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  1. can you try to renew now?
  2. All, With the uncertainity of the conditions being left in the wake of the recent floods in the Houston area and Texas Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Harvey we are reluctantly going to cancel the upcoming 8th Annual CenturionCrew.Com Weekend. We looked forward to spending the weekend with everyone and plan to make next year bigger and better than every. Please PM CrewAdmin if you have any questions or concerns. Best Regards, Ken & Andrea
  3. Thursday night, did what we thought was a quick software upgrade that had a less than desireable effect on the site. tried to get the site back up but, for the first time in 9 years, we run out of time and had to leave to somewhere we would not have internet service with the site offline. Go way out of our way to get internet access late Friday night and finally get site online to our relief. Did loose some data due to reinstating a site backup. Site is re-indexing, should finish by the end of the day. The crazy thing is we had everyone we could working to resolve the issues as we had no choice but, to leave town. Instead of downtime we stressed all weekend, checking emails, making calls, etc. until we had the community back online. If you see something that needs our attention please post it in this thread.
  4. We have seen a lot of new members in 2017, which is great! For the members that might not know, only two of us run and manage the community. We both have demanding full time jobs. We spend countless hours of our limited free time maintaining the site server, software, support, upgrades in general managing the community and that is just a part of what else goes on in the background. This year was a real under taking with the site upgrade that moved us to a completely new software version. While it may look relatively the same when using the site just about everything changed in the background and we were not expecting the learning curve. While figuring things out we still have a few more major things to do when time permits and we appreciate everyone patience. Not here to complain we do it because, we enjoy it, we get to meet new people that turn into lifelong friends and we always have something in common with everyone, our passion for spending time with family and friends on the water in our boats. We built the CenturionCrew.Com community which was launched over nine years ago. Life and priorities change over 9 years and sometimes managing the site can be a burden. Like the site going down while on a long needed vacation and trying to get it back online with cell phone with limited signal or spending an entire weekend instead of a few hours upgrading the site software because, of some unforeseen issues with incompatible software versions, server upgrades, etc. In nine years the community has grown to over 8,000 members currently, with new members joining on a daily basis. Out of the 8,000 plus members, only 70 of them are currently Supporting Members. Supporting memberships are what support the site/community. Considering the amount of time/hours we spend running and maintaining the site compared to the rate of return, most would wonder why we do it. Since the beginning we have said, as long as the financial burden does not fall solely on us we will continue to run, maintain and grow the community. This year there has been talk about hosting images, bandwidth, file size among other issues. At the end of the day becoming a Supporting Member solves all of the issues. It is $30 a year, $2.50 a month, $.08 a day to have unlimited bandwidth with the only restriction being the size of the image. The images just need to be resized and we believe we have automated the process with the most recent upgrade. The ironic thing is, so many members of this site talk about how much they get from it. Yet it seems they feel it is somehow not their responsibility to help support the very thing that brings them the advice they are looking for, friends from far and near they would have never met otherwise, the sense of pride from ownership of their Centurion/Supreme Boat and the spirit of sharing it with fellow boat owners within the community. Those that have been in the community for a while know we very seldom say anything about memberships or supporting the site. This is a community, we built it, launched it, maintain it, we never wanted to have to ask for members to support it, we just assumed that it would happen. Considering the fact we still put our person funds into the site, plus our free time, it is frustrating having to actually ask members of the community to support it. We need more members supporting the community they enjoy visiting on a reqular basis. Please consider purchasing one of the memberships outlined below. Centurion Boats Supporting Membership - $30.00 Annually - Upgraded to Centurion Forum Group - UpgradedCenturion Supporting Member Icon - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Supreme Boats Supporting Membership - $30.00 Annually - Upgraded to Supreme Forum Group - Upgraded Supreme Supporting Member Icon - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Centurion Dealer Supporting Membership - $100.00 Annually - Upgraded to Centurion Dealer Forum Group - Upgraded Centurion Dealer Supporting Member Icon - About the Dealer page in the Dealer Classifieds - Unlimited Centurion boat advertising in the Dealer Classifieds - Access to post Centurion Dealer events in News From Centurion Boat and Dealers Sub-Forum - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Overall, thanks for all of the support from everyone on the Crew over the past nine years, we truly appreciate everyone of you and are thankful for it. For those members that continue to support the community yearly we could not have done it without you. Thanks for helping to make the community what it is today! Be sure to share your thoughts on supporting the community and how the CenturionCrew.Com and SupremeCrew.Com community has help you through the years. Regards, Ken and Andrea
  5. DECKadence 2017 Crew Deal is official. With the site upgrade and a few issues behind the scenes let's start over. If you are interested in receiving a DECKadence Flooring quote or placing an order, please read the information below and start a new Personal Conversation, provide the required information and we will provide pricing as quickly as possible. DECKadence Marine Flooring is the finest alternative to traditional snap in carpet available.What is DECKadence Marine Flooring? Specifically designed for the marine industry, this durable product is extremely comfortable to walk on and the anti-microbial ingredient within the product prevents mildew and associated odours. The half inch thick coated fibres will repel most liquids from engine oil and fish guts to red wine and coffee so staining is a thing of the past. This “flow-through” material has a patented non-slip backing which allows it fit snug from one side of the boat to the other with no need to snap in. To clean; simply hose or power wash. For tracked in oily kinds of residue, you may need to spray some degreaser and rub with your deck brush first. Clean right in place on your boat! If you stand at the helm for long periods, you will definitely appreciate the anti-fatigue, cushioning effect of this product. It absorbs shock and is very good for your SOLE! DECKadence Marine Flooring is manufactured to a standard 14mm thickness providing comfort along with an anti-fatigue feel beneath your feet and is available in a variety of colours to compliment your boats’ colour