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  1. You got a good deal at 3000$ For the screen. Cost me 3600$ This summer to replace mine.
  2. Search the forum man. This topics been covered multiple times from issues to installs to upgrades, if you have the old drain master valves toss them in the trash ASAP and replace them with the Valterra models. http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/13402-quickfill-valves/
  3. 2013 Enzo 230

    Do you have the provision 2 dash? I never found a manual for that, it really is easy to use once you get use to it. I tried finding schematics for mine once I started having issues with it and never had any luck. Any questions post them here and some of us can try to help walk you through. http://www.wakeflot.ru/doc/operatorsmanual1.pdf http://pcmengines.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/imagesL510010-13.pdf
  4. New boat advice

    There is separate Supreme and Centurion dealers? Lucky
  5. New boat advice

    Oh come on now you have to tell us.
  6. New boat advice

    I get people say the 21 foot boat hurts resale. You said you weren't concerned since you keep boats for a long time, I also have an older SV211 that's a 21 footer and I agree I love the size of it. Its small enough I can turn into tight dock spaces and maneuver around, picking up fallen riders is super fast, the 343 motor in mine runs at 2800 RPMS surfing, sips fuel, plus It throws a hell of a wave for its size. Overall I wouldn't mind an FI21 as I also don't go out with 10 people on board, our usual crew is 5 max! I see some of these boats with 17 people capacity and I am like I cant even fill 10 never mind another 7!
  7. New boat advice

    Glad you made this choice... The Supremes are nice but I’m a sucker for the bells and whistles. The FI/RI really are just a cut above the others
  8. New boat advice

    Test drove a Lexus (VI/FI) and want to buy a Toyota (S211/S212)? I have spent a ton of time on Tiges, the RZXs can throw a nice wave if you dial them in, but personally they are just not my cup of tea. I don't care for the interior etc. Still I think the FI/VI is the best option of this bunch. To me it honestly comes down to your financials, if I can afford al you listed and am not worried I would go with the FI all day every day. Moomba? Come on, they have come a long long long way over the years and I actually like them, but they're not even in this conversation for me when were talking Centurion.
  9. I go back and forth on this every year. For 4K I think I’d still end up listing the boat as the listed wave is straight up money. Install an additional pump and isolate your PNP bags on different pumps. Cut your fill and drain time in half. Put the other 3200$ towards 4-5 boards!
  10. 2020 Ri237 vs Supra SL450

    Personally I love both. If I could never buy another Centurion again Supra would be my next brand. They just sadly have no dealer networks near me. Good luck looking!
  11. Get in touch with a dealer. They will get you the firmware and you can download it to a flash drive. Also, hoping you only need a software update and not a new touch screen. If you boat is still in warranty get in touch with a dealer or Fineline ASAP! @DarksideR Had an FS and it threw a great wave
  12. Bad Day

    Silver builit, your profile says you are from Taunton MA. I live in Boston, where are you guys surfing? We should get out and shred one day.
  13. How much more gas are you burning? I like the delta for when we are looking to quickly swap sides, my older model doesn't have quick surf option. But my big complaint is going from burning 2-4 gallons an hour to 10 gallons an hour by using the delta. For my 43 gallon tank filling up twice a day sucks and is a time waster for us with only 1 gas station on the lake.
  14. Best Surf Boards

    Get a Mongrel as a hybrid.... Then a Neo to focus on surf style.
  15. Best Surf Boards

    The Neo is not a hybrid. Doomswell's hybrid is the Mongrel, which is also a fun board. For 2020 they are coming up with a new true skimboard the Hydro. It'll be compression molded and pretty much bullet proof. Rode this board a month back in testing and it is awesome! The Neo is an awesome board, I personally ride a 4'6 Neo as my daily. I am 5'7 175lbs. I ride aggressive surf style. In my opinion the answer to your sizing question is dependent on a few factors. Your skill level, your boats wave and what you want, and of course weight. Example I can ride 4'4"s all day, is it the right size board for me? No its not, its technically too small. I can crush it and put in a little extra work because my boat throws a very solid wave with plenty of push and sometimes I want that smaller board to help with airs etc. A larger board will allow you more float as there is more volume, so if your waves sucks (assuming you have a Centurion and it doesn't) but if it does I would go a little on a larger size up. Example if you're teetering between 4'6 and 4'8 I would go with 4'8. The best advice is if possible ride both and see which one youre more comfortable on for your riding style also. Where are you located?

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