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  1. 2012 Enzo SV233

    I’d just give up skiing, realize the mistake I was about to make and then buy a centurion.
  2. 2012 Enzo SV233

    Watching people tell others to go buy a Malibu over a SV233..... gross, Malibu boats are awful.
  3. replace them with the valterra style not drainmaster. the drainmasters are garbage. search the forum for valterra.
  4. 2014 SS210 ballast questions

    Pro ballast are bags underneath the side seats. The quckfill tanks are hard tanks under the hull which fill along the sides of the boat as well, PNP are plug and play bags in the rear lockers. Pumps are all in the engine hatch, if its a new boat to you I would pull the impellors out of the pumps and check them. One easy way to tell if they work is to shut the boat off to eliminate any excess noise and hit the fill or drain button, youll hear the pumps cycle on or not from the engine bay.
  5. Another s238 surf set-up question

    @h20king Search his old threads. That will tell you how to weight and set up the S238 for a nice surf wave.
  6. 2015 S226 Value?

    IMO used boats just aren't getting what they use to. Sucks because I would like to upgrade mine also. With a 2015 Supreme you could get a 13-15 Centurion with all the fancy tech for about the same price. Both are arguably out of warranty at this point so given that which would you choose, a year or two older Centurion with all the bells and whistles or a Supreme... Same hulls sure, both surf great buy from a buyers perspective the tech wins for me.
  7. Looking to Buy a Boat

    They are the basically same boat.
  8. If money is no issue why not? I will honestly say though I have a 2013 SV and the wave is money, for me the money is an issue so I keep an already great wave. IF I had the spare 180k I would absolutely get a new boat simply because I'm an engineer and a sucker for the new tech.
  9. Rule of thumb question and answer, can I benefit from more ballast? Yes always yes.
  10. You got a good deal at 3000$ For the screen. Cost me 3600$ This summer to replace mine.
  11. Search the forum man. This topics been covered multiple times from issues to installs to upgrades, if you have the old drain master valves toss them in the trash ASAP and replace them with the Valterra models. http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/13402-quickfill-valves/
  12. 2013 Enzo 230

    Do you have the provision 2 dash? I never found a manual for that, it really is easy to use once you get use to it. I tried finding schematics for mine once I started having issues with it and never had any luck. Any questions post them here and some of us can try to help walk you through. http://www.wakeflot.ru/doc/operatorsmanual1.pdf http://pcmengines.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/imagesL510010-13.pdf
  13. New boat advice

    There is separate Supreme and Centurion dealers? Lucky
  14. New boat advice

    Oh come on now you have to tell us.
  15. New boat advice

    I get people say the 21 foot boat hurts resale. You said you weren't concerned since you keep boats for a long time, I also have an older SV211 that's a 21 footer and I agree I love the size of it. Its small enough I can turn into tight dock spaces and maneuver around, picking up fallen riders is super fast, the 343 motor in mine runs at 2800 RPMS surfing, sips fuel, plus It throws a hell of a wave for its size. Overall I wouldn't mind an FI21 as I also don't go out with 10 people on board, our usual crew is 5 max! I see some of these boats with 17 people capacity and I am like I cant even fill 10 never mind another 7!

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