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  1. The only time I use my ignition button is the beginning of the day. If we are on the boat we just use the start and stop button. No issues here yet with my buttons for me or the previous owner!
  2. July pic video thread

    I missed a August pic, vid thread. Coulda/shoulda started on. I’ll be riding through November and back at it again in February so I’ll be sure to post pic threads this winter.
  3. SV244 cover

    No problem just threw it out there because you asked. Like I said above contact Justin at sewlong he makes very nice covers and stands behind his work!
  4. Infinity go with the Chevy 2500 with the 6.0 gas you’ll get about the same MPG, longer bed (with crew cab) and have zero problems towing just about anything.
  5. SV244 cover

    Hit up justin at sewlong, my cove from him is very easy to put on and off and there are no straps that connect to the trailer. The picture of the black cover is my factory cover.
  6. SV244 cover

    I have a factory boat cover for a 2013 with gladiator tower. It’s original, black and shows it’s age. I have a nice sewlong cover but well worth willing to trade if yours is in worthy condition. I like having a spare cover just in case and it’s came in handy already. PM me if your interested
  7. This boat and dealer sucks... it’s for sale for $91900! Great approach just saying.......
  8. I use a wetsounds 420bt the only thing we use is Bluetooth and the remotes don’t work. I have a iPad with Apple radio dedicated to the boat music and pics and another iPad dedicated to the GoPro on my boat. The head unit and remotes are obsolete on my boat. Works great for us but I have thought about getting a clarion head unit with Bluetooth to be able to use the stock remotes. I think what you/we are looking for is a head unit that could adapt with our remotes and have Bluetooth. So if anyone can let us know the model we need I’d swap it out this winter.
  9. Dealer service

    My question is why or do you need to have a boat dealership to have a pcm certified service shop?
  10. Need a new cover

  11. Love me a ps8 (had one in my last few stereo builds and well worth it) my next step in my stereo is a ps8, XXX15, sdx2500 and revo6’s. Spolk I’ve watched your purchase/mods here and WW since you’ve got your boat. Very nice man and wish I had your bank account lol!
  12. I don’t have a picture but it can be done with one person with 4 rev10’s. Loosen the bolts to the front arms, lay them down one at a time, grab the tower one lay it back. There is no “assist cable” and in my 08 avy it rested on the rear seat back.
  13. July pic video thread

    More pics a friend sent from our trip. I gotta do more long trips.
  14. You need one of these to run the boat on the trailer. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/west-marine--adjustable-inboard-engine-flusher--9127226
  15. There’s a billet brass peace on the bottom of the boat that you use a fake a lake to. You might be fine but definitely change your impeller since you ran it dry like that.

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