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  1. Another picture...
  2. This is my tower setup on my 2015 s21. Pair of Rev 10's, Samson swivel racks and Piper surf racks. I'm 6' tall and I never hit my head on boards or racks, I LOVE this setup!
  3. S211 Surf Setup Advice

    This is behind my s21 with the listed setup that I posted above, I am 220lbs. The wave is great! I can surf way behind the swim step. These are tall boats, when I list it with all the weight I mentioned in my previous post, the rub rail is still a few inches above the water line, not sketchy at all IMO. In my old elite V we would load it until the water was at the sun pad... that was just a little sketchy. can you surf behind other boats? Don't take this the wrong way, but a lot of people will blame the wave, when really it's the rider not truly knowing how to ride the wave. A lot of people just expect the wave to push you without any effort or skill from the rider. Again, not saying that this is your situation, this is just a general comment. im headed out to the lake now with 4 friends and my wife, I will get pictures of all of us surfing our butts off. Feel free to pm me with any questions or if you want to see any more pictures of my wave/setup. With the right setup the s21/s211 will throw a killer wave for a 21' boat!

    Yes, the ad been corrected. Thanks.

    Trying to help my brother sell my old boat, if anyone knows anyone that might be interested, please send them my way. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/boa/d/2000-centurion-elite/6619796076.html
  6. S211 Surf Setup Advice

    Are you filling everything or listing the boat? Sounds like you don't have enough weight. I have an S21, I believe the bottom of my boat is the same length and shape as yours (maybe the front is a little different because mine is a pickle fork) and I list my boat for the best wave. I fill both quick fills, fill surf side PNP (1000lb sumo sacks fit perfectly), 150lbs of lead under surf side PNP, then I spread 350lbs of lead under surf side seats. I set the stinger plate to roughly 25% and about 3-4 clicks on the quick surf. Sometimes when it's just my wife and kids the above setup is lacking a little, with a larger crew this setup puts out a mackin wave for a 21' boat, my buddy has an ri 237 and he loves my wave (maybe he's just being nice haha).
  7. I have the same manual that you talk about in PDF that I can send you. I keep it in IBooks on my phone, always have it on hand and you can actually see all of the pictures and read all of the text. Let me know if you want it.
  8. Kids wake surf boards

    X2 on the scamp.
  9. s21 info

    @49faith wave looks killer! im with you, my next boat will be an FI for sure. I currently have storage restrictions, plus we usually have a small crew. I will be getting the fi21. Does anyone have any real world experience with the fi21?
  10. s21 info

    Im not sure why it as not as popular, I think (my opinion) the styling of the s21 is better than the s211. The s211 has the same styling of the s238, non wrap around windshield, non pickle fork front end, tower that sits back further on the boat, ect... the s21 is like a mini s226, pickle fork front end, wrap around windshield, a more forward mounted tower, ect... my guess is that it is because the s211 and s238 have more of a "new style" look to them. The s21 has a slightly bigger cabin do to it not having a rear seat/step on the transom. I believe the s211 and the s21 perform the same, so it really comes down to what style YOU prefer... The s202 is not even in the same league, it's a small boat with a 95" beam and low freeboard. Disclaimer: I have an s21, let me know if you have any questions about the s21.
  11. I would love to hear how you do this and see some pictures. When my tower is folded down the back leg sticks up 6 to 8 inches higher than the windshield, I can't believe they designed it this way... I have a boatmate trailer.
  12. I fit my S21 in my 7'-0" garage. It's not easy, and most of you will think I'm crazy, I have to take my tower completely off and air down the front tires completely to clear the garage opening. I've got it down to about 20 minutes in and out. Like I said, sounds crazy but it's sooo nice to store your boat indoors.
  13. Fi21 or Supra SR

    Funny, these are the two boats I'm trying to decide between right now also....
  14. All I'm going to say is I have a 1997 f-250 diesel, a 2008 F-250 diesel and a 2017 f-150 3.5 ecoboost. The 1/2 ton ecoboost is pretty bad tush for what it is...
  15. Fi23 first impressions

    To each his own. In my humble opinion, boatmate is FAR superior extreme trailers, I have experience with bolth...

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