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  1. 2017 S238 questions

    Picked up my 17’ 238 back in June fairly loaded for 74k otd....
  2. Got the new prop on last week and went out last weekend as well as this. Fixed the issue and thankfully that was the only problem. Thanks again guys!
  3. Yeah thanks guys, I ordered a new one and I’m going to send this one to get fixed for a spare. Hopefully it’s just the prop......
  4. Also, any prop recommendations if I’m going to buy a new one.....???
  5. So I haven’t been having the best luck with my 238.... today while surfing we heard a load noise which sound like we hit something with the prop. After that we had bad vibrations any time we’d get on the throttle. Pulled the boat out thinking we damaged the prop, but nothing!! A couple little nicks but nothing bad or bent. Anyone know what it could be? Could the slightest bend in the prop cause that???
  6. Ok @seattlehd, so oddly enough, thinking back it was almost every time with a goofy rider and I distinctly remember turning to my right to lean over and talk to her on most of the occasions! Funny thing is I actually checked to make sure the lanyard was was completely connected... well I’ll be taking it out again this weekend so we’ll see. Thanks guys!!!
  7. Yeah that’s usually what it is, although today happened way to much to be comfortable with it and that it happened while in idle. Hopefully it’s just that or bad gas maybe.... idk though. Thanks for making me feel not alone! Lmao
  8. Another issue and only happens randomly, but the radio will freeze up and no buttons will work. Can’t turn volume up or down, can’t mute, can’t change source, nothing! Tried turning the radio power off and on, the boat off and on, pushing every button and nothing. Then minutes or hours later it decides to work..... any ideas or fixes?
  9. So it’s happened a couple times now over the summer, but today alone it happened 5-6 times.... someone would fall while surfing and as I’d come to a stop or letting off the throttle to turn around, the engine would just die. Twice was when I was just sitting at idle ready to take off. Anyone else have this happen or know what it could be?
  10. 17’ S238 surf setups

    I still haven’t figured out how to post pics....
  11. We only surf as well, so maybe I’ll just get the two bags and a pump and fill it myself too. Just thought it might be easier integrated and a pain as we usually have several people with us... but I gues if it’s just once to fill and once to drain, so be it, they can move around for a couple minutes
  12. I haven’t seen the actual setup in person so I don’t know how it’s piped and if the made ports on the bags specifically for that purpose or if I can order tubes and connectors to make it up myself....? If that makes sense?
  13. Yeah I know a few people who have done that. I went with the sumo 1000’s and want to add the 370’s with that. I haven’t found any place that has a bridge system for that to keep it all integrated as one unless you order the wake makers kit....
  14. Thinking about adding the fly high tube sacks(370# bags) under my bench seats, but want to have it hooked into my rear lockers pnp setup.... anyone done that yet?

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