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  1. Infinitysurf has an excellent review on the infinity wave surf tabs.
  2. Anyone, Yesterday we were out wake surfing and suddenly the engine gave a screeching noise as if a belt was slipping and immediately I throttled to neutral. All gauge readings were normal with nothing unusual. The belt looks normal. No funny smells, sounds or vibrations. The vdrive gear oil has a normal color and level but the housing/case was hot. I seem to recall touching it in the past and it was much cooler than I had anticipated. I assume since the engine temp is running normal (163) that water is flowing properly through the vdrive to cool the unit. Am I recalling incorrectly the vdrive housing being only warm in the past and not HOT? I could hold my hand on the casing about 3 seconds before thinking youser that's kinda hot.
  3. What about the tower. Does it have cut outside for tower feet/attachments?
  4. It appears there are several people getting the same pattern of beeps. My 2010 enzo 240 screen reads "warning maintenance required" however I have personally completed all required maintnenace per the manual. Still waiting to get computer reading at dealer. Fortunately a new centurion dealer just opened close to me so maybe I can get in soon. Keep us upto date regarding your trouble and I'll do the same. Has your engine been connected to a computer to see if it gives any insight into the warning? It seems as though the beeping is occuring in boats around the same year.
  5. That is the oddest request I have ever heard from a manufacturer. I can get for you the picture possibly this weekend. I assume the sv240 has the same hardware.
  6. Ditto for me on 2010 enzo 240. All fluids and gauges are within normal limits. Found a thread that mentioned the knock sensor was a culprit however changing them did no good. Unfortunately the local centurion dealer has a back log of 5 weeks before thay can hookup the computer for a reading. Dang that warning beep sure is loud. I'll probably check into the local nautique dealer to see what's the wait there. In addition I'll change the fuel filters considering I skipped that this year. I'll let you know if it resolves the problem but I doubt it. Mine started beeping shortly after I noticed oil leaking past the oil filter gasket.
  7. Infinity, I need to recant everything I said. You are correct and I misread the advisory. The recommendation is "dexos gen 2" and not dexos 2. So it will have the green dexos label. I need to delete my prior thread somehow.
  8. Funny, they have always been adament about using conventional motor oil, but have obviously changed to synthetic. Its a good thing if they are willing to reassess there recommendations. Infinity, I read the thread you linked from planet natique and it appears they have some recs that I think are a little off. If you want to follow the change in the advisory you need to be aware that there are different dexos formulation. The pennzoil you mention and the Shell Rotella Gas truck (someone mentioned on planet natique) are dexos 1 gen 2 but both are "dexos 1" none-the-less. This formulation has the dexos with a green label and a small number 1 within the green square. It is meant for purely gas powered engines. The "dexos 2" has the label in blue and has a 2 in the square. The dexos 2 can be used in gas AND DIESEL engines. I suspect it may be more tolerant of the engine loads generated by surfing. It`s interesting they chose a lower viscosity oil that flows more freely when hot and cold. I found a link that lists the dexos 2 formulations .... https://www.gmdexos.com/brands/dexos2/index.html You may want to let the bretheren at planetnatique be aware of the different formulations.
  9. Interesting you say that. The 1st time I changed the oil had the same problem. No oil came out despite lowering the hose as low as possible. Inserted extractor tube and again nothing. I had my son turn on the engine for about 2 seconds and the oil easily drained out. No problems since. I have placed a female thread on the extractor hose which screws onto the engine drain hose and not a drop of oil gets spilt. Some people are able to thread the drain hose through the hull plug opening. Didn't work with my boat. No other valve or cap to open.
  10. Considering you have blue drain plugs I assume you have a mercruiser black scorpion engine? Also I assume the stern is to the left of picture. If above are correct I would guess a recirculating pump or raw water pump.
  11. Exhaust manifolds and risers can at times corrode in as soon as 10 years. I would guess that the water jacket (the holes within the exhaust manifold) that carries the water prior to dumping out exhaust is starting to fail. Theoretically not difficult to change and easily accessible. Typically 4 bolts to unscrew however they are often stubborn or unwilling to remove. If this is your problem, change both sides as they are both likely ready to fail. Hopefully others chime in to correct or confirm my suspicions.
  12. On an older boat I would be concerned about the risers corroding over time but I would be surprised if this was happening in yours. What year is your boat? I would be inclined to think the head gasket is the problem. The overheating may have weakened the gasket.To check can do a compression check on all cylinders. If defective you'll find a cylinder(s) that have lower compression than the others. You may have to pull the cylinder head and inspect the head and block for cracks. I would bet on the gasket.
  13. Look at the website for noco https://no.co They have 15% off code if you provide your email it'll save over $50. The genius are great in they`re ability to help prevent /reverse sulphation. Best, however to try and keep the batteries topped up when your done for weekend.

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