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  1. Acme 1847


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    Brand new never used 1847 for listed or suckgated Enzo kept as spare no longer needed


  2. New 2008 Enzo SV230 Owner

    carbon fiber vents, especially if listing. Some have gotten rid of sideswipe secondary to noise and taking up locker room. Do not have switchblade so can't advise there. Love your color scheme
  3. That reminds me I have a brand new never used #1847 if needed I’ll give u a good deal ?
  4. your gonna want 1000# bags in the rear lockers. Doesn't hurt to ask...
  5. I have same boat and embarrassingly do not know. I do believe the quick fill vent is on each side of the exterior hull up near the windshield. It is in shape of Centurion helmet so maybe a hose runs through there to the vent. My boat is off site so I can’t check but keep us posted
  6. She’s a beauty. Great advice from Troy. I might want to confirm size of bags in rear locker. Also if Quick fill has drainmaster valves vs Valterra’s and when were they last replaced in case of drainmasters or when was the upgrade performed to Valterra
  7. Go for 1000# bags and hold on buying lead until you fool with it a bit. Listing vs. suckgate vs. tabs (if you anticipate using those) will make a difference in your lead requirements as well as if you are primarily towing or keep it at body of water
  8. Loved my 03 Avy. I put a Bennet wakeplate on it with extended throw rams to see if I could do some slalom freeskiing. Negative. My buddy's MC Prostar was mucho nicer for that. He described my wake as "firm" for slalom. My avy had a killer surf wave and rode better in chop tho!!!
  9. previous owner of my 2013 SV230+ put in 1000# bags I recall. They don't fill completely but almost and I have 9 lead bags on each locker floor. Even if you put the bigger bag in there, you don't have to fill all the way. Better than having a full smaller bag and room to spare
  10. As stated previously I have done all 3 on my Enzo 230+: listed with A plate, non-listed with Swell suckgate, and non-listed with GSA tabs that I installed. My wife will now drive the boat since she hated driving when slammed and listed While suckgate is better than listed IMO, especially for goofy wave, moving people to take off the suckgate and switch to the other side gets old. Can't transfer wave during the surf session A 3 second push of a button to switch the wave and the ability to do transfers under power is definitely an upgrade over suckgate. It is expensive but if already on there you are happy!! We actually found GSA system loves weight at the very rear of the stern. I actually use a bit less weight than I used to when listed. I have 360# lead at tail under my 1K# ballast bags in each locker for sweet spot. I don't use mid bags
  11. Full disclosure no relationship to BoardCo. But that Enzo looks decked out and clean PLUS GSA and FAE. When GSA tabs are dialed in the wave is sweet and no listing (I noticed no carbon fiber vents which are almost required when listing.) When u wanna switch between goofy and reg it is literally 3 seconds! Also looks like Wet sounds in-boat speakers; not sure brand on tower but heater and playpen bow are also nice. Maybe you can find something nicer for less and it's always fun to look but this checks a lot of boxes
  12. you will never tell yourself "Damn, I wish I got a smaller boat." Unless the garage is too small...
  13. I went to SV230 three seasons back from an Avy that I had owned for 10 years. I absolutely loved that Avy. Having said that, the SV wave is a huge upgrade, and I can only imagine the SV240 is even better. Can't comment on Tige comparison. I started out listing the SV, then went to suckgate and totally agree with Dreamer. I then went to GSA tabs and after a couple "tuning" issues, wave is another level up from suckgate. Check out the threads on Shaka's tabs. Look for Infinity Surf's install post. Look for A plate, I have FAE also and love it. Good to be aware of the drainmaster vs. Valterra valve issues depending on the model your researching
  14. Underwater LED light placement

    many years ago I placed a single seablaze when I installed a hydraulic trim tab. Put out a surprizing amount of light. Thought I would place additional lights later but never needed to. I think symmetrically under water line is fine. Good luck!

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