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  1. Does anyone have a valid surfinity blanket discount code?
  2. Does anyone have a valid surfinity blanket discount code?
  3. Does anyone have a valid surfinity blanket discount code?
  4. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    Good job brother!!!
  5. You need to cross vent and drain to opposite sides and you won’t have issues with those. If the fill pump has a good impeller it should be fine.
  6. What head unit did they replace it with? Question is do you want to go through changing a head unit or remotes? If the remotes work, that is?
  7. A inboat speaker sits in direct UV light constantly and they get wet from time to time. I would not use a ARC car audio speaker for this application.
  8. Remove the wall or facade and you have a ton of space for the new enclosure. You can re-use the factory facade if you want or make a new one.
  9. You can go all wet sounds from go or, install everything you have and tune it with the Rossell’s. If your not happy, it’s a easy swap out on the Centurions.
  10. Wet Sounds A-Link

    Rhunt we have been using them since Beta version on the sand bar. It can get loud?
  11. WS420 or WS220

    We talked about this, YOU need to decide what YOU want.... hehe
  12. Fi23 Review

    Basic... hehe
  13. You have power and ground for alligator clips/ 22amps of draw under engine hatch if your mechanically inclined.
  14. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    You will have two wires coming from the Perko, correct. One to each battery. Main negative to one then jumped from negative to negative of other battery. All other ground can go to whichever battery is closest to them wiring slack wise. Just make sure all ground are connect and one or a couple didn’t fall somewhere weird. you can do EBay for the center cushion or make one, several have done it here for a very long time.

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