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  1. need more info--what motor? did you check power at the battery? check power while running to compare?
  2. i have an '07 typhoon and here are my thoughts: leave the center tank, it's impossible to get to anyway. check that the empty pump for the center tank works--there's an access hole for it just inside the flip-up passenger seat so you can check that it turns on when you flip the empty switch. wakemakers has some 1280lb bags that fit perfectly in my rear lockers and i believe the Avy has the same locker space. measure yours and buy the biggest bag that will fit there, so you don't have to do it twice. are you going to list for surfing on the regular side? that boat will put out a killer wave with 1280 on the surf corner alone. on the goofy side you will have to get creative with lead or with a combination of walkthrough bags. for ballast pumps, i drilled a new 1" thru-hull and added a Rule 209FDP which is a 1600gph pump. it fills the 1280 in 6 minutes flat with 1" hose. mine was already set up for 3 pumps off a 1" manifold, so i left the tsunami 1200 that was there to fill the center tank and added another Rule 209FDP to fill the goofy side, and removed the 3rd manifold spot. for drain pumps (other than the center drain which i left stock) i used tsunami 1200's which drain those same bags in 8 minutes. does yours just have one fill pump? it should be located under the center rear seat in front of the vdrive. other things to check are maintenance items since you don't know what the PO did. definitely change the impeller, oil and filter, fuel filter, trans fluid, vdrive fluid, check the serpentine belt or at least get a spare. there's a good thread on here with details for all that stuff. also, look up the "IAC valve" threads on here to get an idea of the symptoms of that in case it ever happens to you because that's fairly common on that year boat. here's some part numbers if it saves you time, and if you have the 330 black scorpion: Impeller - 47-862232A2 Oil - Rotella 15w40 non-synthetic Oil filter - NAPA Gold FIL 1060, Purolator PL34631, Mobil1 M1-302 Fuel water separator – Quicksilver 802893Q01 Serpentine belt - Dayco 5060880, Napa 25-060878
  3. i have a different motor, but mine looks like an oil filter and is located on the lower port rear of the motor, near the raw water pump.
  4. no. wake shaper goes on the side of the boat to clean up the wave on the opposite side, while an a-plate cleans up the wash from the prop.
  5. thanks. i have the template and have someone that said they're going to make me one, but i don't know when it's going to be completed. my goofy side wake is super washed out so i definitely need it.
  6. i ran a single exhaust exit out of the back of mine like most boats are coming with now after pulling out Sideswipe. 4" to 3.5" reducers after the hose coming off the exhaust risers, 3.5" elbows to a tee, single exit with flapper. i agree that 740's will leave you wanting an upgrade sooner rather than later.
  7. did you change to Stargazer? that would be good if the Stargazer screen is backwards compatible with Wakeboard Pro.
  8. go as big as you can on the sacs...it will be worth it to spend the extra money now than to do it twice. my typhoon fits a 1280lb wakemakers bag in each locker perfectly, but i did pull out the sideswipe which made a little extra room. here's the link, and it's the 50"x25"x25" bag which is the biggest "UniversalFIT" bag they offer. https://www.wakemakers.com/wakemakers-rear-lbs-ballast-bag.html
  9. you must have an a-plate on your avy? that's a CLEAN goofy wake
  10. I know that many people upgrade to the GPS version of PP and am hoping that someone has an original Wakeboard Pro 3.5" display in good working order sitting around? Mine is starting to lose pixels and is hard to read, despite working fine. I recently upgraded the wiring harness to the servo motor, the servo motor itself and the speedo cable so I'd like to keep this paddlewheel system working for a few more years. This would be for a 2007 Typhoon. TIA!
  11. the yellow center drain pump is a mayfair 1000gph. mine was bad too and i replaced the cartridge with a newer red one here. when you get the new one just pull the cartridge out of the newer red housing and install it in the old yellow housing so you don't have to swap hoses and fittings--it works perfectly. there's a horizontal locking tab with a small screw on the side of the pump housing that you need to hold open just a little, then you can twist the cartridge out with the two big tabs on the top counter-clockwise to get it out of the housing. it's hard to get both hands in through that access hole, so what i did was to loosen that screw on the horizontal tab just a little so that it wouldn't keep locking back into place. leave the hose attached to the old housing as you're only replacing the cartridge. it only takes a 1/2" or so turn to get it free to pull out. the unfortunate part of all this is that it will be much easier to install the new one if you pull up the center floor to get at the wiring, but if you cut the brown and black pump wires close enough to the old pump, you might have enough wire available to splice in the new pump to those wires without pulling the floor up.
  12. i did that for a swim platform replacement pad, but i just want someone else to do the labor for the rest of the boat
  13. i got my stock replacement ones for my '07 typhoon with 3 separate rear compartments from rvandautoparts.com for like $11 each. the part number was GSNI-5200-40 for the center engine cover and GSNI-5100-40 for the side compartments. does yours have one big cover or three separate ones? you will need the brackets for both sides as well if you don't have struts currently--i think the above site had those as well.
  14. only problem with that is that it's not for a C4 typhoon, so the area on the driver's side would be much different, and no walkthrough pad. i haven't found one of the 3 (seadek, gatorstep, aqua marine deck) that have a template yet for the C4 typhoon. if you do draw up a template with one of those 3 companies, please let me know as i would be in the market this winter as well!

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