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Found 38 results

  1. So I recently got a 2012 avalanche. I’m trying to use the engine flush fake-a-lake on it, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The water is not coming out of the exhaust. So I shut it off immediately. I got the plunger from West Marine, and it seems like it was a little small, it doesn’t cover the opening all the way. I positioned the hose to be spraying directly into the intake, but still nothing. The boat was inspected and tested by a professional prior to purchase. So, I don’t think there’a something mechanically wrong. Unless it broke in the last month or so while standing at my house. Is the problem due to the plunger being too small? I’ve also seen some people attach a T to the intake line, but I’m a little confused where it should be attached. Should I attach it right at the point where the water comes into the hull? That line looks like it goes directly into the V drive, then from there to the engine. I’ve read some people attach it before the pump. But I don’t seem to be able to find the pump. Anyways any help would be appreciated. On a separate note, for the 2012 year, is there a standard avalanche model and a C4, and if so, how can you tell which one you have?
  2. Just picked up my 2007 c4 typhoon after coming off a natique SuperSport because it’s 2’ longer, and a 1’ wider w/ built in ballast. we are very excited but noticed a couple of things and wanted to see if others made modifications, or if it has been an issue at all for the crew: 1) it only has a single battery: which so does my truck so big deal right? But all other boats I’ve been on have had a starting battery and an accessory battery. This way you could switch the battery to just acc and Moore your boat listing to music w/o worrying about a dead battery - is this something I should have wired in? also 2) it doesn’t seem to have a float bilge just a standard bilge. My old boat had 2 bilge a manual bilge and a float bilge that would kick on if water reached a certain level in the compartment that I could always leave on so that when I left the boat moored at the slip I wouldn’t have to worry about a storm if the cover blew off etc am I over thinking this? - thanks!!!
  3. Im looking to upgrade my ballast. I have read other posts on here about a custom avy sac. I have a 2010 centurion avalanche C4 and wanted to know if anyone had the measurements for this sac or who to contact that might have this info. I couldnt find it on any forum. Was just going to do the port side for now. I called wakemakers and they did not have the measurements. I took my own measurements but I wanted to compare with someone who has this sac before spending the $700. They said the enzo sac would not fit. Thank you
  4. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am looking to pick up a 2003-2008 boat for under 30k. Looking at all the major brands but keep coming back to Centurion. I am finding it extremely difficult to put together all the information for the models and what they are designed for (T5, Hurricane, Avalanche, Enzo, storm package, length, etc). My ideal boat has normal wear and tear, low hours on the engine, and solid reviews from current and past owners. I will be using this for 75% surfing, 15% cruising, and 10% boarding and skating. I was lucky enough to have an '06 Air Nautique new so I am familiar with what a high quality boat should look and sound like. I realize this is a broad topic (1/3 wanted ad, 1/3 history, and 1/3 recommendations) but I don't have any way to test these boats out where I live in northern Indiana. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or information, Paul
  5. I have a 2005 Avalanche C4 and when looking for accessories, parts, etc. see a lot for 2006 models. Does anyone know if there is or what is the difference between 2005 and 2006? Any info is appreciated.
  6. Hey all, I am new here trying to get back into boating after many years. I have a 2006 Centurion Avalanche I really like. It is mostly in great shape with about 500 hours. Only real down side is 3 cracks on the starboard gunwale and corner of the transom. The sales guy is insists they are cosmetic, but I am not sure how to tell. Anyone have thoughts on this? I only snapped a picture on the starboard cracks. The stern crack goes horizontally around the corner just below the gunwale. I am considering moving forward with this one if they are truly cosmetic. He said it wasn't worth fixing cosmetic issues on a boat of this age... Interested in hearing some feedback.
  7. Hello all - Hope your watersports seasons were good. Upstate Ny here so we typically have a few weeks left, however I blew my transmission last week on my 2010 Centurion Avalanche. Sucks, but good timing as it will spend the winter in the shop now. Question that I have, the boat has the PCM 343 with a PCM transmission Right Hand Rotation Prop. The dealer tells me that I can order the new transmission in left hand, and obviously change the prop. I am running the ACME 1234 which is absolutely great with hole shot, good top speed, and incredible on fuel efficiency, so I would switch to the 1235(LH version). My question is this - We mostly wake surf and are mostly all surfing normal side (not goofy) - would this be a good switch for me and does anyone foresee any issues? From all of my research it appears to me that the LH rotation will perform better and clean up my wake lip. Rest of set up - 780 pound bags in both rear lockers, 250 port and starboard under seats and 250 center under floor. Decent crew typically (4-6 minumum). Also I use mission wakeshaper.
