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  1. Quicksurf Tuning

    Love coming back to these posts to refresh. One thing I would add is that lead can be a game changer, depending on how big your crew is. I use 500lbs mostly in the lockers behind the PNP bags, skewed to the surf side. I think it may be a much in the back though, the RPMs are definitely up there - anyone else use lead and what configuration?
  2. Quicksurf Tuning

    Hey @nownow, I’m just taking my Ri217 out next week, wondering what settings you ended up using to dial it in? I feel like I forgot everything from last season. Thanks!
  3. Ri 217 Surf Setup

    Now that looks like a nice portside wave. What settings are you using @luluzer? Thanks in advance and thanks to everyone for their advice...I'm only on day 4 with the ri217 so I will get this I'm sure!
  4. Ri 217 Surf Setup

    @NW Boat Sports I have cleaned the wash but my same comments about it being softness and push still apply. The lead I think would help, what other settings are you using for a regular wave? Thanks!
  5. Ri 217 Surf Setup

    Thanks @Korgae, I'm looking for more steepness and more push. My point of comparison is heavily listed 20-21' Wakesetters with wedges and one with SG where the wave seemed to have more curve to it and more push at the back. I'm finding the wave a bit flat and soft without a lot of push at the back of it. Attached is a picture of the wave but the quality they let you upload is poor.
  6. Ri 217 Surf Setup

    @NW Boat Sports crew size is all over the map which is part of the problem. A lot of the time it is just the wife and 2 kids. So was hoping I could set it up assuming no crew and just have it build depending on who shows up. Do I need to add lead or something to make this work?
  7. Ri 217 Surf Setup

    I've been on a 2018 Ri217 for a few days and I would say I can get an ok wave but was hoping for great. Looking for a better setup @CO Surfer @onlyinboards @Korgae @Woody @BoardCo Factory prosurf left was a mess. Regular wave - tabs 0/50/70, speed 11.4, Cats 0, ballast (rear plug n play full, 50% in centre tank, ramfill 100/80). Ramfill to me is very hard to judge - I end up hitting fill 3 times to make sure it spills out the vents on the sides - anyone have a better way of doing this? Thanks!
  8. Ri 217 Surf Setup

    @Korgae I just picked up a new Ri217 and was wondering if you have any updates to your surf setup now that you've used it a couple more months? Do you still believe in filling up the front bags? CATS? I'm a regular rider FYI but I assume would be similar. Thanks!

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