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  1. Subscribed!! Mine has always had it as well. Seems extremely loose in the mid range and wanted to be able to tighten it up so it doesn't move on it's own but could never figure out how to get behind the handle to adjust!!
  2. If you yank it out buy Deckadence and put it down in it's place. You won't regret it. Gatorstep looks good but I still prefer the feel of Deckadence and ability to pull and clean, doesn't shrink, and won't see dirt around edges
  3. 2015 Supreme S226 seat issues

    Nice to see Supreme backing up this issue 4-5 years later Glad mine isn't doing it
  4. Yes front tank is standard. Should have 3 switches (left, center, right). On mine they don't light up but you can hear the pumps running when fill or empty is selected on the 3 way rocker selected for each. If you can't hear pump maybe you have a blown fuse. Pumps are in the engine compartment. Also when front tank is full you will see water empty out of the port side vent.
  5. Jetter, Sorry haven't been on here in quite some time. Maybe you already got this all figured out? Yes Center tank is what some refer to "bow ballast". It is approx 250lbs. S21 doesn't have this option but 226 and 238 do. I also run 80lbs of lead under each side bow cushion in the coolers since they aren't really good for anything but holding more weight You know when it's empty by the change in sound of the pump so you have to pay attention or you'll burn the pump impellers out. You are right on Hard Quick Fill tanks and then PnP sacks above filled/drained with 2way pumps. Alot of us run bigger sacks like the bag buster kits that run up under the side seats for an additional few hundred pounds. I also have another 80lbs of lead in under seat storage mid ship each side.
  6. S226 exhaust loud

    I just turn the tunes up LOUD
  7. Jetter, Sorry haven't been on here in a long while. I have the bag buster kit on port side (nobody in my crew surfs goofy). Ordered it from NW Boat Sports. Call them to get pricing - they will take care of you!! Also run PopProducts lead bags fwiw

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    New in Box never mounted ACME 2985 propeller. Been on a shelf since I bought my boat back in 2015. price includes shipping to anywhere in lower 48


  9. SWEET. Let us know your thoughts after running the system for awhile. I still think the V and S 226 has a perfect wave listed with no surf system but want your thoughts after using it for a season.
  10. GREAT work! and yes agree there are less and less mod and build threads each and every year. Those turned out awesome and would look good on my S226
  11. Good idea! I installed hydroturf on the fiberglass under the side seats to I can pull them and set them aside for heavy traffic going in and out of the boat.
  12. Posting pictures?

    My vote would be to NOT emulate Facebook's business model and start collecting and selling our personal data to help pay for the forum! Facebook is NOT free. Nothing is Free. Somebody is paying the cost somewhere. Problem with SC forums is that they are policed by the company because the company pays for the site. So a lot of beneficial posts get censored included the Pictures. So there is always a trade-off. Just the way it is.
  13. Nothing to report back from me just yet. My stinger plate is still sitting in the shop hoping for a winter install
  14. How do you like my wave?

    Wave is good.............lead star of the show is Awesome!!!
  15. Awesome for you and glad they stepped up!! Unfortunately you are in the minority as far as getting corporate to expedite things for the end user. I think a lot of us would like to have a little bit of that Luck

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