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  1. 244 cover

    Let me know....
  2. Well I drive more like a teen with a sports car then a grandma and I forget to do rotations. The stock tires only lasted about 18000 miles.
  3. LMAO, have my third set of ko2's on mine and about to put the forth set on in a few months. The sad part is I have 69000 miles on my truck and am putting the fifth set of tires on it soon 😳
  4. @InfinitySurf liking the truck.... from that pic I'd say you stole mine 😂
  5. Everything @RhuntIII said is dead on the money. Great advice right there!
  6. Cleaning carbon fiber vents

    Yep it's like Heinz ketchup, good stuff but a PITA to get outta the jar lol.
  7. Cleaning carbon fiber vents

    That stuff is awesome and the more you use it the better the results. I've gone over things 2-3 times with it and they look better and better. I use it the same way you are @InfinitySurf, on my table saw, boat, bikes, trailers, racks, even fiberglass shower enclosure's 😉. Best part is it's kinda a best kept secret because it's so cheap, works great and available at any auto parts stores. My old man has been using it on everything since I was a kid.
  8. Subwoofer

    It's been up all winter and still looks like the day we put it up.
  9. Subwoofer

    It was on sale at tractor supply for $1800.00 during the holidays. It's a shelter lock.
  10. Removing Side Swipe

    @Shaka your at Naci this weekend?
  11. I never tried a suck gate on my avy but ran it listed with 1100's in rear locker (they fit) 400# of lead under the bag and a 580# in port locker. The back corner of the boat was sunk but I never took wakes over the back unless someone else did something stupid while I was riding.
  12. Looks good, so does that ultra light in the cup holder lol
  13. It's in a different thread. He was lucky enough to have centurion warranty his vinyl. Dura would be very jealous if he read about it 😂

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