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  1. Alarm

    Had to use diacom to clear
  2. Hull blisters

    I spoke to New dealer in depth on Thursday and I feel RELIEVED to say the least! These guys are “Boat Guys” not motorcycle guys. From what I understand they have been in boat repair business for 20+ years. I didn’t even want last guys to do recalls on my boat! Hopefully all will work out as it seems it’s going to....will be taking carpet off lift bunks and trailer bunks and replacing with gatorbak or snaptraxx I’m very near future so this doesn’t happen again....the wet carpet on lift and trailer are what appears to be cause. Will let you guys know how it comes out. On another note if you purchased a boat from last dealer I highly recommend contacting Centurion with above contact info because my boat was not registered with either Centurion or PCM so essentially I had no warranty even though I purchased a brand new boat!! Nicole handled for me so I’m good to go in future !
  3. Hull blisters

    I am in Lagrange which is South West of Atlanta....I bought it from the folks who no longer carry Centurion. I have heard that new Dealers have it but know nothing about them. @JJOcean if you don't mind shoot me a PM I would like to know anything I can before I blindly go in. Last dealer was nice but I never really felt comfortable with them wrenching on boat since they were new to boats in general. I did all work last year myself because of this! @mrrpfc4 thanks for contact...I actually sent her an email this morning! Hopefully this thing works itself out!
  4. Hull blisters

    @InfinitySurf thanks for well thought out rational response! I’ve been sick about this all day and dreading what’s next! To add fuel to fire my dealer is no longer Centurion dealer....I say my dealer with grain of salt. Anyhow the new dealer o know nothing about or reputation so this I will have to rely solely on Fineline. None of the blisters have appeared to have a puncture so that’s why I’m thinking I should be good for this season. The more I look at blisters it becomes evident it’s from trailer/lift bunks because they are a 6-8” dead straight line...they are not just random it’s a definitive line. So with that said I would think that the argument is null and void concerning me leaving in water for extended period. But who knows how others think! I will reach out to Fineline tomorrow and I’m sure first response will be contact dealer ....but once again I don’t have one at moment so it hurts!
  5. Hull blisters

    I guess if it is merely cosmetic (which is debateable) I wonder since boat is on lift all season if it would hurt to wait till end of season. I know Centurion states boats left in water fur extended periods are not covered by warranty but surely since my boat has never been left in water overnight it should be covered?
  6. Hull blisters

    One other note....My Malibu 247 sat on same lift for 3 years and never had issue so I don't think its from lift. Here are some photos...
  7. Wondering if anyone has noticed any gel coat blisters on their newer boat? I was waxing my boat (2017 RI257) this morning getting it ready for season and low and behold I get to bottom and I have about a section around 12” wide on each side of hull....I can’t tell how far they go back because it’s on trailer and it appears to follow bunk line. I keep boat on covered lift all season at my dock. I wipe it down every time I use it and cover it after every use. I know cover is overkill but it keeps bugs out! Boat spends all winter on trailer in my heated shop so it’s never in the elements. Also I noticed a spider crack in middle of on swath of the blisters!!! One other thing is boat has NEVER spent the night in water...I lift it every time so it’s not prolonged exposure to water! I hate this being that season starts now and I’m concenred this kind of repair will ruin entire summer! I will try and lost some pics later and I appreciate any advice!
  8. I think it is Knock Sensor...I think you will need to have scanned and code erased. Most likely is stored and wont go away until you hook up to Diacomm
  9. Bought right around 4/1 and now 121 hours ...crazy thing is if you look at diacomm data roughly 80 hours are idle or around idle speed....this not turning boat off when ballasted is really adding up!!!
  10. Can anyone tell me where the $&&) plug is to hook up diacomm on an Ri257...I'm in the bay and don't see it anywhere close to ecm....there is slide plate that is main harness I assume but typically it hangs right around this area.....I need to spend more time digging around because luckily I've been trouble free for most part but now when I do have a code I can't find squat!
  11. Free swag

    I've got nothing as far as communication or swag from Centurion. Really have not received anything from my dealer either other than a few responses to emails I've sent them. im currently trying to get them to order me the new Stinger hose because mine has a huge hole in it !
  12. refresh software

    Wheels-Thanks man!! I couldn't remember to save my life !
  13. Can anybody shoot me a tutorial on updating software. I have the new software on thumb drives and cant remember how the upload works...meaning how to initiate once USBis plugged in? I have looked in the SxS owners manual and don't see it. I did it once in May but cant remember how I did it!
  14. Can anybody shoot me a tutorial on updating software. I have the new software on thumb drives and cant remember how the upload works...meaning how to initiate once USBis plugged in? I have looked in the SxS owners manual and don't see it. I did it once in May but cant remember how I did it!

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