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  1. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    The hot rod saying has always been more flow more go....so when you restrict the flow I think you might be stuck with the results of the motors current power output on the new slightly restricted flow. I thought I had read that the FAE was supposed to scavenge better because of the Venturi effect and that actually helped draw exhaust out of the cylinder, but real world results are real world results. You could probably relive some exhaust restriction by straight piping it if you have a muffler and I believe FAE makes a kit to do that as well. Or you could deal with it's ability to get on plane by re propping the boat...but you will probably lose some top end speed. That's my $.02
  2. I have an Avalanche of similar age and the fuses are way up under the dash by the steering.
  3. I don't own this other site or anything, but I goof around on a site called wake garage, it's all about DIY projects and I have seen multiple stringer replacement projects and interior redo's on older ski boats. It's all about building something into what you want it to be not just buying a new $100,000 boat and taking it to the dealer. Check it out it's pretty cool and you can get some great advise on bigger projects. Like I said I don't own it or know anyone off of the site....but it can be helpful.
  4. Wake Shaper

    I'm a big boy and it took me a minute to figure it out...and I have been ocean surfing since I can remember so like 40+ years. The board makes a difference, I can surf a red rocket inland surfer behind most anything, but the board is so locked in I don't always love it. I can also surf one of those hyperlite landlocks pretty easy and it is a little looser. get a board for your size if you don't already have one as suggested above. I like the surfgate deal because I am goofy and many of my friends are regular....mine is just a homemade for like $25 out of a cutting board, a suction cup glass handler, and a couple shelf brackets, I put a leash on it too. It works well and I was unable to ride ropeless even with my boat pretty heavily listed until I attached this thing. Now we weight evenly and just swap the ghetto gate. I think the biggest thing was technique and finding the wave...it's like a different angle than you think and for me I pretty much have to pump, if I just try to stand there the boat has to be going so slow, the wall is then huge but the pocket so short that really it is quite boring. I'd go with a gate, get a bigger board and just keep experimenting. I tried a surfboard that I surf with and still couldn't catch the wave. My surfboard had too much rocker so it didn't plane out right, wakesurfers are really flat with just a rock up at the nose. I'm thinking I am going to shape my own out of one of my old longboards I snapped the nose off on. I want something shorter, thick with short skags for spinning...just keep experimenting you will get it. I was the last one in my whole group to figure it out which sucks when you are the one that owns the boat. Driver makes a difference as well.
  5. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    This post had me wondering what kind of GPH we are getting. We went out Thursday after work, just myself and 6 guys from work. we surfed tough from 5-9 really minimal down time between riders. I weigh in at about 280 (ex college lineman) and I would say boat average per person at about 200 so we will call it 1400lbs on people and probably 3000 in ballast with a suck gate hooked to the side. filled up this morning and we used 14 gallons and some change so about 3.4 gallons per hour. I am in an older Avalanche with just a 5.7 and we were running at 5600' elevation. Our lakes are usually at least a half hour from a gas station, no Marina...where we were running after work there is currently no launch we dirt launch and need 4x4 to get it out. I'd have to have 15 race cans in the back of my truck to surf for a full day if I got some of these posted mileage figures....those are crazy numbers!!!! I realize I don't have the pro status waves that many of these big dogs are putting out, but I'm not a pro status rider and I don't need the pro status fuel card either.
  6. No idea on your surging deal, and not sure changing out Vdrive and trans will help, but the fluid change is super easy if you have an extractor.
  7. Lets see your ride doing work!

    I'll bite, this is one of my tow rigs that I used for years. I don't have that boat anymore but still have the Travelall. I C notched the rear after this and put it on bags so it doesn't tow much anymore but I used this thing for years.
  8. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    I have a older avalanche so nothing to add other than I couldn't have a boat that did that poor on GPH. Thats a crazy amount of fuel.
  9. Not to one up you....and this is probably more like a one down, I am so dumb sometimes. I had a 67 ford pickup, I wanted power steering and disc brakes so I scrounged a bunch of parts that looked like they would work. I put the front end out of a 78 Bronco under it...bolted right up. I used the steering box out of the bronco as well, had to modify the frame a little bit with some tubing to support the bolts between the section of the frame I boxed Bla Bla. The whole swap took me like 6 hours with all the welding and swapping, mind you I am doing all this after work at our shop. I get all done, go to pull it out of the shop, I turn right it goes left...F!!!! had to swap to a different box out of a van (I think it was like 20 years ago) to make it all work and re-modify all my welding, I think it took me longer to fix it than it did to do it originally. Thanks for the story I had almost put that blunder out of my head...now it's fresh like yesterday.
  10. help identify this prop

    Man Infinity nailed it...All of it. You can get props re-pitched as well, but I forget to what extent but it isn't a lot, assuming that's an 18 you might be able to get a numerical pitch number or two out of it...but you are not going to be able to go from an 18 to an 10.5....I forget what my prop guy said but if memory serves you can pitch up further than you can flatten out. It would be cool to see what the markings on your other prop are to make some sense out of the whole thing.
  11. help identify this prop

    I know nothing about that prop, doing an Acme prop search for a 2003 Hurricane it says you should be running a 911 at altitude for surfing etc. that's a 13" prop with a 10.5 pitch and a 1 and an eighth shaft. assuming yours is an 18 pitch....thats not going to work. What I don't get with the prop in your hand is the X1 at the end of the prop spec, I would think it would have the 1/8 on it....even if someone did a rebore I would think they would restamp. The 911 recommendation is for heavily weighted/altitude...not sure if your elevation counts...I run a 911 at near sea level sometimes with a few thousand pounds and it works cool...just don't over rev when empty.
  12. 2004 Cyclone steering issue

    so this is all memory and I don't have the same boat so here goes. The cable has a clamp that holds it in place in front of the rudder, it can be loosened and adjusted fore and aft to properly center, also I think at the end of the cable where the clevis threads on is adjustable as well. I would also check how the arm couples to the top of the rudder and there may be something there. If it was me I would center the wheel at the helm, disconnect the cable and center the rudder....then figure out how to reattach the cable without moving the rudder or the wheel.
  13. https://www.marineengine.com/parts/mercruiser-sterndrive-parts/black-scorpion-350-mag-mpi/0m391600-thru-0w689999/water-distribution-housing I think this might be it if it's a scorpion, they call that a water distribution housing I believe.
  14. help identify this prop

    I'd go with the same guess without seeing it, 13" x 18pitch left hand on a 1" shaft.
  15. I blew the crap out of the head gasket on my motorhome, still ran, no water in the oil, pinged a little on hard acceleration....scope in the radiator showed HC's...done. When I pulled the head off only the rings around 2 CYL's were blown.

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