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  1. so it has been a year now since i did this exact procedure after reading this on here and I can not be happier. We have a 2016 RI217 with the H6 and had the 15" x 14.25" prop on it but found i could not get up to surf speeds when i had more then 4 people in the boat and 400lbs of wake ballast without dropping the centre plate down and i don't like to use much or any centre plate for my wave. This past season we put 100 hours on it with no problems at all. Now using 700lbs of wake ballast we can even get up to wakeboard speeds if i ever want to do that again sad to see those two boards just hanging around doing nothing. Using the 16" x 13" prop now and our RPM went from 4200 down to around 3800 I do not care about top speed it does 25 mph just fine going to and from the gas dock other then that its fill and surf. I was nice of Volzalum to do all the leg work on figuring this out and it might not work for all models. After changing the motor angle to line everything up it is now closer to the steering cable mount ( will make for changing just that much harder )and driver side fill tube on the ram fill but no rubbing just things to watch for. i did gain on the space of the fuel control cell since there was rubbing going on there when we got the boat. Since they did change the shaft angle on the RI in 2017 i figured something could be done to the 2016 and since i could not find out the part # of the strut they used in 2017 this was the next best thing and probably the cheapest since i am in the metal fab biz.
  2. enzo/Ri/Fi

    ya I'm kind of swinging to the new fi keep telling the wife we just have to sign for it lol. just need a brake form work to go take it for a spin.
  3. enzo/Ri/Fi

    so after owning a cal-air calabria 2001 for a long time its time to upgrade. We mostly only surf now since 2013 when surf gates came. Yes i went to the Malibu dealer and copied the system and put them on the cal air lol. They work great wouldn't be able to surf that boat well without mods 1200lbs factory and another 400lbs in trunk . I'm looking at a new 2018 Fi21 (top of budget) an 2016 RI217 and a 2015 enzo Sv233 (bottom of budget) but the enzo does not have the quick surf tabs but 35k less so i could invest on some tabs. the question is what will give me the best overall surf wave and performance of coarse the wife likes the enzo being 35k less.

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