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  1. Buying a Malibu over a 257??? Come on, let’s not make any bad decisions here.
  2. Get in touch with a dealer. They will get you the firmware and you can download it to a flash drive. Also, hoping you only need a software update and not a new touch screen. If you boat is still in warranty get in touch with a dealer or Fineline ASAP! @DarksideR Had an FS and it threw a great wave
  3. Bad Day

    Silver builit, your profile says you are from Taunton MA. I live in Boston, where are you guys surfing? We should get out and shred one day.
  4. How much more gas are you burning? I like the delta for when we are looking to quickly swap sides, my older model doesn't have quick surf option. But my big complaint is going from burning 2-4 gallons an hour to 10 gallons an hour by using the delta. For my 43 gallon tank filling up twice a day sucks and is a time waster for us with only 1 gas station on the lake.
  5. Best Surf Boards

    Get a Mongrel as a hybrid.... Then a Neo to focus on surf style.
  6. Best Surf Boards

    The Neo is not a hybrid. Doomswell's hybrid is the Mongrel, which is also a fun board. For 2020 they are coming up with a new true skimboard the Hydro. It'll be compression molded and pretty much bullet proof. Rode this board a month back in testing and it is awesome! The Neo is an awesome board, I personally ride a 4'6 Neo as my daily. I am 5'7 175lbs. I ride aggressive surf style. In my opinion the answer to your sizing question is dependent on a few factors. Your skill level, your boats wave and what you want, and of course weight. Example I can ride 4'4"s all day, is it the right size board for me? No its not, its technically too small. I can crush it and put in a little extra work because my boat throws a very solid wave with plenty of push and sometimes I want that smaller board to help with airs etc. A larger board will allow you more float as there is more volume, so if your waves sucks (assuming you have a Centurion and it doesn't) but if it does I would go a little on a larger size up. Example if you're teetering between 4'6 and 4'8 I would go with 4'8. The best advice is if possible ride both and see which one youre more comfortable on for your riding style also. Where are you located?
  7. Best Surf Boards

    Look at Doomswell, Soulcraft, Kanuk, Chaos etc for surf boards. All solid brands, great customer service at all of them also. Some of the members here have some sort of affiliation with these brands so you'll definitely get biased "opinions". Most have their favorites and stick with them but you really cant go wrong with any of the above brands. Forget about a "hybrid" if you are going to get into surfing and want to see progression in your skills. Pick one of each surf vs skim. At 180lbs I see you more on a 4'6-4'8" board. Anything over 5' and youre really just playing with a long board.
  8. Right... Keep weighting that thing until you and 3 of your buddies all look at each other and say dude we have too much weight.
  9. My neighbor had raccoons eat a bunch of holes in his cushions during storage 2-3 years ago and he was unsuccessful getting replacements from Centurion. He was just looking for info of where to get the patterned material to match. He ended up going to a local marine upholstery shop and asked them to do the best they could.
  10. 2016 Supreme S226 Blistering

    Agreed. I think my 2013 manual says 10 days.. it seems to be hit or miss, my neighbors boat has blisters and he leaves it on a lift, mine sits in the water on mooring whips since 2013 and looks brand new. Our boats were built and ordered at the same time frame.
  11. I had this happen on mine when I smoked an impellor running them dry one time. I unhooked the bag from the top and let it (controlled) drain into my bilge. Then bilged that out that way. Swapped the impeller and never had to deal with this again.
  12. Just curious what’s the cost of the 2 belts? May be better off changing them just for piece of mind?
  13. RI237 test drive

    The 257 is a beat of a boat and wave. Dial the boat in correctly and if you’re still not impressed than what you’re looking for isn’t out there. 🤙🏼
  14. Shoot me your number. Can send you some photos of mine. Can’t upload them here due to bandwidth.
  15. Thats another great point. The third party equipment used on the boats and how Fineline handles it. I had an issue with my stereo three times. Not really Centurions fault, Centurion referred me to Wetsounds, and Wetsounds took care of it. All three times.

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