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  1. Definitely coming out of the drain hole and not the vent
  2. Hi All. Recently replaced my hard tanks with 1000lb bags and installed new drain pumps from wakemakers. Port side bag/drain pump has started dumping water when I hit fill. It’s not as forceful as well I actually hit drain but it’s certainly coming out at a steady rate. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? thanks in advance!
  3. Hey guys, quick question on sideswipe exhaust and how you know it’s really working. Does the switch only work when the engine is running? Does it only push the fumes to one side? (Mine still makes noise from the both sides when I press the switch) is there a way to test the solenoid? thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks Troy... I’ll dig into your threads.
  5. Thanks all. Definitely getting rid of those hard tanks. I'll take a look at your thread now. Was hoping to just be able to replace the water puppy to a bigger/faster one rather than get into the sprinkler value replacement or adding pumps but I can see the sprinkler values being restrictive and slowing things down. Thanks again, I'm sure I'll have more questions.
  6. Hi All, Quick question on the ballast pump(s) in my 2006 Avy C4. I see the 3 yellow pumps which I assume are the pump outs. I see one thru hull intake going to a Water Puppy Model 18220-2123. Does this one pump fill all 3 hard tanks I have? There is a large hose off the water puppy that routes to the back of the boat to a white water strainer (perhaps) and then from there it branches to 3 "units". (not sure what to call it). If it is just the one main pump, can I simply upgrade that to get a faster fill time? It's strange that there are 3 tank switches but only one pump. Appreciate any insight. Thanks!
  7. Hi All, Looking to upgrade the wakeboard racks on my 06 avalanche with the tribal tower to surf racks. Does anyone know what will work without breaking the bank? Thanks in advance!!!
  8. Havent done anything yet honestly. Was looking at the factory upgrade kit from WakeMAKERS which is dual 740lb bags or just doing the 1150lb sac on the surf side. I like that the upgrade kit comes with everything you need and connects to the existing system/switches, etc. Been trying to get in touch with WakeMAKERS to see what I need to do if I just buy the 1150lb sac and want to connect it to my existing switches but been tough to get them on the line. I'm a rookie at this so I just dont know enough other than I know I need more weight.
  9. Is this a purchased item of home made?
  10. ok great thank you!
  11. Is an a plate and wake shaper the same thing?
  12. How much ballast do you have?
  13. What did you do with the exhaust once you removed the sideswipe? The 740’s that come with the wakemakers upgrade seem small now based on what you guys are doing.
  14. Thanks for the pics! Am I better off just getting a large sac for the port side or get the factory ballast upgrade kits from wakemakers? (740lbs on both sides) we all seem to be port side riders. Thanks again!

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