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Found 34 results

  1. I’m brand new to the Centurion crew as I’ve never owned a Centurion boat before. I just pulled the trigger on a 2005 Tornado. I really like to ski but also like to surf sometimes too. I realize I’m going back a few model years but wondering if anyone can tell me what the surf wake could be like behind a Tornado. How much extra weight would be required? Is it even feasible? I realize it’s more of a DD ski boat but I’m hoping it can cross over and give a beginner to intermediate surf wake. Thanks!
  2. Hello, New to the forum and the boating world. I recently picked up a 2003 Centurion Tornado Direct Drive. This is my first boat and we loved it last season. The tornado came with a stock rear ballast. Does anyone know what size (lbs) it might be. Also I measured out the compartment and can fit a much larger sack but am worried because it sits on top of the gas tank. Thoughts? I can’t find much on this boat. Also thoughts on surfing with this boat. Ya ya ya... I know it’s a direct drive and requires more weight but where and how much any other tips. Thank you
  3. 2015 Supreme S21


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2015 Supreme S21Original owner, title in hand, purchased and maintained at NW Boat Sports215 HoursChallenger 5.7L V8Surf tab surf system3,200 LBS ballast upgradeCruise controlLED lights, inside and underwaterBiminiBow wind dividerBow filler cushionMooring / towing coverSamsom swivel board racksDual batteriesGatorStep, non-skid marine flooring addedCustom silent exhaustStereo - All Bluetooth- 4 - 8” Wetsounds tower speakers- 10" Wetsounds sub- 2 Amps (Wetsounds and Rockford Fosgate)- Wetsounds cabin speakersTrailer- Factory aluminum wheels with matching spare- LED lights- Tandem Axle w/ disc brakes- Swing TongueThis boat is meticulously maintained and cared for, detailed after every use, and always garaged. The surf wave on this Supreme is far from stock, I have worked hard to customize it and it works better than many boats on the water!The rough water ride and safe feel of Supreme boats is second to none! I’m excited to get this boat to its next home! Located in Tigard, de-winterized and ready to ride today. Be ready for a warm spring and early summer! Plenty more pictures available if you're interested in details.


