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  1. ACME 525 Propeller


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    Acme 525 Prop. I switched to a 911, had this one reconditioned and kept it as a spare. Sold the boat so don't need it anymore. Prop is like brand new, has never been used since reconditioning, Came off my Centurion Avalanche. Buyers responsibility to determine if this propeller fit's your application. Located in Chandler, Arizona 85225 Can ship UPS, buyer pays freight. Centurion, Malibu, Mastercraft, Axis, Supreme, Natique, Supra, Tige


  2. Nevermind..... After researching a ton of aftermarket towers... I think i'm better off keeping the Proflight.
  3. Anyone have an interest in a factory Centurion ProFlight Swoop tower off an 04 Avalanche? I pulled my tower off today to send out to powder coat and am now considering going a different route and getting a new tower entirely. It's in pretty good condition brushed aluminum, has all the hardware and I have a factory bimini top that can go along with it. The bimini canvas is yellow, would probably get you through a season but is ready to be replaced, we had to sew up a rip in the middle of it last season. Tower is about 84" at the bottom. I've seen these towers anywhere from $850 to $2,500 without the bimini. I think $850 is a fair price. DM me if interested. Located in Chandler, Az. Post to More Places
  4. Thanks Shaka! That is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I'll be in Salt Lake in a few weeks and will go see them.
  5. Hi Everyone, Looking for an over the tower bimini top for a Proflight tower on my Avalanche I really like the look of the Arial Eclipse but I spoke with them and it's the type that you leave the frame up and pull the canvas off. I need something collapsible because I have to fold my tower down for storage. Anyone using the bimini from "tower biminis" or have another recommendation? Pictures would be awesome! Thanks
  6. Hi Everyone, Can someone with an early Avy take a look at their port side factory rear and tell me how it's plumbed? I added some FatSacs on top of my hard tanks a few weeks ago and when i did I thought the plumbing looked odd and I don't remember how it was before I messed with it. Currently I'm running: Factory fill pump (transom mounted) to the hard tank, Hard tank overflowing into the FatSac, FatSac overflowing out the exit port on the side of the boat. The "out" pump is at the bottom of the hard tank routed direct to another exit port. What's happening is, once the port side hard tank is full, water is flowing through the "out" pump and out of the boat rather than filling the fat sac, If not the plumbing, is there a check valve or something in the "out" pump that could be stuck? The Starboard side is plumbed exactly the same and works perfectly.
  7. Welcome! I picked up an 03 Avy a few months ago and love it. If you call Centurion they will ask you to email them a copy of proof of ownership and the hull number and they will email you back the original build sheet with all the specs and options. I did when I got mine and got a response within a couple of hours.
  8. Actually changed my mind. Since it's a backup pump I'm going to wire it to run off the manual switch only, not automatic. Going to run it to a T to one of the Ballast vent lines with a ball valve between the bilge pump and the T and and another on the other side between the Ballast vent and the T. If i need the backup pump i'll open the Bilge pump valve, close the ballast vent valve, and flip the switch.
  9. Hi All, I had another Bilge pump die last weekend. This time it wasn't filled with zip tie and wire ends, it just quit. My bad for buying a "new but not in original packaging" unit from Amazon.... I pulled it and confirmed it was dead and also cleaned up the wiring when I put in the new (new) one yesterday. I also went ahead and got a 2nd Sahara 750 i'm going to install tomorrow as a backup. It's going to go in roughly the same location only on the port side. I'm running separate wiring to the battery and it's own switch so the pumps are completely isolated from each other. Question about the plumbing: I really don't want to drill another hole in the hull. I've got 4 existing ports on that side: Center Ballast Vent & Drain and Port side rear Ballast Vent & Drain. Any reason why I can't use a T fitting and plumb off of one of those? If so should i use a check valve on the ballast pump? I've read this could be a bad idea .... Another option is to plumb it in to the top of Center Ballast hard tank and use the ballast drain pump to empty it. Boat is an 04 Avalanche Thanks
  10. For future searches.... My 2003 Avalanche came from the factory with a Attwood Sahara S750 Also, if you call Centurion customer service they are really good about answering questions about the older boats. With proof of ownership they were also able to get me the original order sheet for my boat showing how it was spec'd out, options, engine numbers, etc.
  11. Hi Everyone! I'm the proud owner of a "new to me" 03 Avalanche C4, Storm 3. Boat is awesome and has less than 100 hours. We've had it out the last 3 weekends and it's not even summer yet! My bilge pump crapped out on Saturday. I've done several searches and have not been able to find what the replacement is. I did learn a ton and that it's probably just sucked up a zip tie or something. But, since the pump is in such a PITA place to get to, and I've limited time to do the job I want to have a new one on hand and just replace it. If the old one is good I'll keep it as a spare. I also understand that there are several pumps that will work but also that it's a simple snap out, snap in if i'm replacing it with the same model. Can someone with an 03 Avalanche C4 tell me what is the replacement make and model? Or at least one that doesn't require redoing the mounting hardware. Thanks

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