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  1. I would love to hear how you do this and see some pictures. When my tower is folded down the back leg sticks up 6 to 8 inches higher than the windshield, I can't believe they designed it this way... I have a boatmate trailer.
  2. I fit my S21 in my 7'-0" garage. It's not easy, and most of you will think I'm crazy, I have to take my tower completely off and air down the front tires completely to clear the garage opening. I've got it down to about 20 minutes in and out. Like I said, sounds crazy but it's sooo nice to store your boat indoors.
  3. Fi21 or Supra SR

    Funny, these are the two boats I'm trying to decide between right now also....
  4. All I'm going to say is I have a 1997 f-250 diesel, a 2008 F-250 diesel and a 2017 f-150 3.5 ecoboost. The 1/2 ton ecoboost is pretty bad tush for what it is...
  5. Fi23 first impressions

    To each his own. In my humble opinion, boatmate is FAR superior extreme trailers, I have experience with bolth...
  6. Very nice Nick, congratulations!
  7. Not sure if I missed it or you haven't posted it yet, what did you upgrade to nick?
  8. ^^^love mine also! Best mod I've done to my boat for sure! Nothing better than NOT having your expensive boards laying all over your boat...
  9. s244

    I saw somewhere that the s224 only has a 95" beam, compared to the s226's 102" beam. Can anyone confirm this?

    This could be a good deal for someone. 2011 Enzo sv230 http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2011-centurion-ski-centurion-enzo-sv230-103098853/
  11. I'm 215lbs and ride ropeless all day on my S21. We run a listed set up as follows: both side quick fills full, 1000lb pnp sumo sack in surf side locker full, 200 lbs lead wake bags under surf side pnp, 300 lbs lead spread under surf side seats. Quick surf tab about 3 to 5 "clicks" & center tab between 0 & 30 (depending on what side we are surfing). The wave is really good for a 21' boat!
  12. X2 for the corson piper racks! I can carry 2 boards in each rack rack with zero damage. They really are the best addition that I have made to my boat.
  13. June pics and videos

    7/22 to 7/29 at a lake front house in oak shores. My buddy who is renting the house, is picking up his new RI237 as I type this.... Oak Shore rentals and such a PITA about letting mort than one boat through the gate, I'm more than likely not bringing my boat.
  14. June pics and videos

    Love that lake! I'll be there in 3 weeks for a week long trip. Hows the water level? Looks pretty good, but the website says it's in to 70% range.

    Sick boat! looks like my lake. Is that at Castaic?

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