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  1. For anyone that isn't a supporting member and visits frequently, please help and become a supporting member! It's cheap help when you might need it ask me how I know!

    Ken and Andrea are awesome and selfless people, I've had the fortunate pleasure of meeting them. They spend a ton of there personal time keeping this sight up with no gain so please help keep this sight available and spend the $30.00!!!

  2. Awesome, my wife put in her request for the time off today. So if it gets approved we're gonna fly in on Friday! Hope it all works out 2014 was a blast!
  3. Its concrete swimming Doc And it takes a entire day to recover from hanging out with you for 3 days lol
  4. Hahaha at least I know I'm not the first and probably won't be the last I know this, I'll never try again!
  5. Have fun, surf, enjoy great people and don't try to hang with Ken.... HE WILL NOT PASS OUT BEFORE YOU!!!!!
  6. Hope I can make it this year...I'll know in the next few weeks. I gotta say if anyone that has never been is considering it and can, DEFINITLY GO!!!!!!! It's so much fun with so many of cool people to meet! I'll do my best to be there guys
  7. Dark is correct, when I had my bowrider i had a chance to get out on a Enzo 240 and a Avy shortly after that. Next thing I knew we were shopping for another boat A few months later I found the Avy I now own. I really wanted a Enzo because I like that wave better and there bigger boats but was just out of my budget at the time but there was no way I could do another season in the DD so settled on a Avy and I am very pleased with it. So like dark said, don't go surf a Enzo unless your ready to buy one lol
  8. Very nice Travis! I'll come check it out soon
  9. Nice Doc, Can't wait to see the rest of the pics from the weekend! What are those boards on the Rhunt look alike boat hehehe