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  1. SWEET. Let us know your thoughts after running the system for awhile. I still think the V and S 226 has a perfect wave listed with no surf system but want your thoughts after using it for a season.
  2. GREAT work! and yes agree there are less and less mod and build threads each and every year. Those turned out awesome and would look good on my S226
  3. Good idea! I installed hydroturf on the fiberglass under the side seats to I can pull them and set them aside for heavy traffic going in and out of the boat.
  4. Posting pictures?

    My vote would be to NOT emulate Facebook's business model and start collecting and selling our personal data to help pay for the forum! Facebook is NOT free. Nothing is Free. Somebody is paying the cost somewhere. Problem with SC forums is that they are policed by the company because the company pays for the site. So a lot of beneficial posts get censored included the Pictures. So there is always a trade-off. Just the way it is.
  5. Nothing to report back from me just yet. My stinger plate is still sitting in the shop hoping for a winter install
  6. How do you like my wave?

    Wave is good.............lead star of the show is Awesome!!!
  7. Awesome for you and glad they stepped up!! Unfortunately you are in the minority as far as getting corporate to expedite things for the end user. I think a lot of us would like to have a little bit of that Luck
  8. Thanks for the info. Do you like it so far?
  9. DAMN dude..............nice work!!
  10. Surf rpm's

    I know you listed this in the Centurion section but I'll share anyway: 15 - S226 with 409 run listed typically with 5-6 people in the boat. 400lbs lead scattered throughout, surf side quick fill FULL, NWBoat Sports Bag buster kit FULL, Bow FULL, no counterweight, trim tab 20-30%, and at 11-12mph it runs at 3300-3400rpm
  11. Did you just bolt it on to the existing trim tab or did you remove the old at the piano hinge and replace with the new plate? Just asking because I am leaning towards a winter project of replacing the existing completely. It's a lot easier to just drill and install new on existing than punch out all the rivets on the piano hinge and replace completely...... but I'm a little concerned about it not being exactly flush with the bottom of the hull. And I'm just a bit anal retentive
  12. OK waited to post until I could really put the 1631 to the test through several sessions. Coming from the 1847 the results came withing a hundred RPMs of each other at surf speeds (really no noticeable difference at any other setting or running setup) 1847: 38mph - 5000rpm No Ballast 11.6 mph - 2400rpm Full Ballast Surf setup 11.6mph - 3300rpm 1631: 38mph - 5000rpm No Ballast 11.6 mph - 2500rpm Full Ballast Surf setup 11.6mph - 3400rpm The only thing I didn't do is clock the time it took to get to WOT or surf speed from hole shot. That may be the only differentiation between the larger diameter 1847 vs. the 1631. But the 1631 performed excellent all around. Had no problem pulling slalom skier out of the hole and the starboard side wakeboard wake was cleaner than the 1847 at 22mph so that was a surprising positive. For fully loaded surf 100rpm is negligible. I'm extremely happy with the results and hope using the 1631 will proactively prevent any prop wash gel burn and have the 1847 as a spare if need be. ACME really knows their SH&T so don't hesitate to call them if need be.
  13. Switched Brands

  14. s244

    The only thing I like about it is the pop up tow pylon. I'll keep my 226.................color scheme is ok too
  15. Fi rumors

    Not yet as I don't' have a dealer even close. Love my S226 but I'd entertain the idea of upgrade to the FI cause I love the boat from what I see so far!

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