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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Everyone, First question from a new user! I have a 2013 Enzo 230+ that I bought new and have been getting bad feedback from my Wetsounds stereo this summer that has been getting worse. It only happens when the boat is running which makes me think it's a ground issue somewhere. Anyone have issues like this? Any suggestions as to where I should start looking? Also shoutout to the AB Canada Crew on here! Anyone out at Ghost Lake? Anyone make it down to Koocanusa last weekend? If not, you missed out! Thanks in advance! Jeff
  2. Hey everyone, My family currently has a 2005 Enzo SV230, but we just placed an order for a '19 Fi23 this past weekend! After doing some reading around here, we decided to skip the downfire system and add some Wetsounds speakers. We are only going with a pair of speakers and will be using clamp mounts to get them out of the walking path (me and many of my family members are 6'3" +). Our dealer is suggesting that a pair of Rev 8's would be plenty, but I'm leaning towards a pair of Rev 10's. We normally have audio running when we're surfing or cruising, but not for tubing, wakeboarding, etc. mainly because our current setup can't reach back that far without deafening everyone in the boat. Would a pair of Rev 10's be overkill?
  3. 2015 Tower Speaker Suggestion

    I'm new to the forum and am excited to bring home our new Centurion in a couple weeks which is our first Enzo. Bought a 2015 but did not go for the Downfire system. Anyone have any suggestions of what works well for speakers on the Maximus tower? I'm leaning toward a pair of REV10's but am not sure if I should put them on the built in Downfire mounts as they might be in the way (I'm 6'2" and have cracked my head on plenty of tower speakers). Thinking it might be better to have them mounted to the tube closer to the corners. Would appreciate any suggestions - thanks.
  4. 2013 Enzo SV244 (pretty close to pristine)

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    I love this boat! I ordered it new in April 2013. Took delivery in June 2013. It has spent its entire life making people happy on Chautauqua Lake in Western NY. I keep it on a covered lift for our short summer seasons, and in my heated garage in the 8 1/2 months of winter we get here. It has never spent a night in the water - and it has never been exposed to cold temperatures (I still winterize it just in case of furnace failure, but that's never happened). 260 hours of run time on the motor. I ordered the boat the the following: PCM409 engine WakeSurf Team Package- high altitude prop, computer graphic package, pro ballast package (large ballast system under cockpit benches), P-N-P ballast system (large ballast system in aft lockers), quick fill (under-floor quick fill hard tanks), bow ballast system, Centurion Switch double surf swivel racks IceBreaker Package - heater with blower system, heated driver seat, cockpit wind dam Jazz It Up Package - stainless bling bling package, Daytona windshield, underwater led lights, docking lights Amphitheater III Sound System - includes WetSound SYN4 amp, WetSound SYN2 Amp, WetSound Rev8-C tower speakers, WetSounds AS10 500 watt sub with enclosure plus WetSounds speakers in the bow and cockpit of the boat. Upgraded Trailer Package with swing away tongue and spare tire Custom Deckadence Flooring - This has Centurion Enzo SV-244 logo (apparently this is no longer available). I also have the original snap in carpet. I ordered the Deckadence immediately after delivery - it still looks brand new, and the original carpet is pretty much new. Gladiator Tower with bimini top Why did you pick this boat: I liked a lot of the competitors boats, but the Enzo seemed to work best on Chautauqua Lake. We get decent chop here, and it seems to cut through better than Mastercraft, Nautiques and Malibu. And I really liked the dealer. How do you use the boat: Wakeboarding / surfing weekday evenings and weekend days. It makes an incredible cocktail cruiser for weekend nights. Amphiteater III sound system along with LED lighting seems to get the party started at night. Any issues with the boat: We had a couple of minor warranty issues when we first got it. The adjustable trim insert in the rudder fell out. The company replaced the rudder, and it has been great since. Boat tracks straight. We replaced the ignition switch. I have three very small spots on the upholstery (each about a quarter inch) that should be fixed with a vinyl repair kit. The Lenco trim tab actuator will be replaced. The actuator is stuck in the fully-up position (which is convenient, because we almost never put it down). I will have that taken care of before anyone takes delivery. I will also have the trailer checked out to make sure its ready for someone to drive it home. Why are you selling the boat: I recently purchased a home on the intercoastal waterway in Florida. I plan to buy a 28-32' center console set up for offshore use. This boat has been babied, and I can't bear the thought of bringing it to Florida where it would get beaten up by salt and sun. I'm hoping someone will love it as much as I have.


  5. I recently purchased this boat this summer, it didn't have any tower speakers. So this past weekend I got my 4 rev 8's, gladiator tower adapters and x-mounts/brackets. The instructions to install are terrible. Has anyone ever installed wetsounds tower speakers with the gladiator adapter and x-mount. I'm totally lost and Any help is much needed!!!
  6. As I gear up for winter stereo upgrades, I've decided to do the head unit delete mod and ditch my Kenwood head unit and remotes in hopes it makes it easier for me the driver to connect bluetooth, change volume, etc. I'm going to add the Exile EXMC1 which will fit perfectly where one of my dash mounted remotes are mounted and when I pair it with WS-420BT EQ I should be able to control all 3 zones. Simple enough, but what do I do with my head unit and my swim deck remote? If I remove either, I end up with a hole somewhere. The large original Sony remote had to have a 3.25" mounting hole. Anyone got any ideas to cover them up or install something useful. I'm all ears. Thanks!
  7. Adding interior speakers

    I'm looking to do some stereo upgrades in my 05 SV230 this off season. Only having 4 factory interior speakers just isn't cutting it anymore. I've already upgraded the existing speakers to XS-65i but has anyone added any additional speakers to the interior and where have you installed them? Maybe I'm not good at visualizing it but I just can't seem to find a good spot for at least 2 more speakers.
  8. Wetsounds on Gladiator tower

    Installing Rev 8s on a 2014 233 with a Gladiator tower. Tower is prewired. Do the wires end at the head unit or are the bundled under the tower? If they are under the tower do you have to take off the side panels to access them? What is the best way to handle the situation? Thanks in advance
  9. So let me start by saying this whole project started, because my boat was supposed to have a HT-AS-10 from the factory. Got the boat and there was definitely no sub sound. Went back and forth with the factory and the dealer I had bought it from. They thought I was nuts. At the end of the day, the sub was there, but never had power to it. Someone forgot to plug it in. So in case you want to know how to take the panels apart or factory location of sub. Please see attached file. The pictures where too big to post. This whole process took less than one hour with a cordless drill, needle nose pliers, and an extension for the bit (needed it to get around the fuse panel). Pardon the typos in the PDF. I was a bit to tired when I typed it. MrN enzo244.pdf

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