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  1. I just bought a '98 Elite and the wood I have found was in the floor access panels. Now my interior was re-done prior to my purchase, so I don't know if that was that way from the factory or if the original panels were damaged and were replaced with wood. Everything else I have found on the boat is fiberglass. I appreciate the '1998 buyer's guide @Timr71 as finding info on this boat has been a bit of a challenge. I would question the stated fuel capacity of 43 gallons, mine seems to be only around 30ish gallons but I have not had the opportunity to fill from empty so I can't say for sure. @Bskis for what it's worth so far we like the boat a lot. I'd say my family sounds similar to yours in that I've been skiing for 30ish years and my father for longer, not quite as good of slalom as I once was (should read as I need to go slower than I used to) and now the kids are getting into skiing and wake boarding. In fact my son this past weekend for the first time slalomed after dropping the ski and also was able to get up on slalom. My dad at 72 years old was impressed with the wake I have not had the opportunity to wake board behind it yet as I'm still working on training drivers as the first inboard we've actually owned personally.
  2. Guys need some help. I need to change the steering cable on my '98 Elite Bowrider (direct drive). I've been googling all day and can seem to find the answer as to the part number needed. I'm not by the boat and unfortunately won't be for a couple weeks. I'd like to replace the cable when I'm there next. Based on my time under the dash, I'm certain it is a rack steering. Talking to the guys at skidim.com it could either be the Teleflex 18' HPS Rack Steering Cable (SSC15418) or it could be a 18' Morse Command 200 Rack (SSC13018). If it were a 1999, they were confident it was the Teleflex HPS version. But with it being a 1998, not so much. I considered ordering both and returning the one that isn't right, but felt that was a bit wasteful. If anybody has some insight as to the proper one, I'd appreciate it. I also have a call into Fineline to see if they can help but no response yet.

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