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  1. Hey all, I am unfortunately not with the boat. My parents are having issues starting the boat. It appears completely dead, they installed a new battery today and they still don't get any sign of power. No guages or accessories turn on. The boat was used last summer many times and start ups were fine. Any suggestions? I told them to get a voltage meter and check certain wires Side note not associated: our stereo would suddenly stop playing music while connected to the phone and the phone shows it is still playing music. This happens often, I assume it's the stereo but all other powered systems would work fine.
  2. New to the forum.... like 10 minutes new. Thanks for having me. Recently purchased a 2006 Elite V C4, Air Warrior. During the first couple of outings, I noticed that we were getting an inordinate amount of water in the bilge and the bilge pump was having to work overtime. After today's outing, inspected further and noticed the leak show in the component in the attached pic. It is on the starboard side, rear of the motor. I believe it is a component of the cooling system particularly the manifold maybe. It is down, very low in the transom area and has a blue drain plug. The leak doesn't appear to be from a hose, but the very bottom of this "knuckle" looking component. I have a 20 sec video that shows the leak, but unable to upload it here due to size restrictions. I'd sure appreciate any help identifying what I've discovered and any advice on handling the leak. The pic is from directly above the "knuckle" and for what it is worth, this component appears to be plastic and has a rubber cap at the top. Thanks in advance for any help members might provide!
  3. Can anyone tell me where I can find a wiring diagram for a 2006 Centurion Elite C4? I am having some issues with my speedometer and tach bouncing around and sticking at the max. mechanic suspects some kind of wiring problem but would like a diagram if possible. Just trying to track one down. thanks in advance.
  4. ACME 525 Propeller


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Acme 525 Prop. I switched to a 911, had this one reconditioned and kept it as a spare. Sold the boat so don't need it anymore. Prop is like brand new, has never been used since reconditioning, Came off my Centurion Avalanche. Buyers responsibility to determine if this propeller fit's your application. Located in Chandler, Arizona 85225 Can ship UPS, buyer pays freight. Centurion, Malibu, Mastercraft, Axis, Supreme, Natique, Supra, Tige


  5. Good afternoon friends- I am looking at purchasing a new boat trailer and came across a '17 Boatmate that was designed for an '03 Typhoon. I currently have a 2005 Elite C4. What are your thoughts for fitment? I am going to call Boatmate today, but ultimately I'm sure they will elude to buying a new custom trailer from them. Before I waste the sellers time, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks so very much ahead of time.
  6. Does anyone know where I can find a bow filler cushion for 2006 elite v c4? I am in Canada. Thank you.
  7. I am looking to add a dual battery to my 2003 Elite V. I know many have done this before, any suggestions on the location for the second battery?
  8. Who has there boat ready!? I am in DC MD area! Water is still low 50s? I also found out I am in need of a new trailer! My axel is cracking in middle and it's bending behind both tires on frame! Rusted our! If anyone has a trailer for an Elite V 21 ft aprox or one that would fit let me know please! I ha e checked CL! Ready to ride and get this boat fixed! Check out local riders on Wakeboarding MD on FB for a pull this Speing!
  9. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am looking to pick up a 2003-2008 boat for under 30k. Looking at all the major brands but keep coming back to Centurion. I am finding it extremely difficult to put together all the information for the models and what they are designed for (T5, Hurricane, Avalanche, Enzo, storm package, length, etc). My ideal boat has normal wear and tear, low hours on the engine, and solid reviews from current and past owners. I will be using this for 75% surfing, 15% cruising, and 10% boarding and skating. I was lucky enough to have an '06 Air Nautique new so I am familiar with what a high quality boat should look and sound like. I realize this is a broad topic (1/3 wanted ad, 1/3 history, and 1/3 recommendations) but I don't have any way to test these boats out where I live in northern Indiana. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or information, Paul
  10. I bought this boat 3 years ago and have been doing all of the ignored maintenance from the previous owner. The boat runs amazing but this year I took it out and the steering is extremely tight. I am going to start the troubleshooting tomorrow to make sure it is the cable and not something else. Where should I start with this? Is it possibly dry rudder shaft? The boat has never been beached and never hit any debris in the lake. Also I have the paddlewheel speedometer, is there any adjustment other than the 2 knobs on the dash or is it just the way it is for the speedometers to never sync?
