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  1. You only have surge brakes. The brakes are pressurized by the actuator. There is no electric actuation of the brakes, only electric lock out of actuating the brakes when in reverse. With your trailer braking system you will never have trailer brakes when backing down a slope, and with the electric reverse lockout you wil never have trailer braking when in reverse.
  2. If you’re trailer has surge brakes, then it does not have electric or electric over hydraulic brakes. Trailers with surge brakes do not have brakes when backing down a ramp, they only have brakes when decelerating and the tounge compresses. You have a reverse override that prevents the brakes from actuating when compressing the tounge by backing up. You would have a 4 or 5 wire flat connector. If you have electric brakes you would not have any brake fluid as the brakes would be fully controlled by the electric actuators. You would have a 7 pin round connector. If you have electric over hydraulic you will have a hydraulic pump at the front of your trailer most likely in a battery box. You would have a 7 pin round connector.
  3. Fi rumors

    For myself, I would not own a Centurion without CATS. I use mine as much during cruising as I do surfing. The CATS really levels the boat out without moving people around.
  4. We are doing our annual Lake Powell Trip starting this weekend. We are launching Friday July 28 (my orange FS44 and a friends black S238) and heading up to Reflection Canyon (hopefully there is camping spots open). Then Tuesday August 1 we are moving to Gunsight Bay to meet the houseboat, a Mastercraft, and a couple of pontoon boats until Sunday August 6. If anyone else is out there, feel free to say hello.
  5. A couple from yesterday while trying to burn the fuel out to get ready for Lake Powell trip.
  6. No good deed goes unpunished

    You can do the out of warranty replacement at Apple Store for $349 for 7plus, $319 for 7, $329 for 6 plus, or $299 for 6 ... I have had too many OOW replacements.
  7. You can also upload to Vimeo and then paste the link.
  8. It would be relatively easy with plastic and masking tape to make a template and then no doubt.
  9. My 07 SV216 had the strainer in the picture on the ballast intake, but not the engine line. My 2015 FS44 does not have it on either, though I do have the ECO filters on the ballast lines.
  10. Ghost Rider Mishap

    Ouch! Even worse!
  11. Nice, surfing in heels.
  12. Ghost Rider Mishap

    Anyone else see the ghost rider mishap video?
  13. The nearest centurion dealer used to be in Kingsport, TN, about 100 miles away. I don't know if they are still a dealer or not. If not then Nashville would be nearest defeat at about 100 miles away. There are numerous mastercraft, Malibu, tige, Moomba, epic, axis, Supra, nautique, etc. within a few miles.
  14. We created our first surf bowl yesterday. Centurion FS44 with regular wave and Supreme S238 with goofy wave. We were running about 10.3 mph gps upstream so about 12 mph water speed. The wind and chop had picked up so they kept the ropes for this attempt. Was really fun.
  15. The main point of my post was that if you are running rubrail below water then you should seal your screws yourselves, because they are not sealed at the factory and the factory stance would be its leaning too much.

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