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  1. Boat garage...Pics of setup

    Very nice guys, glad to see something’s happening I enjoy on the sight again! Thanks for sharing! my boat is at the service shop for its yearly service and a heater install. We normally get out mid February but won’t be able to make it till early March this year. Pics and info on my install are soon to come.
  2. Fi 25 on the way

    All the years I’ve been on the sight I’ve NEVER had that problem. It’s interesting as when I joined people preached and prayed for members to “pay there dues” now days it feels we’re seeing a lack of admin presence. As Jake mentioned “us non Facebook users are left in the dust.” I don’t blame that on admin but feel by us “non Facebook users” were leaving ourselves in the dust by not taking advantage of free bandwidth. To each there own. I choose to support the sight and use my wife’s Facebook to see what’s happening outside of it. JMTC
  3. Fi 25 on the way

    Lol, I can see all sides of this. I’d say forums are getting outdated these days due to all social media .
  4. https://www.wetsounds.com/Sinister-SDX2500
  5. Yep, I didnt upgraded the sub in my boat because I was waiting on it to be released. Then they released it and was waiting on the amp. Looks like both are in stock and available now just waiting on my stereo shop to order them.
  6. You know I’m more then likely bringing it 😉 My heater just came in yesterday and is going to get installed next month. Hopefully I’ll have my xxx15 installed by then to.
  7. I use sewlong covers I liked the quality and fit of my boat cover they did and customer service is amazing. When I get my new board racks and contacted them they didn’t hesitate to make me covers. He gave me a few different options and I chose to send them a rack for a perfect tight fit. (They didn’t have a template for my racks) As he was working on them I asked for a swim deck cover and he already had the patern for it. Total turn around time from shipping my racks to getting everything back was only a week and a half! Big shout-out to sewlong there awesome!
  8. Wetsounds xxx12

    Either I’m missing something or confused but the sdx-2500 is better fit for the xxx15 then a xxx12. I say that because my system blew multiple xxx12’s on a arc2500.1 “that is to much power for the sub” all my systems were installed and tuned with quality highly recommended dealers... yes more then one. I won’t argue the Syn-Dx2.3 would be equivalent or better match for the xxx12 but I don’t see the six-2500 being the best choice. If I change my sub in my current boat it will be a xxx15 ran on a sdx-2500.
  9. Wetsounds xxx12

    SDX2 is the amp I’d go with. I had 2 xxx12’s in my avy in a sealed enclosure. I also started the build with 1 in the dual slotted enclosure and think it put out the best sound.
  10. Are your batteries fully charged?
  11. Since boats come so we’ll equipped now days there’s almost no reason for mods anymore. So I’ll keep sharing what I do to my boat since I’m not gonna spend what factory’s want for these new boats. This summer I replaced the garbage factory board racks with Samson racks and had sewlong make covers for them and a swim platform cover. They turned out amazing! Im waiting on my heater to come in and will have that installed mid November. Also ordered a couple surfinity blankets and seat heater kit for the driver and observer seats. Once everything gets installed I’ll be riding and using my boat all year!
  12. The only time I use my ignition button is the beginning of the day. If we are on the boat we just use the start and stop button. No issues here yet with my buttons for me or the previous owner!
  13. July pic video thread

    I missed a August pic, vid thread. Coulda/shoulda started on. I’ll be riding through November and back at it again in February so I’ll be sure to post pic threads this winter.
  14. SV244 cover

    No problem just threw it out there because you asked. Like I said above contact Justin at sewlong he makes very nice covers and stands behind his work!

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