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  1. Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with the board company and haven't had alot of time to check with the Crew. I had talked to Larry sometime in the middle of the summer about making me a new FAE. Then about a month later I sent him another email asking if it was being made and if I needed to ship the original back first... no response. Another two weeks later I emailed again... no response. So, I do not endorse his product and now I have to resort to having a machine shop hack it up to try to make it work myself. The mudflap thing I strapped to it does the trick, but looks god awful, so I'm trying to do away with that. On another note. The silent stinger does an ok job at reducing fumes and noise, but the way they have it allowing exhaust to exit the trailing edge of the plate kinda defeats the purpose. On really cold days we still get the "white cloud" coming at you on my buddies Ri and Fi's. cheers fellas!
  2. S238 tow vehicles

    Another EcoBoost fan here! Hey yall. LOL. I too just bought my 17 3.0 f150. Installed airbags for extra ride handling. I had a 06 5.4L f150 before this and they are night and day different. I have no problems hauling my FS33 up and down some pretty steep grades here. Does it compare to a newer diesel?... no... not even close. But it definitely does the trick!
  3. October 2017 Pics n video thread

    My good friend and crazily talented skim rider Codey Inman and myself from last night. Air temps are down but water temps aren't too bad yet. Mid 60's.
  4. October 2017 Pics n video thread

    That's incredible Aaron. What a great season. You've come a long way REALLY fast! Hope to see you at a few events next year. We got out this evening for a quick new product test. New skim design and new surf design for a perspective pro rider. The boards performed really well! Which is always nice. I just reformatted my iPad and just realized now that I haven't got the "photo stream" thing setup yet. So, I guess no pic. Later I guess. Lol
  5. Adam if you mount rev10's in the middle between the Downfires I'm gonna kick you in the shin every time I hit my head on them! Lol
  6. October 2017 Pics n video thread

    Good to see you enjoying your new ride Nick! A quick edit from last week. Working on holding my revert/switch riding longer. Hard to keep the fins from grabbing and forcing you to spin around. But I'm getting it. Had to don a shorty. Water temps at 65-68.
  7. October 2017 Pics n video thread

    Yeah man. Evan F. is a pretty rad dude. Got to hang out with him a couple times this year. And he even signed on as a sponsored Soulcraft rider right after worlds! Huge congrats to him. Nate, that's awesome!
  8. I had a pretty sweet September. Got invited to worlds. Took first place at worlds. (Landed my first heelside air reverse at worlds) I've tried it probably 100 times before that. So that was sweet. Ended up first in points in the CWSA rankings by a hair. It all began seven years ago with Centurioncrew.com Just a handful of dudes giving me pointers before I ever tried to get up on a wakesurf board. I know I haven't spent a lot of time on here lately, but I'm forever thankful for this forum and its members. Keep the stoke alive.
  9. Custom boards

    Well put CO. A custom high end board isn't the right choice for everyone. But once you have a solid wakesurf ability under your belt, it's just that much better to progress on.
  10. LOL. Been waiting to hear from you about this! Doesn't matter how many people tell me how it works and why it's the way it is, it's still flawed. I've been in 6th place since Wakeshredder... where I came in 2nd. After that, five comps in total, all first and second place, still in sixth! LOL. I don't care, as long as I'm invited to worlds! Speaking of which... are you going to attend?
  11. Get this one... it'll make me some gas money! Works great on my buddies s226. https://www.perfectwake.ca/
  12. Been riding heelside alot lately. Seems to pay off in comps so I'm trying new things. Got a heelside air three down pretty good now and I'm working on heelside air reverses... Damn hard! Here's a screen grab of a nice method I pulled off yesterday.
  13. Wipe out pic and videos

    That is quite possible!
  14. Bags Self Draining

    Ever since day one of owning my boat, the bow bag would self drain. I'd see it shoot out the vent when I was surfing. Or so I thought... My bow bag started to overflow one day at 70%, so I figured it must have moved and was caught under the footwell. So when I lifted the bow cushions and repositioned the bag I noticed a 1.5" perfect slice in the side of the bag. It was the bilge pump shooting the water out every time! Sent pics to my dealer two weeks ago to ask for warranty as its obvious to me that the installer cut the box open and sliced the bag at the factory. So far, no response. For now a silicone caulk and duck tape is holding it fairly well.

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