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  1. 2008 Centurion Avalanche C4

    This would be a good Avy to own and it's at a good price.
  2. Yes, the one weekend I can probably make..
  3. BOOM!! That right there is GOLD!!! Only certain dealers were given the Beta batch to test out, not sell, so CenturionCrew is High on the Wet Sounds ladder!!!
  4. So the pump manufacturer says to do it a certain way but the boat manufacturer says they do it with "no known issues"? You would think they would install them the proper way of the pump manufacturer... Question now, when it does fail who is gonna cover it?? Lol
  5. Yeah I've seen Docs set up.. It's tough from go with a single drive way with no error either side. Then that pig slammed into a normal two car detached garage... Damn respect on that one..
  6. Wait!!! Hold the bus... H did you just say you liked the new digital on the S238 that's a old Centurion Medalion (IIRC) digital dash??? Or close looking..You said you would never own a boat with a computer???
  7. I agree that is hideous...
  8. I was gonna say that!! Lmfao the supreme is now as ugly as a Axis...
  9. Oh yeah I clowned on FB that I couldn't believe the pic that started it won it... Kinda hoaky if ya ask me..

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