scheme. Brand your marine flooring with your boat name, business name or family name or logo. Our printing studio will customize your choice of colour with a message that greets your guests as they come on board. Add borders around the perimeter of the material to compliment the colour scheme you have chosen for your boat. DMF is truly a product that can be dressed up for the occasion and image you are trying to portray. All boats will benefit from DECKadence on the floor. Safety and comfort are important, so you (and your dogs and kids) will appreciate the non-slip aspect on both the decks and swim platforms. Quality boat builders such as Mastercraft, Malibu, Tige, Campion and Centurian to name a few have included DECKadence as part of their offering for new boats. They understand the customer demand for a suitable and practical solution to the problems often associated with marine carpet. We are so confident in our DMF product that we confidently provide it with a 5 year warranty. In all likelihood it will perform well for 20 years. As a boat lover, we ask you to create a check list for all the difficulties you experience with marine carpet and compare it to DECKadence Marine Flooring – the choice of boat owners. Finally………a solution! What wrong with old fashion boat carpet? Carpet is fine in the cabin but is not the best outside in the weather. It mildews, wears out quickly, retains water so is always soggy in inclement weather, stains and smells! All of which DECKadence does not do. Since DECKadence will last as long as you own your boat, although it is a premium product and more costly than carpet, you will never need to replace it or spend money on cleaning it so ultimately is it much less costly than carpet! At 1/2"/14mm thick it is double the thickness of carpet so it is extremely comfortable. How is it installed? Installation is not TECHNICALLY the right word. Since it is more than three times heavier per sq ft than traditional carpet it lays flat. The patented backing prevents movement on your gel coat and since it is flow-through (vs solid backed), it cannot catch wind under it and blow away. We also do not require snaps other than on stairs and swim platforms for safety reasons. The DECKadence mat is sized/cut differently than snap in carpet which requires all pieces to be snapped in place so the carpet won’t move or blow away. Also with snap in carpet there is usually a gap between the edge of the carpet and the walls generally provided which traps and holds dirt in most cases. On carpet the gaps are for air to circulate and water to drain away in the hopes that the carpet will dry sooner and not mildew too much. Neither of these requirements are required with DECKadence and is the reason the existing snap-in carpet cannot be used as template. The DECKadence mat would not fit as nicely as it could fit and would not come all the way to the seat base as shown below. DECKadence does not bind the edges of mats, the material will NOT unravel so binding is not required. The outer edges are cut at an angle so that “installation” is nice and clean looking like wall to wall carpet which also further prevents movement. Hatches and ski lockers are also handled differently. Rather than having many little pieces of carpet to trap and hold dirt in the gaps. Instead DECKadence is sliced around the profile of the hatch except the side of the hinges so when it is “flopped” back down the seam becomes virtually invisible. FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: Does water flow through it? ANSWER: Water flows through, drains away and the mat dries super fast. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: My boat deck is slick will this help? ANSWER: The upper surface prevents slipping and the under surface sticks to deck. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: Will it make a difference when standing for long periods? ANSWER: Anti-fatigue design absorbs vibration and diminishes inboard engine noise. The extra plush thickness and texture feels great on bare feet and is more ergonomic than standard carpet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: What is anti-microbial? ANSWER: It prevents growth of microorganisms, fungus and mold. Eliminates rot and odor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: How do the pads hold up in the sun? ANSWER: Since all pads are UV-resistant you can choose from an array of colors that last, even in direct sunlight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: Is the pad hard to clean? ANSWER: The pads resists stains from dirt, fish, and even red wine. Sand and dirt pass through so the top surface remains clean. Soap and bleach friendly making it easy to clean. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: How hard is it to install? ANSWER: or snaps required, the pad is cut to fit your boat, simply lay the pad on the floor and you are done. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: How does it look compared to carpet? ANSWER: DECKadence enhances the look of any deck surface on a boat, giving it a sharp, stylish and sleek look. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The CREW DEAL! We have negotiated a special Crew Deal directly with DECKadence Marine Flooring for CenturionCrew/SupremeCrew Members. Please read all information below and PM the CrewAdmin with the required information for a quote. Crew Deal covers all Centurion and Supreme Boat Models. Mat Options: Mats can be ordered with several options as follows and the main/cockpit pad as well as the cooler and bow foot well pad when applicable: ^^^One solid mat color^^^ (image coming) ^^^One solid mat color with CENTURION in second color^^^ (image coming) ^^^One solid mat color with custom artwork in second color^^^ NOTE: Due to trademark rights the manufacture is no longer able to offer the mat with the Centurion Brand Helmet logo. If someone is interested in the helmet for the CenturionCrew.Com logo or SupremeCrew.Com logo any part of these logos can be used. PM CrewAdmin is you have any questions. Mats can be ordered in the following colors: LUNA SILVER DECK GREY GRAPHITE KHAKI Requesting Quote/Ordering: To receive a Quote for pricing or to place an Order for a DECKadence Mat members must provide the follow information in a PM to the CrewAdmin. Shipping must be calculated on an individual basis per member quote, we will respond as quickly as possible, please be patient. Name: Current Email Address: Address for Shipping: Phone Number: Boat: Year: Model: Mat Colors: Mat Option: (include one of the following) Solid Color Solid Color with Logo Solid Color with Custom Logo Mat Color: (include one of the following) Luna Silver Deck Grey Graphite Khaki Mat Secondary/Design Color: (include one of the following) Luna Silver Deck Grey Graphite Khaki EXAMPLE: Name: John Smith Current Email Address: john.smith@email.com Address for Shipping: 1234 Jones Road Rockwell, NC 32432 Phone Number: 111.222.3333 Boat: Centurion Year: 2007 Model: Enzo Mat Option: Solid Color with Logo Mat Color: Luna Silver Mat Secondary/Design Color: Black Note: Pricing will NOT be sent without the required information outlined above. Shipping: Depending on location shipping rates should be $50 to $100, the actual shipping cost will be included in the quote. Post any questions and we will do our best to answer them on the same day. The 2017 Crew Deal is LIVE! Please read the entire post and follow directions before requesting quote. We are still working out pricing for some options but, most pricing is available and we expect all pricing to be available by end of next week.
  6. Working on the upgrade!

