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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys! Troy, The boat is a couple hours away so I haven’t seen it in person yet. I will definitely look those items over closely if we make the trip. It’s always great to have another set of eyes to catch that kind of stuff h2o, I Wasn’t trying to be nosy at all. Thanks for giving me an idea on price. Hopefully they have some negotiating room, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.
  2. h2o - Thank you for the info. I read through your post from last year when you were looking at buying one. It's great to know that you have been happy with it. We surf and wakeboard both, but have been surfing more the last couple of years. The boat I am looking at is also yellow, but has the teak deck on it. Do you mind sharing an idea of how many hours it had and what you spent on yours for comparison? Since there aren't many Typhoons out there, it is hard to see what they are going for. If you don't wanna share, no problem, I get it.
  3. It's mostly a stock boat and it is located at a dealer. It has low hours and is in great shape. That's part of why I was trying to gauge its actual value. There just aren't many for sale out there. https://www.marineworld.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventoryDetail&id=7340322&p=2&at=boat|personal watercraft&s=Year&d=D&fr=xPreOwnedInventory#gallerySlider
  4. You have any pictures of your shaper? I have used a Swell brand one on a Mastercraft and it works quite well. Your Avalanche is just a foot shorter but same hull correct? How much ballast do you use?
  5. It has the wrap seating and the 330hp motor. What do you mean about the step hull? It appears to have a step in the sides that fades as it comes to the back. I haven't gone to see it yet in person so just speaking in relation to the pictures online.
  6. Opinions on 2007 Typhoon C4

    Just posted a new topic, but maybe I should have posted here instead. I am also looking at a 2007 Typhoon that is very low hours. It is pretty much stock with the smaller ballast in the back and center. I am wondering if I will have to upgrade these to surf or if they will work as is? What about the stock pumps? Also, what wakeshaper's does everyone have? Will ballast and a wakeshaper be sufficient or is there something else needed? What should I expect to pay for something with less than 100 hours on it? Thanks!
  7. Hey all. I have spent a fair amount of time perusing the forums related to Typhoons in the last day or two. I have found a 2007 Typhoon C4 with only 82 hours on it that I am considering. I don't own a boat currently but have spent a lot of time in and behind Mastercrafts. I know what it takes to surf behind an older Maristar 230 VRS, as well as mid 2000's X30's and X45's. I want to make sure I won't be disappointed by a Typhoon. The one I am looking at has the standard factory ballast with two rear and a single center tank. It has a velcro attached wake shaper on the starboard side. I have never seen one of those before and would prefer one that moves since my wife surfs goofy, but that is an easy fix. I am curious why there aren't many Typhoons on the market. Were there not many made? Are they a good quality boat? What would be a good price for one with that few of hours? NADA shows average in the $36K range, but that is probably assuming much higher hours on a boat of that age. I have seen a lot about money spent to customize boats with pumps, wakeshapers, and added ballast. Is all that necessary or just cool to have? I would like to not spend a ton of extra so I want to know what I might be getting into. Any thoughts you guys have as Centurion owners would be appreciated. Thanks!

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