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  1. 2012 SV233 or 2014 SV233

    Thanks a bunch for all your advice guys. I decided the 2014 SV233 was my best option (newer, CATS, Ramfill, updated touchscreen, high altitude Acme 1847 prop, better looking exterior/interior) and made a deal today - HOORAY! The boat market in western Canada is much smaller and is crazy hot right now (as it turned out the 2012 SV233 I was considering also sold today) so I am thrilled to have secured a great surf boat now. The dealer agreed to give me first shot if any comparable Centurions came in on trade with 409 in the next few months. Many thanks to everyone on the Centurion Crew site for all the great posts - this is such a great resource.
  2. Hi all. I am looking for a great surf boat and trying to decide between a 2012 SV233, 409, 275 hours, $75k and a 2014 SV233, 343, ramfill, CATS, 325 hours, $80k. Both boats are 2nd owner, both at same dealer, dealer sold and serviced both. I am familiar with debate between 409 and 343 and would normally favor the extra power. My last boat was a 6.2 450. I am not familiar with ramfill and CATS options and merits. Fwiw the 2014 has much nicer color combo. We boat at Sylvan Lake, Alberta- elevation 3,200'. Thanks in advance for your advice/views.

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