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  1. Ok cool thanks! I saw the wet sounds ones on there site but haven’t looked into anything on them yet. Figured I’d I ask around and see what if anyone has done anything first. Appreciate it guys!
  2. Is there anything that can be bought to add to the factory sound system on a 17’ s238 that enables you to set volume zones for the tower and hull separately like the new stereos have with out upgrading the entire system? Had a baby back in October and still want to blast the music for the rider but not be so loud for my daughter.....
  3. looking for advice on boards

    I’m selling my Hyperlite quad 59. Idk what size you are and what size the blender was, but this is a 59. I bought it wanting to try more of a surf style ride and it was fun but not my thing. I’m just love skim style. It’s definitely a thinker board. You can ride two fins for a looser feel or four and it sticks n drives forward. If you like the thruster style I recommend Phase Five model x or fireball.
  4. Just wondering if anyone on here is from or somewhat near the Chicago area....
  5. Well congratulations on the purchase! I love mine for sure. Definitely upgrade the bags to the 1000’s or 1100’s. I recommend the thousands as most I’ve read on the 1100’s is you have to reinforce the panels and cup holders.... also get at least 600 lbs of lead or sacks for under the benches. If not both if you can. As far as wave size, yeah we definitely get a better wave in the dealer sections of the river. Avg is about 15’ for us. With fills times, it’s about 8 minutes total and the river is almost always mellow where we go. Most day there’s probably about 7-8 other boats and randomly some more people that just come to check out the area, but if you go to the other end it’s pretty packed. That’s where the beach is and party cove. I’m planning on heading up into Wisconsin this season a few time by lake Geneva. Not sure how far that is from you but it’s a good weekend getaway spot.
  6. Here’s two with me in it .... wave is mid thigh-ish. These are all with me 190lbs, my buddy 180, and my gf who is 90 lbs. only the three of us. Don’t mind me, I’m just an old guy having fun lol
  7. I’ve tried resizing pics but still can’t figure it out! Wish admin could get it to be able to just upload pics and we need to get more content on here! Supreme doesn’t do much marketing or social media. Not knocking the site just wish there was more supreme stuff, updated info, and more user friendly as I’m technologically slow lol.
  8. I just got the 2 bags for under the bench and an extra 200 lbs of lead at the end of the season. So I’m excited for this year to say the least. As it was, When we have the boat full of people it’s a solid 3 1/2’. Most of the time it’s 4 people and still a solid 3’. For me it’s difficult as I ride a river so I’m almost always adjusting things. Usually up-stream it ranges from 10.2 - 10.8 and down-stream it’s 11.4 - 12 depending on how fast it’s flowing. At one point I actually ran 9.4 up and 12.4 down. My port side Quicksurf is at 90 and stinger is at 70. Starboard is 85 Quicksurf and 30 stinger. Again depending on the day have some adjustments. I’m expecting to get a 3 1/2 - 4’ wave this year with the added weight. It’s a nice long wave as well. Easily 20’ plus in length and starboard side you can fall back about 5’ more than port. Also in regards to wake-shapers, I used it on my last boat. It was an axis a22 and I’ll never go back. I did try it on my supreme and worked But what I noticed is that it gives a shorter in height longer barrel type wave as the tabs give a taller smooth but long wave. They definitely work well but not what I like to ride personally. Plus I love the tall smooth waves up front with the nice barrel towards the back.
  9. 2017 s238 1000’s in rear lockers 600 in lead - 200 in each rear locker and 200 on surf side back corner of bench seat 260’s under each bench seat 3120 in bags/lead total 1500 in hard tanks (I believe....) 4620 total..... acme 1235 prop usually 4 people (3-5) 409 (have had 9 adults and 3 kids ran great!) as far as wakeshaper, I have one and only used it once. They work great, but I prefer Quicksurf
  10. Anyone having this issue?
  11. S238 bench dimensions

    Yeah I’ll start looking through threads again. I know it was posted at some point. Yeah I went with fly high 1000’s in rear and 600#’s of lead. Even after adding two more bags I’m at the same price if not less than the WakeMAKERS kit.
  12. Anyone know offhand the dimensions for under the bench seats in a ‘17 238??? Boats already been stored away and I thought I had them. Like 62x20x16 or something like that....
  13. 2017 S238 questions

    Picked up my 17’ 238 back in June fairly loaded for 74k otd....

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