    1. prorider17


      I've noticed a lot of double posts... is that normal?

    2. prorider17


      I've noticed a lot of double posts... is that normal?

    3. prorider17


      I've noticed a lot of double posts... is that normal?

  7. The site is back online, still a lot of work to do. Please be patient and provide feedback, this was a big upgrade and will take a while to get the site back to the way it was. Logging in, users will no longer have a "user name" you will only have a "display name" which is what you see on the site and will use to log into the site going forward.
  8. We will begin upgrading the site in the near future. The upgrade will include some new features and some clean up of apps. We will keep everyone up to date on this thread. If you see something that needs our attention please post it in this thread. We think everyone will really like the new functionality, thanks in advance!
  9. Then it is offical the 2017 CCC Weekend will be 15th - 17th of September 2017
  10. We need to know, is everyone alright with the 15th of September?
  11. the WALKER PROJECT Double Fish Board Build

    Mike received the CNC blank back and has been hard at work taking it down to the final shape. Few tools of the trade Gives a little idea of the rocker Overall profile of the board Crisp tail shaven down a little to reduce weight Get an idea off the concave of the board Finishing off the shape with a signature
  12. the WALKER PROJECT Double Fish Board Build

    Check out the CNC machine cutting the blank for the Double Fish.
  13. the WALKER PROJECT Double Fish Board Build

    Let's hear graphic ideas for the bottom of the board?

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