  4. ***Newly minted crew member here. The wife and I just picked up our first Centurion (1999 Elite V with 360 hours) and I am struggling to find any concrete info online about this specific model. There appears to be some real variability in the hull design and options between 1998-2002 for the Elite model and I purchased it off Craigslist without an owner's manual. For example, this hull has some "transom pockets/cutouts" that I can't find any info on and didn't see on all models from this era. Do any of you helpful forum members know how to locate a PDF owner's manual? I emailed Fineline and they haven't reached out. Hoping also to set her up for a modest surf wave and will be investing in some rear locker ballast bags and a surf gate. Anyone with a similar model Elite V and some experience with a ropeless setup got advice? Thanks in advance all! I have been lurking in the forums for a few months and you all seem extremely helpful! Andrew
  5. Hey guys, I am fairly new to wake surfing, but have been wakeboarding my whole life. Just bought an 04 enzo sv230 and trying to dial in my surf wave. Looking to buy a new surf board to help progress my skills. I feel my current board is too big. I am 6 foot and 175-180lbs. Currently riding a hyperlite broadcast 5'4". Leaning towards a hybrid so I can learn some spins, but also airs. Any suggestions on the best board and board size for myself for the money would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Guys, I am new to the forum as I just bought my first Centurion a couple weeks ago. It is a 2004 Enzo SV230. My current setup is the factory hard tanks under each side of the boat and 2 540 lb bags (one in each rear locker), plus a delta mission surf shaper. Those are all plumbed in. I own 2 350 lb bags that are not plumbed, but can be filled with a separate pump. Any ideas on the best weight set up to create a good surf wave with enough push? I am still struggling with throwing the rope and consistently staying in the pocket. Once I drift back, it is tough to push back forward. I am 6 foot, 180 lbs and riding a 5 foot 4 inch hyperlite broadcast. Any thoughts on a good board for me? I am fairly new to surfing, but have been wakeboarding my entire life. Thanks for all the input.
  7. Guys thinking of upgrading my ballast. I have an 04 Enzo sv230 Currently running factory mid ship ballast which totals about 400lbs. I’m running a 540 in each rear locker and a plug and play 350 in the bow and one surf side. Thoughts on what I should upgrade to? Looking to get a longer wave with a little more push. Tossed around the idea of 2 Enzo sacks but they’re so expensive. If anyone has some they’d like to sell and ship, I can Venmo!? Thanks!
  8. My wife and I just purchased a 1996 Centurion Elite Bowrider that is in AMAZING condition. It did come with a 500# ballast bag with pump as well as a surf/suck gate thing Ive read mixed reviews regarding the “surfability” of the direct drive boats and wanted to reach out to some Centurion owners. I’m mainly a wakeboarder but ever since I went wake surfing a couple years ago I’ve been hooked! I also enjoy slalom skiing. Whats going to be the best way to make a decent surf wave behind my boat?? I appreciate your guidance!
  9. Guys, I am new to the forum as I just bought my first Centurion a couple weeks ago. It is a 2004 Enzo SV230. My current setup is the factory hard tanks under each side of the boat and 2 540 lb bags (one in each rear locker), plus a delta mission surf shaper. Those are all plumbed in. I own 2 350 lb bags that are not plumbed, but can be filled with a separate pump. Any ideas on the best weight set up to create a good surf wave with enough push? I am still struggling with throwing the rope and consistently staying in the pocket. Once I drift back, it is tough to push back forward. I am 6 foot, 180 lbs and riding a 5 foot 4 inch hyperlite broadcast. Any thoughts on a good board for me? I am fairly new to surfing, but have been wakeboarding my entire life. Thanks for all the input.
  10. There may be a thread out there addressing this so redirect me if this horse has been beaten.... Looking for how folks have setup pre-surf system era boats to get the best wave. My boat is 21' 6'' long and 93 inches across. I have a 200 lb. built in ballast running up the middle and a 250lb tank in each V Drive locker also built into the boat. There is generally 250 lbs. of sandbags in the bow that can be thrown around as needed depending on whether we are wakeboarding or surfing. I keep 100 lbs. of lead on board at all times for small adjustments. I have a DIY surf shaper and am also trying to determine how to best use that new device. To answer the obvious question: I am open to getting more ballast in any form/shape/size. I really want to know how to most to effectively place it within the boat to maximize the wave my smaller boat can throw out. Looking for very specific setups and pics if possible...
  11. The internet is awash with how-to's for DIY wave shapers that all more or less have the same fatal flaw......they are based on mounting bracket platform that cause a 90* angle. I tried two iterations (90* and 70*?) of my wedge with this platform unsuccessfully prior to trying a new design. Effect on the wave was awesome (regular and goofy) but the hard angle applies too much pressure to the suction cups and struggles to stay on for the length of a surf session. Riding through other boats chop really seemed to unsettle the suction cups. Pic below is my original design with standard 90* angle. No pictures of the 2nd iteration. I'll be adding photos and process of my next iteration for a <$40 wave shaper with pictures, parts, and assembly directions. Who else out there has built one and what did you do better/differently? Floating attachments? Better suction cups? Etc.?
  12. I purchased Fly High aftermarket ballast bags to go into the V-Drive lockers for my '09 Elite V C4. They were plumbed in and integrated into the controls of the boat's helm. The port side ballast bag will fill properly when the switch is flipped. When going to empty the bag, the 5 amp fuse blows immediately before the pump motor even begins running. My initial thought is to replace the Johnson pump that is currently attached. That brings up two questions: is it the ballast pump motor that is causing the fuse to blow? Why only when emptying, not filling the bag? It appears as though the style of integrated pumps that Johnson and Jabsco put out have changed from what I have and I am not entirely sure how it is supposed to plumb in. Any thoughts on the setup are appreciated. The pictures are of my existing pump (Johnson 750 GPH). The ballast bag has two tubes coming out of the top. One is the vent that allows run off to come out of the side of the boat. I am not entire sure what the other tube leads to. The pump is on the back bottom of the bag. It is pulling water in the bottom I imagine but am not entirely sure.
  13. Hey guys I upgraded end of last season from 05 supreme to 17 S226. Only was able to take it out 3 times before it was done for seson. Last season was able to get a good size wave to surf and all was good but my main concern is when the surfer falls, the wave is so massive it nearly swamps the rear of the boat. This year of course I want to use more than just 2 ballest. How do you guys get out of cruise and be clear of the wave. May be crazy and that boat my be able to take on quite a bit but I'm not rich by no means and want to protect my investment. Keep in mind 3 trips out. New to surf boats.
  14. ACME 525 Propeller


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Acme 525 Prop. I switched to a 911, had this one reconditioned and kept it as a spare. Sold the boat so don't need it anymore. Prop is like brand new, has never been used since reconditioning, Came off my Centurion Avalanche. Buyers responsibility to determine if this propeller fit's your application. Located in Chandler, Arizona 85225 Can ship UPS, buyer pays freight. Centurion, Malibu, Mastercraft, Axis, Supreme, Natique, Supra, Tige


