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  1. Okay, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and do everything opposite starting with the A-Plate. Have the wing come up on the Starboard side. Questions. Are you planning on listing or running level with Flappers? Does you boat have the adjustable Wake Plate? Start posting pics of her stern.
  2. https://webapps.brunswick.com/literature/literatureSearch.do https://www.bakesonline.com
  3. Looks like there is plenty of meat to screw into on the platform. When predrilling into wood I make sure the the drill bit is the same or pretty darn close to the same size as the shaft of the lag. That has always worked pretty well. This does not work well with fiberglass and I have broke stainless lags using this technique. For fiberglass I pick a drill bit that is just shy of the threads on the lag. Run the lags in by hand so you can feel the metal stretch. Start off with a smaller bit and if it feels to tight drill a wider hole. I would stay away from an impactdriver or screwgun those tend to break/twist stainless lags pretty quick. I do like the idea of some kind of silicone in the holes to stop water intrusion and it might act as a thread locker. Maybe 5200 even?
  4. How were the original brackets mounted, can you mimic them? Also post up pics so we can better help. It’s pretty simple with a cell phone. You’re gonna have to predrill for those BTW. And this is where pics would be most helpful.
  5. Did I just write the same thing twice!? I have never experienced any type fin twisting or cracks around the fin boxes. Some board twisting when it was a helluva cross wind.
  6. This is how we carried boards on our cars and trucks over 20 years ago and the elders before me. I assumed it was because of the updraft from driving. More of the board was hanging off the back this way and the straps were pretty close to the riders stance, not sure if that matters. But most importantly the boards were transported upside down to keep the wax from melting in the sun. Old School surfing habits I guess.
  7. This may not be for your boat and the parts might be different but it should get you started.
  8. Old centurions

    Excellent Idea.
  9. On my Avy I plumbed vent lines from the bags to the opposite side of the boat. After many outings I ended up removing the vent lines and adding the air release valves. I'm a HUGE fan of opening my hatches and watching my bags fill. I believe it's safer that way.
  10. I didn't mean to laugh. Excellent work. So, you're gonna install decking to match the sundeck walk over?
  11. Man that looks good. And what Jake said, rear seat and step?
  12. Just pay attention when the bags are filling. DO NOT have the attitude of just hitting the switch and no worries. Open up those lockers and pay attention while filling. When the boat is weighted and listed on the port side follow this procedure and you will never swamp the boat bow or stern. Rider down watch your mirror. Slow down watch the wave break Wave breaks click neutral RIGHT (starboard) TURN. Turn that wheel all the way till it stops. For the seasoned captain, bump reverse and back to neutral. The boat will spin right around on itself with no swamping. Do the opposite when running a Starboard wave. Left turn.
  13. http://www.nettleprops.com/store/p/345-Acme-1579-Propeller-4-Blade-13-5-x-14-25-LH-1-1/8-Bore.aspx
  14. @Hein, Man, not sure how I missed your build. Excellent work my man but it's gonna be hard to come up with mods on a 257. These new boats come pretty rigged out from the factory these days. Thanks again for sharing and good luck with your upgrading.

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