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  1. Since you started with the rca, now disconnect the power and reconnect it. If that dose nothing pull the sub and take a look at it. From there take the amp out and have it bench tested at a stereo shop.
  2. Email sent. My main concern with this would be interference with my surf wave. I’m only interested in it because the lakes I use get pretty windy and I always put my boat in a slip. This would make it a one person job and increase resale on my boat.
  3. @byerman I was at the same event, and the centurion was a Fi25 not Fi23 it definitely out performed every boat there as far as wave is considered. Hunter had that boat dialed as what would be expected from a centurion rider bringing it. Did that event (and boats brought) have you thinking one brand or another has better QC then what you have experienced with your centurion? I feel they all were on par as for QC based on what was there, given non of the boats had any issues at the time and everything seemed to work properly on all of them that weekend.
  4. I just swapped out the speakers haven’t touched the amp settings yet.
  5. Today I swapped out my sx650 for revo6’s. The revo’s look and sound better, I included a during and after picture of the cabin. The Xxx12 and syn-dx2.3 gets installed Wednesday.
  6. Gladiator Bimini

  7. Gladiator Bimini

    Give sewlong custom covers in Utah a call. They make Bimini tops (with board sleeves) for the gladiator tower.
  8. Mine were replaced in 2016 and still look new! Next winter I plan on having my boat ceramic coated and I’ll have them done to.
  9. Everything looks great and glad your happy with it @InfinitySurf!!! i gotta say your post has me tempted but since I’d have to fill all my ballast and not have any other storage, I’ll stick with listing my boat.... for now.
  10. Rev10’s and never have the feeling “I wish I woulda”.
  11. That looks great! I may need to get some if/when I change out my head unit to a wetsounds. I’ll have to have a new plate made to accommodate the wetsounds remote.
  12. I put a flush cap USB adapter in all of mine.... simply, cheap, easy way of doing it. The only downfall is the cap doesn’t cover the hole anymore but it doesn’t bother me. I’ll try and take a pic next time I’m at my boat.
  13. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    I like arc amps, I had 5 of them in my avy and there still rock solid to this day as from what I heard from the guy that bought it off me!

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