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  1. by "launch" do you mean hole shot?
  2. So I think on the GSA install video the recommended deployment of the tab is between 9 and 15°. I checked my angles for deployment for surf and skim using the AngleFinder app that was recommended for the install. I think there is quite a bit of variance with it’s accuracy depending on the curve of the bottom of the hull and the area on the tab that is measured. Anyway in full surf mode I got 8° of deployment and in skin mode I measured 11° of deployment. During the install I had assumed that more deployment was desirable. Would’ve been useful information to know as it may have affected where I mounted the actuator
  3. so in the vid I had set the unit to surf goofy, so the port tab was deployed to full in "surf" mode. Then had my son move dial to full skim. You get a little movement then no movement but a lot of actuator firing. Then had him move all the way back to surf mode. Lot of movement in the potentiometer dial but tab obviously doesn't respond through that whole range. Not yet sure if more fuel efficient. Still runs at 3500RPM. When I get back I might retract tabs and try suckgate again to see what my RPM's are running
  4. Can u explain the tab deployment angles? Just want to confirm are those tab angle numbers relative to the hull using the angle finder app like on the install videos? Or is that "clicks" like Infinity was describing. Thanks for your input on the journey. I'm out of town for a week so further experiments will be put on hold temporarily...
  5. tried to embed a quick video of potentiometer function but didn't work. I'll try later Went out last night didn't fill mid seat pro bags- left lead in place, filled rear locker PNP's and quickfill. Boat seemed very rear heavy couldn't get nose down as much as usual with A plate so bumped speed up to 11.4 with decent results. Lot of wind so chop made it challenging. Will keep trying but son 3
  6. Pretty sure running the 1847. I say pretty sure because I bought the boat from WETSU last year. I have a spare 1847 and I seem to recall he told me he had the exact same prop mounted. I have to get some goggles on and go on under the lift to confirm. I think I’m going to take a look at the system on the lift today with a helper running the tabs. The center dial knob on the control panel (potentiometer) does not have hard clicks on this model. I will set it all the way counterclockwise (surf) and slowly move clockwise (skim) to see if there is a deployment difference. In the water I have had the system set all the way from “surf” to “skim” without a discernible difference. Your website idea is a great one. I’m sure that would save Ryan a lot of phone calls and texts also. I reached out to synergytogo to see what his set up is as he seems to have a wave he’s really happy with. Ryan also said the less tab in the water the harder the wave will push. You will need more weight in the rear compared to a gate system but not less weight overall.
  7. quick update and I can post pics later for those interested. I saw the SV244 GSA post so I'm not sure if this info is applicable to the bigger brother. Got my third ride out with GSA system this am. Crew of 5. Spoke to Ryan and he recommended all lead in the back lockers, none up front. So 400# rear port and 320#rear strbd. Filled quickfills, both rear lockers and both mid seat bags. Boat struggled to get to 10.8. Emptied strbd mid seat bag half way. Still struggled to get to speed so emptied some of each quick fill (I think half?) until PP was able to catch up-speed 11 mph paddlewheel. This was the best wave I've had so far after install. RPM's at 3500. Face of wave not as steep as I recall listed or with suckgate. I still haven't experienced "crazy push" over the suckgate but this was a very enjoyable wave and could easily ride the back of the wave without shooting out. My son (6'4" 170#) liked it as well as suckgate wave felt he had to try less hard for airs. Obviously will need more tuning but I'm wondering if slamming with weight is actually counterproductive. I'm going to try NOT filling mid seat pro bags next time. If it wasn't such a PITA I might also take all the lead out and try just stock ballast. After I fart around with that I might consider trying to decrease the tab deployment like MrWick. There is definitely a learning curve here, not without a little frustration/anxiety at spending $4K and drilling a bunch of holes in your boat.
  8. A little bit too late at night and too cold to ride but hopefully I’ll get behind the boat relatively soon and post my thoughts
  9. Got back from work tonight and moved lead around a little bit. Put 280 pounds in the rear port locker, 200 pounds in the rear starboard locker and left 240 pounds in the bow. I then filled all my ballast up; both QuickFill’s, both rear lockers, and both mid lockers. Speed at 11 tab mostly ran all the way down especially for the goofy side. Lake calmer without as much chop compared to my other outing. It seemed that the best set up was draining about half the weight out of the starboard mid boat ballast bag with that set up here are my regular and goofy waves
  10. So I got the boat back yesterday. I rechecked my Deutsch connectors and found the lines from the actuators we’re not sitting firmly in the harness. Firmed those up and the system works fine! Got most of my lead out and put 280 pounds evenly distributed in the bow and 160 pounds in each back end of the rear lockers. Filled both QuickFill, both rear lockers, and both mid boat PNPs. PP at anywhere from 10.8 to 11.4. Ended up running the wake tab all the way down at 100 to keep the bow down. Air temperature in the mid 60s And water temp here in Vermont also low so I didn’t stay out very long. Got one ride in. Initial thoughts: No spray with FAE on either side. That was a relief to see as I was worried about the goofy side. Goofy wave looked spectacular. I am a regular surfer so didn’t spend any time over there but very easy to get compared to the listed or suck gate wave. Regular wave not the typical beefy hi wave I’m used to with either listed or suck gate set up. It was a bit windy out so there was chop and I only had approximately 320 pounds of crew with my two kids. Slowed the speed down a little bit and the wave got taller but squatty. Messed around with the tab a little bit and similar effect. Didn’t seem like too much weight for the engine so I have a couple more lead bags and I’m gonna put in the port rear locker corner. I may then empty starboard PNP a bit next. Based on Mrwick’s experience I may then change the tab angle to see if that helps. Also probably reach out to Ryan next week after the holiday. Any other experience is greatly appreciated. I’ll try and take some pics and video next time out.
  11. Glad to hear you have success!! Sounds like you are happy with the investment!?!
  12. Mine too. I've had a bit of a hiatus as boat is off to be summerized. Hoping to get it back anyday now. I did power up after install and although unit faceplate responded appropriately, no tab movement. When I get the boat back I've got to check all my connectors and go from there...
  13. Good luck and fingers crossed!! Keep us posted...
  14. Fly high tube sac=370# is biggest you can fit in the locker. Throw a 400 on the walkthrough and fill the port locker and port seat (custom avy sac is 1500#) I always ran my avy listed for regular wave with a 400 pound bag in the bow, custom avy bag full, and if light crew 400 bag on top of port seat. I did hear people running a surf gate with 1100 on the Surfside and 8 to 900 on the non-service side with 400 in the bow. https://www.wakemakers.com/fly-high-tube-sac.html?75=3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIksr92pOE2wIV3I2zCh3MHwlNEAQYASABEgKwYfD_BwE

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