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  1. It is for winterizing according to the instructions to winterize it is number 5 and on the bottom back of the v drive I have been trying a 1/2 socket but I can't get it to budge
  2. I am unable to get the V drive 1/2 inch square drain plug loose any ideas how I can get this plug to greak loose
  3. I have had several Centurions my Current one is 2012 Enzo SV 211 This summer I had my first problem. My trim tab actuator went bad & one of my quick fill gate stopped working. I replaced the actuator my self and got the gate working with the manual key and some lube.( not sure if it will keep working or will need to be replaced)
  4. There is a large breaker on the engine
  5. Will the boat start?? The touch screen should have nothing to do with the engine starting sure sounds like one of the breakers is triped
  6. Make sure all the battery connections are hooked up .... Don't ask how I know this :-) Make sure all of the circuit breakers are on
  7. 2005 Centurion Cyclone C4

    250 lbs the hard tank takes up all available space
  8. just finished removing all of the set screws and screws and replaced them with pop rivets
  9. looking at the props it should be obvious if they are not the same left or right hand the boat would not function correctly if the boat has the wrong prop rotation on it if you have the wrong handed prop on the boat when you put the boat in forward it would go backwards So the previous own had the right handed prop for that boat.
  10. sound like vapor lock ? I believe mercury has a fix if I remember right that included an extra fuel pump
  11. I believe you are right looks like an east coast build
  12. 1961 Glasspar 1985 Centurion Barefoow Warrior 1986 Centurion Barefoow Warrior Comp 1989 MasterCraft Prostar 200 1991 MasterCraft Barefoot 200 1992 MasterCraft Barefoot 200 1993 MasterCraft Barefoot 200 1996 MasterCraft Barefoot 200 1997 MasterCraft PowerStar 1998 MasterCraft PowerStar 2001 Centurion Eclipse 2003 Centurion Eclipse 2004 Centurion Eclipse V 2005 Centurion Eclipse V 2007 Centurion Enzo 220 2012 Centurion Enzo 211
  13. Wheeling and Dealing

    So you think offering invoice plus 5% will work
  14. What model is my Centurion

    don't remember for sure 2005 or so
  15. What model is my Centurion

    I believe it is a T5 It is not an Elite Bow Rider what does it say mid ship above the rub rail

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