  11. I currently have a 2005 Elite C4 with a pro flight g force tower on it. I have to say, I have been satisfied with it but due to a recent move I cannot get it in to my garage unless I completely remove it. I had some minor issues while putting it back together, but spoke with Tim today and he was very informative and getting some new harware out to me. While speaking with him he mentioned there is a modification that he can make to collapse the tower down even further. Has anyone done this modification? Any comments, concerns, thoughts?? Thanks a million and l have give props on the website!!! Great work.
  12. I know it's not brand new, 1998, but it has a small wake plate and some aftermarket bags. Even one in the front footwell, which I'm planning on moving into the left ski locker area. Pics here: http://web.me.com/mark_armstrong/Site/Centurian.html So why this post? The RADIO SUCKS, aka, non existent, and as you can see, NO TOWER SPEAKERS!!!! Sold my Larson I/O for this boat, so we can wakesurf, but I need audio suggestions and help that fits our budget. Here is my initial thoughts, spend a "small" amount of money to: - Put a new HU in, preferably with wireless remote. Pyle fits the budget... maybe upgrade next year. - Put in an old car AMP that I have had since pulled out of my last car (see attached), it's an ALPINE V12, 4/3/2 channel - Buy some Wetsounds or Polk tower cans, I found them used on craigslist for around $300. - I have an old 12inch sub I was planning on installing in the driver footwell. About the only place. So my question to you audio folks, is this a good initial set up? We are trying to spend LESS THAN $1,000 bucks, prefer to spend less than 600 if possible. I can wire and solder, so I think I have that covered, and I can pay attention to directions. I'm most likely going to have to drill the tower to run wires. What I am confused about, is how to wire the 4 existing speakers in the boat WITH tower speakers. Will the amp be enough? I am not trying to wake the neighbors just have enough sound for the wakesurfer and boat occupants. I have been searching for diagrams on line, but nothing that looks easy yet. I saw some "tower wiring" kits online, but 2 speakers at 4 ohms or 4 speakers at 2 ohms. Probably want to stick to at least 4 ohms, right? The small Bimini top pretty much is in the way of any drop down cans, so will I have to mount them on top and look stupid? So with those thoughts in mind, should I take on this job myself or just have a pro do it? What concerns me is that you can hear the "pump switch" and pumps whinning through the speakers, so apparently someone has a few wires crossed on the boat. GRRRRRR Any suggestions is appreciated and I have thick skin, so you won't offend me if all my ideas are crap! happy surfin' Mancho
  13. OK guys it's been annoying me for quite a while now, where I cannot get my 2002 elite v to even up its wake. I have tried moving people everywhere, adjusting the rear plate, etc. Looking out from the rear of the boat the right hand side is ideal real rampy and unbroken, the left hand side however is a mess constantly washy. I decided to put some 400lb fly highs in the rear locker to sit the boat deeper in the water. I have no ballast in the front as yet. But no matter what I do the profiles of each side of the wake are completely different, I'm starting to think it may have something to do with the tracking plates, rudder, prop or bottom profile of the boat, any help will appreciated, Boat speed is at 22 mph. i'll try attach some videos and pics so you can see what i'm talking about (boat) (wake) video links (empty) (full)
  14. Took my new-to-me 05 Centurion Elite C4 on its maiden voyage today. Everything all good except I have no speedo and the steeringwheel (rudder) seems to be 90 deg off to the port side (pulls starboard when positioned straight). I guess my question is, what are some things or logical steps to troubleshoot speedo now that its in my driveway AND can a guy align the rudder and wheel pretty easily? I'm no stranger to the wrenches, just looking for some "check this first" advice before I get to tearing into it, I'd like to get back on the lake fully working ASAP! Thanks in advance! (originally posted in general, but realized post belonged here)
  15. Took my new-to-me 05 Centurion Elite C4 on its maiden voyage today. Everything all good except I have no speedo and the steeringwheel (rudder) seems to be 90 deg off to the port side (pulls starboard when positioned straight). I guess my question is, what are some things or logical steps to troubleshoot speedo now that its in my driveway AND can a guy align the rudder and wheel pretty easily? I'm no stranger to the wrenches, just looking for some "check this first" advice before I get to tearing into it, I'd like to get back on the lake fully working ASAP! Thanks in advance!
