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  1. Anyone have any idea where I should look to get a new boat cover for my 2014 Supreme S21? All of my internet searches only seem to be showing 2015+ with the S5 tower. I am not sure that I have the S5 tower. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. My cover is on its last leg and needs to be replaced.
  2. S21 listing a bit

    Ahh ok, good to know. Thanks!
  3. S21 listing a bit

    Hi 49faith, we tried to open / close again when we went out, but haven't verified by pulling out of the water yet (currently in the slip). Isn't a major list, just minor. Specialblend07, thanks for the info. Didn't even think about that. Ours is definitely a minor list.
  4. Hi all, We put our boat in the slip for the first time and noticed that it is listing a bit. We took it out and made sure to open the quick fills and then closed, but still seems to be listing on the port side a tad bit. We did not notice that when we put it in the water on Saturday. I checked the PNP bags, ran the bilge, etc. just be certain (plug is definitely in, made sure of that when we went out). Any other obvious / stupid things I should have checked? It isn't listing badly, but enough to see it is obviously listing to the port side.
  5. 2014 S21 - Wake Setup Help

    Thanks man. I appreciate the info. 1. Didn't realize I didn't have enough weight. I will confirm with them I have the 600lb bags. 2. Around 11 definitely seemed to be better. 3. Yeah, they are on a rocker switch. Complete newb mistake, probably wasn't correctly adjusting them. Thanks again!
  6. 2014 S21 - Wake Setup Help

    Thanks for the response Cwazy1. Also, it was my wife and kids in the boat (7 and 9 so small). 1. I believe we have the 600 lb PNP bags 2. Speed we were varying between 10.6 and 11.4 to see what worked best. Around 11 seemed to be decent. 3. Most likely using the tabs incorrectly . We were playing with having the surf left tab deployed to see if it would make a difference.
  7. Hi All, We bought a 2014 Supreme S1 from the guys at Northwest in Portland (Great guys) this winter. Trying to dial-in the wake on the Columbia River and would very much appreciate some pointers. Older posts have suggested for regular something similar to the below. Is this still what others are using? We had them add surf tabs. Port Side Quick Fill Full Port Side PNP Full Starboard side PNP ~200-250 lbs Center trim tab 50%-75% We had them add surf tabs. These don't seem to be helping much. Most likely user error. Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  8. 2007 CENTURION ENZO SV216

    Thanks! I am also looking at a SV211, just was trying to stay closer to the 40k range. Also, all the electronics on a 5+ yr old boat scares me .
  9. 2008 Avy C4

    Hey all, What do you think of this one? I would have to get a trailer(what like 3k?). Looks like it has some cosmetic issues, but like the boat. http://www.seattleboat.com/m/showcase_unit.htm?id=1371165&status=2
  10. Centurion sv211 bow filler

    Yeah good point I will try to call fineline and see.
  11. Hey all, anyway to buy a bow filler for a 2013 Enzo SV211 if it didn't come with one? If so, where would I go to purchase? Thanks! Worried might not be able to find one.
  12. 2007 CENTURION ENZO SV216

    Thanks all great info. I appreciate it!
  13. 2007 CENTURION ENZO SV216

    Thanks. That is great information. I didn't realize they had a different hull.
  14. Hey all, I am looking at this 2007 Centurion Enzo SV216. Is it actually a good surf boat? I would hope so, given it says "Surf" on the side, but it is almost 10 years old now. http://www.olingermarine.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventoryDetail&id=2230273&p=1&s=Year&d=D&t=preowned&fr=xpreownedinventory What would be a reasonable price for this? The SV230 and SV240's for that year seem to be in the 40k+ range. Haven't seen it in person, yet, so just looking at the pics it looks decent. As always, appreciate the info on this forum! --MG
  15. 2017 S238 General Questions

    Do all of those require higher octane?

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