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  1. Sounds like your neutral safety sensor/switch is on its way out. When they start to go the sensor thinks the boat is in gear. So it would act the exact same way as it would if you left the boat in gear and were trying to start it. The good news is that if I happen to be right, you won't have to pay freight on the whiskey. We're pretty much neighbours.
  2. You are seeing your depth alarm come on. The Factory preset is 10'. You can change it by going into "User Settings" by pressing your "Menu" button on the left screen.
  3. '16 FS44 prop

    That looks to be the wrong prop for that boat. The 1589 is a 14.5"x16". 3700-3800 RPM's seems pretty low for running that engine with that boat. 16" pitch would explain the low RPM's and the lack of speed/power. See below..... This is what Wakemakers Recommends. Seeing as they don't separate their recommendations based on engine size, one could assume they are basing this on the H6. The FS44 w/ H5 is a big boat with a small engine. You need to prop down. WAY DOWN. Get those RPM's up and you'll notice a huge difference. https://www.wakemakers.com/centurion-wakeboard-boat-propellers They recommend the 2571. I'm not sure that a 14" diameter on a boat the size of your FS is ideal. But they likely know much better than I do. Hopefully you get some guys with the FS44/H5 combo chiming in. They'd be able to give you some insight that is tried, tested, and true.
  4. Fi rumors

    Disclaimer - Change the colour scheme of the LSV to the that of the Fi, to make all things equal. You'd have a bad a** looking LSV so it might be closer. I am huge fan of red.
  5. Old hose. Had 25 Hrs on the clock when this was taken. I sure had my doubts when I bought the boat. But thought I better give them the benefit of the doubt. Old Hose vs. New Hose. Seems to be a better quality product. Definitely looks better. I still have my doubts...... but time will tell.
  6. Fi rumors

    You should post this exact post on TMC @Darkside. I'll get some popcorn ready. It'd be great. I'm only saying this because I couldn't agree more in this case. Usually I'm a huge fan of the looks of the Malibu's.
  7. If it helps any, the exhaust hose going to my silent stinger self destructed last weekend. I don't believe there was any noticeable difference in sound level when surfing (in AND behind the boat). There were definitely more fumes though. At idle with no ballast it was louder. Didn't seem louder at cruise speeds (ballasted or not). I'd say go for it if the cost is justifiable. Just based on the fumes alone. Hopefully this updated exhaust hose holds up better than the original.
  8. Ri257 only surf settings

    Good to know. I tried that before but was running some weight in the centre tank. Haven't tried it without yet. Glad you'll be helping dial it in next Friday. With the hours you have behind the Ri's you should be able to get a pretty Skookum wave out of this thing. Took her all of 20 seconds to completely change my wave into a proper skim wave. Let me know if you're down there this weekend and we can play around with it some.
  9. You got it. I don't have anything marked on GPS. But I know the lake pretty darn good. Spent a lot of time riding quads on the lake bed during the spring seasons when water was out which helps too. Not sure how familiar you are with the lake but I could let you know where to stay away from. You can also purchase the Canadian charts for your GPS. IIRC, for some reason I think I looked into the Canadian maps and Kooc wasn't charted on it. Likely due to the ever changing lake bottom from the lake draining and filling back up every year.
  10. Ri257 only surf settings

    I myself ride goofy. In my post I was referring to a regular skim rider. So for me (goofy) I'd now run + for a Surf, - for Skim. For regular riders it would be - for surf, + for skim. So that we're on the same page...... in our 257 + points towards Starboard (Goofy), and - points toward Port (Regular).
  11. Fi rumors

    To be honest, now that we're getting some hours on our boat, I absolutely love the XR7 with the 1.48 tranny. It's a freight train. Surf at 3100 RPM. Cruise easily at 30MPH. Get on plane with full ballast. Acceleration to surf speeds is literally instantaneous. And the best part is that the fuel economy has been impressive to say the least (all things considered). I didn't have very high expectations regarding fuel consumption as the XR7 isn't DI and the 257 is an absolute monster. But this hull is outright EFFICIENT. It's funny how when we bought the boat I wanted to mess with props, complain about gearing, etc. As if they didn't know what they were doing at the factory. Now that I've actually put some time behind the wheel, spent time on the phone with ACME, we're loving the package exactly how it came. I just really wish they'd get these electronic bugs (ballast timers, rider presets, etc.) worked out. That part is frustrating.
  12. Ri 217 Surf Setup

    See my post in the below thread for some of my findings last weekend regarding CATS. It cleared up a lot of confusion for me.
  13. Ri257 only surf settings

    There seems to be a lot of confusion around CATS with the new RI's. I'll share some of my findings from last weekend and maybe it'll help others. I had a Pro Skim rider behind our 257 last weekend who is factory sponsored. She has years of experience dialling in these Centurions. It seems that when we dropped the non-surfside Ramfill to 75%, CATS was usable in both directions. It did exactly what they claim it does (point away from the rider for a skim shape, towards the rider for surf shape). We actually ran 0% in the Centre tank. 100/75 in the Ramfills and ran CATS at +10 (she rides regular). She said it was the best wave she's ever ridden. She has a 237 of her own. So from my experience last weekend, the more you list the boat, the more responsive CATS is. And because of the list, CATS can be used either direction while maintaining a clean wave.That's probably why guys with Surf Pro don't seem to be seeing the benefits of CATS quite as much. It was really something to watch that wave change the way it did. It lengthened right out and totally changed the shape. It's amazing how much "USABLE" wave you can get out of these beasts. So here's a setting to try for the skim folks. Ramfills:75/100 Transom PnP: 100% Locker PnP's: 100% Centre Tank: 0% Centre Stinger: 100% Surf Tab 70% CATS: +10 Speed: 11.4 - 11.6 (Depending on current, wind, etc.) Crew: 4 Adults, 2 Young Children Seeing as these boats seem to be almost symmetrical when it comes to wave settings on both sides, try reversing these settings for goofy. I'm going to try using these as a base for setting up a better regular surf wave for my wife. I'm thinking raise the stinger to 80-85, move the cats into the -, and maybe bump up the speed a bit. @BoardCo has mentioned that CATS should be the last point of adjustment. I really see what he's getting at. We originally started with the above settings only with CATS at 0. It was a nice clean wave. Than when we started playing with CATS we could really see the wave shape from surf to skim as we moved from - CATS to + CATS.I think the key here is to really list the boat though. You can get a stellar wave out of these machines without listing, but I think one thing will always remain true with ANY boat....... the best wave is a listed wave.
  14. How many hours do you have?

    @cripper - Shut it off. You'll be fine. Especially if it's only for a short period of time. We've spent a lot of time ballasted with the engine off. No issues yet. It's not worth putting all of those extra hours on the boat.
  15. I need to make a correction. The lake we are on is 50/50 US/CANADA. Last weekend I turned the GPS on and realized that the US half of the lake is all charted. The Canadian side didn't exist. So it appears that the US maps do come preloaded as Darkside has stated. Sorry for the inaccurate info from before.

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