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  1. CREW DEAL: 2015 DECKadence Marine Flooring

    I think It's always going on as long as it's not a closed thread!!
  2. Here's what I did on my 226. Basically same concept as H20 but I left the front facade panel end at the box so I could still utilize the floor space by the pocket. Really no loss in leg room as foot step was where the front of the enclosure ended up.
  3. LOL thats funny! ^^^ and just as easily could have put the labels on the top of the pumps instead of the brass bottoms.
  4. the 2 pumps on the starboard side look like they are installed upside down. A good way to ruin the pumps. Tower speakers are like the trailer, don't order with them and buy what you want!! Still hate the windshield but I could grow to live with the dash.
  5. I'm pretty sure the dealers have a choice (or at least they did) regarding trailer manufacturers and which trailer they offer up with the boat purchase? What I found when I ordered my 15 was that west coast dealers primarily used VM and east coast primary used Boatmate due to shipping charges and end user pricing. However I know of some west coast dealers at that time that sold their boats with boatmate regardless. Maybe they don't have that leeway anymore?? I ended up paying for the Supertube VM and been more than satisfied with it. I had 2 boatmate trailers with previous vessels and my supertube is much better all around. But I paid a hefty penny compared to the basic VM. Can't say that I am overly excited about the switch to either at this point.
  6. Become a supporting member
  7. Well at least the 226 looks good! LOL cause they didn't change it and still has decent windshield Still don't know what's up with the wing on the trailer though??
  8. Like the new tower! Not a fan of the windshield as it's too much like Axis and looks unfinished and cheap to me. Tower looks way to big on the 202, it looks very "boxy" in the back and maybe its just the pic? Whats with the surf tab on the trailer in the 2nd picture?
  9. ^^ That's nuts since I've had mine out once already this year and our season is only about 5 months long at best!!
  10. CREW DEAL: 2016 SupremeCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    put me on the list! There should be at least this many new 238 owners in the first quarter of 2016 -
  11. CREW DEAL: 2015 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    So 12 is the magic number and it's been a couple years since the last GB. Are there enough new Supreme guys/gals interested in this yet?
  12. CREW DEAL: 2015 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    I pm'd admin - nothing but the sound of crickets........................
  13. CREW DEAL: 2015 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    I'd Like to order me one of these spare tire covers with the new Supreme Logo Would there be any interest in getting another Crew Deal going?? If not, could the admin give me the vendor info. (I'll pm you) and I'll order one up for myself if possible. Thanks much!
  14. FEEDBACK: SupremeCrew.Com Logos

    ya I don't really see a downside. I basically check the VIEW NEW CONTENT every day anyway so I'm seeing feeds from everywhere.

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