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  1. The Loud BEEP of death

    Sorry to hear of your troubles, brother. I have no idea but hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in. Glad to hear some lake time was salvageable. Is there a Mercruiser dealer around that could hook it up to the computer for diagnostics?
  2. I had an '03 Avy with walkthrough. We listed to port as we were all regular riders. Custom port avy bag (1500#) with 400#bag on port seat, 400# bag in bow and fat brick on platform with small crew. Calm lake too as rubrail was wet. Like Willy.Fire says trimmed the seat bags when more crew on board...
  3. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    My bad. Platform just looked low to me. Mine appears to sit a bit higher but I found this pic which looks closer to yours
  4. Dealer service

    will the Nautique dealer help you out? same parent company. I have a Mastercraft dealer that helps me with my 2013 Enzo. He and I grew rapport around my Avy that I bought in '08 and he had serviced. When I upgraded last year to the Enzo I asked him about MC boats but he didn't have anything in my price range. He then said, "no matter what you decide to do, I'd love to help you with whatever brand you end up with..." Having said that, my 2013 is way less complicated than something newer. A good dealer is worth their weight in gold
  5. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    Super cool boat. Never seen one of these. What was it built to tow? I think you may need to raise your swim platform from the look of your transom on the video; interested to see if others have surfed behind this particular hull and if it sets up different from a conventional enzo
  6. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    yes like Jake says above; another vid Are you putting an aftermarket tower on that bad boy?
  7. System continues to work great. I did end up re-propping. Talked to Nettles and they recommended going to the Acme 1617. I had the 1847. Only a couple clicks lower on the RPM gauge but a noticeable improvement in handling the weight and maintaining speed. Also used their Weekend Saver C-clamp prop puller. It was super easy, never pulled a prop before but worked as advertised and essentially stress free.
  8. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    looks like you will need to learn platform starts!!
  9. New board

    Intermediate surfer. 6’2”, 180#, been riding about nine seasons now. Over the last 5 to 6 years have surfed mostly surf style boards. Started on a IS squirt, moved to an older (maroon) sweet spot for a couple seasons, then bought a used soulcraft jetty which I used behind my Avy until I upgraded to an Enzo last year. With the new boat I got a phase 5 race 53.5 which I’ve happily been using since then. Really fun, playful, nice and fast and I really have a blast with it. Lucky to go on a boat demo recently and rode a newer sweet spot which pearled much less than my old one. Ventured into some skim boards including the phase 5 diamond CL 54, hypsta 54, and diamond 54. I tried the CL first and really enjoyed it. Not super slippery, good speed and feedback on the wave. I then moved to the hypsta and fell in love immediately. This thing is super fast yet stable and a little wider platform. I couldn’t quite equal the air I get on my race, but kept reaching for the board to ride it again. This week I got to demo the diamond. To me this seemed the best of both worlds. It was very fast like the hypsta, but seems just a little stiffer and allows me to get up in the air a bit better. A little more slippery but I’m getting used to it and having a ball. Easy to butter and maintain speed, even riding switch ( with the rope) and as close to landing a three as ever. Get the board in the right position at the back of the wave and it’s a rocket. I have not consistently recovered from this far back on a surf style. I know these are not very technical descriptions. I’m no pro but I spent a lot of time on the water. Happy to offer feedback on any of these boards if anybody’s looking. I was definitely impressed by phase 5 however, they have some awesome stuff out there.
  10. Swim Deck

    Is your platform bracket bent? It looks normal on port, high on strbd
  11. looks sweet! Nice color combo. You've got a wind dam, tinted glass, nice bimini, and looks like an equalizer although I don't recognize the upgraded inboats, and I'm guessing removable faceplate head unit-bluetooth is definitely nice if that's present. Otherwise look for plenty of aux-in as kids will take over your music if they haven't already. I don't see sideswipe exhaust which can get in the way of ballast bags. Wondering if he has 1000# bags in the rear lockers. I had a port custom avy bag that was 1500#. Should have a center tank and ask if there is bow ballast. i ran a 400# fatsac in the bow and a 150# on the swim platform, too. Lead will do the same thing. Ask if he has the sprinkler valves-you will probably want to swap those out. You will need PP to surf so factor that in. I tried without it and was extremely frustrating-way too many things to pay attention to driving to keep the throttle at a constant speed with that much weight on. Ask seller what his surf set up is. You can evenly weight with suckgate or list. Factor in who in your crew is goofy or regular. If Goofy riders may want A plate for trim tab. A Lenco or Bennett is preferable to the manual turnbuckle variety to help clean up the wave. High altitude prop (I had 911 and loved it) is a bonus for surfing. Dripless shaft seal also a bonus. Make sure it was maintained with low hours on a 12 year old boat. Make sure all gauges are accurate and in working order, especially fuel. Also check Nav lights and docking lights. Heaters and hot/cold shower are gravy. Good luck!
  12. Awesome boat! Tell us what you plan on using it for (surf already by the sounds of it) and shoot us a list of options it currently sports (PP, Aplate, bags vs stock tanks, speakers, etc.) or send the link. Brought my 3 boys up on an Avy, great all around family boat. If you like to slalom ski as your main use it is possible but this is not the boat for you
  13. looks great! 5200 fast cure?
  14. 2018 MC XT23 demo

    picture angles are slightly different but she said she preferred the Enzo; just couldn't say why. I think likely a bit more push especially near the back of the wave.

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