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  1. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    I bought my zs232 from a guy that lives up there. He bought from sunny side marina in balsam lake.... I think that’s the spelling. But yeah he ordered a new one as well. Brandon Renard, maybe you know him?
  2. S238 pricing

    I bought my 238 at 29k under msrp. Was at 103k and took it home for 74k otd.... that doesn’t sound like much of a deal to me on yours. You can find a year old model for 30% under which is avg. as you build a relationship with the dealer they will take care if you better. If they don’t, I’d find a new dealer. From the sounds of it, I don’t think they’re the best option
  3. S238 pricing

    You can buy a left over 19’ 232 for that!
  4. Issues with Supreme vs other brands?

    Sounds like a lemon to me. But I think the bigger problem is that you spent 90k on an s211! You can get a zs232 for Just about that! Unfortunately my buddy had tiges’ for the lAst 6 years, buying new every other year.... this last one he got has had more issues and shop time than any boat I’ve heard of. It’s rare but it happens. Supreme is an excellent product! Just sounds like you got a bad one and the shaft by your dealership
  5. Message me Rc51dr@gmail.com and I’ll give you my number. To much to explain through text....
  6. 2011 Supreme V226

    How much you looking to spend?
  7. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    What boat are you in? As far as the stinger plate, that’s part of your issue. Use weight to bring the nose down and the stinger to adjust wash and length.
  8. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    What is your set up? And I’m usually around 11.2-11.4
  9. Have to call your dealer and give them you vin and they’ll get a replacement from supreme.
  10. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    I have upgraded to sumo 1000’s in my rear lockers with 150 lbs in lead in the back corners under the bags, fatsac 260’s under each bench with 50 lbs of lead in the back of those, another 200 lbs of lead I place on the surf side in the corner on the bench, and then people are placed center and surf side. I have all my rear and center tanks/bags full with 30% in front. Goofy I have stinger at 30% and tab at 85%. Regular I have stinger at 70% with tab at 90%
  11. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    Wow that’s a lot of lead! Why some much lead and not upgraded and added bags? What bags are in your lockers and where’s your lead placed? Also what are you filling and not filling? What are your tabs and stinger set at?
  12. Yeah mine is starting to do the same thing. I’ll ask while I’m at the dealer today.
  13. Ok so I’m wondering which is better in a specific situation. Both boats built to the same spec as far as options, both have ballast max, and 5 people. Everyone says “there’s no replacement for displacement “ right....? So in a sense the 23’ theoretically should have a bigger better wave. Yet I also hear, “ a bigger boat needs more weight to be able to set the hull further in the water”. So with that statement, theoretically the 21’ would have a better wave.... so which is it? Or am I missing something?
  14. Oh ok I didn’t know that. I thought it was an option.... well thanks!
  15. And so far I’m leaning towards the Fi. Would going down to a smaller boat really affect the surf wave that much? I mean I had to put a lot of weight in the 238 to get a great wave. I understand that a bigger hull will need more weight, but the 23’-24’ boats seem to be the number one choice for surfing.....

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