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  1. Hey Troy, thanks for the response. When you say "all the way up", does that mean the a-plate is past parallel to the bottom of the boat? I don't see a lot of adjustment with the manual, screw adjustable, stationary plate and it would pretty much parallel to the bottom of the boat all the time. I found a fabricator that would make the plate out of stainless steel type 304 for $250. However, he recommended type 316 stainless steel for saltwater applications. This more than doubled the price and wondered if it was worth the price since we're in fresh water. Any other mods you'd recommend to clean up port side?
  2. New to Centurion and first time post. A buddy of mine has a 2005 Avalanche C4 RH prop with the manual, screw adjustable, stationary plate (not the a-plate). We replaced the rear hard tanks with 2 1100 lb fat sacs. When listing, the surf wake on the the starboard size is great with long pocket and clean. When listing to the port side, the wake is all mush and not clean. I surf goofy so I am ok but my buddy is regular and wants to figure out how to clean up the port side. I have a few questions and any assistance would be appreciated. 1) Would fabricating and adding the attached a-plate (making the "wing" on the right side instead) correct the port side wave? 2) For anyone fabricating an a-plate, did you use type 304 or 316 stainless steal? 3) Can the attached a-plate be a direct swap to the manual, screw adjustable, stationary plate?

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