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  1. Tell Centurion to get their ish together. They sold me a new bimini top (the poles only) 2 seasons ago for a STEEP price. I cant get on my boat till 2 weeks from now but I could take photos then.
  2. Shoot me a text or call 617 968 09zerosix. If its going to be just you and a couple friends the 211 is perfect. I am usually out with my self and 4 others, no kids and the boat is the perfect size, once you get up to 7-10 people is when you feel the need for that extra space. Boats small enough to be able to turn right around and pick up riders, still handles chop well and the wave is the typical Centurion wave which is always money.
  3. I have a 2013 Enzo in the north east if you’re interested.
  4. Downside is most people want 23’ if not more. So you will have lower odds of resale compared to the larger boat but that doesn’t mean someone “wont” buy it. I have a 21’ and that’s my issue as well. To me I enjoy the 21’ as it takes less gas, less ballast and is easier to maneuver around tight dock spaces on my lake. Drove a RI257 this weekend and would need practice to master maneuvering that bad boy. All of the boats in the Centurion/Supreme line are mint boats. Just personal preference on size and features. They’ll all throw a money wave if you set them up correctly. H2O is a great resource for the Supreme line
  5. Try everything said above. It won’t work, and you’ll end up shelling out big money for a new screen. Just went through this this summer.
  6. Jeeezus, wish Centurion would be able to support us after a few years of boat ownership.
  7. Is the V drive not "Maintenance free"....
  8. Yes if you're under warranty get on this ASAP. I wasted the time on the software update etc, nothing work. Replaced the screen last weekend at 3700$ and it fixed the issue (so far).
  9. It does. I mounted mine at an angel after noticing that. I don't have it off hand but I posted a video of it a while back on here
  10. Seized PCM engine on 2019 S238

    What happened?
  11. Have a 2015 SV233...Need Help

    Cats will surely help... but you don't "need" Cats on that boat and quick surf sucked on the 15s. Infinitisurf's #1 comment was spot on. List it, get that rub rail right at the water line, scoop 100-300 lbs of lead wake and tuck it under the back bags.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Valterra-E1003VP-Valve-Electric-System/dp/B004RCXC1G Amazon prime
  13. So for the record. Centurion priced the screen at 3700$. Swallowed my pride and purchased it... Ordered, received, installed and will be out this weekend to see if it fixed the issue or not.
  14. Your closest dealer is probably Silver Sands marina in Gilford NH. Just dealt with them ordering my touch screen.
  15. What upsets me is the Centurion says there's no fix for you guys. Sorry....Like what? Your product is clelarly defective, people paid 100+K for it and you don't seem to care? Thumbs down

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