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  1. Does your boat have CATS? If so adjust it at speed to remove the listing.
  2. This sounds like a control screen ghosting problem. Are you having any other issues with the control screen acting up? It could also be that you have a rider preset that has the boat configured in a needing ballast configuration. Either turn the preset off before turning off the boat or create a new preset with empty ballast that you start the boat in and turn the boat off in.
  3. I have not delved into it, but does anyone know if our touch screens have a port for a mouse or trackpad or something? It would be nice to still be able to control the screen even if the touch pad itself went out. Would just need to click from one setting to the next and select where desired. Probably not possible, but it might be a solution for some of these 4K replacement screen issues many are having.
  4. You will most likely have to order a replacement screen. Unfortunately, this is becoming a common occurrence. As of yet, no-one has posted success in rehabbing the existing screens. As far as I know, the only way to get a new screen is to order through the dealer. You can try cleaning your screen really good, and you may be able to get it to work good enough to limp through the season. Grease and oils on the screen tend to cause the screen to think it is pressed and create non-responsiveness and ghosting where it starts changing settings on its own.
  5. In a 2007, you most likely have a sprinkler valve manifold that opens and close the valves based on which switch is on. You probably have a stuck Starboard sprinkler valve. I recommend taking all of them apart and clean and service. Also note you probably have aerator style drain valves which are also prone to leaking through, so you may want to clean them all as well too.
  6. If you manually fill the ram fill, the screen will think you are empty. The quantities are based on time, not on water flow (this is true for all bags too). You may need to lubricate all four of the ram fill handles (in the boat) and valves (under the boat and at back of boat). The beep is something you will need to have the engine checked with the Diacom software. You can purchase it and the adapter yourself directly from Rinda (~800) or you can call around to any dealer to see if they can read and clear codes for a PCM engine. Most Nautique dealers can do this for you. The touch screen may have the ghosting issues. Search this forum and others for that, no good fix, but someone posted recently they have a electronics company that is seeing if they can repair the touchscreens. I have not see an update in awhile.
  7. Happy to hear this is working for you too. I am definitely happy with the change on mine.
  8. If you lost the vault cap, you will have already contaminated the bearings. I recommend cleaning and replacing with marine grease or buying a new non-leviable vault axel and replacing the whole axel.
  9. IAT code

    It takes the Diacom software to clear it. Post in one of the Facebook groups and see if there are any members nearby that have the software and adapter to connect to the PCM engine.
  10. Most likely a disconnected wire or a fuse. Look and see if your Amps are powering on.
  11. I am on my second set of them for my boat. I agree, he does a good job and is very responsive.
  12. CREW DEAL: HEAVY-DUTY Guide Pads

    Anyway to make these available again? They are out of stock in the Store.
  13. I ordered the software and cable here: https://www.rinda.com/rindashop Each engine is different, but you will have a connection in the engine bay that the cable fits to. On my supercharged engine, it is directly beside the engine oil filler on the right side of the engine near the back. On other boats, I have seen it near the front left of the engine.
  14. Just give it a good scrub. If its really bad, use some toilet bowl cleaner to strip all of the grime. Then put a good coat of polish on it.

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