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  1. Regarding the white smoke noted after pulling the tube , I would not be surprised if that was steam generated from the water cooling the engine. I also have a 2010 (enzo) and have the same alarm sounding. It goes of within 5 seconds of the engine turming on and then sounds off every 10 minutes so. I took it to the dealer last year but they could not identify the cause for the warning. Considering it was at the height of covid shut down they were unable to contact medallion who manufactured the display unit. If you ever figure the cause please post. I know at least one other person on here had the same problem and I believe he also had a 2010 model. I tried the knock sensors but that did not fix my alarm. If you do not have oil in the bilge then at least your not leaking. Are the spark plugs clean or are they oiled? Some engines will burn oil but typically do so from very early on.
  2. Your best bet is likely to be the closest dealer to get the correct parts however I have dealt with skidim.com multiple times and they have always been very helpful. Parts might be a problem at this time because kf a tight supply
  3. Absolutely, take it to the pcm dealer. Hopefully that'll get you on the water soon
  4. Troy is exactly right try to get it to lean as much as possible. Some people prefer to not lean so they will try using the wake shapers that suck onto the side such as nauticurl. Also changing the hydraulic plate at the bottom of the boat to an asymmetrical plate (A-plate) can be very helpful in cleaning up the starboard side and will not affect the port side wave.
  5. Have you checked the kill switch. If for some reason it is faulty, I believe it will not allow a spark to be sent.
  6. There are 2 spots I think of first when water enter the engine. The head gasket, as you said, and the exhaust manifold. I assume your manifolds are original to the engine they will rust out over time.
  7. Congrats with the purchase. If the sea trial went well, it did not overheat, or leak water you should be good. Checking the oil can also give clues. I suspect you have the zr409 engine. Change the water impellar and all fluids. If you have 70 hrs, it will last a very long time.
  8. Take a look at skidim.com In the past they listed 409's as an item they sell but I do not see them now. Thet are located very close to the PCM factory and pick up there items directly. It would be very worthwhile to at call and ask about an engine. When I have ordered from them in the past, they double checked the order to make sure you may not need parts for the installation.
  9. The wire could be a couple of things. 1. Direct wire to the bilge pump in order to ensure that power is available if the bilge float is activated by water. It could also be coming from the ignition switch which allows the automatic charging relay to send a charging current to the house battery. It depends, a pic or brand of charging relay would help give further insight.
  10. Do you have your boat at home? Start it on your driveway (with water i.e. fake- lake attached so you don't ruin the impeller) the night prior or first thing in the AM. Sounds like your carbureted. The last carbureted boat I had was the same as your friend. 2 often 3 pumps prior to turning the key to crank the engine. It typically started quickly. If not, I would move the throttle to a position that would rev the engine to about 2000 rpm and then crank (turn over) the engine. It would fire up (turn on) at that time. Like volazulum said make sure the batteries are in good shape to allow a good quick crank (turnover) as it requires the cylinders moving to pull gas in via the carburetor. Sometimes the position of the boat will affect some boats. If sitting for an extended time it will cause the gas to dissipate from the carburetor. Do you the carb needs cleaning/rebuilding. When you turn on the ignition and the electricity is sent to the dash board (such as when the dummy lights turn on in the car dashboard) do you here the fuel pump cycling/humming briefly.
  11. The belt started squealing less than 6 months ago so we changed it. I was hoping it was happening again but when we opened the engine bay it was not emanating form the belts. The noise is located directly above the vdrive.
  12. It appears the Vdrive portion of my powerplus vdrive transmission is failing. I developed a high pitched squeal while surfing. I can make it recur when I start to increase engine RPM. The vdrive fluid at the beginning of the season looked great but was low (about 1/2 qt) when I inspected it this past weekend. The gasket appears to be leaking. I presumed the staining of lubricant in the engine bay was a result of a faulty oil filter last year. It was a pain cleaning the engine oil in its entirety and I errantly assumed it was more of the same. Boy was I wrong. The transmission portion appears to be good. I will attempt the fix personally as most dealerships are probably packed with repairs etc and I don't want to be without a boat the remainder of the summer season. Anyone know if someone rebuilds these things. I found a replacement at Skidim that will require a couple of washers and an adapter bracket. The shape of the mounting bosses have changed. It does not appear to be complicated provided the bolts and nuts cooperate. Considering the vdrive oil is so easy to check I will likely do this at least every other weekend going forward. Complacency appears to have won this round.
  13. Replace both that way you know you know have a fresh set. Also if your engine has a belt pulley check and make sure it appears to be working properly. They can at times be weak links.
  14. I have had the same problem and added the support brackets but I also noticed that the bags were positioned to close the the engine bay. Shift them away from the engine and that should help.

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