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  1. Everything looks great and glad your happy with it @InfinitySurf!!! i gotta say your post has me tempted but since I’d have to fill all my ballast and not have any other storage, I’ll stick with listing my boat.... for now.
  2. Rev10’s and never have the feeling “I wish I woulda”.
  3. That looks great! I may need to get some if/when I change out my head unit to a wetsounds. I’ll have to have a new plate made to accommodate the wetsounds remote.
  4. I put a flush cap USB adapter in all of mine.... simply, cheap, easy way of doing it. The only downfall is the cap doesn’t cover the hole anymore but it doesn’t bother me. I’ll try and take a pic next time I’m at my boat.
  5. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    I like arc amps, I had 5 of them in my avy and there still rock solid to this day as from what I heard from the guy that bought it off me!
  6. Lake Naciemento

    My glass guy was showing me pictures from oak shores today. I can’t wait, see you there memorial weekend my friend!
  7. Don’t forget the loud mic..... who doesn’t love that when the lake lice come to close to your rider.
  8. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    Good thinking Troy! FYI I see you used the plastic tubing around the wires on the tower but you used the braided wire cover in the observers compartment. From my experience the braided stuff is way better... I used the plastic tubing like you did and it faded and cracked whithin the first season. The braided wire wrap lasted the entire time I owned my direct drive.
  9. From all the info I’ve herd you will list slightly on the surf side but it’s pretty even maybe a couple hundred pounds more on the surf side. Listing will definitely give you better gas consumption.
  10. My 1100’s would fill all the way. I asked if he would be using a shaper because of the custom sac. I also had a custom sac for the port side. If using a shaper your gonna need custom sac’s on both sides. Not sure the 330 murc is gonna get up to surf speed, with individual sacs you’ll have more flexibility in your weight. If your gonna list like I used to and as Troy dose then I agree 100% on a port custom sac. It’ll will optimize tour weight on a listed avy.
  11. Are you gonna list the boat or use a wake shaper? I used to list my 08 avy. I had 1100’s in the rear lockers, a 580 under the prot seat and a 400 under the starboard seat and 600# of lead. With a light crew 3-5 people I would put a 400# bag on the seat of the side we were surfing. We also ALWAYS transferred all the lead to whichever side we were surfing on. From my experience with that boat bow weight was not necessary.
  12. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    Clean install Troy! That’s one heck of a mix having Roswell, Rockford and kicker as a system. Cant wait to get around to doing/finishing my stereo. I sure do miss the stereo I had in my avy.
  13. The Wetsounds 220 is legit best zone control out there IMO.
  14. Today I picked the boat up from the shop. I had a heater craft 340 series heater with resuscitation pump installed with 4 hot tubes and my yearly service done. Heres some pics of the final locations of the vents and switch. When I swap my sub out I’ll snap a pic of the blower. I've normally been out on the water by now but weather and the service/heater install have prolonged my “winter”. We have a trip planed for next weekend but rain will dictate if I bring the boat for our trip.

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