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  1. ACME 515 PROPELLER 3 BLADE 13 X 12 LH 1 1 /8" BORE Spare prop for my 1998 ski centurion. Selling boat so do not need prop.
  2. ACME 515 PROPELLER 3 BLADE 13 X 12 LH 1 1 /8" BORE Spare prop for my 1998 ski centurion. Selling boat so do not need prop. https://www.ski-it-again.com/php/skiitagain.php?endless=summer&topic=Search&category=Propeller&postid=58660
  3. Thank you Tim. That was very cool and a great read.
  4. Hi Timr71, do you have any info on the 1998 elite DD open bow? Like the boat buyer guide you post for the earlier models?
  5. I replaced my steering cables last year. My boat was a 1998 elite direct drive and had the tracking fin that turns with the rudder. Does your boat have that as well?
  6. Bad Day

    Hi there. I really don't surf, I ski so I like small waves. HAHA But I would like to learn how and hang out. I go to long pond, I don't think my lake would be good for surfing because its only 8-10' deep.
  7. Bad Day

    Has anyone seen this video?
  8. New cables installed and the boat turns like its brand new.
  9. Jake, I got my cover for my 98 elite direct drive from cover anything and all I can say is WOW! The cover is awesome and the price $199.00 is unbelievable for this quality cover. Very Impressed with it.
  10. 1998 Elite V -- Pros vs Cons?

    I have a 98 elite direct drive. It has been a great boat for me I have 1300 hours on it now. I feel like its a great family boat that has lots of room and you can still ski and wakeboard behind.
  11. Hey Rmassa187, I think you are looking for this cable for my boat! I sure appreciate it.
  12. I just ordered a cover from coveranything for my 1998 elite. Hope it fits for the price I guess its worth a try. It was $199.99 shipped, I am hoping it isn't to good to be true type thing. LOL
  13. I have a 1998 ski centurion elite direct drive. The steering has gotten very stiff and I think its time to replace the steering cable. Does anyone have a part # for the cable?
  14. Awesome, cool video. I bought my 6 year old grandson a traxxas stampede 4x4 vxl that is has been tearing around with.
  15. Hey Timr71, beautiful boat I see it around on other fourms that we both belong to. I have a 98 ski centurion elite with the 350MPI motor. It has been a great boat and I have no complaints. Wish I could post some pictures.

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