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  1. And is this the accessory power block? OK to take the black cover off?
  2. Sorry to belabor the point but I know literally nothing about wiring. Took another look under the dash tonight. Below the common ground bus block previously pictured I found this under a red rubber cap (circled in green.) is this also for a ground?
  3. Awesome!! Much appreciated! Now the GPS makes sense...
  4. Out of curiosity, why is there a GPS on this thing?
  5. Overall feel like I made good progress today. Couple questions for those who have done the install: my actuator wires enter away from the upper mounting bracket. I’m assuming just bead some silicone on the inside and outside of the hull and call it watertight? once the power supply is hooked up, looks like the lone deutsch there connects to the plug on the actuator cable hookup? does it matter how you connect the two cable terminals to the black box controller?
  6. Need to find a power source and a ground. The wire loops look huge compared to what I found. Assuming this is run off the Perko but not sure how to confirm. Any advice on hooking to power is appreciated. Me and electrical stuff are not best friends
  7. The instructions talked about being careful hooking up the potentiometer, that it only went one way and not to force it. Hope this is correct
  8. Thanks for the words of encouragement!! you know I honestly thought the hinge issue would be the biggest hurdle; the spacers took some time but obviously the right tools are a huge help. I was surprised by how much I did NOT like drilling with the hole saws in the upholstery under the throttle. The 5/8 bit was unnecessary on the face plate for the potentiometer IMO. Anyway, ran the wires on starboard side. Our helm is nice to work in behind the throttle, east to get to...
  9. My actuator wire needs to run into the transom away from the mounting bracket to avoid the false floor or quick fill. That’s why it’s not running through the actuator. Just like MrWick’s Supreme install. I’ll tackle that after I mount the other side.
  10. Chamfered the holes, loaded the bracket, holes, and both sides of spacer with 5200 fast cure. Set screws and cleaned up the mess with acetone.
  11. Drilled top hole after double checking tab displacement and angles. Put a temporary screw to hold bracket in place. Then drilled holes in plastic spacer. Finally able to mark and drill bottom holes in bracket.
  12. I don’t have adequate tools so a friend ripped the plastic for me on his table saw. My jigsaw didn’t work. Friction heats the plastic and it all coagulates so the jigsaw becomes useless. I took the ripped plastic and used his oscillating saw to cut the outline of actuator mounting bracket. Mucho better. Then used my Dremel with sanding head to finish the shape which worked great (better than palm sander.)
  13. Got the plastic to fab the spacers this week. Optimal actuator mounting bracket placement according to GSA is 1/1.5 inches above tab hinge. This means I mount the top screw of the bracket above the “ridge” in my transom and make a spacer for the bottom 2/3 of the bracket that hangs over.
  14. can u tell me what you used for pad/polish; was it a cutting pad/creme or more polishing? dual action orbital polisher or straight rotary? Great job boat is schmexy!!

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