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  1. Have you adjusted your CATS fin while surfing goofy to see if that corrects your tracking? What are your settings for Regular vs Goofy?
  2. Winterization 2007 Elite V

    I don’t drain first on mine, I suck the antifreeze through while it is running. I just found that there are some places that water stays even draining, so I run 12 gallons just to be sure. The heater (if equipped) should be on the coolant side rather than on the fresh water side. Some folks drain and remove their impeller and then use a 12volt pump to put antifreeze through. If you are sucking the antifreeze through with engine running, I do not recommend draining the water first because it is harder on the impeller to create suction.
  3. I had a 2007 SV216 (basically the same boat, just in 2008 they lengthened it 4 inches). You can get a decent surf wave by leaning it, just lots of weight and it likes bow weight too to get it sunk down (to the rub rail on surf side). The hull is very similar to the early Malibu’s with surf gates on them, so a suck gate would probably do pretty good on it. You will still want lots of weight to get it in the water sufficiently.
  4. RI245 out the door price

    They both should hold their value comparably. The newer Centurions have been holding their price very well compared to new out the door prices. It is probably a draw between the 2 on this front.
  5. Winterization 2007 Elite V

    With the XR550, you definitely need to drain both heat exchangers and the exhaust manifolds and the vDrive and the oil cooler if you do not run antifreeze through. I typically run RV antifreeze through mine (also FS44 with XR550) and leave it. One year I only ran 6 gallons through it (vs the normal 12 gallons) and did not drain afterwards. Had to replace both heat exchangers and both exhaust manifold elbows. Will not make that mistake again.
  6. Ordering the new RI245

    I will also add that for a barebones 237/257 (i.e., no additional options) you will probably be 10K higher than either price you posted. Then for the options, you will not get much additional discount so they will add directly to the costs. Right now, there is more demand than boats available, both used and new. To get a 237 for less than 100K, you would probably have to drop back to a 2018, and then you may not find one. for a 257, I don't think you can find a used one for the price you listed.
  7. Yes. Definitely rip the hard tanks out. If you want 4 separate bags then install them, but in the same available space, the bags will give you triple the weight of the hard tanks when full.
  8. Sounds like one of the breakers tripped. What year boat? Probably located either under the observer compartment or back in the engine bay.
  9. Your ballast system goes to the single water puppy to the sprinkler valve manifold. The sprinkler valves are notoriously limiting for water flow. You have a few options: 1) Overhaul or Replace the sprinkler valve with ones made to fully operate on 12 volts (the factory ones are designed for 24v so do not fully open on 12 volts) 2) Replace the sprinkler valves with 12 volt ball valves (several sources available now on Amazon and other sites) 3) remove the manifold and the yellow drain valves and add two more pumps so you have separate fill/drain on individual pumps for each bag. You would also need to rewire the switched because they currently use diodes to ensure you have individual control for filling with the manifold. Option 3 will get you the best fill/drain control.
  10. It only takes a few seconds to tie the fenders to the cleats and adjust them to the correct height for what you are tying against. Also, just put longer ropes on the fenders so you can use them to tie off to whatever you are agains also. I have 25' ropes on my fenders. If you have a dock you own, then ties permanent fenders to it. But as Infinity said, you can access under from a few locations. you can also remove the inboat speakers and reach many of the places under there.
  11. Probably a sticky drain valve, but could be either valves on the right side. Manually operate the valve a few times, and lube up the valves good. There are threads about how to lube them up if you search.
  12. This thread might help you ... http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10014-2008-black-scorpion-330hp-plug-wires-cap-and-rotor/&tab=comments#comment-130378
  13. Get one of these in your bolt size and glue it in. https://www.autozone.com/test-scan-and-specialty-tools/thread-repair/oemtools-1-4in-20-fix-a-thread-repair-insert/557116_0_0?spps.s=3733&cmpid=LIA:US:EN:AD:NL:1000000:TLS:71700000060668368&gclid=Cj0KCQjw4f35BRDBARIsAPePBHwhugxgaRfheigEQZ9DbgPTMbCVubQGojMg8YnTH27s2j5VIzgajVEaAom_EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  14. 1.If I recall correctly from my last boat, the marine version had better corrosion resistance than the automotive one 2. No timing issues if you get the wires installed the same as the old one 3. Look at IAC valve also 4. Verify you do not have any water in the gas. When loaded, the water would all come to the back and is where the fuel pickup is, so may only be enough when loaded out to cause an issue.

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