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  1. Hi guys sorry for taking so long to get to this project...but it took a pandemic to slow me down and give me time to work on the boat... I took Wylie tunes advice and kept it simple... in a nut shell. Moved four batteries from back storage areas to up front installed two thru hulls and pumps for new bags installed new acr and batt switch and a new swivel and slide seat mount..I’ll do a small right up with some pics ( hopefully) if I can figure it out.. in the next few days
  2. Hey infinitysurf thanks for the measurements much appreciated... looks real nice we have decided to go another rout.. really wanted a slide and swivel base.. found one made by garlec and with the new mount and the box it would be to high for our likening.. I will post up a wight up in another thread soon probably in my old ballast thread... thanks again
  3. That looks really sharp,! I love the lock box part... do you happen to know the full dimensions.. L x W ? I know it’s 4” in height
  4. Wylie thanks for the help and insight on “kiss” haaa. That is so true! They were ok with the pump wiring and relays s The main concern seemed to be running both pumps at the same time and having a large amp draw on the batteries/alternator? Thus damaging the alternator. Maybe the were concerned about the boats existing wiring ? But with my limited knowledge of batts and electricity I don’t see how this can be problematic as long as everything is up to snuff. Like you said keep em charged up at home.. I like the idea of the two house batteries more amp hours... ?
  5. Also. Was going to go with 2 1.5” thru Hull’s and valve’s to a 2” manifold/valve system back to 1.5” hose to the bags to be able to switch from one side to the other if one pump were to go down... make sense? So basically it would flow straight thru but if need be i could transfer from one side or the other...
  6. Hey guys thanks for the response... I should elaborate a little more on what my thoughts were....if I were to do this upgrade I would run two pumps one For each 1000 lb bag... both would be the large 30 gpm pumps @30 amps . My set up Starting at the battery with 10 gage anchor Marine wire to a 50 amp blue seas breaker... then to a 50 amp reversing relay and then to the pump all with 10 gage wire... the switch would be run with whatever say16 gage wire... not really relevant cause it’s just a switch to activate the relay... in my mind this should be good but after talking to a distributor of ballast equipment and a large manufacturer supplier of ballast equipment both say not to go this rout,::: main reason is alternator compatibility.. now I’m not sure what I have in my 2004 elite v I’m assuming it’s probably a 55 or 65 amp alternator not sure I don’t have the original docs and I don’t know if it’s been altered.. and it’s now all covered up for the winter..” aagg .. so with this being said i dont understand why the alternator would be an issue... we are running 3 group 27 batts for starting ballast and stereo.. all thru switches and isolators... they were saying that with all pumps running at the same time that the alternator could burn up.. overload ? Battery Amp “hour” is how I thought this was rated and with that it’s not much.. running pumps for only say 6 minutes... shouldn’t be a problem. Am I wrong ? thanks for the open conversation and help
  7. This winter we will be doing an upgrade to some integrated bags and I was wondering if any of you have any experience with the Johnson rapid rogue ballast pump? It’s a 30 gpm pump @ 30 amps ! And reversible... this seems like a dream pump but at 30 amps could this start other problems? (Electrical)....It also is only offered with 1.5” in and out ports which is larger than any of the standard fittings offered from many of the ballast supply folks so it creates a few challenges fitting up with the bags.. which have 1” ports... just throwing it out there for thought and conversation
  8. First time surfin

    Trying to post up a vid. Is it doable from phone ? Its telling me the file is to big it’s only a19 second vid thanks for he help
  9. Wow is all I have to say... that was a lot of fun... did a trip to pedro to try out the new Ballast bags and new board.. never have Surfed before but was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get up and get on the wave.. now just need lots of practice to learn how to ride it Haa 04 elite v with two 650 bags in the rear lockers the stock 250 center and four peeps and a little lead up front don’t know how much but not much... was able to ride with some slack rope but needed to hold onto it because I kept loosing the wave (rookie)... my son was able to throw the rope and ride but we are really close to the boat need to do some adjusting for sure but it was supper fun I’m now have crossed the line no more hard pulls out of the water and most important no More hard wipeouts !! For this 54 year old body! Will try to post a vid or pic later
  10. Nacimiento

    Whoa 104 cookin
  11. Nacimiento

    Thanks guys. Do most of our boating at don Pedro or new Melones just wondering about this lake looks pretty cool
  12. Nacimiento

    Has anybody been to lake Nacimiento lately just wondering about he lake level
  13. Pss shaft seal install

    Following..thinking about doing this 04 elite v

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