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  1. The older supremes don’t have snap out carpet. That’s glued down edge to edge I believe. It won’t be pretty but it’ll be finished enough fiber glass to recover with minimal patching depending on how bad the carpet comes out.
  2. Huh? Maybe I’m the oddball here but “cranking”and “turning over” are the same thing to me and mean the motor is turning over with the starter like it’s trying to start.
  3. so it will crank over or it wont? haha Sounds like the N safety switch to me too, pushing the button in bypasses that switch I believe. Will it run like that?
  4. On my Elite the filler is on the driver side in front of the windshield above the rub rail, below the rub rail in roughly the same area is a black circle cap that is the gas vent. Pretty much every time I fill up the boat with gas as Im taking off I get gas that splashes out of the that vent. I fill till the pump clicks just once but no matter what it comes out while pulling away. Do you have the same vent cap below the rub rail? If so take a look at it and make sure its not plugged up maybe?
  5. You got pictures of the conversion? That would be a nice write up. Never heard of people converting the walk through
  6. Nacimiento

    Dam nick you guys dodged a b........... glad you guys were ok. I hate these “everyone gets a trophy” weak individuals who think their “troubles” are grounds to hurt others. It’s tragic hearing these stories. But back to the regularly scheduled program. If you guys ever come to Berryessa let me know. I rarely go to other lakes nowadays. In case you ever wanna bum it on the poor mans 2000 Elite haha
  7. Nice, one thing I did also is on the suction cup release tab closest to the cutting board I drilled a hole and attached a zip tie in a big loop so it was easier to reach in and grab it when time to release it from the boat.
  8. Trim Tabs

    My plate is fixed, no hinge, and I have those turnbuckle arms closed in as much as possible. It does allow a slight angle up which helped clean up the wake but I still have about an inch of threads on the arms that I could not close to since it is a solid plate. If I went hydraulic I would cut and add a hinge but I don't know the real benefit of angling it down into the water as it flattened out my wave pretty good, nor do I know how much more I could angle it up and what that benefit would be so the ROI really isn't there right now.
  9. I built one initially and used similar materials as yours but my starboard was thicker and I put in spacers on the bottom between the board and angle bracket which angled the board back. I don't have any pictures handy and wouldn't be able to post them here anyway but put and inch or so spacers with longer bolts on the bottom mount and it should angle it for you and still be sturdy. for floatation I ran a three or four foot line from one of the angle brackets up to a small bumper normally used to go between the dock and boat. I keep the bumper on the seat closets to where the shaper is mounted since nobody should be sitting there anyway as it would affect the surf wave. Then if the shaper falls off it falls away from the boat and the bumper is pulled out keeping it afloat and a marker of where it is. Do not tie it to the boat, Ive seen what the do if left bouncing around banging into the boat or even the rider behind.
  10. Trim Tabs

    I had a buddy powder coat mine black
  11. Trim Tabs

    I built this and put it on my elite last year as well. I will go as far as to say it turned my goofy wave into a better looking wave than my regular. Didn’t do anything for my regular which we all are. So while I would t say it was for nothing just expect it to only enhance your goofy side wave hit enhance by a lot. I did the small wing on the starboard side as well but the first outing we went the regular wave was horrible compared to before so I cut it off. It wasn’t till the third trip out I realized I had it pushed all the way down which killed the wave. Now I have it as far up as those turnbuckles will allow being a fixed blade and it looks good
  12. thread is 10 years old and Im pretty sure most from this thread are no longer around lol yes the trim tab is the plate center of the transom with hydraulic tabs but most from this era came with a fixed plate. Theres plenty of info on converting to hydraulic as well as putting an asymmetrical plate on to clean up the goofy side wave.
  13. 2015 Supreme S226 seat issues

    Nice, you get to go the full summer worry free and then get a new interior for next year
  14. Well if the prices are going to go down it will be in the fall into winter. That’s usually best pricing for boats. Come spring prices will actually go up across the board. It’s a seasonal item so it follows seasonal pricing.
  15. 2017 S238 Gas Thief

    Maybe rig a booby trap to the fuel door hooked to the batteries. Shock the Sh*t out of the thief next time. I had someone take half a tank out of my tahoe a few weeks ago parked out front.

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