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  1. What year is your boat? And which engine do you have in it?
  2. You can remove the divider from the rear lockers to get to the tanks under the side seats. Many of us leave those dividers out after removal. They are not structural.
  3. There is probably a false floor above the rear hard tanks that just lifts out to provide access.An 07 probably just has one ballast puppy pump and several sprinkler valves in a manifold to distribute the water to each tank. Then probably has 1 or 2 aerator style pumps on each tank to drain them.
  4. First thing to check is the cap and rotor. Look to see if there is any corrosion on the metal inside the cap. Some caps also developed hairline cracks, you you may just want to change it. Its a cheap item and typically needs replacement every few years.
  5. Sounds like a loose or bad cable and the alternator is not charging. You should be 13-14 all the time with the engine running. If you are dropping below that while running, it is definitely not getting juice from the alternator.
  6. 09 enzo sv230

    For an 09 Enzo, throw the wake shaper in the garage and leave it there. Lean the boat to the rub rail on the surf side. Use enough counter weight (non-surf side) to keep the rear of the boat just in the water. Use the plate to clean the wave. Start with it all the way up, and then bring it down in small steps until the wave is clean. The speed should be between 11.2 and 11.6.
  7. For the non-starting it sounds like the breaker in the engine bay is tripped. For the sound issue, it sounds like the amp is overheating and going into protect mode.
  8. Since I’ve been getting a few private questions, I will post this to help someone if they decide to attempt on their boat. The important things: 1) The biggest thing to make sure of is that your front motor mounts have room to adjust the front up and that the rear ones have room to adjust the rear down. You will need more clearance total between front and back than the thickness of the wedge. For mine I adjusted the about an inch total up and down. 2) The next important item is the through hull. Mine was near the bottom of the opening before the wedge and near the center afterwards. 3) The other import items are how much space you have on the prop shaft between the prop and the strut. The prop will be ¼ to ⅜ inch closer after adjusting. And finally, the dimensions for your wedge. I changed mine 1.5 degrees with my wedge. You have to calculate where the wedge is to determine the wedge thickness for each end of it. If I’d gone any larger I would not have been able to get my engine aligned. Here is my wedge dimensions, which may be significantly different for other boats.
  9. Take some pictures of the ballast tanks, and the pump(s) that are located in the engine bay. If it is factory, then you probably have a single Jabsco Ballast Puppy to fill all 3 tanks. It probably goes through a manifold with 3 sprinkler valves that route the fill water to each of the 3 tanks. Then you should have a Johnson aerator style pump to drain each tank (1 per tank). If that is correct, and only 1 tank is filling then the other 2 sprinkler valves are sticking. If not, then you have an aftermarket system and will need to better describe what you have.
  10. Do you mean it takes a long time to start (i.e., the engine is turning over but it doesn't start)? Or do you mean the starter is not turning the engine over? If turning over and not starting, it could be several things from plugs to vacuum leak, etc. What Engine is in your boat? If not turning over, check your batteries and starter.
  11. OK. I just wanted to make sure that Optima alone is not a bad battery. Every battery should be measured on it CCA and maximum immediate flow capability. I personally ran Optima D31's on my last boat and they served as dual use batteries. When I replace the batteries on my current boat at the beginning of next season, I will replace with the Optima D31's. But that is because I have a custom Centurion triple battery tray that I had made for my last boat.
  12. Yes. On my last boat I added Stargazer and was able to switch the cable from the master unit depending on which I wanted to use.
  13. If you’ve still got the factory hard tanks, rip them out and fill the space with bags. Otherwise, if you already have sacs, you are better with one bag total for each rear locker than piggybacking them.
  14. Well I finally had enough people in the boat to do some surfing this weekend. The wave was great, and the surf RPM was 2900-3000 RPMs from 11.3 to 11.6 MPH with minimal current. There is more lift in the rear of the boat now, so I am going to move 100 pounds of lead from the front of the boat to the back and see how that works out. Not sure if I will get to test it before My Lake Powell trip at the end of the month or not.

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