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  1. Interesting, good luck with the routing.
  2. Welcome, most people eventually change the ballast system in order to weigh the boat sufficiently to create a bigger wave. A wake shaper will quickly facilitate creating the wave you need. There are many threads on this site so you'll have a good amount to read
  3. If you have a strainer and your impeller is intact with all of its blades then you have no need to look else where for debris.
  4. sounds like quite an endeavor. Have you tried changing the propeller to one with a different pitch to try and offset the loss in size of propeller?
  5. The water strainer will be within a foot or 2 of the engine water intake and will be located before it reaches anything (some boats will not have one) . Follow the large hose from the bottom of the boat that eventually leads to the oil cooler/ transmission cooler. It is not unusual for the ballast systems to have the same type of strainer. A piece of the water impeller will not be in there because the impeller is down stream. As volzalum said, you still need to clear the codes. If your not familiar with the "water flow " to your engine look at your engine manual it will have a diagram for your engine.
  6. I am not aware of a faulty impeller having the ability to trigger an alarm but maybe the newer boats will monitor water pressure. You mentioned you have not had a complete overheat so does that mean the engine temperature increasing when the alarm sounds? If the engine is getting warmer, then change the impeller and see what happens. If the temp continues to misbeahve make sure you have not sucked up something via the water intake so check the water strainer. If you don't have one I believe the next area to check is leading into the vdrive.
  7. I too have this problem. My buzzer sounds off immediately with starting the engine (no buzzer if ignition is on without engine running) and then it buzzes about every 5 minutes. I took it into local dealer and they confirmed that everything is running properly and believe the fault maybe with the digital display at the helm. They contacted Medallion who makes the screen but they were closed due to the Covid19 scare. I will be contacting them soon to see if they have received a response. Does your screen (warning buzz) only sound off with the engine running or will it sound with only the ignition in the on position (engine not running)? In the mean time, I taped a ping pong ball to the buzzer to mute the sound because it's killing my ears.
  8. Here is a link that might interest you. Turtle wax received top kudos. I wonder how there new ceramic spray product would work on gel coats? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.practical-sailor.com/boat-maintenance/searching-for-spray-shine&ved=2ahUKEwiphsC0g8TpAhUxh-AKHVCpCF44FBAWMAJ6BAgFEAE&usg=AOvVaw1lqiBJeiOByOUuLDlguw9F
  9. As rhino said water and vinegar work well and is very inexpensive. The vinegar helps with the water spots if you were not aware. I have used several products and find them to be very similar including star bright boat guard speed detailer, Meguiars ultimate detailer and 303 speed detailer. The supposed benefit of the latter group compared to the vinegar is they have UV inhibitors. If your boat is properly waxed it should make no difference. I do like the idea of applying ( at least thinking I'm doing good) the uv inhibitors. You will always need to wipe off the scum regardless. The star bright is supposed to have teflon so I wonder if this would work better. It would be interesting if you compared this product to the water and vinegar mixture and see if a difference is noticable in accumulation of scum and ease of removable.
  10. Infinitysurf has an excellent review on the infinity wave surf tabs.
  11. Anyone, Yesterday we were out wake surfing and suddenly the engine gave a screeching noise as if a belt was slipping and immediately I throttled to neutral. All gauge readings were normal with nothing unusual. The belt looks normal. No funny smells, sounds or vibrations. The vdrive gear oil has a normal color and level but the housing/case was hot. I seem to recall touching it in the past and it was much cooler than I had anticipated. I assume since the engine temp is running normal (163) that water is flowing properly through the vdrive to cool the unit. Am I recalling incorrectly the vdrive housing being only warm in the past and not HOT? I could hold my hand on the casing about 3 seconds before thinking youser that's kinda hot.
  12. What about the tower. Does it have cut outside for tower feet/attachments?
  13. It appears there are several people getting the same pattern of beeps. My 2010 enzo 240 screen reads "warning maintenance required" however I have personally completed all required maintnenace per the manual. Still waiting to get computer reading at dealer. Fortunately a new centurion dealer just opened close to me so maybe I can get in soon. Keep us upto date regarding your trouble and I'll do the same. Has your engine been connected to a computer to see if it gives any insight into the warning? It seems as though the beeping is occuring in boats around the same year.
  14. That is the oddest request I have ever heard from a manufacturer. I can get for you the picture possibly this weekend. I assume the sv240 has the same hardware.
  15. Ditto for me on 2010 enzo 240. All fluids and gauges are within normal limits. Found a thread that mentioned the knock sensor was a culprit however changing them did no good. Unfortunately the local centurion dealer has a back log of 5 weeks before thay can hookup the computer for a reading. Dang that warning beep sure is loud. I'll probably check into the local nautique dealer to see what's the wait there. In addition I'll change the fuel filters considering I skipped that this year. I'll let you know if it resolves the problem but I doubt it. Mine started beeping shortly after I noticed oil leaking past the oil filter gasket.

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