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  1. Thank you.. I tried the 16x15 the other night and without ballast i loved it but as you mentioned it didn’t work well with full ballast. I just ordered the 16x13 with the .150 cup. They had another with a .105 cup. Not sure how big of a difference that will make.... I wish they had a 16x14 :-)
  2. Installing a ladder myself on our new 2018 fi23. Is still holding up good ? How big of a person have you had on it? You mentioned newer boats have metal in them?? Would that include mine ? @InfinitySurf
  3. H20king I’m in pdx as well and just bought a 2018 Fi23. Wanted to get your thoughts on prop selection and your experience. Tried to message you but it wouldn’t let me Can also text me at 541 nine seven four 2625 Thanks ahead for any help

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