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  1. Does it come in pink?
  2. Dude this just might work. I was really upset I missed last year. I'll be putting this on the list
  3. Just do the blade like from your logo from a while back and written on the blade A "FinelineCrew" Or.. How about, Lettuce, onions, carrots maybe a little radish oh an some croutons.
  4. Hey bro, you're way off asking this question on this thread. Try Centurion Boats General Discussion and welcome to the site.
  5. Way to post up helpful info on the cut and pictures of the glass. I'm really gonna miss all y'all this year, DrNate sorry for failing as a cocaptain. Great work on the cups and hats.
  6. This sucks... not being able to go. I'm already missing the party and the miles of all day calm river. Have fun and take lots of pictures.
  7. So she says.... "I didn't care for the flat windshield, it seems incomplete, the wrap around seems more natural in a boat." "I don't really care about the tower, where's the Bimini and does it cover the driver's seat?" "I guess I would have to ride behind the boat." "It's 11:40!" That being said... Have a good night.
  8. For the real test.... ...My wife's opinion.
  9. Great work on the tower, looks good but what happened to the windshield?! Are y'all trying to follow suit with Mastercraft and Axis? I hope that with the folding forward commit from NWBS that there is something practical about this. I really liked the 2016 238 except for the rear facing tower You had one job....
  10. Very cool, congrats on y'alls new location.
  11. What they got was a great creative team with a passion for boats and an even greater passion for surfing to come up with the most creative ideas for free.