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  1. Thanks CentruionSkier, I will check that out. Don't recall seeing any boxes in the rear area at all. Will check closer tho. Thanks.
  2. i didn;t know about the override!!! Might just test it out today, will look up your thread. Looks like it should be upper 70's here, almost getting hot out there! Thanks Nate! R
  3. Hey all, Tried to work the quick fill valve on my SV230. Didn't move. Switch lights up, pro vision display says it is filling, however no power is getting to the valve. I disconnected the power from the valve and tested there. Anybody know if there are any inline fuses or circuit breakers which might be popped? I did check the breakers on the starboard side under the dash, all those were good. Coincidentally, last year the same valve did not work, however the shop told me they replaced the whole valve assembly. Probably doesn't matter but thought it was interesting. Thanks in advance!!!! Rick
  4. WTB Wake surf Boards

    I too have a Surf style board available. ShreddStix Hazen...
  5. Also forgot to tell ya, with the bimini on, it cuts down on the view considerably. Pretty sure I have the 210.
  6. I've got Pro vision 2 on my 230+ and have a wide angle camera attached to the underside of the tower. Not too crazy about the camera I put there, I believe it to be too wide of vision. Mine is a Kenwood of some sort. Display is fine for just kind of watching, but I would like to get more of an upclose of the surfer. I put mine on so I could see the rider without a big mirror on my windshield.
  7. New ENZO SV233

    Wow. Love the boat!!!
  8. Not sure if you still need pics, but here is my install..........................
  9. We splined it!

    LOL I forgot, if there is no video, it didn't happen!!
  10. We splined it!

    Nate, you might try running a longer rope and pick the speed up 3-4 mph. At that we can throw rope in and ride fairly normally, We do that alot with another avy and find at the increased speed and further back both waves are good until they meet, we ride from one boat's wake to the other boat, sneak up and grab an adult bev from the friends boat and then ride the spline. You are right, great fun!!!!
  11. Shred Stixx

  12. Soulcraft custom board build

    Just curious what board you are used to riding?? I too am on the edge of buying a Soulcraft. They do seem amazing!
  13. September Picture Thread

    About 95 degrees on Sunday, hardly a boat on the water! Another beautiful day on the Columbia!
  14. Yes, another ballast question. My friend has this boat and it is currently set up with the stock system, built in hard tanks on both sides, (250#? each side)and factory tank in the center. He would like to get a setup that would work starboard as well as port side. Any suggestions would be great!!!! Thanks
  15. Hey!!! I kinda like that bottom picture!!! Nice colors!!!

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