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  1. 2006 centurion avalanche c4

    What is the biggest difference between these two boats? I'm the proud owner of the 07 elite v C4 triplemint. And have the opportunity to purchase an avalanche C4, that is not so mint ! 99% used for surfing. Thanks
  2. New member new owner

    thanks for the prop buddy
  3. New member new owner

    And on a side note, I hit a rock Friday night so I'm looking for a surf prop for this boat. I'm trying to reach packrat for the one he has in the classified but haven't heard from him yet. If any of you guys have a surf prop for sale I'm interested please let me know
  4. New member new owner

    Here's the work that's been performed up to date. Complete new interior Changed the motor oil and filter, transmission oil, v-drive oil. New spark plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor New belts and pulleys Raw water pump o ring and impeller, with the new updated backing plate with stainless steel cover New thermostat 160,* Took out all the gauges to buff them back to new New fuel filter and water separator New Roswell Tower speakers (lots more work to be done on the stereo not happy with it at all) Remove all the stickers and badging and warnings (going to have to source some new badging) Change the fuel lights on the boat and trailer And close to 30 hours of wet sanding and buffing, this was by far the worst part of the build, in hindsight I should have just paid the $1,600 to get it done. But we are starting to know this boat in and out lol More pictures to come as it lets me download them
  5. New member new owner

    It gets better but upload more pictures when this site lets me !

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