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Found 18 results

  1. 2017 RI236

    Has anyone put a 3337 prop on the 1-1/8 shaft?? Prop specs are 3337= 16x15 If so how did it go and how was surfing?
  2. I wanted to start a thread for Fi21 owners who have upgraded their stock prop. I've got a 2018 Fi21 with the PCM L96 (409) engine. My stock prop is the ACME 1235 (14.5x14.25). At sea level, I'm seeing about 4100-4300 RPM surfing w/ full ballast & about 10.5-11mph. Top speed is about 33-34 at 4900 RPM. Also, the holeshot is just fine. Anyone gone with a bigger prop to get the RPMs down? Please share your actual experience.


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    New in Box never mounted ACME 2985 propeller. Been on a shelf since I bought my boat back in 2015. price includes shipping to anywhere in lower 48


  4. Hey everyone, have not had my boat out yet, but got a question on props. It has an acme 1235 on it, as well as an extra 1235. Is this a good prop for my boat? I have seen others suggest a 1579 for 2007 Centurion AV C4. For what it's worth we will mostly surf with it. Thanks!!

    • FOR SALE
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    New in Box never mounted ACME 2985 propeller. Been on a shelf since I bought my boat back in 2015. price includes shipping to anywhere in lower 48


  6. Guys, I am in sort of a complicated situation looking for help. I recently hit something in the water that damaged my prop. I was pretty pissed off about the situation and I am very picky so I just bought a new prop and tossed the damaged. Well, it happens that now that the season ended I was polishing the boat underneath and saw that cracks formed on the strut from the impact. Well I guess I missed them and they are VERY EXPENSIVE to fix. Need to go through insurance. Well I told them that I may have tossed the prop and that I will need to check and they said that they NEED to see a damaged prop or a repaired prop to cover anything. They don't care but they need to see something. I've been asking around and it seems that without the damaged prop they may just call it wear and tear and won't cover the fiberglass repair. This is stupid because looking through forums I have seen people with similar damage and the prop remaining intact somehow. So it is possible. On mine, the shaft is perfectly straight. Actually the prop wasn't bad. I should have kept it and repaired it... But i didn't want to see it. I have told the insurance that I do not want money for the prop. I just want them to pay for the rest of the damage, the fiberglass stuff. LONG STORY SHORT, DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ACME 537 (13.5X16) OR ACME 1235 (14.5X14.25) DAMAGED PROP SITTING AROUND LOOKING TO SOMEONE TO TAKE OUT OF YOUR HOUSE SINCE YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE IT EITHER????
  7. ACME 1235 Propeller


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    ACME 1235 prop. Used. Good condition. 14.5x14.25. 1-1/8” Left. Stock prop on all 409 engine Fi & Ri. Also stock in some Malibu VLX with 350 monsoon. Would make a good spare or cheaper than new replacement. Asking $400. May ship if you want to pay for shipping. Located in 98685. Vancouver/Portland area.


  8. ACME 525 Propeller


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Acme 525 Prop. I switched to a 911, had this one reconditioned and kept it as a spare. Sold the boat so don't need it anymore. Prop is like brand new, has never been used since reconditioning, Came off my Centurion Avalanche. Buyers responsibility to determine if this propeller fit's your application. Located in Chandler, Arizona 85225 Can ship UPS, buyer pays freight. Centurion, Malibu, Mastercraft, Axis, Supreme, Natique, Supra, Tige


