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  1. 2018 Fi21

    2018 Fi21 Canadian Blue Metal Flake
  2. I had the stock 1235. So I chose the 2277 15x15.75 prop (Fi21 -409 - at sea level). Ran it today. It lowered my surf RPMs (mostly full ballast/11mph) from 4100 to 3600. No noticeable loss of holeshot. About 1 or 2 mph increase in top speed. But I know if we go to altitude- I’m going to have to get a 16x13 to bring. So I’ll probably just keep the 15x15.75 on, and get a 16x13 as my spare.
  3. ACME 1235 Propeller

    Time Left: 2 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    ACME 1235 prop. Used. Good condition. 14.5x14.25. 1-1/8” Left. Stock prop on all 409 engine Fi & Ri. Also stock in some Malibu VLX with 350 monsoon. Would make a good spare or cheaper than new replacement. Asking $400. May ship if you want to pay for shipping. Located in 98685. Vancouver/Portland area.


  4. I wanted to start a thread for Fi21 owners who have upgraded their stock prop. I've got a 2018 Fi21 with the PCM L96 (409) engine. My stock prop is the ACME 1235 (14.5x14.25). At sea level, I'm seeing about 4100-4300 RPM surfing w/ full ballast & about 10.5-11mph. Top speed is about 33-34 at 4900 RPM. Also, the holeshot is just fine. Anyone gone with a bigger prop to get the RPMs down? Please share your actual experience.
  5. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    Wow! 4 gallons per hour. That IS amazing. We must be doing a lot less cruising back and forth to our ride spot. Also, I've heard guys have changed out their stock prop and seen good gains. I'm running the stock 1235 (14.5x14.25) and seeing 4100-4300 RPMs surfing btwn 10-11mph with full ballast. Thinking about getting a bigger prop to drop the RPMs. One other guy said his Fi21 experience is that the fuel consumption goes way up passing 4000rpms. I don't think I should go all the way up to a 16x13 though - I've got the 409 engine and the shaft is 1-1/8" vs. the HO engines that have the 1-1/4" shaft. Maybe look at a 15.5 or 15"
  6. Yep, 23' vs 21'. I'm happy & it sounds like you are too. :-D
  7. Oddly, even using the profile with transom bag zero - it was still filling up on it's own when that profile was activated. So, like I ended up doing with my Malibu, I've reverted to just using the ballast screen. Too many variables (rider levels, people levels, fuel levels, etc...).. But I did end up just deactivating the transom bag through the dealer option screen.
  8. Fi21 doesn't need the transom bag get a monster wave. I do have 100# wakeballast steel bags in back though. I've also got some other stuff back there - so mostly use it as storage area now. Transom bag is 350#. The Fi21 has more ballast capacity than it needs to equate & pass any 21' boat surf wave.. If you overload it, you'll just get a washed out surf wave that requires the stinger to be down all the way. With Ramfill + rear PNP lockers - its enough. I also fill the Center & Bow ballast (plus people of course). With the 21' boats - they're a little more sensitive to "pitch" than the longer boats.
  9. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    Pretty sure I am. I've filled up twice when the guage was about an 1/8-1/4 tank and it took 41 gallons. I also am getting the zero fuel on my gauge when the boat is full. But after about 10 minutes of running it shows full again.
  10. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    I just came from a 2012 Malibu VLX. 46 gallon tank, I would get 9 hours surfing and wakeboarding (using a suck gate- the surfgate came out in ‘13). That’s about 5gph. Now, my new 2018 Fi21, I get 7 hours from a 48 gallon tank. That’s appx 6.8gph. Same mix of surf and wake. So I’m not sold on their up to 50% efficiency claim. HOWEVER- the Fi21 weighs at least 1,000 lbs more than the VLX (2012) - and has more ballast. My expectation was that the “efficiency pitch” from Centurion sales should equate to what my VLX got. But these are the real numbers. I didn’t buy the Fi21 for Economy! I bought it because in my opinion- it kicked other brands’ butts - in surf wave and wakeboard wakes - that I demoed. That’s my experience and opinion. So I’m not put off by how it sucks more gas than my Malibu did. Bigger boat-the Fi21.
  11. Answer: it was in dealer settings (lock symbol). Then I just set the fill and empty times to zero and joined the fill and drain hoses.

    Delivered 7/20/18... Fi21
  13. Just got the Fi21 yesterday. I got the optional PNP transom bag with it. I found that I don't need it. When I was using the quicksurf profile settings (surf left, etc.) - I had the transom bag set to zero - but it kept filling anyway! So my question is this - I am going to remove the transom bag. Can I somehow deactivate the pump through programming - or do I have to unplug wiring? Or, do I just attach/join the fill and overflow hoses? Obviously, if it's set to zero & keeps trying to fill anyway, it's going to pump water in the transom locker. There is one other BIG DEAL I am worried about with the Fi boats: Centurion has not come up with a "recall" style dealer fix for the fact that if you sit with the engine shut off, while full of ballast, water is going to go up the exhaust into the engine. That's a pretty big deal to me. I don't think I'll forget - but how many engines have gotten - or will get water inside the oil. Sure, after a hydro-lock, the dealer will drain the oil and get out some water - but it will never get it all out. It's definitely going to reduce engine internal component life. Factory guys - are you listening?
  14. Fi21 Garage Measurements

    UPDATE: I just got my Fi21 yesterday. The 18" wheels add 3" to the height. So, the actual height of the tower when folded (and bimini frame detached and folded back) is 8'6". My modified garage door opening is 8'7" !! Whew - that was close... Now I need to get some knobs to release the bimini frame easier. It's a pain - but I really like the Fi21. It's a monster compared to my 2012 Malibu VLX. Just massive. Over a thousand pounds heavier and so tall. I am getting a longer surf wave (I'm guessing about 5-6' longer just from today's first 5 hours on the boat).
  15. Fi23 Mods

    Great mods!! Thanks for sharing. Can you tell us where you got the lift supports and which make/model they were? Thanks!

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