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  1. 2010 speed sensor problem

    What engine do you have Mercs did not use Zero off. If you have a Merc you probably have a Perfect Pass that uses a paddle wheel
  2. this is what I ended up doing thanks
  3. I really need some help!! I am added 2 reversible ballast pumps to my 2012 SV211 and I can't figure out where to mount these pumps can someone with a 2012 SV doesn't have to be a 211 please send me in the right direction where are you pumps mounted and if possible can you take some pictures of your pumps. I can't finish my install until I can mount these pumps
  4. They did not lengthen the boat they just renamed it. I also had a SV216. You might notice that the SV216/SV220 hull is very similar to the new OPTI-V HULL so the suck gates should work great. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z7AfhxB8JbMNY8K6g_PQ529KPPGQuKVX
  5. I am looking for a High resolution image of the Centurion Helmet have not had any luck with Google
  6. Any way I can get this the link no longer works
  7. Pro-Vision II manual/info

    Looks like my old link stopped working try this https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13usLe7fKwn1AjO7vMO4NhpiZ4UKB7JDk?usp=sharing
  8. recessing the metal plate seems like a feasible idea but I personally would not try changing the angle of the drive shaft
  9. Barefoot Warrior looking for info

    Sure this is my 85 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pZNl9UcEQoLYdknQXSFeNsEmpnGCzcXu/view?usp=sharing This is my 86 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o7att_AaOzodIeOW9tc1KOzkRCn48Loy/view?usp=sharing
  10. That sounds like a bad steering cable they feel free when you're not under power but when you have some load on it they're hard to turn
  11. Barefoot Warrior looking for info

    I had an 85 and 86 the 86 The boat changed in 86 to look like the pictures you post in 86 the deck changed and they added an hard frame windshield before that they had plexiglass windshield
  12. SV233 - wakeboard wake

    the trim tab can clean up or washout the wake out depending on where you have it set I usually have main about 25% or so
  13. SV233 - wakeboard wake

    How fast are you going? My experience is you have to go 22mph to get a clean wake on both sides
  14. on the back of the gauges there is a rotary dial with numbers on it and a small screw driver slot it is probably set wrong try moving it not sure what it should be set at it has been toooo long ago
  15. Welll those are all over the place

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