  8. I have a new-to-me Avy C4 I got last week and put it in the water for the first time yesterday. I noticed that the bilge bump kept coming on every 20 minutes or so, shooting out the same amount of water each time (20-30 seconds). We parked the boat on the water and sat for about an hour and I turned the pump on again, shot out the same amount of water. Waited about 10 more minutes, then turned it on again and it shot out the same amount yet again. I checked the plug under the back seat every 30 mins or so, and it seemed to have the same amount of water in it constantly and didn't appear to fluctuate. The previous owner said he only had the issue when he had his ballast bags full, something about that type of bag having a coupling leak that needed to be fixed on the bag I believe. I didn't fill the bags up the entire time we were on it though, so I don't think that is the issue. I have seen some post about the shaft packing on other boats possibly being the culprit, but I couldn't find anything on this particular model. Any help or tips you guys could post would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello, Just purchased an 05 Avalanche Storm Series w the walk thru. Anyone else have this boat & make any modifications? Ive got quite a bit to do to update mine. I’d like to do the following: -clean up the stereo wires in the storage -fix the steering, it’s off about 30 degrees and is hard to turn to the left. -take out the old center hard ballast and replace with modern ballast and somehow run pipe to more sacs in the rear. -Fix the speedo & add GPS ... I know that’s a lot but if anyone has any experience or feedback w any of this on this boat or a similar one please let me know! Thanks in advance ??
  10. Hey guys here asking for a bit of help. I have a 2003 Centurion Avalanche. The previous owner put a fiberglass swim deck on the boat. Which seems to mount on top of the original. Can anyone help with finding a replacement? It’s def seen better days. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance I tried posting a picture...but it says it to big.
  11. My 2012 Avalanche had dead batteries when I came back to the lake after a week away. The batteries were original, manufactured in 2011. I got it started with a booster, but the check engine light was on, and it seemed to be running rough. The dealership suggested that was just due to low voltage. I replaced the batteries today and put it back on the water. It started fine, but the check engine light remains on. It would go off when i got up to higher speeds and RPMs, but as soon as I pulled back on the throttle, it came on again and remained on. It would go off again when I hit high speeds and RPMs. Any ideas why? or how to get rid of the problem?
  12. So, just bought this boat. Want to get it set up for surfing on regular side. It currently has the three built in tanks.. v fat sacks in the front, and 2 rear fat sacks. None of the sacks are plumbed in, and right now I am not sure how much weight they all hold. I have looked at some threads here and it seems like this is what people are doing... 1100 in port locker 580 under port seat 260 under port side bow seat Wavemakers is suggesting a TankBuster Upgrade which looks like 750lbs in the port locker. https://www.wakemakers.com/centurion-tankbuster-750-ballst-system-upgrade.html Here is the boat... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1418252423 Thanks for the help so far!!
  13. Hi guys. My boat is an 06 avalanche with walk through . I believe it’s storm series 1 package. Has 1 center rank with fill. I fill fat sack bags in rear locker, under walk through and on top to surf. I currently use a tsunami pump to fill them by hand. I see in the fuse box it is wired up for starboard and port side and where the switches are the are wired just need the toggle switch. Is there a way I can plumb in the pumps to fill my sacks and have it like my center tank where it fills and when it gets full it spits the water out the side of the boat. Thanks I have pictures but can’t figure out how to load them. It says I can’t load more then 204.8kb
  14. I boat this boat used and hoping I didn't get taken to the cleaners. After I ran the boat for about 1 hour the engine just stopped and wouldn't start. We got towed back and played with it the next day. It seemed like an adjustment knob on the perfect pass was lose so we moved it some and engine started and ran great. Then a week later it all happened again while on the lake. This time we couldn't get it going. We tried to disconnect the Perfect Pass electrical connections and that didn't help. The servo motor was very hot. I cannot even tell which Perfect Pass model I have. Any troubleshooting ideas?
