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  1. Fi 25 on the way

    us non facespacers are left in the dust lol.........
  2. Get the 4x4 version. Unless its a rally car AWD is a crap bag gimmick. You want real selective hi/lo 4 wheel drive. Youll rarely need it but when you do AWD wont cut it. And since youre looking for a sequoia MPG probably isn't a concern, while it is a Toyota them V8s can drink some gas pretty good. Ive only had to use 4x4 a couple times pulling my smaller Elite out of the water but both times were when the water was real low and the boat was full of people. It was just a little too heavy for the old Tahoe in 2 wheel, but slapped it in 4 and she pulled right along. Thank god I wasn't that a**hole needing to get a tow up by one of the diesel duche kids at the ramp haha
  3. Pulling out after the tank is empty seems too late in my experiences........
  4. Or a brass set up on the inlet in the motor bay to hook up a garden hose, but that brass will cost you about 75 so more than double the fake a lake. Just depends on which you prefer. Ive "heard" those fake a lakes can not provide enough water and still starve the motor but have not seen anyone with any proof to this and if Nick uses one Id say that was a good testament to their reliability. http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10670-no-more-fake-a-lake/
  5. July pic video thread

    Yea its always nice to get a couple pulls when youre the one driving all the time. My wife and friends are better than I am and then try to brag about it. I just throw it back at them that they are so good because they get the best driver all the time and I get crap drivers who consistently turn away from the wake. Didn't sit well with wifey.......... One tip I would give is you have way too much back foot. You need to be almost neutral most of the time, and if you want to speed up swing your hips forward, slow down swing them back. I find it easier to think about it using your hips instead of telling people to lean on one foot or the other. Leaning throws your balance point off and causes most beginners to wipe out. Pushing your hips forward or back moves your weight but keeps you more upright and balanced.
  6. Id start with this. For years I had a long 1/2 socket extension and small hammer in an old Toyota beater I had years ago, every now and then Id turn the key and nothing would happen. Pop the hood give the side of the starter a couple good smacks and boom fired right up. Try to replicate the problem at home or on the dock then smack the starter. If it fires up right after swap in a new starter and you should be good. If not then start checking power to the starter and back from there.
  7. Just a general clean or trying to remove a stain? I would think a little dish soap and water would work great with a little light scrub
  8. not the best demonstration but you get the idea. Word of advice, make sure you don't have a teak swim deck if youre trying this. We tried a for hours and on mine last year and it was slicker the snail sperm. My wife smacked hard on her side and had a bruise for months. Worst part was when I got home I realized all the marks on the deck from the board that I had to sand down a bit and refinish haha
  9. Did I miss the water coming out of the exhaustnports or is that a closed coolant system? Would be a shame to burn up a nice find running dry
  10. Just joined

    Welcome to the site.
  11. What is the difference?

    The two key differences are: Avy is 22' and change while Elite is 21' and change in length Hull is different in 2004. Elite hull shape has a sharp cut in and then down below rub rail while the Avy is almost straight down to the bottom under the rub rail. This gives it a bigger foot print in the water which creates a bigger wake. trim options and other small things might be different as well along with usually about $10-15K more for an Avy over an Elite. I believe 2006 is the year the Elite went to the same hull shape as the Avy but still a shorter version.
  12. Typhoon vs Enzo 240

    Arent the Typhoons 23+' Avy's? Everyone raves over the Avy wave so wouldn't that be ideal?
  13. Those aren't spider cracks some look fairly deep so repair on those would be a full gell repair I would imagine. None look to be compromising the overall integrity of the boat but they would make me a little more suspect on how the boat was treated and what it might have had happen in its past. If its a screaming deal, like low 20s for a C4 Avy, then I would consider it still. But if its close to market value Id pass on it personally.
  14. Swim Deck

    just list the boat to the goofy side so its level........ If anyone asks if its crooked tell them theyre just drunk and to sit down
  15. well dam. now I wish I ran it as the double wing first to see if it created a nice lip on the regular wave like it does with the goofy now

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