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  1. The wire could be a couple of things. 1. Direct wire to the bilge pump in order to ensure that power is available if the bilge float is activated by water. It could also be coming from the ignition switch which allows the automatic charging relay to send a charging current to the house battery. It depends, a pic or brand of charging relay would help give further insight.
  2. Do you have your boat at home? Start it on your driveway (with water i.e. fake- lake attached so you don't ruin the impeller) the night prior or first thing in the AM. Sounds like your carbureted. The last carbureted boat I had was the same as your friend. 2 often 3 pumps prior to turning the key to crank the engine. It typically started quickly. If not, I would move the throttle to a position that would rev the engine to about 2000 rpm and then crank (turn over) the engine. It would fire up (turn on) at that time. Like volazulum said make sure the batteries are in good shape to allow a good quick crank (turnover) as it requires the cylinders moving to pull gas in via the carburetor. Sometimes the position of the boat will affect some boats. If sitting for an extended time it will cause the gas to dissipate from the carburetor. Do you the carb needs cleaning/rebuilding. When you turn on the ignition and the electricity is sent to the dash board (such as when the dummy lights turn on in the car dashboard) do you here the fuel pump cycling/humming briefly.
  3. The belt started squealing less than 6 months ago so we changed it. I was hoping it was happening again but when we opened the engine bay it was not emanating form the belts. The noise is located directly above the vdrive.
  4. It appears the Vdrive portion of my powerplus vdrive transmission is failing. I developed a high pitched squeal while surfing. I can make it recur when I start to increase engine RPM. The vdrive fluid at the beginning of the season looked great but was low (about 1/2 qt) when I inspected it this past weekend. The gasket appears to be leaking. I presumed the staining of lubricant in the engine bay was a result of a faulty oil filter last year. It was a pain cleaning the engine oil in its entirety and I errantly assumed it was more of the same. Boy was I wrong. The transmission portion appears to be good. I will attempt the fix personally as most dealerships are probably packed with repairs etc and I don't want to be without a boat the remainder of the summer season. Anyone know if someone rebuilds these things. I found a replacement at Skidim that will require a couple of washers and an adapter bracket. The shape of the mounting bosses have changed. It does not appear to be complicated provided the bolts and nuts cooperate. Considering the vdrive oil is so easy to check I will likely do this at least every other weekend going forward. Complacency appears to have won this round.
  5. Replace both that way you know you know have a fresh set. Also if your engine has a belt pulley check and make sure it appears to be working properly. They can at times be weak links.
  6. I have had the same problem and added the support brackets but I also noticed that the bags were positioned to close the the engine bay. Shift them away from the engine and that should help.
  7. Hey volzalum, are you going deep cycle on both or a starting 31 and a deep cycle 31. When you stated to "keep them matching" are you referring to deep cycle vs starting or lead acid/ gel? I have both types starting/cranking and deep cycle.
  8. I previously had the same when surfing (rpms 3000 for 20 mins). I changed the belt and it solved the problem. Of note, the belt looked perfectly fine. Could you associate your sound with a belt?

    What a nice looking vessel. The colors are sharp. I think every ski/ wakeboard/ surf boat has pulled or will pull a tube. Its not to exciting watching the little kids but when you whip around your friends everyones face starts grinning.
  10. Trailer Actuator Help

    Maybe worth calling this place. Does this look correct? http://www.2040-parts.com/atwood-85841-master-cylinder-i1302468/
  11. The 16 volts is that a direct read on the batteries or is that the reading on the dash? If directly on the battery, make sure the dash reads the same voltage, the connection at the engine can also corrode and should be checked. Can you get an voltage reading on the tach and speedometer directly?
  12. http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/2913-warning-horn-goes-beepbeep/
  13. I doubt it's the vdrive pressure triggering the beeping. I don't recall the 2004 drives triggering alarms because of the pressure sensor. That's the purpose of the vdrive light. However your probably correct about a sensor being amiss
  14. There will be no filter to replace in the vdrive and or the transmission. You need to find out the manufacturer for the engine and vdrive. It's likely a Walter's vdrive which requires non-detergent sae 30. Use the engine make and year of boat to search on websites such as skidim or bakesonline. If you cant locate the parts let us know. Dont use Amazon to find a cheap impeller it wont hold up.
  15. Ya, that's going to be difficult to push back. If you haven't already unloaded the boat to try a reduce the bend, take note of the position of the blades. If you dont have one blade at 12 and 6 o'clock you wont have enough room potentially when you reload the boat.
  16. Bilge and bouy parking?

    The bilge is (should be) wired to power at all times EVEN if the batteries are turned off. This ensures the pump always has power should water enter via rain or a leak and the batteries have been turned off. You will often see a small wire attached to the battery post. If you want to check, add enough water to your bigle and turn off the power when the sensor triggers the pump on. It should still run if enough water is still left in the bilge.
  17. Nicely finished. So will the plate beneath the strut change the angle of the thrust produced by the propeller. If so, will it then try to lift the back as you were describing to boardjnky4. How about turning at idle?
  18. Great point Hokiebob, when something funny us going on electronically I always disconnect power entirely and if stored off the water for extended time I disconnect the battery entirely. I found my cranking battery completely dead and unable to be revived after the float mechanism in the bilge pump got stuck in the on position. Also agree with "Infinity" that Noco makes a great product. I have one of those and also have a "Battery Minder" which works by a different method. It will not quickly charge your deep cycle battery if you want to get back on the water with with your sound system fully charged in a couple of hours but i like it during the winter and when stored.
  19. I'm Back!

    It's good your back. I have read many of your posts which were always helpful. Maybe with time others will return and become active again.
  20. That's fantastic. I really like that the ladder in its down position is not completely vertical but at an incline. I will need to do this. When my in-laws clime up the platform, there is a sudden grunt, followed by a thud and sudden expulsion of air released somewhere behind me.

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