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  1. On the transmission fluid do you just suck out the old and replace it with new? Is there a filter to change?
  2. where the charger bank is located?
  3. where the charger bank is located?
  4. Does anyone use there on board battery charger? I have a 16 FS44 and do not know if it works when it’s plugged in. Anyone have some tips on using it?
  5. I have a 16 FS 44 and looking to add a rear view camera. Has anyone done this? It looks like the infrastructure may already be in place.
  6. Kentucky

    I’m in southern IL. You’re welcome to crawl through here. 16 FS 44
  7. Thank you for the replies. Is there a filter on the transmission or is it just simply removing the old and putting in new fluid?
  8. I bought a new 2016 fs44 this summer with the H6 engine and have a couple of questions. For the annual maintenance do you do it yourself or take it to a dealership? The manual states that states some of the work must be done by a dealership. Has anyone called pcm and asked if you could do the work and keep records on it? The only reason I would take the boat in is to stay compliant on warranty. Thanks in advance.
  9. Shaft seal

    This is the best picture I could get
  10. Does anyone know who manufactures the shaft seal that would be on a 2016 fs44 or similar boat?
  11. Does anyone know what time of shaft seal would be in a 2016 FS44?
  12. I replaced my seal on a 06 Enzo with a pss seal. I had to take up floor, pull v drive, and pull shaft out towards the front of boat. It was not a hard just but did take a few hours.
  13. I am having a prop plate put on my fs44 on Friday due to prop burn. Does anyone know if there is a wait time before I can use the boat? (Possibly due to glue drying, etc).

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