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  1. Sweet! Thanks for the help. I was a little surprised one can of clear coat got me through both vents. I’ve got a whole nother can since I got the 2 pack. Ventilation is key with that stuff
  2. Tackling this project thanks to your excellent advice. This is me post wet sand, pre-clear coat. When dry, vent is a bit cloudy but when wet, looks great. Assuming the clear coat will give it the “wet look” but just wanted to make sure I don’t need to keep sanding
  3. Sub Help: Who’s Cut Their Hump?

    Nicely done!!! Ahhh, brings back memories 😉
  4. 2014 enzo sv233 with Go Surf Assist

    Lot's more info if you are inclined
  5. 2014 enzo sv233 with Go Surf Assist

    hey Kiteman! Welcome to site and congrats on boat! This site is a wealth of info as is the Centurion group on Facebook. Spend some time searching on Enzo topics, you won't be disappointed. I put a GSA system on my '13 SV230 (same hull as SV233) two years ago. Super happy with results, but self install was not without a learning curve. Got the unit during Black Friday sale so knocked it down a bit from the $4K Unit seems to be excellent quality. Knock on wood holding up very well as we average around 100hrs/season. We listed immediately after getting boat, then I switched to even weighting and Swell suck gate with what I felt was equal/better quality wave. (Some prefer the listed wave on these boats.) No real change in size with gate but super clean and excellent push far back on both reg and goofy waves. Listed I found the goofy wave a bit more temperamental to maintain. It was then that I decided to commit to unit. Synergytogo's experience with the system on his SV233 documented on this site helped sway my decision as did speaking with Ryan at GSA. My wave is fantastic on both sides with unit. Goofy is a monster. I don't think there is any comparison to listed. This is pushbutton, takes three seconds to flip sides, and I think adds tremendous value to the boat. Absolutely no spray from my FAE on goofy wave which was a problem with listed setup. System loves lots of weight as far back in boat as possible, so I have 320# lead in each rear locker. I also propped up. I have quick fill not ramfill and I do not have CATS. I actually run without the quickfills (500# each side) for beginners so they are not intimidated by the wave. I do list slightly to surf side if prolonged session on one side. Can't think of anything else at the moment. I don't have experience with InfinityWave tabs but InfinitySurf's write up is excellent.
  6. Thanks Infinity!! Gonna do my carbon fibers this winter according to your instructions. You still happy with the results?
  7. Any tips for winterizing quick fill tanks on 2013 Enzo SV230? Planning on lubricating doors and storing in upright position. Indoor storage thru winter so only a few days left outside with temps likely high 30's-40's. Thanks
  8. Not sure if this helps 2013 SV230+ all controlled by Provision; Pro bags are lower screen, dedicated pumps to each port and strbd; my PNP's are supplied by one pump, control is singular mid screen icon, I have a manually activated diverter valve under mid back seat that I have to set to port or strbd depending on how I want to fill/empty
  9. 2013 Enzo SV230+ vs 2011 a22 vandal

    third season in an SV 230+ same year. Coming from '03 Avy. Ran my Avy listed old school and had great years surfing on it. Enzo wave way meatier and more push. I've run it listed and suck gate with great results. Put GSA on it and after a few initial hiccups got it dailed in and absolutely love it. I love the full rear sunpad and I don't mind the generous bow area which others seem to dislike. It is a sleek low profile back end but going from a slammed listed Avy it is easy to drive even for my wife and kids. 343 PCM has been solid with over 500 hours. I have FAE and A plate. Goofy wave is killer. Drainmaster vs Valterra valves are your biggest headache most likely but there are solutions. It wouldn't discourage me from purchasing it again. We only surf no wakeboard. I punctured all the tubes when my kids hit their teens.
  10. You are correct my man! I did not even notice that. What a goofy design. Anyway good luck!! pic#2 tower end pic#3 bimini end
  11. First pic overall length including end caps Second pic bend position from “T” end third pic length black piece sits from tower end fourth pic length of black piece to “T” end fifth pic size of black piece last pic length pole sits in T piece hope this helps
  12. Just saying nowadays pretty tuff to find a good surf wave below 30K. I had my Avy for almost 10 seasons. Plenty of love and upgrades (and hours north of 1K) but ended up selling for only $4K less than I purchased her for-and it was still an awesome boat. I'll always love that girl...
  13. Sorry for the delay. My goofy wave is awesome with GSA and A-plate. I also have FAE with no interfering spray. Again I do not run a switchblade. I wouldn't be afraid of removing it if you don't like the results. These hulls throw great waves
  14. my '13 230+ has 1100's in rear lockers that we think fill to about 1000. Not sure if same as yours. Love my GSA system. We don't have blade. List slightly to surf side still so carbon fiber vents are nice

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