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  1. I had the plate custom made at a machine shop. I gave them the dimensions and thicknesses I wanted and they machined it to the taper. For mine, I will verify the shaft clearances through the log after getting the prop shaft aligned through the strut bearings. It looks like the only potential change (worst case) is I may have to remove ⅛ of fiberglass on the bottom of the hole at the exit of the shaft log. The log itself is very large and has plenty of clearance so its just to make sure I can at a minimum slide a zip tie around the shaft where it exits the hull/
  2. Just for comparison, I regularly use the cats at 7-11 depending on load to keep the boat level (2015 FS44). Boats with fixed fins actually have the fins installed at about that angle so it is actually unreasonable to think the CATS should be at zero for a level ride underway.
  3. It varies by boat and sub, but you probably have to remove the speaker grill and then pull the screws out then the speaker will come out.
  4. 2016 fx44

    You may need to replace the filter inside the canister too if it hasn’t been done recently. I change mine yearly. Loosen the clamp, pop it down, then you can get the filter out.
  5. Movin up

    I expect that will make it run well. Your alarms will probably still trouble you though until they are cleared.
  6. I expect the audio guys will chime in, but you want to start either at the front or back of the channels and trace until you find the problem. If it were me, I would start at the radio: 1) Make sure the RCA cables are connected from the radio to the amp 2) Swap RCA from the sub amp to another amp and verify the other speakers are still working (see if amp is bad) 3) Plug another speaker into the wires that connect to the sub and test for output (see if sub is bad)
  7. Fi23 vs GS22?

    Viking, Though not ideal, I bet you could buy a different prop for your S226 that would do good slalom. You would need to switch the prop to switch sports, and you would also want to remove any lead from the rear of the boat while slaloming, but I bet you could get a pretty smooth wake at 32 mph with the tabs down and the right prop.
  8. Luckily for the routing, the steel prop wash plate does not have the same curvature/recess as the fiberglass, so I will not have to remove much (just a little along the edges), and then put an epoxy barrier over the fiberglass and then the steel prop wash plate back where the edges are all flush with the fiberglass. Of course the shape of the recess in the prop wash plate is why the prop size was reduced so much when Centurion put it on. The plate in the picture above is the one for the prop strut to keep the bearings aligned to the through hull prop log.
  9. Here is the wedge shim I had made for my boat. It’s out of 304 Stainless Steel.
  10. My guess was if intermittent then it might make contact and try to crank then lose contact and stop. My guess is a corroded or loose contact or connector in the power or ground from the battery to the starter though.
  11. Have you traced the wiring from the battery to the starter (both ground and positive)? Also check your kill switch for a bad connection.
  12. Its been too long since I replaced all of my last boats courtesy lights, but a quick search yielded these: https://thmarinesupplies.com/collections/led-lighting/products/accent-courtesy-led-light https://thmarinesupplies.com/collections/led-lighting And I think I bought mine from SuperBright LED: https://www.superbrightleds.com/cat/led-boat-lights/
  13. Any Marine LED light that will fit the opening space can be used to replace. On some, there are non-led light bulbs that can be replaced. For the Centurion Logo, remove the speakers and reach through there to the logo bolts.
  14. Sad this forum is not as busy as it used to be since so many jumped to the Facebook groups .. the FB groups are not nearly as easy to search, and the threads do not get organized well ...

    1. viking
    2. Jlagos


      I believe the reason they gravitate to facebook are several. 1st they are already on the social media platform and its a quick click to see recent threads which also allows wives and girlfriends to see updates. I don't use social media so obviously I gravitate here. 2. Posting of pictures appears to be very easy and allows for one to quickly see new pictures.  3. Boat porn - who doesn't like a lot of pictures immediately upon opening the webpage. Most people like to brag about there boats. I agree this site has much better content and a fair number of people appear to search the site however few will post a response to threads. 

  15. I would rip the tanks out and fill the areas with sacs and possible some well placed lead bags. You will get a lot more weight than the tanks, and then you also get more storage for times the ballast is not full. Note that you will want the rub rail on the surf side at the water line when surfing. The tanks will not accomplish that.

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