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  1. There was a Boat??? Must have missed it
  2. I would not want the dash to be removable. Tunes can be Bluetooth from an iPhone passed around no problem
  3. LOVE it cant afford it but I LOVE it!! I need an official picture of the entire boat and a picture of the boat from the back showing the running surface
  4. I really like the new RI line!!! I agree they look like a step up!!
  5. no excuse for not calling back or answering emails! but remember this is a 2016 model I doubt many have been built
  6. 'Company will stay intact but upper management will be canned' I have been through several buy out / mergers Upper management has always been protected for at least a negotiated period of time. Then if they continue to make money they will be safe if profits take a nose dive upper management will be gone, gone, gone this is just from my experience. From what I have heard the CC owner leaves the holdings alone to do there thing there are many ways that Centurion / Supreme can benefit form the purchase!
  7. I heard Shell is the new CUSTOMER SERVICE/PART SALES/WARRANTY ADMIN for the entire Correct Craft family of companies..........
  8. Correct Craft has taken over several companies PCM etc so far they have left them alone to do there thing
  9. Just another great option Personally I NEED CATS and would like to have ram fill

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