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  1. Looks great! You get your ballast squared away?
  2. Ballast help 2007 Elite V C4

    Each rear locker on your boat can fit a 750 pound bag.
  3. @Zheld5 - I am! Only two downsides: 1. I feel like their template could be an extra inch longer because the cover is a PITA to fully cover my swim platform. Not the end of the world, but it requires extra effort. 2. I had a strap tear, and Westland offered to reimburse me if I got it repaired by a shop, but I did it on my own. Overall, I'm really happy with it. For the money, it does what it's supposed to well.
  4. I'd look into replacing your IAC valve. My boat idled rough and stalled when I bought it. IAC valve solved it.
  5. @rhino89523 let's see that goofy wave!
  6. You could probably do all the mods you want to your boat with the money you will spend on sales taxes buying a new boat. I say keep it and make it the best avalanche you can. Why? timeless look. no screens. No problems. additional pumps and setup can be done for not a lot of money. same for stereo. you can add seadek proven hull and layout cost to use ratio seems off. If you used it a lot, newer boat conveniences are nice, but for the number of times you use it, that's a lot of money. I love my 2005 Lightning C4 when I am 225 pounds and have plenty of push on my goofy wave. Spend the time to dial in your wave and you will be thoroughly impressed. You're boat puts out a better wave than mine!
  7. 17’ S238 surf setups

    All these setups and no pics!
  8. Wake Shaper

    Welcome Toothdoc - I have a 2005 Lightning C4. If your boat has the hard tanks in the rear, they will need to be swapped out with 750lb bags. I also HIGHLY recommend you get a wakeshaper. I have the Ronix wedge and it rocks. Fill your center ballast, put a couple people on the backseat and you'll be golden. I ride goofy at 11.5-12mph with plenty of push... Mind you I'm 6'3" and 225lbs on a 4'8" Ronix board, so that says a lot. boards are important too, but your foundation should be a solid wave. Also, water depth is critical. I've found over 15ft deep yields a kick butt wave. Check out my instagram for pics: @casey_cotton
  9. Have you taken it to a dealer for troubleshooting?
  10. Wakesurf Edge Pro vs Ronix Eight.3

    @SaltCitySurfer what's your ballast setup with the shaper. You have pics/vids of your regular and goofy waves? I have the regular ronix and have been happy with it. Not a fan of the Velcro, but it's worn on me to where I don't really care anymore.
  11. I'm sure other avalanche owners will chime in, but I think that's ample. You could do that setup on each side and use a wake shaper. Additionally, you can always upgrade your pump to a higher gph to save a little time. They're not that much money.
  12. Hey everyone. Just curious if there was any information on the actual heights of Supreme boats on their trailers? Asking more for garage clearance heights than anything else. I've been checking out the S211 and S21 and wanted to know if they'd fit in a garage with the tower down.
  13. Centurion Elite Diesel

    That's such a cool setup. Pretty ideal for surfing.
  14. Elite c4 surf and value?

    This has a different hill and slightly different interior layout. Based on a comparison between the blue Elite-V and red Elite, the blue one is in much better condition and will likely put out a better wave due to hull shape.

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