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  1. Hull blisters

    Nicole TurpinCustomer Service Assistant Phone # (209)205-2188455 Grogan AveMerced, CA 95341 Here is the number to Nicole at Fineline , Nicole Turpin, she is a good place to start if you have issues she helped me when I had my issues with my boat, hope this helps
  2. I’m currently on a Ri257, But my past two boats were a FS44, and a SV233, I have ridden behind a FX22 and to be honest I was super impressed with the boat, I could not believe the wave that, that 22 foot boat put out I think you will be super happy with it if that’s the route you choose to take
  3. Lol, I Feel you, every time we fell we’d get our feet up on the board and Our hands out of the water was quick as possible. 👍
  4. So has anybody made it out surfing yet this winter, these pics were took 20 days ago my buddy and I went out on February 7, i invited everybody I knew but he was the one crazy enough to go, the air temp is 50° the water temp is 47, we had a great time the only problem is the following week the weather dropped again then I had to re-winterize my whole boat so I wouldn’t have to be have any concerns about freeze up but it was worth it.
  5. Elite c4 surf and value?

    https://boise.craigslist.org/boa/d/centurion-air-warrior-c4/6286993564.html Is the air warrior Just a option package, this would be an elite v correct? Or does it have a different hull design thought this boat might be a good deal
  6. Elite c4 surf and value?

    https://www.ksl.com/classifieds/listing/45638249 https://www.ksl.com/classifieds/listing/45175736 heres a couple avalanche’s had one before, great boat.
  7. RI 257 Decadence flooring

    No it has the deluxe snap in carpet I plan on removing the snaps from the floor by unscrewing the small screw, putting all the carpet and snaps away they’re still brand new, my FS 44 had gator step in it but it also had decadence flooring laid on top but I did not like about the gator step was to broke up pattern between all the floor stuff and it always looks kind of smudgy in dirty from water spots drying unevenly in different areas
  8. Finally received my decadence flooring for my RI 257, I ended up purchasing it from commercial mait’s and rubber.com, I contacted centurion and crew in regards to decadence flooring several times but nobody ever got back to me, so I went this route, it up costing a little over $1200, cant check fitment tell my boat gets back from being winterized but I made the pattern myself I was really exact, and had them cut it 1/8 inch extra all the way around compensate for the radius from the floor to the wall, should be a perfect fit, I will post pics soon as I get in the boat. If anybody has been looking where to purchase decadence flooring for A ri257 commercial mats and rubber now has a pattern for it
  9. Warranty work

    I read another post about somebody stating fine line was going to reupholster their entire boat due to these dimples , so hopefully they will step up as far as those Vinyl issues go, not sure what they will do about the bleed through, I myself noticed that happening several boats ago and I started laying a comforter over the swim deck before I put the cover on that way keeps any dirty water coming through the cover from staining the vinyl and getting baked in by the sun on a hot day. You may try some babes six soap it worked for me you might even try as a last resort a Mr. clean eraser but be gentle because they are abrasive.
  10. Warranty work

    Nicole Turpin Customer Service Assistant Phone # (209)205-2188 she took great care of on a issue.
  11. Well I can only speak for to of theses models, had a 1999 x-star, good for wakeboarding, but if your even thinking about doing any surfing stay away from that entire line up, with that hull style. No goofy wave to speak of and the regular side isn't that great. Had a 2005 avalanche C4, great all around boat it will do it all, plenty of room inside and good surf wave both sides of the boat.
  12. Keep 2014 or time to upgrade?

    I would do some looking around at that price, I got my 257 2017 new under 10 hours for under 140G loaded with all options except the front bow bag and gator skin flooring, which is fine because I just ordered my decadence flooring for it. Not sure how far away you are but I know Boardco had one (if it has not sold yet) mocha and black metal flake for under 140 is well with about 10 hours on it.
  13. 257?

    It dwarfs my crewcab ford F250
  14. Keep 2014 or time to upgrade?

    Yes, you do you lose a bit more doing the trade-in deal, my only advantage is my dealer has been really fair to me when it comes to buy a new boat, and trading them in just seems to work for me I feel the market for consumers to spend 80+ on the boat is pretty slim. And our summers are pretty short so I would really hate to not have my boat right up until the end. The only thing I believe you're going to find with the new boats they just seem smaller inside compared to yours in less you were going to the 257, I originally wanted a FI but after going to see it in person decided it was way too small compared to my FS, I also looked at the 237 which was a bit better but still seemed small that's what motivated me to get the 257 yes I did have to build a bigger garage but I do believe it was worth it, after seeing what the new hull design can do I believe if you get behind a well set up to 237 you'll find the wave to be far superior than what you were getting out of your Sv.
  15. Keep 2014 or time to upgrade?

    Are you stating you do not believe the wave on a new boat, will not be better than your sv244 with nuticurl? let me tell you exspirence with the new boats, had a loaded 2014 sv233 always ran listed and I believed it was the best, surfing goofy though I was always jealous when my buddy's surfed the other side, ran all ballast plus 500lbs of lead, after hearing all hype about the FS44 goofy wave I went for a demo, the new hull design blew the SV wave away on both sides of the boat, needless to say bought it, the purple boat used in Vagas at the 2014 World championships, loaded with everything but Quicksurf, added 700lbs more and the wave was amazing, nothing else even came close, last couple years seen all the suckgates come out and everybody trying them on all types of boats Enzo's of all sorts but none compared to my listed wave, thought I would try one, bought a Delta and the wave was awesome and easy to switch sides but after that wore off we were back to listing, it was just a bigger firmer cleaner wave, but was missing the ease of switching sides, last year I did demo a RI237, was not impressed, but now believe the dealer may not have known how to set it up. Because this year I demoed a 2017 RI257 fully loaded with all ballast, it literally only took me getting up on the wave to make up my mind on buying this boat, I was skeptical coming from a FS44 , but it was in a whole other class, the new hull of this boat and all the new 2018 centurion boats is like nothing they have had before, and after adding 1000 pounds of lead to this boat the way it is phenomenal, I know from experience the suckgate can produce a very nice wave it did work extremely well on the FS, but if you were under the impression that the whole new lineup will not make your wave feel small by comparison either you have not road them or somebody has not set it up properly for you. So as to your options if it were me I ride your boat all of next season then trade it in on a 2018 when the 2019s hit the market before your hours get too high in my opinion anything over 350 and they really kick your A$$ for it , that's why I bought a 2017 I got it fully loaded and saved a bundle because the 18s are at the dealerships now, just get out there in the spring demo all the new boats in the lineup and see what you want to set your sights on, I believe you will not be disappointed,

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