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  1. 2016 Soulcraft HC Pro


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    Selling my "almost mint condition" Soulcraft HC. (Came from factory with a spot on the nose that was sanded right through, so I repaired it) She's a 4'6" with a layer of innegra to help stiffen it up a bit to prevent buckling. Six fin setup. Ridden about eight times. Fast as hell. Currently has a Viskus traction on it but will also include the Soulcraft traction and six fins. Located in Canada, but willing to ship just about anywhere. Shipping cost will be extra.


  2. Hey rockballer... just buy the damn boat! Just put an agreement in with Tony that there can't be any surprises. You want an all taxes and fees amount... out the door price. You better act fast cause they only make so many and early build dates have likely already been filled. I believe build time is approx 4 weeks.
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  4. I think they changed the pump location in 2016. Mine are mounted behind the engine against the stern wall on super beefy brackets. I believe your 2015 had two mounted to the seat back in front of the engine and one laying flat on the STBD side of the engine compartment. The pumps could have very easily been installed "correctly". The only reason I can see that they did it this way is that they're nicely labeled on the brass bottoms.
  5. All three of my pumps are installed that way. I brought it to my dealers attention. He inquired with the factory and they told him that they've been installing them like that for some time and it's not an issue. I know my instructions for my Ultra Johnsons stipulated that the brass end be down or the pump lay flat. Never brass end up. If the seal leaks water will go right into the electric motor and I hear that's not ideal. If they weren't such a pain to get to, I'd flip them.
  6. But are you an Axis dealer...? :0 Funny stuff Antoddio!!
  7. I like the new tower, but it looks like it's mounted too far back. I'm betting the Bimini will be forward mounted and almost identical to the Centurion ones which is great in my opinion. But that tower has to move forward. You'll hit your face getting in even on the 238 by the looks of it. My guess is that they have it mounted there to put the tower speakers far enough back that they're not blowing passengers eardrums while blasting music to the rider. That'd be great, but not at the expense of a broken nose As far as the windshield goes... I'm not a fan. There is great reasons to have a windshield of this design, but I'll say this, I almost bought an MB instead of Centurion or Supreme. Two big reasons I didn't were the aesthetics of the windshield and the cheap plastic dash. Now show us the dash!!!
  8. New Member Intro!

    Congrats and welcome!
  9. I didn't even realize it was you that posted the Most! LOL. Well two can play that game. https://vimeo.com/31473140 And, here's the infamous moment one of the very first Soulcraft boards that was to be a give away was damaged. 2:09 in the video. Still feel bad about it.

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