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  1. CATS question

    CATS is a box I would definitely check. First it is nice in wave tuning, but if you wakeboard, never having to move crew around, to balance the wake is great. Plus if you are beginners it allows you to clean one side at a time at ANY speed. Then there is resale, anyone who is used to having CATS will likely pass on any boat without it. (I know I am in that category)
  2. CATS question

    CATS is no longer standard, it's now an option. This is due to MALIBU owning the "delayed conference" patent. CATS falls under that umbrella, so every boat that has CATS, Malibu gets a royalty check. Even with the opti V hul, cats is worth the $
  3. Black on Black 257 build

    If there was ever a boat needing PTM's new black racks it's this one
  4. And so it begins!!!

    That is gorgeous. You will love the centurion. Night and day difference in quality. No more Maliblues! Only Centurion stoke! Reliability has been outstanding so far.
  5. Purchasing an FI 23

    That's a good looking wave. However pictures are deceiving! The Centurion waves feel as good as the look. That can't be said about all waves.
  6. 2017 Ri 237 vs LSV25

    Quality issues from Tennessee, is a fairly recurring theme. I don't believe the Indmar motor/tranny combo is as well built as the PCM powertrain is. Which is why Axis seems to have less issues than BU also...I had numerous issues with my 2015, including a blown tranny, actual gears breaking type stuff. Full on grenade! Screen issues are the Achilles heel of BU. I only had 3 screens replaced between 2 boats in 2 years. The small 7" screen is horrible! Everyone has issues, just seams more prevelent with some manufacturers.
  7. New FI23 or used RI237

    Obviously different beasts, but the RI on opti-v LOVES rear weight. Bow bag probably not needed, transom bag is needed. BTW congrats on the FI! Those are the absolute best looking boats on the market right now, by a large margin!
  8. As a bigger guy I love the handle. Single hand triangle style. The handle has a downside though, if you fall accross it, you gonna get a NASTY BRUISE.
  9. New Boat

    @BoardCo is a great dealer. My dealer Century Marine is also fantastic. http://centurymarine.com
  10. Infinity, if you want to make a trip a bit west, would love to meet you on Norris this summer. We make that trip every summer.
  11. FS vs SV

    I would think 2016's are fair game. Especially with no longer produced models like SV/FS. Would possibly become more sensitive with RI/FI. Your dealer should also be open to realistic negotiations.
  12. FS vs SV

    My dealer still has a 2016 FS44 NEW! Fully loaded downfire, 550, etc. You could likely get it in the low 90's. They want it gone!
  13. CATS on the Fi23?

    Yes get CATS! especially if you wakeboard. Yes the hills are balanced, but CATS will solve the 3 people on one side 2 on the other. Plus it does provide an extra level of adjustability even on the Opti V hulls. I use it all the time on my 257
  14. 2017 Ri 237 vs LSV25

    It's not tough, but with all the adjustability you can create ANY wave shape. You want flat Malibu style, list it and turn CATS into the wave. You want super steep and barreling, set tabs lower and face CATS away from the wave. Or any combination in between.
  15. 2017 Ri 237 vs LSV25

    That is a super clean color scheme!

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