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  1. Anyone experience similar issues with Powermania charger. Switch was off an boat in storage. Went to plug in charger noticed no lights and damaged charger. Does the charger suit any other purpose other than battery maintenance when not in use? https://photos.app.goo.gl/ozfyXukc5imwkqFKA
  2. Where did you purchase? How was the hole cutout?
  3. S238 tow vehicles

    For this year fully refreshed 09 Duramax. Ice has been off the lake for a week set to launch this weekend water should be a cool 5-6 deg C
  4. Octo tower 2017

    On the 2017 Octo has anyone experienced the upper board rack not clearing the window? Have only lowered the tower once and the tower contacted the window frame terribly and now its misaligned with the folding window at least a 1/2 inch. Seeking to see what dealer will do to repair. as per the update above ...Contact dealer for pricing...doesn't seem right to have to pay for an update.
  5. Let's See Your Rides

    Last photo before storing for 2018 season.

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