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  1. the WALKER PROJECT Double Fish Board Build

    Sick board, if or when I am good enough to justify a custom board I'll consider boards custom at the top of my list thenks for the build log on this Ken it was fun to watch being done! Maybe I'll get a chance to see it in person one day.
  2. Ordered a  sewlong cover...... hope it's as good as everyone says since there almost double the cost of others.

  3. My 08 Avy is for sale

    1. Bongo Fury

      Bongo Fury

      What is the replacement Nick?

    2. Nick213


      It depends on if the avy sales before the boat I'm interested in does.

  4. 2008 Centurion Avalanche C4


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2008 Avalanche C4 LOW HOURS 130 new boat cover winter cover water/air temp depth gauge A-plate custom port bag 1100 & 2 400# starboard window tint rub rail, cleats, rear vents, window frame powder coated tower mirror samsong swivel board racks HUGE WETSOUNDS STEREO 4 Rev10's, 4 650rgb, 8 808, 2 Phoenix gold 12 in custom nix under helm, WS220, 6 arc audio amps and a arc ps8 processor, JL head unit. Every speaker and transom pre wired for RGB rings and underwater lighting. I will sell this boat for $38000 without a few items pm me for details.


  5. For anyone that isn't a supporting member and visits frequently, please help and become a supporting member! It's cheap help when you might need it ask me how I know!

    Ken and Andrea are awesome and selfless people, I've had the fortunate pleasure of meeting them. They spend a ton of there personal time keeping this sight up with no gain so please help keep this sight available and spend the $30.00!!!

  6. Awesome, my wife put in her request for the time off today. So if it gets approved we're gonna fly in on Friday! Hope it all works out 2014 was a blast!
  7. Simplicity in sound stereo build 2017

    Simplicity in sound did my install. 7 amps, 8, 808's, 4, sx650RGB's, 2xxx12's, 4, rev10's, 1, ps8, JL media player, ws220bt.
  8. Its concrete swimming Doc And it takes a entire day to recover from hanging out with you for 3 days lol
  9. Hahaha at least I know I'm not the first and probably won't be the last I know this, I'll never try again!
  10. Have fun, surf, enjoy great people and don't try to hang with Ken.... HE WILL NOT PASS OUT BEFORE YOU!!!!!
  11. Hope I can make it this year...I'll know in the next few weeks. I gotta say if anyone that has never been is considering it and can, DEFINITLY GO!!!!!!! It's so much fun with so many of cool people to meet! I'll do my best to be there guys

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