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  1. 17’ S238 surf setups

    I still haven’t figured out how to post pics....
  2. We only surf as well, so maybe I’ll just get the two bags and a pump and fill it myself too. Just thought it might be easier integrated and a pain as we usually have several people with us... but I gues if it’s just once to fill and once to drain, so be it, they can move around for a couple minutes
  3. I haven’t seen the actual setup in person so I don’t know how it’s piped and if the made ports on the bags specifically for that purpose or if I can order tubes and connectors to make it up myself....? If that makes sense?
  4. Yeah I know a few people who have done that. I went with the sumo 1000’s and want to add the 370’s with that. I haven’t found any place that has a bridge system for that to keep it all integrated as one unless you order the wake makers kit....
  5. Thinking about adding the fly high tube sacks(370# bags) under my bench seats, but want to have it hooked into my rear lockers pnp setup.... anyone done that yet?
  6. 17’ S238 surf setups

    “Setups “ not ideas.....
  7. 17’ S238 surf setups

    Thanks guys! I’ll give those ideas a shot..... @Cameron My actuators were in the furthest position when I got it. I thought moving them to the closest holes was supposed to help?
  8. I know there are multiple posts on this, but they’re all a bit older and a pain to search through all of them. Hoping some new setups have come up since we’re halfway through summer. I have a 17’ 238 with 1000# sumos and usually 4-6 adults in the in the boat.... got a pretty good wave as it is, but I know it could be better. what are the setups you guys are using that I could try? I ride goofy, but both setups welcome. Also I’m surfing a river so speeds very on which direction and current unfortunately
  9. Panel savers

    So I put the sumo 1000’s in this week and bought some c-channel to make stronger panel reinforcements.... anyone have pics and info of theirs???
  10. Upgrading and old sacks...

    Have any pictures of how you did your panel savers?
  11. Have any pics of how you did your panel reinforcement? I’m looking to do mine tomorrow as I also just got the sumo 1000’s

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