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  1. Havent done anything yet honestly. Was looking at the factory upgrade kit from WakeMAKERS which is dual 740lb bags or just doing the 1150lb sac on the surf side. I like that the upgrade kit comes with everything you need and connects to the existing system/switches, etc. Been trying to get in touch with WakeMAKERS to see what I need to do if I just buy the 1150lb sac and want to connect it to my existing switches but been tough to get them on the line. I'm a rookie at this so I just dont know enough other than I know I need more weight.
  2. Is this a purchased item of home made?
  3. ok great thank you!
  4. Is an a plate and wake shaper the same thing?
  5. How much ballast do you have?
  6. What did you do with the exhaust once you removed the sideswipe? The 740’s that come with the wakemakers upgrade seem small now based on what you guys are doing.
  7. Thanks for the pics! Am I better off just getting a large sac for the port side or get the factory ballast upgrade kits from wakemakers? (740lbs on both sides) we all seem to be port side riders. Thanks again!
  8. ok thanks. so that brings up a good question I have been thinking about. The boat is rated for 10 people and 1330 lbs, so once you fill the 1400 ballast you're over that just with ballast. Are you not worried about that? Also, do you use a wake shaper?
  9. Hi All, Have begun surfing behind my 2006 Avalanche C4 using the standard 3 ballast tanks and a wake shaper. Wave isn't perfect or the biggest it can be I'm sure but it is clean. The problem I'm having is dropping the rope. I seem to get good acceleration but when I start to slow down I can't get enough speed to recover and I fall back out of the wave. Board is a Doomswell Hydro and removed the center fin to see if that would give me a little more speed. Been setting the perfect pass around 11 mph but dont know if I should be going slower or faster to help. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the detailed write up! So the wakemakers upgrade bags you wouldn’t recommend? They are 740lbs on each side. Does wakemakers make the 1100# bags you’re talking about. Is there another company I should be looking at? Ordered the stargazer upgrade hoping to get that in this weekend. thanks for you help!
  11. Hi All, Got to test my perfect pass today on my 2006 Avalanche C4 and the up button is not working. If I go with the star gazer model as an upgrade is it pretty straight forward to replace the existing unit and control module? Thanks, Leif
  12. Thanks Wylei_Tunes. What do I connect the multi-meter to. I was in the compartment with the amp the other day and couldn't tell what was coming from the subwoofer vs the radio. This is just new to me so I need to learn it. Perhaps I could upload a few pics this weekend and that might help.
  13. Thanks for the reply. How do I get behind the sub to see which wires are which?
  14. Hi All, My stereo works well as do all the speakers except for the subwoofer. It appears the amp is on and nothing coming from the subwoofer. Does anyone have any idea what I should check? Assuming it could be wiring but I dont even know how to get at the back of the subwoofer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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