  15. Wondering if it's worth buying centurions quiet tip exhaust to reduce noise and what is the best surfing prop for a 2014 sv244 thk
  16. Please share your surf settings with 3-4 people on board with UPDATED ballast bags. Water depth should be at least 20ft and stock prop. Just note if you have a modified prop or something else modified
  17. 2016 Soulcraft HC Pro


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Selling my "almost mint condition" Soulcraft HC. (Came from factory with a spot on the nose that was sanded right through, so I repaired it) She's a 4'6" with a layer of innegra to help stiffen it up a bit to prevent buckling. Six fin setup. Ridden about eight times. Fast as hell. Currently has a Viskus traction on it but will also include the Soulcraft traction and six fins. Located in Canada, but willing to ship just about anywhere. Shipping cost will be extra.


  18. Hello All, I'm considering an 05 Avy with switchblade. Has anyone used SB? Thoughts? Opinions? Never heard anything bad, just havent heard a big demand either. 05-06 have 2:1 trany, but trying to keep it light (3600lb lift), so 07+ is out. Single biggest concern is surf wave. Actually its #1,#2, & #3. Thx, Mike
  19. 2013 Enzo SV244 (pretty close to pristine)

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I love this boat! I ordered it new in April 2013. Took delivery in June 2013. It has spent its entire life making people happy on Chautauqua Lake in Western NY. I keep it on a covered lift for our short summer seasons, and in my heated garage in the 8 1/2 months of winter we get here. It has never spent a night in the water - and it has never been exposed to cold temperatures (I still winterize it just in case of furnace failure, but that's never happened). 260 hours of run time on the motor. I ordered the boat the the following: PCM409 engine WakeSurf Team Package- high altitude prop, computer graphic package, pro ballast package (large ballast system under cockpit benches), P-N-P ballast system (large ballast system in aft lockers), quick fill (under-floor quick fill hard tanks), bow ballast system, Centurion Switch double surf swivel racks IceBreaker Package - heater with blower system, heated driver seat, cockpit wind dam Jazz It Up Package - stainless bling bling package, Daytona windshield, underwater led lights, docking lights Amphitheater III Sound System - includes WetSound SYN4 amp, WetSound SYN2 Amp, WetSound Rev8-C tower speakers, WetSounds AS10 500 watt sub with enclosure plus WetSounds speakers in the bow and cockpit of the boat. Upgraded Trailer Package with swing away tongue and spare tire Custom Deckadence Flooring - This has Centurion Enzo SV-244 logo (apparently this is no longer available). I also have the original snap in carpet. I ordered the Deckadence immediately after delivery - it still looks brand new, and the original carpet is pretty much new. Gladiator Tower with bimini top Why did you pick this boat: I liked a lot of the competitors boats, but the Enzo seemed to work best on Chautauqua Lake. We get decent chop here, and it seems to cut through better than Mastercraft, Nautiques and Malibu. And I really liked the dealer. How do you use the boat: Wakeboarding / surfing weekday evenings and weekend days. It makes an incredible cocktail cruiser for weekend nights. Amphiteater III sound system along with LED lighting seems to get the party started at night. Any issues with the boat: We had a couple of minor warranty issues when we first got it. The adjustable trim insert in the rudder fell out. The company replaced the rudder, and it has been great since. Boat tracks straight. We replaced the ignition switch. I have three very small spots on the upholstery (each about a quarter inch) that should be fixed with a vinyl repair kit. The Lenco trim tab actuator will be replaced. The actuator is stuck in the fully-up position (which is convenient, because we almost never put it down). I will have that taken care of before anyone takes delivery. I will also have the trailer checked out to make sure its ready for someone to drive it home. Why are you selling the boat: I recently purchased a home on the intercoastal waterway in Florida. I plan to buy a 28-32' center console set up for offshore use. This boat has been babied, and I can't bear the thought of bringing it to Florida where it would get beaten up by salt and sun. I'm hoping someone will love it as much as I have.