  16. I just bought a used 2005 Elite V C4 with a tower. I've been trying to figure out which tower I have so I can order a cover. Boat is shrinkwrapped, don't wanna open it up until I have the cover in hand. I've tried to get help from Centurion, but they don't have the tower model for my Boat serial on file. Anyone on here think they can identify the tower by the pics? Thanks, much appreciated.
  17. Hello everyone, New to the forum and been around boating my whole life. Havent been doing a whole lot of it the last few years however. I am only 24 but would love more than anything to purchase a used like 06' Centurion Air Warrior Elite V C4. There actually is yellow one right now for sale in my area (Boise) however they want like $30,000 or somewhere in there. I dont think I am in any place at the moment to be purchasing a boat anyhow. My parents have an 06 Reinell 20'-21' inboard/outboard with a tower and such that is a good time to get out on, but it is no V drive machine! I guess ultimately I signed up here because I like Centurion boats and want to learn more about them with the hope of purchasing one in the future. Also I do get fairly confused on the packages. Anyway I'll be a lurkin'!
  18. I'm new to this site and have been reading the threads for a few days now and doing all kinds of research trying to decide on a boat. Been looking all over the place at boats including dealers and private parties. This will be just my 2nd boat. First boat was a 87 centurion tru track (bought it on CR for $5K) that I completely rebuilt from redoing the stringers to adding a tower and stereo and new upholstery, sold it for 11K. Been saving to upgrade and now have about 22K cash to spend. I've decided on a v-drive for sure, as we only wakeboard and want to start surfing. Budget is 22K tops, but hoping to get into something for less so I have money to pay taxes, reg and any upgrades I might need. Really hoping to get some advice here from some more experienced and savy boaters. 2 boats that are catching our attention is a 99 Malibu Sunsetter VLX v-drive, has the new swept back tower on it that has never had a rope on it,, makes the boat look really sweet despite the weak graphics. Boat has 360 hours and is very clean, runs strong. Downsides are: no perfect pass, no ballast, sound system is junk. The wake is nice and a good base to work from for sure. But the price is $20,500 firm from Dealer and they won't budge, which means with taxes, Im at the top of my budget. 2nd boat is a 01 Centurion Air Warrior Eclipse v-drive. This is the one with open bow but the ice chest is in the walk through, no wrap around seating. Has the one 250 center ballast stock. The boat is in phenominal condition with just 97 hours on it and sweet graphics. It does not have perfect pass either, but does have a decent sound system. Private seller is asking 19K and I know for sure they will take less. I guess Im a bit leary that the boats been sitting for prolonged periods. Is this a factor? It's been garaged and looks like new. I know the malibu is a solid boat and a good hull to start with, but my only experience with Centurions is with my 87 rotted stringer POS. Either boat is a huge step up for us, but Im really hoping to get some input. I know for another couple thousand I can get into a lot more boat options, but Im trying to get into something now, while the used boats are cheap. WIth the 01 Eclipse I can have money towards adding more ballast, perfect pass, etc. so I am stearing towards that. I found tons of stuff here about Elites, but not much about the Eclipse. Can someone please school me on these hulls. Is it the same hull? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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