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  1. What upsets me is the Centurion says there's no fix for you guys. Sorry....Like what? Your product is clelarly defective, people paid 100+K for it and you don't seem to care? Thumbs down
  2. Gladiator Bimini

    That’s a fact.. I regret not doing board pockets.
  3. Gladiator Bimini

    Don't order it through Centurion. They are going to mark it up nice and heavy for you.... ask me how I know $$$$ go directly to sewlong.
  4. Make a better video showing a tight spot where its actually needed. Pulling into that spot shown a child could do.
  5. How do you guys still have a warranty on these screens? I was told the screens were 1 year warranty?
  6. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    @h20king Is prob the most knowledgable guy I have spoke to here on the 238. Search some of his posts. In my opinion you should have enough weight with that setup.
  7. Yes. I have been a huge advocate for throwing the drain master valves in the trash immediately since day 1.
  8. Just hope you don’t need to replace that provision II screen. $$$$$$
  9. Scoop a new one. The new lower volume makes the newer models more maneuverable. Or step into the Bandwagon model even funner
  10. I have that exact boat and man is it fun. We usually get it up around 30mph and realize how much faster it is than our actual boat ahah
  11. Ri237 or Fi25?

    FI for me. Both banging boats with unreal waves. Just after spending time on both of them I think I like the style of the FI more.
  12. New board

    Troy for him it can’t hurt to try a 4’8 neo. The Neo is honestly my favorite board out there. Next season they have a new board the bandwagon coming out that has a slimmer profile and lower volume that sure to be a winner. I’ve been riding it this summer and it’s fireeee
  13. Just a thought I had about mine in the past but ended up just getting lead. Take the divider out and go 1 L bag from the back PNP locker all the way up that side pro bag section. Or am I stupid and that is what youre already talking about lol
  14. I love the Centurion brand but have had much different experiences when dealing with Fineline for service warrantee etc. For me its been a nightmare to get simple phone calls back on things replaced like quickfill valves. Big thing to me is a good marina which I do not have. Now that they no longer carry the brand Fineline wont even talk to me. But luckily the issues I have had over the years have been minor and nowhere near your issues. So overall for me, I would buy another Centurion in a heart beat as I love the boats but I would only do so with a marina that is going to support me and help me out. We have 4 months of boat season here, there is no time to waste really.
  15. Suppose to be a V drive that you don't need to service. Apparently you shouldn't have to touch it. I thought that was odd also.

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