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  1. Hi All, Any idea where I might be able to get a Bimini top for my 06 Avalanche C4 with the Tribal Tower? Thanks, Leif
  2. Unfortunately I haven't even taken it out yet. Still cold in the NE. I took a few test drives with the previous owner in the fall and when it was cloudy/overcast/damp the screen didn't work. However, on the sunny days it was fine. This was the response I got from the PP guys: The only fix is to replace the gauge and upgrade the system to run it. The cost is $239 US for the gauge and $569 US for the GPS based Star Gazer Wake Edition upgrade kit.
  3. Thanks Bigcatpt. So if the boat has the stock 3 ballast tanks do I just remove those and add 3 sacs? If I do that, do I need more on the rear seats? Appreciate the help. Brand new to all of this and was hoping I got a good starter boat for the job. I"m pretty certain we are all regular and not goofy but I have to test that with my little one. Is the stargazer upgrade something I can do being pretty handy or is better to have it done? Thanks again!
  4. Very nice. I'm in Maine otherwise I'd take you up on that; thanks for the offer! I like the sound of the sideswipe exhaust... muscle car sound. I could see it getting annoying at times but for now Im keeping it. Not sure why I couldn't remove the photobucket watermark in the other thread. Thanks for all your help, I'm sure I'll many more questions along the way.
  5. Yes, black scorpion engine, side swipe exhaust, tower with racks. Etc etc.
  6. Hi Troy, Thanks for the feedback. I assume by list it you mean lean to one side? That’s what I would plan on doing so I’ll look at your write ups. This boat still has the factory tanks and I was looking at sacks. Maybe I’ll start with some of those lead bags to add weight to start. I’ll have to research what an a-plate is. The previous owner gave me this huge anchor shaped plate that came with the boat but he said he never used it as it messed with handling. thanks again!!
  7. Hi All, When I purchased this boat in the fall the previous owner indicated that the PerfectPass only seems to like sunny days and fades in and out at times. Seems to be a common problem. Anyway, PerfectPass recommended I replace the gauge and upgrade to the GPS star gazer edition kit. Seems like roughly an $800 upgrade. Would you guys recommend this? I'm brand new to these boats. I know it doesn't have a "monster" wave but the previous owner surfed it and I figured it would be a good boat to get my kids into surfing. I'm sure there are ways I can make the wave larger by adding weight. Any thoughts on the gauge or adding weight/upgrades would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi All, Purchased a 2006 Avalanche C4 in the fall but it didn't come with the owners manual. Is that really needed? Figuring the general maintenance is the same across the board as far as the engine is concerned. The belt whines a bit so probably will replace that otherwise just routine maintenance. Subwoofer doesn't seem to be working so need to diagnose that problem. Thanks in advance!
  9. Great guys thanks for the replies. Guy was meticulous with the boat inside and out so I feel good about it. Thanks again.
  10. Hi All, Looking at a 2006 avalanche C4 with about 580 on it. Great condition over all. A few nicks but minor. Anything to worry about with that amount of hours? Any questions I should be asking? thanks in advance!! N901

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