. Thanks for the acknowledgement. That is what we are always looking for, the community belongs to everyone. Those who choose not to support do not receive all the benefits. No different than if I do pay my neighborhood HOA dues then I do not get the keys and tags to the extra amenities. I do recall you having trouble but, that time was because your Supporting Membership had expired, once you renewed there were not more issues if I recall correctly? All members have the same posting restrictions, no matter what size picture it, they will all be resized to 640 pixels at the widest and 640 pixels at the tallest. Members can browse for a picture on their device or drag and drop. Do you feel we need some detailed instructions?
  12. CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover • All Covers are Made in the USA • Spare Tire covers will be made of heavy duty waterproof vinyl. • UV Protected to stop fading. • Each cover comes with built-in elastic that stretches to ensure a snug fit around the tire. • The Spare Tire Cover will be made to fit the tire it is ordered for. • Every cover will come with a drain flap at the bottom to ensure water will not collect and deteriorate the cover. • The round logo will be printed on the Spare Tire Cover with heavy duty white vinyl ink. Note: Tire Covers are made to securely fit the tire that they are being ordered for. Tire size is important and can be found on tire in raised rubber. The tire size will be required to place an order. Installation: To protect tire and cover, it is recommended that the spare tire be clean and dry before installing cover. A minimum of twelve covers will need to be ordered for the Crew Deal to move forward. Each cover will be approximately $50.00 each plus shipping. Once there is enough interest we will finalize the price and determine a shipping cost. If you are interested in a cover(s) please post on this thread how many you plan to order.
  13. CenturionCrew Spare tire cover?

    If there is enough interest we can setup another crew deal.
  14. Posting pictures?

    I do believe both Supra and Moomba forums are owned and supported by Skier’s Choice inc. and they have much deeper pockets than us. WakeGarage is a good example, my guess is they are wide open cause they are new and building content. When we first launched in 2008 we were as well but, over ten years cost go up and we could no longer justify paying for it ourselves. We have tried many things but someone always had a problem with it. I tell people this in my actual job, do not complain to me about something unless you have a suggestion to make it better. What would you suggest we do? Please do not read tone or feeling into these responses we are only having a conversation. Only using gravity12 as an relevant example in the conversation, was not trying to shame them, it is their decision.
  15. Posting pictures?

    Let's talk about it, not flaming and no ill will intended. Hope you do not mind but, I am going to use you as an example. You have been a member since 2014, coming up on 4 years and we are thankful for the 350 post you have contributed. Currently you have used 110% of message storage allotted to your profile and 90% of your attachment quota. We always envisioned long terms users like yourself would become supporting members after utilizing the site long term on a regular basis. Unlike facebook there are cost associated with the community. Like we have always said if you knew what we made from the site compared to the number of hours we put into it you would wonder why we do it. Other sites we have been apart of in the past would constantly browbeat the non-supporting members, which we never liked. Funny...maybe we were wrong since the site referenced has a large supporting member base and supporting the site seems to have become part of the culture. The limited number of supporting members cannot support opening the community bandwidth up to the majority number of non-supporting members. This is and has always been a community and we have always listened to any and all feedback. If you have any ideas on how to open the community as you suggest, we are listening?

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