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  1. 06 avalanche walk thru ballast

    https://www.wakemakers.com/fly-high-tube-sac.html?75=3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4ci70O-44QIVisDICh0e9QDQEAQYASABEgJT2PD_BwE This is what I ran in my '03 under the walkthrough
  2. Awesome! Thanks everyone, much appreciated
  3. Lovetosurf posted a vid a while back with some sweet Fi mods; one including the addition of a cell phone holder/charger that he rewired into the back of his dash. Unfortunately the link to the unit that he installed from Amazon no longer exists. Just checking to see if anyone has done a similar mod; if so any specific unit recommended? Most of the ones I see on Amazon are hard to pronounce and from companies that I am not familiar with (like YEEHOO?!?) I am in '13 Enzo 230+ currently hold my phone in a RAM mounted cup holder. Would love to clean that area of the dash up. If the unit fit on the standard RAM mount that would be perfect. Searched the Facebook group didn't really see anything there...
  4. Lots of posts in here about Avy ballast projects, do some searching, I think BigCat had a link to his project that really helped me a few years ago. CrewAdmin helped me with my custom sac; ordered through here, great deal and awesome knowledge of the specific boat. I went with 911 prop (huge upgrade) and slammed the boat with weight. I used a brick on the transom, my 1500# avy sac on port side, a 400# bag in the bow, and on light crew days (kids were small back then) added a 400# on port seats. Whatever got my rubrail to the waterline. There are some posts of setups with surfgate on this site. Enjoy!!
  5. 2006 Avalanche

    spend some time with the search function here. I had an '03 and you can learn a ton from this site. Lotsa great info. I had a hot/cold shower and a heatercraft heater. If you can't find what you're looking for feel free to ask specific questions
  6. In search of Surf Boat

    like guido I have Enzo 230 (same hull as 233) I think both models (Avy and Enzo) will hold value if well cared for. New boat prices are insane, I bought my Avy for 28K, and I did put a bunch into it; but after 8 seasons sold it for 24K, even with over 1000 hours. It's a challenge to find a sweet surf wave for 25K
  7. In search of Surf Boat

    I thought alarm bells went off in the deep recesses of my brain to avoid the Enzo 216/220 for surfing. Not sure if that is the post I remember but I would definitely search the forum before that purchase. I had an Avy for 6 seasons-ran it listed, loved me that boat... I've had my Enzo for two seasons. As good as the Avy wave was, the Enzo=beefier wave with more push at the rear of the wave. Going from great to awesome!!
  8. Sub Help: Who’s Cut Their Hump?

    not my field of expertise. My project was with input from other crew and box/subwoofer support worked flawlessly. Good luck!
  9. Sub Help: Who’s Cut Their Hump?

    Sorry couldn't find any pics of finished product!
  10. Sub Help: Who’s Cut Their Hump?

    Did this a few years back on my '03 Avy. I had a heater port and a sub in the footrest. Sawzall around the perimeter. Used styrofoam between the back part of the hump and the steering cables and other junk that was hanging out back there so I didn't cut anything. Built a "bridge" over the hole in the floor with birch that was elevated using some plastic washers so air would flow in there and keep from collecting moisture. Coated the birch in fiberglass resin and think I plastic-dipped in black. Then mounted box with new JL sub onto the "bridge." Later built a section next to it to hold the heater vent. Was very please with the results

    schmexy! Good looking set-up; well executed. Even the dog matches the boat/truck combo!!
  12. 2006 Enzo storm

    I drove over 9 hours to get mine and would do it again in a heartbeat
  13. Evolution tower removed

    would love to see what your replacement looks like

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