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  1. S211 or S238(with the 343 or 409)

    Thanks guys! I’m hopefully working out the deal today. The one I wanted as far as color and options on had the 343 which is why I was contemplating the 211 with everything I wanted with the 409. I found another 238 with less options but has the 409 and colors I like. Plan on 850’s and some lead or 1000’s in the rear to start with.....
  2. Hey guys, so I’m in the process of switching from axis to supreme. Two questions.... 1.) I’m not sure between the 211 or 238. Obviously the 238 has much more room, but aside from that I’m looking for opinions from people who have been in both. Which one and why? 2.) If I go with the 238, is the 343 good? Obviously I know the 409 would be better, but is it needed? The boat I want only has the the 343..... Thanks!

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