  20. New to the forum, decided on Supreme, unsure of the model. Love the look of these, and the build quality without all the electronic toys that are, IMO, not very useful but very expensive. Great hull, fantastic engines wrapped in quality product. Hoping some of you on here can shed some light. Moving from Four Winns I/O to Supreme. Family of four, we all waterski (I know for some of you, that is weird) but making open water cuts at 31 mph on glass like water is a rush I can't kick. However, the allure of surfing is growing and will be doing some wakeboarding. Kids ski too as does the admiral, but surfing is something we'll be doing more of as well. I'd say 70/25/5 skiing/surfing/wakeboarding. I am looking for a boat that will do all three, but skiing and surfing are the bigger priorities. The dealer is trying to get me to go from the S202 (with larger engine) which is my choice to the S211 or even S238. His premise is that I will eventually want the room. Apparently the storage on the S202 is not ideal and not big enough to handle a crowd. My counters are: 1: I actually don't want boat leaches...just close friends and family. I don't want 10 people sucking on my fuel on my dime all day. I figure 4 adults and 4 kids or me and 4-5 buddies or three couples. The dealer is saying how my kids will grow and need more space. My counter... tough luck, if they don't like my boat, than can get their own! 2: I am getting a tow boat to be behind it as well as drive it. If I have 11 people, I gotta wait my turn...might as well turn myself into a boat leach and simply bring the beverages. 3: Bigger boats make bigger wakes...and they are a mean woman to cross. 20' is the ideal length IMO for a crossover boat. 4. If the boat is full of people (say 6-7 adults), how much do the bags need to be filled, can't I use the storage in the back. The equation being more people, less PNP ballast required? I remember 25 years ago, we'd wakesurf behind a DD Malibu with bag pilled high on the transom and still pulled some tricks. How much wake is required nowadays? 5. The fun factor seems to be lost by the dealer here...I am not looking to join the waterski/surf/ wakeboard tour, just have fun with the family and some friends. What to you guys think?
  21. Has anyone tried the Mission Delta on an older Ski Centurion? I would love to hear what people think.
  22. Hello, I am selling my 99 Malibu Sunseter VLX with SV23 Wake Hull (same hull as Wakesetter till 2005) for a budget surf boat. I currently have my boat set-up with 600#'s in each rear corner, 500# in front under bow seating, and surf gates. The boat does produce a good wave that is easily surfed ropeless on a smaller board… but I want a much better wave! I need a boat that will throw a great goofy wave, be more comfortable in the chop, and more spacious. I have narrowed the search down to the Avalanche C4, an Enzo with reversed prop rotation (I have seen many of these around the same price as the Avalanche C4), and some Tige models such as the 22V, and maybe an RZ2. My budget is up to 39000. Since my wife will be driving and is comfortable driving a balanced weighted boat, I don't want to have to list the boat to extreme angles to get great results. That will freak my wife out! Have any recommendations?? Thanks guys!
  23. I have a 2015 SS210 with a 409 and am finding that there is a lot of water splash back onto the back pads of the boat when surfing. We are typically going 10.5 to 11 mph with the tab around 40 to 50. People sitting on the back seat are even getting wet. It seems like it's just the way the exhaust is hitting the plate. Anyone else seen this? Any way to correct?
  24. While I've been very happy with my custom ShredStixx board, after trying out a new Soulcraft Emily I think it's time to add a Soulcraft to the quiver. The Emily was a Twin fin but also comes as a Twinzer. After doing a bit of internet searching it would seem that a Twinzer has better hold than a Twin, but not as locked in as a full Quad. Then there's the Sixer... I know I should just get ahold of Jeff and explain what I want, but was hoping that the Crew can give me a little insight to this before taking the next step.
  25. Everyone, Will post pics this weekend. I live on a river that fluctuates between 10-15 feet where we surf. We can tell a huge difference when we hit a shallower spot. Right now, our standard setup is a 2008 Enzo with 3-4 people in the back of the boat with an enzo sac filled. I've tried adding bags on the seats but hate having ballast showing. I've read a lot about assymetrical plates but don't want to do anything that will affect the boat at all speeds as we like to wakeboard and slalom behind the boat as well. Starboard side still has stock, hard tank. Any advice for getting the wave better. It's certainly better than our 1997 MC with fat sacs but there are way too many great pictures and videos here of long waves with tons of push to not be jealous. Second question: what upgrades do you suggest: it has a tower (no speakers which I am OK with) and standard stereo system, PP, ballast puppy pump sac and extra small pumps to increase speed of emptying the ballast. The ballast takes about 10-15 minutes to fill completely. Fuel gauge is not working and the floor above the tank is screwed in (I can't believe they didn't use bolts!!!) so that is my next project to fix. I don't like the tower, takes at least 2 people and blocks the side of the boat for getting on and off at the lift. Lot's of info here but I am sure everyone can agree that as soon as you buy a boat, you want to make it absolutely perfect! Thanks in advance!

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