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  1. i found a friend who will make me replacement light covers on a 3D printer, so i'm all set there. does anyone have a use for the stock muffler and sideswipe valves that came on these? i pulled all that off yesterday in preparation to do my own version of FAE.
  2. Upholstery

    from everything i've seen, they don't reproduce skins for anything more than a few years old. a competent upholstery shop should be able to make it look close to original though.
  3. i can do that...in the spring it was showing between 12-13 at the dash the two times i had it out this fall, but now just registers nothing at all. that's why i figured there might be an easy wire to check in the off-season.
  4. bump...my volt meter also stopped working so i'm wondering what to check.
  5. here's my research after wanting to have the PN's for these locally and not mercury-specific (read: more expensive): oil filter - NAPA Gold FIL 1060, Purolator L34631. I used the Purolator and can confirm it's the correct one, and also taller so better filtration than the stock mercury fuel filter - Quicksilver 802893Q01. amazon link here: for $12 and arrives next day. some other stuff that you may find helpful: impeller here: for $22 and arrives next day. haven't verified this fits yet but it matches all the part numbers i've cross-referenced. serpentine belt is a Dayco 5060880 which is $19 on amazon. mercury wants like $80 for theirs. i installed this yesterday and can verify it fits perfectly. the other one that i cross-referenced but can't verify fit is the NAPA 25-060878. also get an IAC valve to at least have as a spare. read up on this as it is a very common problem on these motors but easily fixed with a new IAC valve and filter.
  6. i did a little digging after you said that and the boost pump looks to be the one right off the fuel filter on the rear port side. i will get a spare one of these and a spare tank pump. thanks! new question: what to check when the alternator isn't showing any charge at all on the dash? the old one was pretty beat up but was showing a charge when we had it out on the water twice before winterizing, but the seller included a new alt which i just swapped in. the old and new one stopped showing a charge when running off the hose in the driveway. all wires to the alt are clean.
  7. how difficult was the install on your boat with the factory shaft seal? any tips?
  8. Winterized my black scorpion 5.7

    so, pop the flame arrestor off and spray down the throttle body?
  9. @InfinitySurf, do they have any with centurion templates? or how did you get the logo on yours?
  10. it doesn't have the stepped hull thankfully, from what i've read that went away in '06. 1. i checked GLS previously and didn't see the lenses. they are a great resource for some other stuff i need though, thanks. 2. do you have a PN for the fuel pump? can it run off of the front one in a pinch? what's the life expectancy on them? i will have an extra prop and prop kit, and extra fuel/water separator. 4. PP works and is a paddlewheel not GPS--i didn't realize the speedo used a paddlewheel as well. i will crawl underneath and figure out if there are two of them. 5. that makes more sense probably with the amount of space in that front compartment. thanks!
  11. Hi All, I just bought a 2007 Typhoon C4 and am going through it this off-season and making it a surf monster. I'll do a build thread as I get into some of the heavy stuff like 1600gph pump upgrades, converting Sideswipe to my own FAE, etc. I do have some questions that I haven't found answers to though, so I'm hoping someone here can help. 1. I'm looking for replacement interior courtesy light covers--the oval ones that are in most Avys and Typhoons before/after the step-up into the bow, and in the rear center passenger seat. The ones on my boat are hazy and yellowing, so I'd like to replace them with new clear ones. 2. Any spare parts that I need to keep onboard other than impeller and serpentine belt? IAC valve (was done recently but I'll get a spare)? CPS? Are there any "common" failure points on the 330HP Black Scorpion that would be a quick fix on the water if I have the parts handy? Is the starter relay an external part on these? I had an '88 Supra before and the starter relay went out on the water once, so I always kept a spare after that. 3. I have the 1.46:1 vdrive. What are people running for surf props at sea level on these? I was going to go as low as possible--Acme 2227 which is a 13.25 x 12.5 pitch x .105 cup 4-blade prop, but I don't see many people running that in my searches. There's also the more common Acme 1619 which is a 13.5 x 13.75 pitch x .075 cup 4-blade. Is the 2227 overkill with the Black Scorpion and 1.46 v-drive? I'll be running around 4000lbs ballast I hope. 4. The speedometer is very flaky and bounces around a bit at speed. Not hugely important, but is this an easy fix? I've heard on older boats that you need to blow out the tube attached to the speedo--same idea here? It does also have the dial near the throttle to adjust the speedo to match the PP speed. 5. Anyone with good dual-battery relocation documentation? I currently have a single battery but will add a second one along with the Blue Sea add-a-battery kit. I want to get them as far back as possible but don't want them taking up space in the lockers since I'll have full ballast bags in there most of the time. Or are the lockers the best spot? Thanks in advance!
  12. Winterized my black scorpion 5.7

    this is my first winterization of my '07 typhoon, coming from an '88 carbed Supra. i always fogged down the carb on the old motor, easy peasy. is everyone fogging their Black Scorpion's or other fuel injected motors through the spark plug holes? or is it not necessary on these? TIA. this was a very helpful thread BTW, thanks!
  13. thanks for the input, i may have to go that route.
  14. Anyone either have a used one or know where I can get one made? TIA!
  15. if you are looking to sell that custom sac i may be interested depending on what it has for fill/drain ports etc. send me a PM if so!

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