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  1. Disconnect the power to the amp? removing that sub is not going to be easy. It’s a custom 2.5 cubic foot box built under the helm haha
  2. Ok fixed issue two. Bottom line I’m a radio-edit. It was in neutral but apparently not all the way up. Jiggled the throttle back and forth and she started right up. I still cannot figure out the stereo issue. I tried unplugging the RCAs in the back of the deck but that didn’t change anything. Here’s a video. I’m stuck on what to check next.
  3. While overall it was good cuz we had the little kids out swimming mostly there were two WTF. Moments that really could pissed me off. The first was at the very beginning. Cruising out of the no wake zone and plug in the stereo faceplate and get a super loud buzz noise from the sub that wouldn’t go away or turn down with the volume. Only way to get rid of it was pop the faceplate back off. Tried unplugging the two rca plugs for the sub in the back of the exile ZLD no change. So we went the whole day no music. I did notice on the receiver part of the stereo where the faceplate plugs in there’s some greenish corrosion in there but it worked like normal two weeks ago The second issue. Boat was starting and running normal all day. Even towed another boat to the docks that wouldn’t start then went back to the cove. Coming back for the day we park the boat in a curtesy stall and turn it off while I go get the truck. Come back and go to start it. Nothing. I turn the key and I hear the full pump running. All dash switched work like normal so i wouldn’t think battery related. When I turn the key the fuel pump cycles like normal the when i turn to start nothing happens. No click or anything. Checked the safety red clip thingy we never use and it’s normal as it always is. What should I check for this then? 2000 elite V by the way haha.
  4. If it ran fine before the prop change and now it doesn't that would point right at the prop. As above if you went too much pitch on the prop you wont have enough motor to spin it fast enough to plane out.
  5. I "think" a drift to one side is normal due to prop rotation but a hard "pull" would not be normal. Also (I am really trying to be mature here and hold in my giggles) but how does one grease their rudder? Ive never done this in the 4ish years Ive owned my 2000 Elite.
  6. Is the reading coming off of an hour gauge or the dealer type ECM scan?
  7. ok, Ill try emailing Faria and see what I can get
  8. Anyone got a part number or link to a replacement gauge on my 2000 elite V? Looking for the 4 gauge multi gauge with oil, fuel, temp and volts. Mine pretty much doesn’t work st all not. Tapping on it used to bounce them around but now they just stay pegged no matter what.
  9. Oh pooh haha. Ya knock on wood my elite has been good there so far.
  10. So what are the signs you need to replace this seal?
  11. Well at least you know its not the wave now. While that points it back to you, its one less thing to worry about haha My Inland Surfer 5' (surf style) is a great board and really helped me learn the pocket. Being overweight when I started it was hard enough so the larger board helped. Now I think I would like a shorter board since I have the basics down but I would need to sell this to upgrade as money is tight so who knows if that will happen. Skim boards are loose and IMO harder for beginners to find that stable spot in the pocket did you try the other boards your buddies brought?
  12. Cultas this weekend

    and only 4 years too late........... maybe theyre still there haha
  13. this is the sac I have. It says 750, maybe that's the larger ones for other boats? I have read the one for mine is closer to 350 so who knows https://www.wakemakers.com/fly-high-integrated-bow-sac.html?75=3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItKLAntzD4gIVUlmGCh1gKwJpEAQYASABEgIqg_D_BwE more bow weight lengthens but shortens the wave and pocket, less bow weight will give the wave more height but you might have to be right off the swim deck to feel any push. Find the happy medium.
  14. I have a 750 in my starboard and a 1100 in my port side lockers. We primarily surf regular. So I fill the 750 and then fill the 1100 as much as possible. If I fill it all the way it pops the rear hatch up so it’s a little under filled. I also have the fat sac under the bow seats that’s about 350#. Fill all that with the shaper on the opposite side of surfing and I’m good to go. Depending on crew size I might add the fat sac brick or two people in the bow to help extend the pocket.
  15. This was this past weekend on my 2000 Elite. Choppy water from other boats and still plenty of push and length to have fun.

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