  9. Wondering if it's worth buying centurions quiet tip exhaust to reduce noise and what is the best surfing prop for a 2014 sv244 thk
  10. Does anyone on here know where I can purchase a new prop shaft for a 1991 Falcon. also do you know if you can use a little longer shaft? Mine is 43 1/2" end to end. Thank you for the help ahead of time.
  11. Does anyone on here know where I can purchase a new prop shaft for a 1991 Falcon. also do you know if you can use a little longer shaft? Mine is 43 1/2" end to end. Thank you for the help ahead of time.
  12. Hey guys, I have a 2000 centurion eclipse v drive with the Walter v drive. I have to replace the bushings on my strut and am curious, can I remove the v drive and remove the prop shaft through the inside of the boat instead of going through the pain of removing the coupler and reinstalling the coupler. It appears if I remove the v drive I should have plenty of room to clear the shaft inside
  13. Hi Gang, Symptom: Once loaded for surfing (anywhere past about 1000lbs ballast) I have no top-end speed. Engine won't run much faster then 2100 rpm (about 10.5 mph). We've been trying to diagnose this issue for a while so here is where I'm at: 2005 Enzo SV230 Merc 350 MAG MPI 270 hours, Acme 1579 prop, Fresh Air Exhaust installed. Just got boat back from shop, hooked up computer and tested everything - 100% good. Fuel good, filters both changed, full tank of fresh gas and a can of Sea Foam yesterday. All plug wires checked and in the right spot. Cap and rotor had a little corrosion inside but nothing major (cleaned it our engine still purrs like a kitty with the exception of minor belt whining). Idling at dock I can run it up past 5000 rpm no prob. No load, me alone in boat it runs about 30+ mph across the water and seems fine. Have run with perfect pass active, not active, and completely disconnected (no change). It would be really nice to have more power to hit 11+ mph while surfing. If we load both sacs (2500 lbs) and have 4 heavy in-laws on board then its hopeless.... maybe 9.0 if we're lucky. Items I have not tried: 1) putting the stock Acme 515 back on the boat 2) inspecting / changing plugs 3) replacing rotor & cap 4) ??? other suggestions I am new to the Centurion family and this is our first inboard so I'm learning here. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated... but if the reality is I just have a weak engine and too much weight I'm prepared to accept that.... as far as I'm concerned 330 hp should spin that prop right out of the water load or no load????
  14. I mostly wakeboard/surf with about 1200 lbs ballast on my 2006 Centurion Avalanche 330 HP, used in the Minnesota lakes area. I think the stock prop is a Acme 497. Any suggestions for one more tuned for surfing/boarding?
  15. ACME 525?

    Looking to get my hands on an ACME 525 but noticed the store is sold out. anyone got leads on a sweet price for this prop?
  16. I just purchased some Fly High fat sac's for my boat. The pair of sac's are about 400 lbs each and I put them in the storage areas on either side of the engine. In addition, I borrowed a friends sac that I put on the port side seat (about another 400+ lbs) and filled up the factory hard ballast and runs down the centre of the boat. While I have a huge wake, it is very frothy...so much so that it makes it difficult or impossible to wake surf. It does clean up slightly if I take a port side turn but I would just be going around in a tight circle if that was the case. I've attached a picture of the wake. A friend suggested that I might need to replace the prop as he felt the was having to rev too high to get to a surfing speed (approx 2000 rpm for 8 mph and 3000 for 12 mph). I tried the higher speed to see if the wake would clean up but it didn not. Any suggestions? Thanks, Steve in Victoria, BC
  17. Last summer, I changed props due to damage on the old one and when I did, I dropped the pitch and went up in diameter. I'm not 100% sure what prop I went up to, but I think it was a ACME 497, I will have to look at next time I go up to where it is stored. Any way, the next time we were out on the water, the engine had developed a miss and it would backfire from time to time at cruise. I tried to duplicate this problem out of the water but it does fine on the fake a lake. It seems to only do it with the boat under way with its own resistance. I haven't changed the cap, rotor, or spark plugs in the last two years, I was going to probably start there, but I was wondering if any of you guys had heard of this before and see what else you think it might be? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  18. So.... The guy that I bought my boat from doesn't appear to be the brightest crayon in the box. He installed (or had installed) an OJ 14.25 x 14 prop onto a boat that can handle up to a 13.5 diameter prop. Needless to say, I have a nasty little gouge in the hull where the prop had it's way with the gel coat and fiberglass. Luckily! I have a contact who sells boats for a local dealership and he is setting me up with the guy that does all of his repairs. I am going to have him leave a small depression, where the damage currently is, so that I will not run into any "burning" of the gel coat when I put on a 13.5 prop. I have contacted ACME and narrowed it down to either the 1619 or the 1579, since I am going to do a complete ballast overhaul this winter and add 2850 lbs. of weight. I am not sure which prop I am going to get yet, because I will not know for another couple of weeks if I am staying here in Reno or moving to Portland. (4000ft elevation change) But I do know that I am going to sell the OJ, but unclear as to which boats it will fit on. If anyone can point me in the right direction of where to market it, or wants a prop to modify, I am willing to let it go for a good price.

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