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  1. You might consider taking to a computer repair shop. At this point you probably have nothing to lose by checking that opinion out. If you find someone that can fix it you’ll end up spending a lot less to.
  2. Lets see your ride doing work!

    Hey @Stretch where you been? What a blast from the past! Looking at this thread brings back memories and funny seeing my avalanche before all the mods I did to it and my truck was new back then. Heres the best pic of the same truck and newer boat I got last year, guess it’s time for a new truck now lol
  3. Yep, they don't even have swim step pins for a 13 Enzo.
  4. I've had the starboard side stick but was able to free it and luckily I haven't had a problem since. I live within 20 minutes from drainmasters factory and can get them easily, so not if but when they fail I'll get a replacement.
  5. Canyon Lake, TX

    Ohh the dirty Texas water..... that's one reason I won't ever move out there, that and gators. CA sucks in A LOT of ways but even when the lakes are low the water is still clear and nice!
  6. Do you have a link to the boat of interest?
  7. Like @Dreamer said the quick surf fill and drain holes are at the transom of the boat, in the same location as your ramfill drains (even look the same). With quickfill the valves open at a idle or stationary fill and at 10MPH+ drain. It seems to me though that they fill faster then drain in my boat, I'll have to check the timers. Ramfill and quick fill are an identical system as I know it with the difference being a "scupper" and gate valve on the bottom of the boat to fill and gate valve on the transom to empty. Quickfill works with just the gate valve to fill and empty on the transom. I personally like the concept of quickfill over ramfill because there's less parts, electrical, and holes. Granted ramfill is a quicker system filling because it forces water into the tanks but I can't see it being minutes. EDIT: With the larger ramfill tanks require a forced water fill because the tanks are higher then the water line, the quickfill tanks stop at or lower then the water line so they fill all the way when stationary. I.E. the reason for the design.
  8. I'd start by replacing the batteries since there that old. You should be seeing 13.5-14.2 volts while underway, 12 volts if the engine is off.
  9. This is what you need... https://signin.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SignIn&gchru=https%3A%2F%2Fpay.ebay.com%2Fgxo%3Faction%3Dcreate%26rypsvc%3Dtrue%26pagename%3Dryp%26transactionid%3D-1%26item%3D261453599944%26gxo%3Dtrue%26%26qty%3D1%26quantity%3D1&_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l8423.c10&gch=1&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.m.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FAnchor-Navigation-tower-light-Malibu-SeaRay-Mastercraft-Nautique-Supra%2F261453599944%3FopenCTB%3D1%26varId%3D%26item%3D261453599944%26action%3DBIN%26_trksid%3Dp2349526.m4383.l4627.c10%26nrd%3Dtrue%26%26qty%3D1%26quantity%3D1&gxo=true Check and make sure the base for the light on the tower isn't broke where the prongs of the lens goes in, if it is use the kit and replace it. If it isn't broke just use the lens and bulb from the replacement.
  10. Get ahold of a metal shop with a cnc machine. They should be able to template it and fab up a new one.
  11. Swim step pins

    The part number for fastenal is 11104146
  12. Swim step pins

    I did order 3 of them so I'll have another set since I still have an original. It was user error, a friend put one side on and obviously didn't put the wire through the pin. Lesson learned as I already knew.... ALLWAYS check what other people do when they help prep the boat. I always let let people help me prep the boat but have double checked everything (I'm the only person that touches the plugs and there the first thing to go in and the first thing to come out at the end of the day) as for the pin I just got sidetracked and it's almost certain that if you overlook something they did it wrong.
  13. Swim step pins

    Thanks, I stopped by fastenal this morning and ordered 2. I'll post up the part number.
  14. Anybody know where I can get the stainless pins for the swim step? One of mine came up missing and I can't find them in stainless.

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