  15. Hi guys I’m sorry since I’m sure this has been brought up before but I can’t find it. I have an 06 centurion avalanche with the walk thru. I love the surfing so far on it. I have it pretty much listed to the rub rail on port side. Port rear locker full to where I can barely close latch and port seats have long bag full underneath and center tank full plus I’ll throw some in a bag up front with some lead weight moved around depending on crew. I was wanting to try and even the boat out on weight and put like a NautiCurl on starboard side to make it a little safer and easier to drive but still want a great surf wave. Do you guys just fill a bag under the walk thru and another on top of that and keep the same set up as I have??? Thanks a bunch in advance
  16. Just want to say hello and ask what I'm sure will end up being, a TON of questions. I just bought a 2011 Avalanche C4! (taking delivery in a week or 2). I'm excited to say the least. This is my family's first boat and we can't wait to get on the water. Thanks in advance for any and all help. 2 questions to start... 1. The edges of the swim platform cover are peeling up. Do you guys recommend a factory style pad or sea dek/ gator step style? I'm a handy guy, so making one from scratch to save $$ is a plus. 2. The boat does not have the bow filler cushion. It's not a major priority, but I thought I would start early in my search. The interior is Light Grey/Too Blue Thanks again for the add and I look forward to getting to know you all, Richie
  17. ACME 525 Propeller


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Acme 525 Prop. I switched to a 911, had this one reconditioned and kept it as a spare. Sold the boat so don't need it anymore. Prop is like brand new, has never been used since reconditioning, Came off my Centurion Avalanche. Buyers responsibility to determine if this propeller fit's your application. Located in Chandler, Arizona 85225 Can ship UPS, buyer pays freight. Centurion, Malibu, Mastercraft, Axis, Supreme, Natique, Supra, Tige


  18. Hey guys, we just got a new to us boat, and i'm having trouble finding info on this forum about Ballast capabilities for an 05 avalanche with the walk through transom. Any idea what the biggest bag I could stick in the starboard locker is? The boat only has the sock center tank on it. I don't mind filling with an external pump, just don't want the bags sitting around talking up usable space in the boat. I plan on using a mission Delta on either side, so I'd like to keep it evenly weighted, plus that way I can run the bags for both boarding and surfing. Also, wakemakers says they sell a dual 720lb system for the avalanche but that seems like its way too big to fit in that small locker... Is that really the right one? Any help is appreciated!
  19. Hey guys, thanks in advance for any help. I am trying to get a good wake setup on my 2004 c4 avalanche. I can never seem to get it right, I have 750 pounds in the port side locker. I have another 200 I believe in under the seats on the port side. I feel like my wake is very short and doesn't create enough thrust for a 215 pound man. My wife does just fine. I would like a longer cleaner wake. This winter I am going to install a custom automatic system and want to make the right decisions. I was planning on a 1250 pound custom enzo sack that runs under the seat. Thanks.
  20. Any one know if you can buy these after market? or has anyone bought one for another boat and retro fited it? i have a 2009 centurion avalanche. i would like to get one of these over the engine tubs to store ropes etc. in. I have attached an image of what i mean. thanks.
  21. In the various upgrade threads I've been reading I haven't found anything that answered these questions. The Avy and the Tige 24V are the two possible boats that I'm looking to upgrade to next, and I know the older versions of either of these boats (I'd be buying 2003-2005ish to stay in my price range) have small ballast systems stock. With this in mind, I came across an '03 Avy ad the other day and looking closer at the stock ballast drain location on the starboard side it seems that the 3 exit holes are really close together. If I was going with an aerator pump upgrade instead of switching to an impeller system, is it possible to enlarge those drain holes to support a bigger pump and hose or are they too close together for that? Additionally, would it just be plug-and-play to swap in new bigger pumps and hoses re-using the stock switches or are electrical upgrades needed to support that as well? I'd be wanting to go with Rule 17A (3700gph) pumps to fill the Enzo sacks that would be installed.
  22. Hello All, I'm considering an 05 Avy with switchblade. Has anyone used SB? Thoughts? Opinions? Never heard anything bad, just havent heard a big demand either. 05-06 have 2:1 trany, but trying to keep it light (3600lb lift), so 07+ is out. Single biggest concern is surf wave. Actually its #1,#2, & #3. Thx, Mike
  23. So I have been shopping for a new boat for awhile now and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on an 06 Avy c4. I looked at the boat today and it looked pretty nice it hasn't been cleaned up yet but it does look like it with clean up well. they are also apparently doing some electrical work to it but that was all the salesman knew. The boat has storm 1 package, bling package, evolution tower with sanson swivel board racks, total of 12 speaker stereo (didn't get to hear it because they were working on the electronics) custom graphics and gelcoat I haven't seem one like it and in my opinion it looks better than all others I've seen Trailer seemed to have nice upgraded black and chrome rims. the boat doesn't have perfect pass or rear ballast though. He said he thinks it will be priced at 35,900 what does everyone think of the boat/price? sorry I should have to pics but I forgot.
  24. First post. Hopefully this is right. I have a Centurion Avalanche 2007. The seat over the drive access has a hinge on it. This is the opening looking down. You can see the binding and how it pops the hinge out where it curves This is the plastic cover over the hole, it sits recessed and flush with the seat on it. I notice all the other seats have a black formed thing screwed to the bottom on all the rest of the seats. The hinge is a serious pain in the butt when I have to do any maintenance or even put the speed sensor in the bottom of the boat before launching. Can I remove this from the hinge and just mount the seat directly to the plastic cover? Anyone try that before.
  25. Got a 2005 Centurion avalanche with the walk through transom... it looks like there is a way to install a large cushion like the other sides storage hatch lid.. anyone know if centurion made an option you can buy or is there any aftermaket available? Also any one know where i could buy a new fiberglass swim step so i can replace my teak one? Its in great shape just too small... Thanks

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